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 · Google Cloud Dataflow Java SDK (Alpha)
 · How to Block Referrer Spam Bots
 · Free software GNU/Linux laptop in development
 · First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
 · Canonical’s Stripped-Down “Snappy” Ubuntu Comes To Google’s Compute Engine
 · KDE Ships KDE Applications 14.12.0
 · Why is the Number of Linux Distros Declining?
 · The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!
 · Getting Started With KODI(XBMC)
 · PikeOS provides Safety and Security for Energy-Sensible Communication Platform from X-ES


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Google Cloud Dataflow Java SDK (Alpha)
Google Cloud Dataflow provides a simple, powerful programming model for building both batch and streaming parallel data processing pipelines.

(Read more)
MixZing is an advanced music player for the Android platform. It also has limited support to play video files.


  • TCExam
    TCExam is Web-based software for generating and managing online tests and exams. It simplifies the exam cycle, including generation, execution, evaluation, presentation, and archiving. Read more hot
  • ATutor
    ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS) designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind. Administrators can install or update ATutor in minutes, and develop custom templates to give ATutor a new look. Educators can quickly assemble, package, and redistribute Web-based instructional content, easily retrieve and import prepackaged content, and conduct their courses online. Students learn in an adaptive learning environment. Read more
  • babase
    Babase is a baboon data management system. It is designed to facilitate the retrieval, storage, and maintenance of the following broad data categories: group membership, life events, sexual cycle events (including progeny), sexual cycle day-to-day status, dyadic social interactions, and multi-party social interactions. Weather data tracking is designed but not implemented. Babase is designed for Web access.
  • Bdisc
    a complete Web Based software suite, written in php, to organize music collections, with major details, such as track length, a web info page, an author web page, lyrics and much more
  • BigBlueButton
    BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for online learning. BigBlueButton's web conferencing platform enables educational institutions to deliver their courses online, with high quality slides, voice, and video collaboration at a fraction of the cost. Read more
  • BlueLava
    BlueLava is a GPL'd CGI script that uses various commandline x10 utilities to control supported x10 devices. Read more
  • Brushtail
    Brushtail is an intranet developed for public libraries, but can also be used for other applications. It is a PHP application that runs on open source software. Read more
  • Bumblebee Instrument Management System
    Bumblebee is a system for managing instruments and other resources (e.g. analytical equipment) that must be shared between a number of users. Bumblebee is designed to be more efficient than a wall calendar or a whiteboard for both users and administrators. Bumblebee is also able to generate reports of resource usage with breakdowns by user, research group, and research project.
  • Claroline
    Claroline is an eLearning and eWorking platform allowing teachers to build effective online courses and to manage learning and collaborative activities on the web. Read more
  • ClaSS
    ClaSS (ClaSS Student System) is a complete student tracking, reporting, and information management system. It extends the reach of traditional school information systems by using the latest in Web application methodologies. Commercial versions are also available. Read more
  • Clepsydra
    Clepsydra is a free web application for managing a numeric data collection (it's pictures centric, but can also store other type of content). It allows you to share your documents over the internet.
  • course-manager
    course-manager is a Web-based registration system for courses held at an educational institution. It features a public interface for filing registrations, and an internal interface for managing course attendance approvals by the coordinating staff.
  • CourseForum
    CourseForum is a web application that lets you and the students in your course interact to create and share knowledge about the course.
  • Coursor
    Coursor is a Web-based academic course system for assigning students to university courses. It has an evolutionary algorithm for assigning students to the courses they requested. This algorithm tries to find an optimal distribution of students to existing courses while taking their preferences into account. The system supports multiple roles for users: Admin, Student, Teacher/Prof, or Tutor. A user can also have multiple roles. It supports international localization, currently in English, German, French, Russian, and Arabic.
  • CrisoftRicette
    CrisoftRicette is a small application written in PHP and interfacing a SQL database aimed to archive your cooking recipes.
  • Cyberbrau
    Cyberbrau is a web based program to help the homebrewer. It allows for very simple and intuitive recipe creation, and it automatically calulates all the pertinant information based on the selected ingredients and schedule.
  • CyberTester
    CyberTester is an application originally designed to allow teachers to create tests/exams/assignments (consisting of multiple-choice questions) and assign them to students to conduct online tests. Students can login to take these tests and review their results.
  • Diet Tracker
    Diet Tracker is a set of Perl codes to help you keep track of your diet progress. It uses a MySQl database to store and display your weight variations and calorie intake as you progress in your diet.
  • Digital Scribe
    The Digital Scribe is a free, intuitive system designed to help teachers put student work and homework assignments online. Teachers can put student work online without having to know HTML or bother a Tech. While their are thousands of content management systems the Digital Scribe differs in that it was created to meet the specific needs of K-12 schools.
  • Digital Seed Vault
