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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

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pdfgrep is a commandline utility to search text in PDF files. pdfgrep tries to be compatible with GNU Grep, where it makes sense. Many of your favorite grep options are supported (such as -r, -i, -n or -c).


  • hatatap
    hatatap is a script-based HTTP testing tool. it allows the user to write scripts in XML to navigate web sites, verify content and record results. the primary design criteria is to make the scripts easy to write and understand, while not limiting the navigation and verification capabilities.
  • HaXml
    HaXml is a collection of utilities for using Haskell and XML together. Its basic facilities include: a parser for XML, a separate error-correcting parser for HTML, an XML validator & pretty-printers for XML and HTML.
  • ImageDataURI
    ImageDataURI is a middleware extension for Django that seamlessly converts images into Data URIs.
  • Insurrection
    Insurrection is a Web interface and RSS feed generator for Subversion that uses modern browser features while being as browser agnostic as possible. It has some repository rights administration features and a reasonably good-looking interface that can be customized.
  • Invicta
    Invicta is an open-source build management tool. Using simple project definition files, it generates powerful build scripts (Apache ANT's), while hiding their complexity.
  • IWL
    The IWL includes several widgets with which consistent Web pages can be built quickly. The structure resembles the DOM tree, with the API mimicking Javascript very closely. The widgets themselves can be used as stand-alone object in an already existing scripts, or can be used to build new scripts from the ground up. They can be finalized in both HTML markup and JSON notation, which can be used for scripts. More advanced widgets like the Iconbox come with Javascript files that are automatically included when the widget is finalized as HTML.
  • JaxMeXS
    JaxMeXS is a parser for XML schema.
  • JCR
    JCR is a web application for performing and managing code reviews. It can be used for reviews of any type of source code, although it has some special smarts for reviewing Java projects.
  • KXParse
    KXParse is a light-weight XML parser, that's very fast and very easy to use. Currently it's written in PHP.
  • LanguageSys
    LanguageSys is meant to internationalize your applications. It handles the access to language files, which are based on an INI style. It is possible to precompile the language files to increase the speed of processing. This system is focused on being highly object-oriented, so it makes the language aliases aviable as member variables of the own class.
  • Marta
    Make A pRetty Table Analysis: parses out a C++ header file to generate HTML tables for methods, attributes, and class statistics
  • Melati
    Melati is a tool for building Java-programmed websites backed by a database.
  • MOAP
    moap is a Swiss army knife for project maintainers and developers. It aims to help in keeping you in the flow of maintaining, developing, and releasing.
  • MockMockWeb
    MockMockWeb is a Heroku-ready Node.js-based Web application server which allows you to mock up a website in seconds.
  • MSS Code Factory
    The MSS Code Factory is a highly configurable code manufacturing tool which takes an XML data model and applies XML rule cartridges to transform it into application code. Currently, the target is XDoclet2/Hibernate3 with support for Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, and DB/2 UDB relational databases.
  • MyRad4PHP
    MyRad4PHP creates applications on the fly, making a Web application without writing a single line of code.
  • mywebcreator
    mywebcreator is software for creating online diaries or blogs. It requires either PHP and MySQL or the .NET Framework 2 or higher.
    NAJAX can be used to call PHP classes on the Web server side from Javascript code in Web pages. It uses AJAX technology to submit HTTP requests from Javascript to pass call parameters and collect and process the responses.
  • noPoll
    noPoll is a OpenSource WebSocket implementation (RFC 6455), written in ansi C, that allows building pure WebSocket solutions or to provide WebSocket support to existing TCP oriented applications.
  • NuxDocument
    NuxDocument is a Zope product that represents generic documents by using plugins to convert native productivity suite formats to HTML (for viewing or previewing in a regular browser) or to plain text (for indexing).
  • oil2xsd
    oil2xsd is a collection of XSLT stylesheets converting an ontology written in OIL to a XML Schema.
  • OPENBEXI Creative
    OPENBEXI Creative is the server side of the project OPEN BEXI. This prototype use AJAX to get data from MySQL servers, Google media, or remote hard drives
  • Palava
    Palava is a communication protocol to build Web applications using PHP and Java. It allows you to build modern 3-tier architectures, where PHP runs on the frontend servers and Java runs on the backend. It consists of a Java backend server to handle the communication, providing a component deployment mechanism, and a PHP library to access backend jobs from the frontend(s). Palava makes it easy to reuse existing Java business logic in easily created, modern PHP frontends. Palava is not a full blown Web site framework, but instead encourages the use of existing frameworks like CodeIgniter.
  • PesterCat
    PesterCat is a web testing tool that was designed to perform functional testing for web applications. PesterCat features an integrated proxy recorder that enables you to record scripts using your favorite web browser.
