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 · 12 of the Best Free Git Books
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 · How to Block Referrer Spam Bots
 · Free software GNU/Linux laptop in development
 · First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
 · Canonical’s Stripped-Down “Snappy” Ubuntu Comes To Google’s Compute Engine
 · KDE Ships KDE Applications 14.12.0
 · Why is the Number of Linux Distros Declining?
 · The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!
 · Getting Started With KODI(XBMC)


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12 of the Best Free Git Books
Git is the most widely used version control system, in part because of the popularity of GitHub, a web-based Git repository hosting service, which offers all of the distributed revision control and source code management) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features.

(Read more)
Synfig Studio
Synfig is a powerful, industrial-strength, vector-based 2D animation software package, designed from the ground-up for producing feature-film quality animation with fewer people and resources. Read more


  • acoc
    Arbitrary Command Output Colourer: a regular expression based colour formatter for programs that display output on the command-line. It works as a wrapper around the target program, executing it and capturing the stdout stream
  • Align
    Align is a general-purpose text filter tool that helps vertically align columns in string-separated tables of input text.
  • Ansifilter
    Ansifilter handles text files containing ANSI terminal escape codes.
  • antiword
    a Microsoft® Word reader for Linux and RISC OS
  • apachegrep
    apachegrep is a perl program (which does not require any non-standard perl modules) to help webmasters (or anyone, really) go through their apache common/combined logs and try to pullout various bits of information.
  • apropos2
    Apropos2 is a replacement for the GNU apropos command that winnows down its responses when given more than one search term. The apropos in man repeatedly prints everything that matches each search term. (The apparent similarity between apropos and whatis led to them being the same script.) Apropos2 is equivalent to "apropos word1 | grep -i word2 | ... | grep -i wordn", but with better error messages.
  • ASCII art printer
    a Perl script that rewrites its input, 2.5 times larger, as ASCII art
  • ascii2pdf
    ascii2pdf translates simple text documents to PDF format. It has options for changing font, font size, and landscape vs. portrait mode.
  • asmview
    AsmView is a small file viewer. It runs in a terminal and accepts input from the command line, a pipe, or interactive prompts. It scrolls in all directions and meets the SFF guidelines.
  • Aspell
    Aspell is a free and Open Source spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell. It can either be used as a library or as an independent spell checker. Its main feature is that it does a much better job of coming up with possible suggestions than just about any other spell checker out there for the English language, including Ispell and Microsoft Word.
  • Atox
    a fully customizable Python library and command-line tool for converting plain text into XML
  • AutoConvert
    AutoConvert consists of three parts: A converter from Chinese HZ encoding to GB encoding, an auto-converter from HZ/GB/BIG5 encoding to GB/BIG5 encoding, and a working procmail example to auto-convert incoming mail.
  • Autodocbook
    Autodocbook is a simple perl script that runs though C code looking for specially formatted comment blocks and turns them into docbook sgml files, which can then be used to created man pages, info pages and html documentation.
  • awk
    interprets a special-purpose programming language that makes it possible to handle simple data-reformatting jobs with just a few lines of code
  • Base-64
    Base64 is a command line tool that implements an RFC 3548-compliant base 64 encoder and decoder. When encoding it can wrap encoded lines to a specified column, and when decoding can optionally ignore non-alphabet characters.
  • bbe
    bbe is a sed-like editor for binary files. bbe performs basic byte operations on blocks of input stream. bbe is command line tools developed in GNU/Linux environment.Features include: Non-interactive command-line tool, reads input stream in arbitrary blocks, not as lines as sed, and input blocks can be defined as offset and length, just length, or using start and stop strings.
  • Bfr
    Bfr is a general-purpose command-line pipe buffer. It buffers data from stdin and sends it to stdout, adjusting to best fit the pace stdout can handle. It can solve problems on either end of a pipe.
  • BibTeX2HTML
    BibTeX2HTML is a set of LaTeX and Perl scripts, which permit to generate automaticaly web pages from a BibTeX database.
  • bkmrkconv
    converts a Netscape "bookmarks.html" file to into a series of pages of links which are more easily browsable
  • booksync
    a tool used for synchronizing different bookmark files and types. booksync preserves current bookmark structures and sorts in new ones correctly in existing directorys or create new one if necessary
  • Boustrophedon Text Reader
    displays text files in Boustrophedon--a writing style created by the ancient Greeks that alternates direction every line
  • boxes
    can draw all kinds of boxes around its input text, ranging from a C comment box to complex ASCII art
  • catdoc
    catdoc extracts content of Microsoft Word (.doc) fileas readable ASCII text and prints it to stdout. Optionally catdoc can output TeX escape sequences instead of certain characters.
