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 · Improve Your Mental Mettle with These Open Source Puzzle Games
 · MOOS Project Viewer 3.2 Support for Microsoft Project 2016 Files
 · Shuffle the Decks with These Ace Open Source Card Games
 · Have a Blast with Fun to Play Open Source Arcade Style Games
 · Asus Tinker Board TinkerOS_Debian V2.0.1 (Beta version)
 · Asus Tinker Board TinkerOS Android Anything Special?
 · Fun to Play Open Source Turn-Based Strategy Games
 · Fun to Play Open Source Real-Time Strategy Games Fight for Glory
 · Grasp PL/SQL/pgSQL Programming with Free Books
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Improve Your Mental Mettle with These Open Source Puzzle Games
Puzzle video games are a type of game that focuses on puzzle solving. A puzzle is a problem or set of problems a player has to solve within the confines of the game.

(Read more)
Quanta Plus
Quanta Plus is designed for quick web development and is rapidly becoming a mature editor with a number of great features. Quanta is based on KDE so this means it is network transparent from any dialog or project. It can use not only FTP but other KDE KIO slaves from file dialogs or in project settings. Read more


  • gHasher
    gHasher shows the MD5 sum(or md2,md4,sha1,sha,ripemd160,dss1) of a file.
  • GKrellM gamma
    GKrellM gamma is a gkrellm plugin which allows you to control your monitor's gamma correction (with XFree86).
  • Glimpse
    a powerful indexing and query system that allows you to search through allyour files quickly. It can be used by individuals for their personal filesystems as well as by organizations for large data collections.
    a mouse manipulation module for C or C++ GLUT/OpenGL programs. With the addition of two lines of code, any GLUT based OpenGL program can include mouse-based zooming, panning and rotation
  • GNOME Advanced Preferences
    GNOME Advanced Preferences lets you to tweak hidden GNOME preferences, including custom keyboard shortcuts to execute specific commands.
  • GNOME Colorscheme
    GNOME Colorscheme is a very simple application for the GNOME desktop that allows you to generate a variety of colorschemes from a single starting color. It is free software licensed under the open-source GPL License.
  • GNOME NetSelect Applet
    a Gnome applet for launching Netscape/Mozilla. Can jump to the currently highlighted URL, or perform a search using the currently highlighted text
  • gnome-pkgview
    gnome-pkgview displays the overall desktop version. This is currently tucked away in a file called gnome-version.xml which is part of the gnome-desktop package.
  • Google Hacks
    Google Hacks is a compilation of carefully crafted Google searches that expose novel functionality from Google's search and map services.
  • Grandr Applet
    Grandr is a GNOME Panel Applet that allows you to select screen resolution and orientation from the GNOME Panel.
  • Gspot Applet
    Gnome applet for Searching the web in a Practical, Outlined and Tidy way: It uses the text in the clipboard as a search string for querying search engines, dictionaries, and Web databases.
  • gXMMS
    a simple GNOME panel applet that lets you control the basic functions of the X MultiMedia System (XMMS)
  • hdparm
    hdparm is an open source, command-line, performance and benchmarking utility to set and view ATA hard disk drive hardware parameters. It can set parameters such as drive caches, sleep mode, power management, acoustic management, and DMA settings. Read more
  • HighLnk
    aims to save space on read-only partitions and on CDs/DVDs by hard-linking files that are the same
  • Host Grapher
    a very light and efective program to gather Host Statistics like cpu memory and processes. It has been written to be light and fast
  • Htmlpath
    This is an utility to extract some information from HTML page (a webpage). It is developed for use in non-interactive scripts or script-alike programs.
  • httptype
    returns the http host software of a website. It is written in Perl
  • i.Task
    a little task viewer for Linux. Source is included under the LGPL license. The distribution includes binaries for GCC3 based systems and the source code
  • IceWMCP Mouse
    a tool for setting the mouse speed. Basically, it is a frontend for 'xset', standard on most Unix/Linux systems
  • IconMgr
    IconMgr is a program that provides icons on an X11 desktop. Features include configurable actions to run shell commands. It has support for imlib2.
  • im-ja
    a generic Japanese input module for GTK+ 2. Currently supported input modes are Hiragana, Katakana, Zenkaku, Canna (using the Canna conversion engine), and Kanji character recognition (based on Kanjipad)
  • install-log
    a simple utility to help you keep track of what files are installed by your source and binary packages
  • Interleaved-Or-Random Filesystem Benchmarking
    The IOR software is used for benchmarking parallel file systems using POSIX, MPIIO, or HDF5 interfaces. It can be used for testing the performance of parallel file systems using various interfaces and access patterns. IOR uses MPI for process synchronization. It also includes scripts for simulating the I/O behavior of a number of parallel applications.
