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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
True Combat
True Combat is a modification to Quake III arena featuring scriptable mission objectives in maps, C4 and smoke grenades to your arsenal, realistic lens flares, glare, and flash blend effects. Read more


  • GiftWrap
    GiftWrap helps you in creating Ubuntu .deb packages by guiding you through the process with minimal fuss and maximum automation.
  • glitter
    a text-mode interface to the RPM package management tool.
  • GNOME Debian Package Manager
    a GNOME-based graphical manager for Debian packages. It aims to fully replace command-line tools apt-get, apt-cache and dpkg by offering easy way do install, remove, upgrade and browse Debian packages
  • gnome-pkgtool
    a GTK+/GNOME front-end to Slackware package management tools (pkgtool)
  • gnome-yum
    gnome-yum is a graphical program which makes it easier to use and setup the YUM install program. It displays the packages available on the package service sites with filtering.
  • GnoRPM
    a graphical front end to the RPM package management system. It runs under X, like Redhat's Glint, but is written in C, and uses the GTK+ widget set and the Gnome Libraries
  • GNU Guix
    GNU Guix is a purely functional package manager, and associated free software distribution, for the GNU system. In addition to standard package management features, Guix supports transactional upgrades and roll-backs, unprivileged package management, per-user profiles, and garbage collection.
  • GooPackage
    GooPackage is a package manager for Google applications. It is powered by Mozilla Prism. Its user interface is meant to be modeled after installers such as apt.
  • gpkg
    gpkg is the command-line GNUpdate package management tool. It provides functionality similar to the rpm, dpkg, and apt-get.
  • gportage
    a simple GTK-based portage package browser. You can browse packages by name or category and search on package names. It also shows a list of all installed packages, with version information
  • Graft
    Graft provides a mechanism for managing multiple packages under a single directory hierarchy.
  • GuiSlp
    a graphical package manager for stampede linux packages. It has an easy to use interface that allows you to Install/Uninstall packages on you system or just browse and examine packages that's installed or available. GuiSlp is a GNOME frontend to the slp-tools
  • GuYum
    GuYum is a simple "search-and-install" GUI for Yum, based on GTK+ and Glade, released under GPL. GuYum is written in C, Yum functions are binded with Python-C-API. It has a multi-tabbed search, selectable searching fields, and repositories can be enabled/disenabled per search request.
  • gxInstall
    gxInstall is a software installer for Linux. It allows you to create installation packages that are self-extracting, support multiple languages, support uninstallation, create menu items and a desktop icon, and have an overhead size of only 50 kb. It has GUI (GTK 2) support, and is completely script-based, flexible, and easy to use. It does not use RPM, pkg, etc.
  • Himerge
    Himerge is a GUI for emerge (Gentoo's Portage system) written in Haskell using gtk2hs. The main idea is to simplify browsing the entire portage tree, and allow running the most basic and common options from the emerge command.
  • Install RPMs
    a python code to simplify the RPM installation. irpm will add automatically all the dependencies required. But despite others project irpm does not require Internet connection
  • installdb
    a package management system that works independant of package type (tarballs, rpms, debian packages, whatever). It tracks down all installed files and stores all the packages information in its database. Those packages can be queried, uninstalled and verified
  • JD-CVS
    downloads and installs other programs via cvs. It creates Debian Packages, Slackware Packages and RPM (Redhat Packages) for you
  • Kemerge
    a graphical tool for KDE that allow users of the Gentoo Linux distribution to easily retrieve, install and remove packages
  • Kpackage
    a GUI interface to the RPM, Debian, Slackware and BSD package managers, it is similar in some ways to GLINT. Kpackage is part of the KDE
  • KPortage
    a graphical frontend for emerge, a tool in the Gentoo Linux Portage advanced package management system
  • KRPMBuilder
    KRPMBuilder is a KDE2 application that makes the building of spec files and RPM packages easy. After editing the spec-file in an intuitive, Qt-based GUI, you can execute RPM inside KRPMBuilder and control the progress of the package build process.
  • Kswaret
    a QT frontend for the command line program swaret. swaret is used to keep Slackware Linux 8.1 & 9.x systems up to date with new packages and patches
  • Kuroo
    Kuroo is a graphical frontend to Portage, a package management system that allows great flexibility while installing and maintaining software on Gentoo Linux.
  • Limba
    Limba is a new project which allows 3rd-party software installations on Linux. It is based on ideas of Glick2 and Listaller, and uses modern Linux kernel features to allow applications to share libraries and other components, reducing the amount of duplicate software components running on a Linux system.
