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Romp Home with these 21 Peerless ASCII Games
The purpose of this article is to identify our favourite ASCII based games. There are no fancy graphics here, just great gameplay coupled with the urge of always having just one more play.

(Read more)
dm-crypt is a transparent disk encryption subsystem in the Linux 2.6 kernel that provides a generic way to create virtual layers of block devices that can do different things on top of real block devices like striping, concatenation, mirroring, snapshotting, and more. Read more


  • phaonet
    phaonet is an easy way to publish your photoalbum on your homepage. phaonet includes a set of PHP-coded files to make it easy to include and administer one complete photoalbum. The photoes can be viewed in different sizes, the pages can have different themes, be translated to different languages, and it is all very easy to set up thanks to a logic setup and commented PHP-files.
  • photo
    photo is a web based picture organizer. Pictures, along with their thumbnails, are stored in files, together. They can be organized in categories, through a database.
  • Photo Frame
    Photo Frame is a free and simple PHP4 script which aims to make it as easy as possible to throw up a bunch of commented photos with thumbnails on the web.
  • Photo ShowOff
    Photo ShowOff is a HTML photo album generator. It installs on your computer and doesn't require any special web hosting service. Just organize your photos, tell ShowOff where they live, and generate a nice photo website.
  • photoarchive
    photoarchive is a personal WWW photo archive. It uses RDBMS to store all the data.
  • PhotoFrame
    PhotoFrame is a free and simple PHP4 script aims to make it as easy as possible to display a bunch of photos on the web with thumbnails, captions and comments.
  • PhotoFS
    PhotoFS is a web-based photo album or image gallery, based on the files-as-directories and attributes-as-files concepts at the core of the ReiserFS V4 filesystem. It does not require reiser4, but is much more efficient on that system than on others.
  • pHoToMoLo
    pHoToMoLo is a toolset for managing collections of digital photographs. The tools are small and do not depend on any external programs. Photomolo makes a static HTML 4.01 and CSS 1-based gallery of JPEG images.
  • Photon Web Album
    Photon Web Album is a web album system based on mod-perl. It generates web pages and thumbnails automatically and manages your album structure under common file systems so that you can managed the directory and image files directly. It also supports access control and customized appearance of each album.
  • PhotoNovilab
    PhotoNovilab is a higly customizable image gallery creation program. It features easy of installation, even inside existent web sites, automatic creation of galleries of thumbnails, without an automatic creation of them to preserve portability.
  • Photos
    Photos is a photo database; a web based application for managing (storing, cataloging and retrieving) digital photos.
  • PhotoScript
    PhotoScript is a small set of PHP scripts that automates the tedious task of creating individual thumbnails, along with giving you the ability to add individual descriptions to each image easily, without doing any HTML.
  • PhotoSeek
    PhotoSeek is a replacement for conventional media-management (read: photo filing) software, such as Cumulus.
  • Photoshelf
    Photoshelf is a web base digital image management, archive and display system. It is used to catalogue and arrange into albums photos from a digital camera or any other source.
  • PhotoShow
    PhotoShow is a free, open-source, and very easy to use web gallery installable on any web server.
  • PhotoView
    PhotoView automates the creation of picture albums on the Web from high quality picture files (PhotoCD, digital camera, scanner, etc). PhotoView handles the conversion to a format and size that is suited for the Web. Write a simple configuration file which specifies how and which pictures have to be displayed and PhotoView will to the rest.
  • is a PHP script which allows you create your personal Photo Album / Gallery just in a seconds. All you need is a webspace and FTP access to this. No database is needed.
  • phpAutoGallery
    phpAutoGallery is an auto indexing picture gallery written in php and with the help of mod_rewrite. Features: Application fully transparent to gallery-enduser, on-the-fly creation and caching of thumbnails, resized fullsize images, directory listings, configurable view sizes for fullsize-image display.
  • phpdigikam
    phpdigikam is a Web interface for browsing your Digikam photos. It allows you to quickly share your Digikam photo collection with navigation by albums or tags.
  • phpfspot
    phpfspot allows you to present a photo collection prepared in F-Spot in Web browsers. F-Spot is a Mono-based photo software to organize your photos in a very comfortable way locally on your workstation.
  • PHPGallue
    PHPGallue is a server based Open Source image management system which uses PHP 5 and MySQL. It is designed to be efficient, scalable, extensible and flexible.
  • phpImageArchive
    phpImageArchive is an powerful Image archiving software written using PHP and MySQL, especially built for corporate intranet use.
  • PHPImageMage
    PHPImageMage is a web-based tool for uploading and editing/modifying images. Amongst its capabilities are thumbnail-creation, rotating, resizing, watermarking with either an image or text and adding of IPTC-tags.
  • PHPix
    PHPix is a Web-based photo album viewer written in PHP. It features automatic generation of thumbnails and different resolution files for viewing on the fly.