  • Java ACPI
    Java ACPI is a simple application that connect to the acpid interface and retrive the info about the system.
  • JeruKey
    a complete suite to manage your keyboard: let you use
  • job-scheduler
    a program that schedules programs to be run at their specified times. It gives users several options for scheduling programs
  • KAM2
    KAM2 is an answering machine for KDE2 (ISDN). It shows all calls and plays them by using vboxplay/auplay.
  • KBeam
    a KDE application that lets you send and receive files to devices, using your Infrared port
  • KBinView
    a little tool that allows you to read a structured binary file
  • KchmViewer
    KchmViewer is a chm (MS HTML help file format) viewer, written in C++. Unlike most existing CHM viewers for Unix, it uses Trolltech Qt widget library, and does not depend either on KDE or Gnome. The main advantage of KchmViewer is non-English language support.
  • kdiff-ext
    Diff-ext is an extension for file managers such as Windows Explorer, Nautilus, and Konqueror that allows the user to launch diff and merge tools on selected files.
  • KFuseIso
    KFuseIso provides KDE integration to mount CD-ROM filesystem images, such as .iso, .nrg, .bin, .mdf, and .img files. It uses fuseiso to do the actual job.
  • KHeiseReg
    a utility to search offline within the article data base ("Heise Register") of the magazines "c't" and "iX"
  • KLcdDimmer
    KLcdDimmer is a KDE applet to adjust LCD brightness. It relies on an external program to get/set the brightness, such as smartdimmer or nvclock.
  • Krefty
    Krefty is a small, lightweight set of pages that summarize the command line options, hotkeys and cheats for various Linux programs.
  • KRuler
    KRuler is a nice little tool for all who want to keep control of their screen full of pixels.
  • KScreen
    KScreen is a KDE screen management software that massively improves user experience when working with multiple monitors in KDE. It provides modern user interface and can automatically save and restore screen configuration profiles. It obsoletes the current screen management software.
  • KSlackCheck
    KSlackCheck is a utility to check Slackware -current changelog updates with nice graphical popup.
  • lcdtest
    lcdtest is a utility to display LCD monitor test patterns. It may be useful in finding pixels that are stuck on or off. lcdtest uses the SDL library, and has only been tested on Linux with X, but may work on other platforms.
  • leet-generator
    Leet-Generator is an application that converts plaintext to leettext.
  • litetrash
    A light-weight, portable trash can for Unix systems.
  • littleutils
    The littleutils include a duplicate file finder (repeats), image optimizers (opt-jpg opt-png opt-gif recomp-jpg), file rename tools (lowercase uppercase), archive recompressors (to-bzip to-7zip to-lzma), a tempfile utility (tempname), and others.
  • Live Kernel Configuration Panel
    Live Kernel Configuration Panel is an ncurses interface to the run-time Linux kernel configuration data that can be accessed through the /proc filesystem.
  • Lomega
    for maintaining your Iomega disks under Linux, similar in functionality to Iomega's IomegaWare Tools
  • lomoco
    lomoco is a fork of lmctl, since we were not able to get in contact with the lmctl developer. omoco can configure vendor-specific options on Logitech USB mice (or dual-personality mice plugged into the USB port). A number of recent devices are supported. The program is mostly useful in setting the resolution to 800 cpi or higher on mice that boot at 400 cpi (such as the MX500, MX510, MX1000 etc.), and disabling SmartScroll or Cruise Control for those who would rather use the two extra buttons as ordinary mouse buttons.
  • lookbusy
    Lookbusy is a simple application for generating synthetic load on a Linux system. It can generate fixed, predictable loads on CPUs, keep chosen amounts of memory active, and generate disk traffic in any amounts you need.
  • lookuplet
    provides an easily accessible, unified interface for looking things up. There are many applications (desktop and web-based) in which you enter some text and they return some information based on that text
  • Low Resolution Modeline Calculator
    lrmc is a modeline calculator designed to calculate low resolution modelines for CGA, EGA, and VGA arcade monitors, NTSC and PAL televisions, and multisync PC monitors. It supports X11, fb, and AdvanceMAME modeline formats.
  • ls4sweep
    ls4sweep is a tool intended for use as helper for removing old backups. A sweeping policy consists of a set of records that contains the number of intervals or a periods in days to retain.
  • Macfly
    Macfly is a tool allowing you to run one or more programs with a shifted clock compared to the system clock. The programs have the same shift and are synchronized at the same time.

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