  • Phabricator
    Phabricator is a suite of open source tools for peer code review, task management, and project communication.
  • phc
    phc is a compiler for PHP that will translate PHP code directly into Linux assembly code. It can be used as a (C++) framework for developing refactoring tools, aspect weavers, script obfuscators and any other tools that operate on PHP scripts
  • Phing
    PHing Is Not GNU make (Phinga) is a project build tool written in PHP and based on Apache Ant. It can basically do anything you could do with a build system like Gnumake, for example, but uses XML for storing the targets and commands.
  • phorkie
    phorkie is a self-hosted pastebin system. Pastes can be edited, may have multiple files, and are stored in git repositories.
  • PHP Accelerator
    PHP Accelerator is an easily installed PHP Zend engine extension that provides a PHP cache, and is capable of delivering a substantial acceleration of PHP scripts without requiring any script changes, loss of dynamic content, or other application compromises.
  • PHP Code Builder
    PHP Code Builder is a GPL php program that generates php code automatically to skip some steps while developping database-oriented applications.
  • PHP DataGrid
    The PHP DataGrid script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control, specially designed for Web developers. It is useful for all PHP database- driven Web site and online-based data administration. It is also useful for dynamic content management and PHP-based hosting providers. The goal is to make free PHP DataGrid generating and editing as simple as possible for Web developers.
  • PHP Generic Access Control List
    PHP Generic Access Control List is an integrated set of PHP functions giving web developers a simple, yet immensely powerful "drop in" permission system to their current PHP based applications.
  • PHP GoogleMapAPI
    PHP GoogleMapAPI is a full-featured Google Map API for PHP. Features include auto-geocode lookups, geocode caching, map directions, adding markers and polylines by address or geocoordinates, sidebar generation, and many more.
  • PHP SlideShow Proxy
    PHP SlideShow Proxy is a PHP class that interfaces to a JavaScript front end and provides a list of image files from a remote site or the local filesystem, and a proxy for local filesystem access.
  • PHP-Tree Class
    offers methods that make it easy to work with trees. The tree data can be read/written from/to XML (files) or a database. The class is PEAR based. It allows a user to navigate through a tree and modify it
  • PHP/Erlang
    PHP/Erlang is a PHP extension with a simple set of functions for turning a PHP thread into an Erlang C-node. With this extension, you can shift backend tasks to Erlang.
  • php_libxslt
    php_libxslt is a very simple PHP extension to transform XML documents using the GNOME XSLT C library. It provides an alternative XSLT engine to the current PHP default XSL extension.
  • PHPaint
    PHPaint is intended for quick, easy, mass-production of Web page "buttons".
  • phpCodeCabinet
    phpCodeCabinet allows developers to store code snippets from any language. Features include user-defined categories, syntax highlighting, an extensive search engine, a theme-based interface, user authentication, and code/category ownership privileges.
  • PhpCompletion
    PhpCompletion is a completion-code plugin for php. It parses the working file, the included/required files if they are reacheable, builds an object oriented representation of the code, and then popups a window with the suggestions.
  • PHPDance
    PHPDance is an object-oriented PHP interface to the Sharedance cache server. It allows you to cache data in the very fast and reliable Sharedance cache server. Features include the ability to be distributed across multiple servers and optional redundancy (in which writes go to two servers).
  • phpEasyMin
    phpEasyMin is a tool for minimizing multiple JavaScript and CSS files at a time.
  • phpForms
    phpForms is a web form builder that allows you to create php forms fast and with minimum of effort. Web forms are easily integrated into your website: just insert the php form code or html form code into your page.
  • Phpfw
    Phpfw is a framework for PHP that provides a base on which various database backed applications can be built. It allows for easy creation of CRUD applications - apps where most of the code is focussed on Create Read Update Delete operations on the database. It uses MVC-ish patterns to allow for simpler and cleaner organization of code.
  • phppython
    phppython is a PHP to Python code converter that currently can convert small PHP code snippets and functions to Python code.
  • phpSavant
    phpSavant is a powerful but lightweight PEAR-compliant template system for PHP. It is non-compiling, and uses PHP itself as its template language so you don't need to learn a new markup system.
  • phpStyleSheetViewer
    phpStyleSheetViewer allows you to preview your Style Sheet and have a sample of what every element in your style sheet will look like on your site. Having the sample class elements visually, will help you to build your web front end faster.
  • Phraw
    Phraw is a micro-framework for web sites and web applications. Phraw has a very small footprint, is extremely flexible and very fast.
  • PostgreSQL Session Save Handler
    PostgreSQL Session Save Handler provides HTML form handling functions as PHP4 module. There are many form classes/functions implemented as PHP script. However, they are not fast enough or lack features. This project aims to provide HTML form handling functions for PHP written in.

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