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6 Excellent Open Source Google Drive Clients
Google Drive is a very popular cloud storage service. Files can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. Keeping your files in Google Drive means that you can access them from just about anywhere on all your devices.

(Read more)
NoMachine NX
NoMachine NX is a remote desktop system based on the X11 protocol. It provides a suite of libraries and X11 proxying agents implementing efficient compression and optimized transport of X11, HTTP, SMB, and arbitrary protocols. Read more


  • php_lib_login
    php_lib_login is a quick and easy feature-rich login/session library for php. supports many different databases and human languages.
  • php_mt_seed
    php_mt_seed finds possible seeds given the very first PHP mt_rand() output after possible seeding with mt_srand().
  • php_plot
    php_plot is a PHP4 extension module interface to libplot. Libplot provides powerful plotting routines and can generate many different image formats, including pseudo-GIFs (even animated!) and PNGs.
  • php_solr
    php_solr is a lightweight php client library for the Lucene-based enterprise search server Apache Solr.
  • phpArmory
    phpArmory allows PHP software developers to easily access data from the World of Warcraft Armory Web site. This is useful because the Armory Web site contains up-to-date and official details on characters, guilds, and items in World of Warcraft.
  • PHPCal
    PHPCal is a configurable library for generating neat looking calendars in PHP via a database.
  • phpCAS
    phpCAS is a client library for the ITS Central Authentication Service.
  • phpExifRW
    phpExifRW is a pure PHP class to read, write and transfer EXIF information that most of the digital camera produces.
  • phpHtmlLib
    phpHtmlLib is a set of PHP classes and library functions to help facilitate building, debugging, and rendering of HTML and XHTML.
  • phpKisMapper
    phpKisMapper is a PHP class which analyzes Kismet logfiles and places logged wireless networks onto a map.
  • phplib2Smarty
    phplib2Smarty is a drop-in replacement extension of Smarty class for PHPLib template class. Even though the syntax is like that of PHPLib template but the compiling technique of Smarty has been used.
  • PHPLiveX
    PHPLiveX is a class that can be used to call PHP functions from Javascript in Web pages using AJAX. It generates Javascript code that implements functions with the same names and function arguments as a given list of existing PHP functions.
  • phpLogFacility
    phpLogFacility is a log class for PHP (like log4j for java or the dead log4php projects here), which enables you to use an easy to use logging mechanism inside your console or web script without the need of ugly debug screen output.
  • PHPObject
    PHPObject is an opensource alternative to Flash Remoting for PHP developers. With PHPObject, you can call a method of a PHP class/library on your web server as if the class/library was defined in Flash itself.
  • phpPagination
    phpPagination is a PHP class to produce a ready-to-output HTML string with navigation links between multiple pages. It features smart output for intermediate pages (similar to phpBB). Its own output (text and styles) can be set for pagination elements such as first, last, prev, next, page, currentpage, separator, and delimiter.
  • PHPresolver
    PHPresolver is a LGPL'ed DNS resolver library written in 100% pure PHP that features object-oriented interface and platform independency.
  • phpRPC
    phpRPC is meant to be an easy to use xmlrpc library. Function syntax, and plugging into most weblogs (xoops, nuke, pn, etc) is greatly simplified with the use of database/rpc-protocol abstraction. It should run on any php server with most databases.
  • phpSortable
    phpSortable is a PHP class that shows MySQL QueryResults in an HTML table. As implied by the name "Sortable", the table also displays the column headers as links which lead to a version of the table that is sorted according to that column.
  • phpSortTable
    phpSortTable is a PHP class that shows MySQL QueryResults in an HTML table.
  • phpSQLGen
    phpSQLGen provides functions for generating SQL queries and HTML tables. It consists of two classes and a set of utility functions. SQLGen generates SQL query strings from arrays.
  • PHPTocLib
    A class developed in PHP with the intent to allow users to connect to and use the AIM services for various needs. This is similar in functionality to NET::AIM(perl)
  • phpWF
    PhpWF is a small php library wich give a set of (x)html widgets to make web pages, especially web applications
  • Pieforms
    Pieforms provides a simple, unified way to create, validate and process forms all with a common look and feel, with support for pluggable elements, renderers and validation rules.
  • Pitlib
    Pitlib is a PHP library allowing simple image operations, whatever PHP extension you use to manipulate images.
  • Primage
    Primage is a PHP library that works like a proxy for resizing and watermarking images in real time. It has support for caching the images it processes.
  • pslib
    pslib is a C-library for generating PostScript files with little effort. It offers an easy way of generating PostScript text and graphics. Its text function are very sophisticated and support kerning ligatures and some basic formatting. Hypertext functions are supported through pdfmarks which makes pslib in combination with ghostscript a viable alternative for libraries creating PDF
  • pXw4Pa