  • catdvi
    translates TeX Device Independent (DVI) files into readable plain text. The program aims to be a superior replacement for the non-free dvi2tty program
  • ccostring
    ccostring is a text utility to compare lines from different files.
  • Cedilla
    Cedilla is a simple text printer that uses Unicode internally. Cedilla attempts to at least partially solve this problem by making heroic efforts to find or create a suitable glyph.
  • Chaperon
    a lexical scanner, a parser generator, a parser, a tree builder and an XML generator all in one package. Chaperon can parse structured text using a grammar and then generate an XML representation of the parsed text, so it is easy to use Chaperon as a converter for text files
  • chcase
    chcase is a Perl script that will rename files to either all upper or all lower case letters.
  • chcsv
    a text convert tool from Oracle to CSV file
  • ChkTeX
    ChkTeX is a LaTeX semantic checker. It is _not_ a replacement for the built-in checker in LaTeX; however it catches some typographic errors LaTeX oversees. In other words, it is Lint for LaTeX. Filters are also provided for checking the LaTeX parts of CWEB documents.
  • ChmSee
    ChmSee is a Compiled HTML Help (CHM) file viewer written in GTK.
  • cledit
    cledit is a change log editor that uses the default editor. It converts text change logs to colorized HTML and checks spelling using aspell.
  • Clipboard Modifier
    Clipboard Modifier is a flexible system to modify the text in a clipboard in a variety of ways. It can copy a spreadsheet and change the clipboard so that it can be pasted into a wiki, with vertical bars (|) instead of tabs. It can modify multi-line clipboard text so that it can be pasted into Java or Python as strings. An URL in the clipboard pointing to Amazon can be modified so that it has your Associate ID in it. It can pipe the clipboard to a shell command and retrieve the output from it. A clibpboard can be forced to text, removing things like formatting. A complicated URL can be converted into its Python equivalent, using urlencode.
  • code2html
    converts a program source code to syntax highlighted HTML. It may be called as a CGI script. It can also handle include commands in HTML files
  • Colortail
    Colortail is a 'tail' program that can color highlight the output.
  • Cook
    Cook is a tool for constructing files, and maintaining referential integrity between files. It is given a set of files to create, and recipes of how to create and maintain them. In any non-trivial program there will be prerequisites to performing the actions necessary to creating any file, such as include files. Cook provides a mechanism to define these.
  • cpp2latex
    cpp2latex converts C++ into LaTeX either for including into existing LaTeX documents or as standalone documents.
  • CSpotRun
    CSpotRun is a free reader for documents in the popular Pilot DOC format.
  • cz2cz tools
    cz2cz is software for converting text files between various encoding charsets (ISO-8859-2, Win-1250, UTF-8, ...). Main feature is autodetection of charset used in text file. Only in czech language (and useful for cz users only).
  • DadaDodo
    analyses texts for word probabilities, and then generates random sentences based on that. Sometimes these sentences are nonsense; but sometimes they cut right through to the heart of the matter, and reveal hidden meanings
  • dbacl
    The dbacl project consist of a set of lightweight UNIX/POSIX utilities which can be used, either directly or in shell scripts, to classify text documents automatically, according to Bayesian statistical principles. dbacl is also the name of the core utility.
  • desift
    a data-driven, template-based text filter implemented in Perl, ideal for generating scripts, content and reports. It provides powerful formatting capabilities for delimited text/input streams, especially when combined with other shell programs
  • diff2html
    generates a valid HTML page to display the output of the diff(1) well-known utility. Using Cascading Style Sheets, the user can fully personnalize the appearance of the web page (you might find the default styles are too much colorfull). diff2html is written using the Python language and is licensed under the GNU GPL
  • Diogenes
    Diogenes is a free, non-commercial, open-source tool for searching the TLG and PHI databases, written in Perl.
  • doc2xml
    converts Microsoft Word files to XML
  • DocFrac
    a document converter that can convert between Rich Text Format (rtf), HyperText Markup Language (html) and plain text (txt). Supports: converting to/from rtf/text/html; colour; font attributes; and most European languages
  • doclifter
    doclifter translates documents written in troff macros to DocBook. Lifting documents from presentation level to semantic level is hard, and a really good job requires human polishing. This tool aims to do everything that can be mechanized, and to preserve any troff-level information that might have structural implications in SGML/XML comments.
  • Docvert
    Docvert is Web service software that takes multiple word processor files (typically .doc) and converts them to Oasis OpenDocument v1.0 format, and then optionally to any XML/HTML format. The results are returned in a .zip file.
  • dtd2latex
    converts a commented XML DTD to LaTeX source for printing
  • dtd2xs
    dtd2xs translates a Document Type Definition (DTD) into a XML Schema (REC-xmlschema-1-20010502). The translator can map meaningful DTD entities onto XML Schema constructs

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