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 · 12 of the Best Free Git Books
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 · Why is the Number of Linux Distros Declining?
 · The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!
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12 of the Best Free Git Books
Git is the most widely used version control system, in part because of the popularity of GitHub, a web-based Git repository hosting service, which offers all of the distributed revision control and source code management) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features.

(Read more)
Synfig Studio
Synfig is a powerful, industrial-strength, vector-based 2D animation software package, designed from the ground-up for producing feature-film quality animation with fewer people and resources. Read more


  • Synaptic Package Manager
    Synaptic is a graphical package management program for apt. It provides the same features as the apt-get command line utility with a GUI front-end based on Gtk+. hot
  • Actualiza
    Actualiza is a semi-automatic update program for apt-based systems. With a simple GUI, this apt front-end lets you manage the programs / components on your computer, and helps you to keep it updated by showing the available updates by means of an applet. It features a powerful progressive search engine, and a repository manager that allows you to add or remove repositories easily.
  • alien
    a program that converts between the rpm, dpkg, and slackware tgz file formats
  • amypkg
    a bash script to simplify package installation under slackware linux. features automatic dependency finding and installation
  • Apper
    Apper (originally named KPackageKit) is a free and open source Linux front-end application for the PackageKit package management service by KDE.
  • apt-dater
    apt-dater provides an ncurses frontend to manage package updates on a large number of remote hosts using SSH. At the moment, only Debian based hosts running apt are supported on the client side.
  • apt-file
    apt-file allows you to find in which package a file is included.
  • apt-iselect
    a mall wrapper for apt-cache search and apt-get install which uses iselect to search and install packages
  • apt-metalink
    apt-metalink allows you to download deb packages from several sources concurrently and makes the upgrade process faster if you have a fast Internet connection.
  • apt-offline
    apt-offline is an Offline APT Package Manager for APT based systems, i.e. mostly Debian and Debian derived distributions.
  • Apt-rpm
    an attempt is made to introduce the Advanced Package Tool (APT), originally developed for the Debian Linux distribution, to users of rpm based Linux systems
  • apt-zeroconf
    Apt-zeroconf is a distributed apt-cacher for local networks. It's called apt-zeroconf since it uses avahi for automatically finding other apt-zeroconf instances on the LAN, similar to Apple's Rendezvous/Bonjour/Zeroconf technology.
  • autopackage
    software that lets you create software packages for Linux that will install on any distribution, can be interactive, can automatically resolve dependancies and can be installed using multiple front ends, for instance from the command line or from a graphical interface
  • AutoPKG
    lets you keep your Slackware system up to date. It functions similarly to apt-get, the Debian package manager
  • is a slackware package generator in perl.
  • Autospec
    creates Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) spec files automatically from a tarball
  • AutoUpdate
    a simple Perl script which performs a task similar to RedHat's up2date or autorpm
  • BitBake
    BitBake is a simple tool for the execution of tasks. It is derived from Portage, which is the package management system used by the Gentoo Linux distribution. It is most commonly used to build packages, and is used as the basis of the OpenEmbedded project.
  • bpkg
    bpkg is a utility that automates the entire process of converting source packages into binary packages. It is similar to CheckInstall but goes further by using heuristics to automate as much as possible of the entire source package download and install process. It has auto-detection for Arch Linux, Slackware, Red Hat, Gentoo and SuSE.
  • buildpkg
    a package build system. It gives you the opportunity to create package system (like rpm, dpkg, stc.) independent descriptions (.def) which can be used to create binary packages on every system
  • checkinstall
    checkinstall installs a compiled program from the program's source directory using "make install" or any other command supplied on checkinstall's command line. checkinstall will create a Slackware, RPM or Debian compatible package and install it using your distribution's standard package administration utilities.
  • Cmmi
    Cmmi helps you to simplify your installation process from ".tar.gz" source archives. It allows you to manage packages for your local site, even if you are not an expert of your OS. Cmmi can make .deb, .rpm, Slackware, and cygwin packages efficiently.
  • CoolPackager
    takes a .tar.gz file and a installation script file and create a self-extracting executable scipt
  • cpan2pkg
    cpan2pkg is a tool built around cpan2dist to create a native Linux package, taking dependencies into account, and integrated with linux distribution repository + buildsystem.