    pXw4Pa (poor XML wrapper for PHP arrays) consists of 2 simple PHP functions that can read/write a PHP array from/to an XML file. It can be used to store data in XML files simply and quickly.
  • pydhcplib
    Pydhcplib is a pure python library. It permits to read/write and encode/decode dhcp packet on network. Pydhcplib was initialy developed within the anemon_dhcp_project but is now an independant development released under the Gnu GPL v2.
  • pynetfilter_conntrack
    pynetfilter_conntrack is a Python binding for libnetfilter_conntrack that allows you to manipulate Netfilter's stateful inspection objects. This makes it possible to easily close connections and obtain information about connections such as the number of packets and bytes. It could be used to create conntrack entries, replacing heavy kernel modules for complex protocols such as FTP and H323.
  • Python SRS Library
    Python SRS Library is a Python translation of the Perl reference implementation for SRS (Sender Rewriting Scheme) with easy to install packaging and built-in sendmail integration. SRS is needed when forwarding mail for SMTP authorization schemes that publish which IPs are authorized to send mail from a domain (for example SPF - Sender Policy Framework).
  • RDFParser
    loads and parses RDF/RSS files. These are XML files that are used by many websites to syndicate headlines
  • Ripcord
    Ripcord is an PHP 5 XML-RPC server and client library with a very simple API.
  • RSS Writer
    RSS Writer Class is a PHP class that can generate RSS (Rich/RDF Site Summary) XML documents. It extends the XML Writer class to generate XML-RSS documents.
  • rwfPHP
    rwfPHP is a set of Object Oriented classes that allows development of Object Oriented Event driven web applications.
  • safox
    SAFOX stands for Simple API For XML Handling in PHP. It provides a package of three classes that ar light-weight, easy, yet powerful tools for php-based XML-generation, reading, modification, and parsing.
  • Scalaffinity
    Scalaffinity is a library providing a core of functionalities for any social networking web site extracting and applying collective intelligence. Scalaffinity is built using Scala, Spring, JPA+Hibernate(Search)+EHCache, JUnit+DBUnit, Maven.
  • sieve-php
    sieve-php is a PHP Library to interact with Cyrus2.x IMAP Sieve Server.
  • Simple C Expat Wrapper
    The aim of SCEW is to provide an easy interface around the XML Expat parser, as well as a simple interface for creating new XML documents.
  • Simple Server
    Simple Server provides an interface for implementing TCP socket servers by handling the connections, sending and retrieving data to the clients that connect to the server.
  • sixbs
    sixbs is a small library for XML-based bean (de-)serialisation.
  • SKOR PHP Template
    SKOR PHP Template is a PHP class that implements a template system. It can apply individual variable values or arrays with several variable values to fill in template files.
  • SKYRiX XML Processing Libraries
    SKYRiX is a set of Objective-C libraries for processing XML and XML-like data. It includes a SAX2, DOM, and XML-RPC implementation for Objective-C. SAX drivers are provided for accessing HTML and XML files using libxml2, XML using expat and CoreFoundation, iCal/vCard using libical, pyx and plist files.
  • smb4php
    smb4php is a Samba stream wrapper for PHP to access files and folders shared by an SMB server in a transparent way.
  • spacemaps
    Spacemaps is a library that aims to create support for Web-based strategy games. Its goal is to create a complete space map suite able to save, load, map, and create user-specific maps, with HTML support for link mapping and tagging.
  • Sparkline
    Sparkline is a specialized graphing library designed for creating small, intense, wordlike graphics. Sparklines are the brainchild of Edward Tufte, noted expert in information design.
  • Stegger
    Stegger is a PHP package that can be used to hide encrypted data in images using steganography. It reads a given image in GIF, JPEG, or PNG formats, encrypts data supplied by the user (a message, a file, or a collection of both) and hides the encrypted data in the image by making subtle color changes to certain pixels to store the data in the image symbolically. It can also extract the original data previously stored in an image.
  • STPHPLibrary
    STPHPLibrary is an OOP library written in PHP language for create highly customizable and managable web applications.
  • struts-wml
    struts-wml is a WML taglib for WAP enabled devices, based on struts-html.
  • Swift
    Swift is a library for sending email messages from PHP Web sites and applications. It does not rely on PHP's native mail() function (which is known for using high server resources when sending multiple email messages). Instead, it communicates directly with an SMTP server or an MTA binary to send mail quickly and efficiently. It features custom headers, multiple encoding options, TLS support, embedded images, building and sending multipart messages, fast Cc and Bcc handling, batching messages with or without multiple "To"s, support for multiple attachments, setting message priorities, requesting read receipts, pluggable SMTP Authentication (LOGIN, PLAIN, MD5-CRAM, POP Before SMTP), anti-flooding support (reconnect every X email messages ), secure Socket Layer connections (SSL), and loadable plugin support with event handling features.
  • Telize
    Telize is a service that offers a REST API allowing to get a visitor IP address and to query location information from any IP address. It outputs JSON-encoded IP geolocation data, and supports both JSON and JSONP.

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