  • PHPmyGallery
    PHPmyGallery is a single-user picture gallery with easily understandable admin backend. Manages most of the work through your browser. Just upload a directory with pictures (and thumbnails), then write the picture descriptions and save the gallery's settings
  • phpMyGPX
    phpMyGPX is a Web application based on PHP, MySQL, and OpenLayers to manage photos and GPX files with a browser, on your local machine or online, to share your tracks and images.
  • PHPortfolio
    PHPortfolio is a simple system for photographers to publish a portfolio. It could also be used for online photo albums.
  • PHPoto
    PHPoto generates dynamic photo galleries on the Web using a PHP/MySQL backend. Features include support for multiple albums, file uploading, automatic thumbnailing, captions, a Web-based administration panel, and an easy-to-use installer.
  • PHPQuickGallery
    PHPQuickGallery is a solution for those who want to have a simple, easy to manage web gallery. Adding new photos or galleries is as simple as creating directories and copying in the files (You could keep them there, but you do have backups of your photos right?). PHPQuickGallery doesn't require the user to add the photos to a database, go through some web form, or have a script run to create new web pages. PHPQuickGallery will automatically detect and display anything new that is added.
  • phpWatermark
    phpWatermark aims to provide a simple way of marking an image with a digital "watermark" to prevent unauthorized use.
  • PhpWebGallery Butterfly
    PhpWebGallery is an image gallery with a very simple installation interface and administration panel. It features free or restricted access, user management, groups, access management for each category, multi-server support, user comments, HTML templates, virtual categories, multi-lingual support, an RSS notification feed, EXIF and IPTC support, multi-category support (each picture can belong to more than one category), compliance with W3C specifications, and simple external authentication.
  • PhreakPic
    PhreakPic is a Web gallery designed for any kind of content that can be displayed visually. The content can be sorted into multiple (sub)cateogries. Thumbnails are generated automatically, and it has several methods to add new content.
  • PicBook
    PicBook automatically produces a photo album in HTML format of your photographs.
  • picKLE
    picKLE is an image gallery system created in PHP. It generates thumbnails and resampled images on the fly and caches them. It is made to be extremely simple to install/configure.
  • Picture Cacher
    Picture Cacher is a PHP project that will download specific pictures (name known or unknown) from various websites and present them on a single page with a compact date list of previously archived material.
  • Pigalle
    Pigalle is a slick web based photo album written in PHP 5. With Pigalle you can easily create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface.
  • Piwigo
    Piwigo is a photo gallery software for the web, built by an active community of users and developers. Extensions make Piwigo easily customizable.
  • Pix
    Pix makes it easy to organize photos. You simply keep all your photos in directories named as you wish, and Pix takes care of formatting them into pages of thumbnails, displaying them in formatted html pages complete with navigation, and storing/editing caption information about the photos.
  • Pixory
    Pixory is an image (photo) management and sharing application, with the emphasis on sharing. It is a purely web-based application, meaning the only interface to the system is html. Pixory allows an author, with minimal or no work, to create a photo album and share it over the internet, directly from his/her own computer without the need for central servers.
  • Pod::S5
    Pod::S5 is a script that generates an HTML slideshow based on the S5 slideshow system from a POD (plain old documentation format) file.
  • psipuss
    psipuss is an image/photo upload script created in PHP and MySQL. It allows members to upload images and photos to your Web site.
  • PWC-Config
    PWC-Config proves a graphical user interface for configuring all web cameras supported under the PWC driver in a concise and intuitive manner.
  • pyctures
    pyctures is a small Web image gallery. It does not use any database and stores all the necessary data in the filesystem.
  • Pynakotheka
    pynakotheka is a simple python script which generates static HTML photo albums to be added to web sites or to be burnt in CDs.
  • Rails Gallery Generator
    Rails-gallery provides a generator for file upload gallerys. At the moment, you can upload images to be scaled to a thumbnail. There's no user management included; the generator just provides the skel for your agile Web gallery.
  • Salonify
    A free software web-based image gallery system written by Adam Kessel in perl. salonify generates thumbnails and a slideshow based on an entire directory hierarchy of images. The slideshow takes advantage of JavaScript features, but it works perfectly well with JavaScript turned off.
  • Simple Photo Gallery
    A simple CGI Photo Gallery software using Perl, NetPBM, and Image::Info (for EXIF support).
  • Simple Picture Gallery Manager
    Simple Picture Gallery Manager is a PHP script that displays picture galleries on the Web. It is highly configurable and includes several features, such as new picture highlighting, which make galleries very easy to set up and integrate into your Web site.

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