    The Digital Seed Vault Standalone Edition is a seed stock database mainly developed for researchers in the plant sciences. It can also be used by people who handle a lot of different seeds, e.g. garden enthusiasts, seed breeders or seed producers.
  • Dokeos
    Dokeos is a free Learning Management System that helps the teacher/trainer create, publish and administer educational resources on the web, organise interaction with students/trainees and structure learning activities. It is also used as a Knowledge Management System to help groups and communities collaborate.
  • domus.Link
    domus.Link is a web-based frontend for Heyu. Design focuses on separating configuration from actual controls thus giving the user a simple and user friendly GUI. Read more
  • ECompte
    ECompte is a French tool for managing your bank account over the Web.
  • Esprit
    Esprit is a Web-based learning management system, with an emphasis on collaborative work and strong pedagogical scenario.
  • Evergreen
    Evergreen is an enterprise-class library automation system that helps library patrons find library materials, and helps libraries manage, catalog, and circulate those materials, no matter how large or complex the libraries. Read more
  • exPHPresso
    exPHPresso is a compilation of fine coffees, thier attributes and variations. Set in PHP/mySQL,this menu driven database has recipes-comments, for creating a large number of caffeine induced drinks.
  • Fedena
    Fedena is an open source school management software that has more features than a Student Information System (SIS). It is a Web 2.0 application which can be installed and accessed using cloud computing. Read more
  • FreeMIS
    The FreeMIS project is developing a free and better alternative to the commercial MIS (management information system) products currently used in Scottish high schools.
  • FreeSMS
    FreeSMS is a PHP based application to manage an educational facility of teachers and students alike. It is a teacher and student management system providing marketing, registration, course management, attendance and a student evaluation system.
  • GeneoTree
    Geneotree is a genealogy software developed in the PHP scripting language and the MySQL database. Read more
  • GeneWeb
    GeneWeb is a system for people who want to publish their genealogy data (family tree) on the Web. Read more
  • GoodProfOrNot
    GoodProfOrNot is a database and web system for organizing, interpreting, and presenting course survey results. It is designed to show ratings of instructors (professors and student instructors) and classes.
  • Guide on the Side
    Guide on the Side is an open source tool that allows librarians to quickly and effortlessly create online, interactive tutorials that are based on the principles of authentic and active learning. Active learning describes the need for students to read, write, discuss, or be engaged in solving problems, rather than merely listening to instructions. Read more
    IEP-IPP (Individualized Education Program / Individual Program Plan) is a program planning system for managing individual education/program plans for students in Pre-Kindergarten to grade 12, students in ESL, and students in gifted programs.
  • ISBN check
    ISBN check is a simple PHP class to verify whether a given book ISBN (International Standard Book Number) code is valid. It supports ISBN-10, ISBN-13, and GTIN-14. It will also perform conversions on valid numbers when possible.
  • Koch-Suite
    The Koch-Suite is a PHP-based recipe management system for Unix-like operationg systems. It uses MySQL or PostgreSQL as database backends.
  • Koha
    Koha is a highly popular, award-winning open source integrated library system (ILS). Read more
  • LargoRecipes
    LargoRecipes is a free, GPL-licensed Java/Swing application for managing recipes. It does sophisticated ingredient parsing, handles RecipeML and MealMaster file formats, and generates recipe web pages.
  • LearnLoop
    LearnLoop is a web based GroupWare for collaborative learning i.e., groups may meet on the web and study a topic/course together. Since LearnLoop facilitates different types of communication and collaboration you may learn from each other and together build your knowledge of the subject.
  • LibKi
    Libki is an open source multi-platform kiosk management system for public computer stations and kiosks. The administration system is web-based for easy use from any operating system. The client runs on any operating system that has Gtk2 support. Read more
  • Library Accounting System
    LAS is a cataloguing system based in php, mysql and javascript for books, journals & magazines (music & movies planned for the future). LAS is currently geared torward the individual user, but in the future may features for include institutions & groups.
  • MaCollec Collections Manager
    MaCollec is a Web-based 'Collections Manager' written in PHP/Javascript. It's based on the AJAX technology to produce a nice-looking and pleasant interface. It doesn't require a database.
  • Media Database
    This is a media database that uses PHP for the GUI and MySQL for data storage. It has movie, series, and anime listings. It has lending and wishlist capabilities.
  • Mediabird
    Mediabird is about learning together. Users can take notes on subjects they want to learn and discuss questions in the context they appear.
  • MediaWiki ScreenPlay Extension
    The MediaWiki ScreenPlay Extension (ScreenPlay) is a text-formatting add-on which allows screenwriters and hobbyists the ability to use MediaWiki as a screen writing tool.
  • Medical Life Guard
    Medical Life Guard is an EHR/EMR cross-platform software for the design, implementation, and use of autonomous, open, database models for multilingual medical knowledge management systems from primary care to continuing care.
  • myDVDs
    myDVDs is a complete personal Web-based graphical DVD inventory database based fully upon PHP with a MySQL backend and the master Region1 DVD database.
  • nybib
    nybib is a software package for managing lend and return of media (books etc), targeting small to medium public libraries. Contains also a module to research available media.
    OCEMR is a web based electronic medical records system designed for the clinic environment. It is currently in use in the Engeye Health Clinic located in Ddegeya, Uganda (near Masaka, UG.)

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