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 · That Was The Week That Was (TWTWTW)
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That Was The Week That Was (TWTWTW): Edition 2
This is the second edition of TWTWTW, a weekly blog proclaiming noteworthy news in the open source world. It provides a concise distilled commentary of notable open source related news from a different perspective. For the second edition, we present a succinct catchup covering software, hardware, book releases, ending with a real Barry Bargain!

(Read more)
dm-crypt is a transparent disk encryption subsystem in the Linux 2.6 kernel that provides a generic way to create virtual layers of block devices that can do different things on top of real block devices like striping, concatenation, mirroring, snapshotting, and more. Read more


  • 8D Technologies inc.
    offers customized training on site or at its offices in downtown Montreal covering: Introduction to Linux , Linux Internals , Linux Network Drivers Development , Linux Network Administration , Network Administration , System Administration and Linux/Unix System Programming
  • Audio/Visual Self-Paced Workshop
    designed to provide you with a self-paced learning tool to get fully comfortable with a Red Hat Linux system. This workshop will enable you to build, configure and manage Red Hat Linux Systems in any production environment
  • Axian
    Portland, OR, USA: Red Hat Developer Training, Axian Linux Developer Series (Linux Use for Developers, Linux Programming Tools, Linux Systems Programming, Linux Device Drivers and Kernel, Linux GUI Programming for Qt and KDE and Linux GUI Programming for GTK+ and Gnome)
  • Batky-Howell
    Denver, CO, USA: run courses on Fundamentals of Linux, Advanced Linux Tools, Linux System Administration and Advanced Linux and UNIX Programming
    provides training programs for Red Hat Linux Certification and CompTIA Linux+ via CD-Rom
  • CTE Solutions Ottawa
    offers a variety of Linux System Administration and Network Administration to provide students with the instruction necessary to prepare them for the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Level 1 certification or the Level 1 Sair Linux and GNU certification. Each lesson is organized into explanatory topics and step-by-step activities
  • Euler Solutions
    Minneapolis, MN, USA: Linux System Administration, Introduction to Linux
  • Executive 2000
    Irvine, California, USA: offers courses for Linux certification
  • Guru Labs
    Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA Delivers Linux training in Fundamentals, Enterprise Linux Systems Administration, Enterprise Linux Network Services, Network Security, Troubleshooting, Security Administration, and Unix to Linux.
  • Hands On Technology Transfer
    offers instructor-led Linux training in cities throughout North America. Through an exclusive partnership with Aspen University, HOTT's Linux courses can be applied for credit towards earning a postsecondary Linux System Administrator Certificate from Aspen.
  • HP Education
    Various in US also Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Linux Security, Linux Installation, Configuration and Administration, Managing Linux Web Servers, Managing Linux Mail Servers & Managing Linux File and Printer Servers
  • I.D.E.A.L. Technology Corporation
    Orlando, FL, USA: Linux Programming, Linux System Administration, Installation and Configuration of Linux & Introduction to Linux courses
  • IAPS
    offers corporate and governmental clients customized on-site consulting and training worldwide. Linux Internals, Kernel Debugging, Multithreaded Programming, Networking, NSFv4, Java, C++ Programming, and Enterprise Computing with Heterogeneous Systems are typical course topics
  • Innovation Software Group, LLC
    Connecticut: a GNU/Linux training facility. In business 5 years and GNU/Linux consulting and training has been our primary business from day one
  • Institute for Technology Training and Excellence
    Various locations and on-site: Installing and Using Linux, Learning Linux in Two Days, Integrating Linux with your Enterprise, Setting Up an Intranet Server Using Linux, Mastering Linux - Advanced Techniques & Linux Security, Linux Troubleshooting, Linux Kernel, Linux Device Drivers, Linux SysAdmin
  • Intellimetrix