  • list2pkg
    List2pkg is a program to create Slackware packages in a simple way. More precisely, given a list of files, it will create a Slackware package containing these files. A user trying to install that package will see the same files installed at the same locations they were on your system.
  • Listaller
    Listaller is a distro-agnostic 3rd-party application installer with close integration into PackageKit.
    a new packagement system for Linux. It installs and removes generic source tarballs and slackware (tgz) packages. It keep track of your installed programs and libraries
  • LPMtool
    LPMtool is a package management tool. LPMtool is not just a basic package manager, that merely keeps track of installed software. LPMtool includes tools for setting up web-based package repositories and publishing packages. LPMtool publishes an efficient package repository on a web server. The package repository may contain different versions of the same software package built for different Linux distributions, and LPMtool will download the appropriate version, for the Linux distribution LPMtool is running on.
  • mach
    mach allows you to set up clean build roots from scratch for any distribution or distribution variation supported. In this clean build root you can then easily generate pristine packages.
  • Mongoose Package Manager
    an open source software distribution system. It is kernel and architecture independent. It will have support for dependency tracking, bootstrapping dependency loops, and optional package features
  • MPKG
    a ports collection. A ports collection is a collection of ports. Each port contains the information necessary to automatically download and install a specific program
  • mrepo
    mrepo builds a local Apt/Yum RPM repository from local ISO files, downloaded updates and extra packages from 3rd party repositories. It takes care of downloading updates and extras, configuring HTTP access and providing PXE/TFTP resources for remote installations.
  • Mtpkg
    Mtpkg is a small and simple (script based) package manager used only by the Mnix GNU/Linux distribution.
  • Muon Package Management Suite
    Muon is a powerful package manager built on the QApt framework. It boasts a powerful feature set in a usability-minded interface. Targeted for the intermediate to power user range.
  • Nhopkg
    Nhopkg is a package manager for operating systems based on Linux. It was created for the nhoax project, but it can be used in any other Linux distribution. Nhopkg uses .nho packages. It can install source and binary packages. If you prefer, you can create a valid .nho source package to compile and install it from sources in your system.
  • novi
    novi is a tool for finding the latest-version RPMs in a tree. You can use it to create Kickstart trees or yum repos that contain the updated RPMS. In the case of Kickstart, this means machines come to life with the updates already applied. Using novi for yum repos trims the size of the repodata files, which reduces client download and processing time.
  • npk
    npk is a file packaging library with zlib compression and TEA encryption.
  • nuu
    NUU, Network Update Utility, is a graphical user interface which allows a user to make modifications to the installed rpm packages on a system.
  • One
    One provides a unified interface for Debian package manager which is quite fragmented (dpkg, aptitude, apt-get, apt-cache, apt-file...).
  • Packware
    an extended package maitenance tool for Slackware Linux. It provides additional features: dependecies checking (by checking missing dynamic libraries and installing required packages), downloading packages from FTP servers
  • pacman
    pacman is a utility which manages software packages in Linux. It uses simple .tar.gz files as a package format, and maintains a text-based package database (more of a hierarchy), just in case some hand tweaking is necessary. pacman does not strive to "do everything." It will add, remove and upgrade packages in the system, and it will allow you to query the package database for installed packages, files and owners. It also attempts to handle dependencies automatically and can download packages from a remote server.
  • Payload Delivery Vehicle
    Payload Delivery Vehicle builds an executable that contains a complete package (e.g. and RPM, System V package or tar file) and the commands required to install it.
  • PiSi
    PiSi is a package manager which has been designed to meet the requirements of the Pardus Linux distribution, and it is not derived from any other package manager. It is efficient and small.
  • pkgbuild
    a graphical development environment for RedHat's RPM. It is designed to allow easy building and testing of RPM SPEC files
  • PkgBuilder
    PkgBuilder is a system for automatically creating software packages (in formats such as RPM, tgz, or Deb) from source code.
  • pkgrebuild
    a tool to recreate a pkg package from installed packages database
  • PKGsummon
    pkgsummon is a program (based on GTK+2 toolkit) for the management of Slackware Linux tarballs; it allows to rapidly compare the version of installed packages with those available on ftp mirrors, and it allows to browse content of the packages installed on system
  • pkgutils
    pkgutils is a set of utilities (pkgadd, pkgrm, pkginfo and pkgmk), which are used for managing software packages in Linux.
  • pkgwrite
    a simple tool to make Debian and Redhat packages out of a single specification file

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