  • cpan2tgz
    cpan2tgz is a utility to create Slackware packages from CPAN Perl module distributions.
  • CruxPorts4Slack
    CruxPorts4Slack adapts the "ports" and "pkgmk" commands to allow the use of ports repositories for Crux with Slackware. The httpup program, which is necessary to use ports, is included.
  • Debarchiver
    a tool to sort debian packages in a automated way so that you can publish debian packages in a easy way
  • Debfoster
    Debfoster helps you get rid of packages get left behind on your system when the program that required it was removed or upgraded to a version that doesn't have the dependency.
  • Debhelper
    a collection of programs that can be used in a debian/rules file to automate common tasks related to building binary debian packages. Programs are included to install various files into your package, compress files, fix file permissions, integrate your package with the debian menu system, etc
  • deborphan
    a utility that checks packages on a Debian/GNU system. If there is an installed package, and there are no other packages depending on its installation, its name is printed to the screen. It's primarily intented for use within the `libs' section, so its default operation is to only check libraries
  • DebSync
    DebSync helps to synchronise the installed packages on existing Debian GNU/Linux machines. debsync gets a list of installed packages from a master host, and installs or removes packages on several hosts to match the master's package list.
  • DeepManager
    aims to create a set of tools to help distributors to build, port, test, validate and manage software packages. Existing tools are bm (the build manager) and dm (the dependency manager). The tools are written in Python
  • depfinder
    depfinder finds the dependencies of Slackware packages. The dependency list can be output to stdout, to a .dep text file without version information, or to a slack-required file with version information.
  • Depot
    Depot is a software management tool providing a simple yet flexible mechanism for maintaining third party and locally developed software in large heterogeneous computing environments. Depot integrates separately maintained software packages, known as collections, into a common directory hierarchy consisting of a union of all the collections.
  • dh_make_text
    a program for quick debianization of archives containing text (simple text, HTML or any other format) and nothing more. In most cases it produces ready-to-build package using debhelper after few steps without hand-editing any Debian control files
  • DNF
    DNF is a package manager based on yum and libsolv.
  • dpkg-changes
    a simple script which will report on the packages which have been installed, or uninstalled, since the script was last run
  • Emerde
    Emerde is a port of Gentoo's portage system that installs, removes, updates, mantains your system rapidly and easily.
  • Empulse
    the update daemon and package management interface for Elysium GNU/Linux. It provides a new packaging format
  • epkg
    an Encap Package Manager written by Mark Roth for CCSO's Workstation Services Group
  • EPM
    a free UNIX software/file packaging program that generates distribution archives from a list of files. The distributions include installation and removal scripts that handle such details as diskless client installations and initialization script
  • EPOR
    EPOR is an open source (GPL) extensible package organiser for Unix like systems. It's written to trace filesystem changes (something being installed) and save those information in a simple textual db.
  • Feta
    a frontend to the Debian package management system dpkg, the Debian configuration system Debconf, and the Debian package distribution system, APT
  • Fink
    wants to be simple, functional and fully automated. GNU stow is used to manage a separate directory tree. The fink package manager downloads, configures, compiles and installs software from the internet
  • Frogz
    Frogz is a modular script for packaging under Linux Slackware. It allows you to package your software with a generic process that can be adapted at every step according to the specific needs of the software.
  • g-pypi
    g-pypi generates Gentoo Linux ebuilds for Python packages by querying the Python Package Index.
  • gbuild
    gbuild is a script written to simplify package maintenance. It allows you to automate code update from CVS, compilation of the package, building tar files, rpms, and srpms of your package.
  • gear
    gear is a tool for maintaining and building SRPM packages from git repositories. gear integrates with hasher to build RPM packages directly from git.
  • Gentoo Category Select
    Gentoo Category Select is a graphical tool for selecting Gentoo Package Categories to exclude from your local package repository.
  • Getpkg
    Getpkg is used to download and install packages for Slackware Linux. It is menu driven allowing the user to choose program options by entering menu choices. Its menus are generated using the dialog utility. It creates the folder ~/.getpkg and stores configuration options and downloaded packages within that folder.

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