    Silver City, NM: Intellimetrix offers a range of short courses and seminars on embedded Linux and kernel-level issues for in-house presentation. We also offer the Embedded Linux Learning Kit (E.L.L.K.) for self-paced, hands-on experience with embedded Linux.
  • JHL Technologies, Inc.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA: Linux Kernel and Device Drivers, Embedded Linux, Linux System Administration, Linux Clusters, Programming in Linux, Setting Up an Intranet Server Using Linux, Linux Boot Camp. We customize our workshops to fit your business needs.
  • Just Educational Services
    Newport Beach, CA: Linux Fundamentals - three-day course is designed for newcomers to Linux. It is appropriate for Software professionals, systems analysts, project managers and support specialists who have a working knowledge of an operating system such as VMS, DOS, OS/2
  • K Computing
    Mountain View, CA, USA: provides advanced developer and administrator training. Specializing in training for developers of embedded Linux systems. Training includes coverage of Hard Hat Linux, Blue Cat Linux, Embedix, RTLinux, and RTAI
  • Linux For Beginners
    Marriott Courtyard, Cupertino, CA, USA: this weekend long course for busy professionals assumes little to no understanding of UNIX. Having working knowledge of any computer system, e.g. a Windows based PC, would suffice
  • Linux System Administration Course
    equips participants with the necessary tools to insure the well being of a LINUX system. Lab sessions include the installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of a LINUX system
  • Linux Training and Certification offers training in books, CDs and online content for all major Linux distributions. Get customized one on one instruction with remote training.
    weekend bootcamp to prepare for Linux Certification (attendees get free Linux Laptop!). Linux for Beginners (Saturday class)
  • LiveFire Labs
    offers online training on advanced computer topics, such as UNIX and Linux, with hands-on lab exercises on real servers. Courses developed by experienced technology professionals
  • MASC Data Systems of Orlando
    training and consulting, Caldera OpenLearning Center and Premier Partner located in Orlando, FL. 20 years experience with UNIX/Linux systems including SCO UNIX, UnixWare, OpenServer and Caldera OpenUNIX 8
  • Puget Sound Technology
    provides classroom training, custom on-location courses, and seminars covering Linux administration, FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD sysadmin, Unix shell essentials, Apache, BIND for DNS, Samba, Unix (and Linux) security, and various other open source topics
  • Quantum Linux Laboratories
    Puget Sound area, WA, USA: Red Hat Linux System Administration I & II, Linux for Executives & Introductory Perl Programming
  • Red Hat Software
    Durham, NC, USA: Red Hat Certified System Engineer, Red Hat Certified System Installer, Red Hat Linux Device Drivers, Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Admin, Red Hat Linux Programming Essentials, Red Hat Linux System Admin I, II, Gnome, GTK+ Programming & Introduction to Red Hat Linux I, II
  • Reed Media Services
    Marysville, Washington, USA:BSD, Unix, Linux seminars, workshops and hands-on, on-site,training. Workshops can be scheduled for one-on-one tutoring.Customized solutions are also available for training and workshops
  • Seneca College
    runs a "post-diploma" program, one year (2 academic semesters - 1 co-op semester) in length, which began in January 2000.
  • Summit Data Group
    Somerset, NJ, USA: Linux System Administration, Linux Administration for Network Professionals
  • TrainingCity
    offers Hands On embedded linux training classes every month & custom onsite classes
  • Trainingetc
    a technical software training organization specializing in hands-on instructor-led training in the following areas: Programming Languages and Design including C, C++, OOAD/UML, Perl, Java. The Linux/UNIX Operating System including Fundamentals and System Administration
  • UniForum
    Various locations: Installing and Using Linux, Learning Linux in Two Days, Integrating Linux with your Enterprise, Setting Up an Intranet Server Using Linux, Mastering Linux - Advanced Techniques & Linux Security
  • Unitek Information Systems
    Fremont & San Jose, CA, USA: Linux System Administration and Caldera Systems Education Services courses are covered

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