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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

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pdfgrep is a commandline utility to search text in PDF files. pdfgrep tries to be compatible with GNU Grep, where it makes sense. Many of your favorite grep options are supported (such as -r, -i, -n or -c).


  • Cryptkeeper
    Cryptkeeper is a system tray applet that manages EncFS encrypted folders.
  • cuckooo
    a KDE Part, which allows to be run in a Konqueror window
  • CueAct
    CueAct is a utility that uses the CueCat driver to look up information about barcodes swiped by a :Cue:C.A.T.[tm] reader, but also perform any other action of interest associated with the barcodes.
  • cx_Freeze
    cx_Freeze is a set of utilities for freezing Python scripts into executables in a cross platform way, using many of the techniques found in Thomas Heller's py2exe, Gordon McMillan's Installer, and the Freeze utility that ships with Python itself.
    DAA2ISO is a command line tool for converting the DAA files (Direct Access Archive, used by PowerISO) to ISO.
  • Daedalus
    Daedalus provides a simple mechanism for running programs in response to the output of "check programs". In practice, this is generally used to provide an automated restart service for programs by checking the output of "ps axww", and running a start script when a particular program fails to appear. However, it can be used for any occasion where you want to automate an action based on an event in the system. Beyond simple restarting of systems, it can be used to send alerts, clean up files, or even start one program when another finishes or reaches a certain point.
  • dailypage
    can be used to receive a webpage daily by email
  • Dalle
    Dalle aims to build a set of utilities to work with split files in various formats. Supported formats are hacha (1, 2, and pro), kamaleon (1 and 2), FileSplit, and SplitFile.
  • DDCcontrol
    A program used to control monitor parameters, like brightness and contrast, by software, i.e. without using the OSD (On Screen Display) and the buttons in front of the monitor.
  • Decoy
    a no-ad redirection utility for squid or compatible cache apps
  • defragmenter
    defragmenter is a braindead filesystem agnostic defrag script that rewrites files.
  • Deskbar Applet
    The goal of Deskbar Applet is to provide an omnipresent versatile search interface. By typing search terms into the deskbar entry in your panel you are presented with the search results as you type. Seaches are handled by a series of plugins. DeskbarApplet provides a simple interface to manage these plugins to provide you with the search results that fit your needs.
  • Diago
    Diago is a dialog-based system for easily creating nested menus, executing programs, and starting connections to remote systems from within console sessions.
  • DirsSync
    a python tool to synchronise 2 directories
  • DIRT
    DIRT is a simple directory stack utility, that lets the user use the same directory stack across terminals, and sessions.
  • disktype
    detects the content format of a disk or disk image. It knows about common file systems, partition tables, and boot codes
  • displayusers
    a Perl script for creating automatic user directory listings
  • DrQueue
    a tool to distribute shell based tasks such as rendering images on a per frame basis. DrQueue works under Linux and Irix. It is distributed under GPL and is composed by three main tools: master, slave and drqman
  • DrWright
    DrWright forces you to take regular breaks from your computer. Its main focus is being usable and to simply work. If you like whistles, bells, and a thousand options, this is not for you.
  • dsmtk
    dsmtk is PC-side software for programming Dallas Semiconductor's Ultra-High-Speed Flash Microcontrollers DS89C420/430/440/450 using ISP. It is a terminal program that gives access to boot-ROM functions in programming mode. It also provides support for loading or verifying flash memory, encrypting vector and external memory, and grabbing the microcontroller's output to a file. This project is not related to the Dallas Semiconductor company.
  • DupFinder
    DupFinder searches for duplicate files. It has many options that allow you to include only the files that you want. A special algorithm makes it much faster than other programs. A GUI and a command line version are available.
  • duv
    duv visual disk usage draws an interactive visualization of disk usage, with display area proportional to disk space.
  • e2fsimage
    e2fsimage allows you to create ext2 filesystem images, mostly used on Linux systems, by copying an entire directory structure int an ext2 formatted image without needing root permissions.
  • easygconf
    easygconf provids an easy, Pythonic way to access GConf through a dict-like interface.
  • Enable Viacam
    Enable Viacam (aka eViacam) is a mouse replacement software that moves the pointer as you move your head. It works on standard PCs equipped with a web camera.
  • Entry-Cleaner
    Entry-Cleaner is a small utility for Linux which deletes text in text input fields with a simple key press using the "Windows-Key". It is written in C using only Xlib. Entry-Cleaner works well with input fields like Google search field or Firefox address field.
  • Envoy
    Envoy is a stand-alone database for file associations and MIME types. You can easily set and change file associations in one central location, and keep existing settings between different software.
  • EText Reader
    a simple cross-platform GUI EText reader utilizing the wxWindows GUI library
  • f.lux
    f.lux makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day.
  • fah-indicator
    fah-indicator is a GNOME indicator applet for the Stanford Folding@home project. It provides updates on the status and progress of the client.
  • fbdump
    a simple tool to capture screenshots from a Linux kernel framebuffer device and write it to the standard output as a PPM file. It currently has fairly complete support for packed-pixel framebuffer types and also works with the VGA16 framebuffer driver
  • fdmess
    fdmess is a utility that works by attaching with ptrace to an existing process and forcing it to execute certain syscalls. This lets you force a process to drop privileges, to redirect a file descriptor to a file or a TCP/IP connection, to connect a descriptor to the descriptor of another running process with a Unix socket, or to set a file descriptor equal to the descriptor of another running process (by using unix file descriptor passing).
  • FIFOs
    can be inserted into a command pipeline that takes data on standard input and writes it to standard output. It will measure the input and output rates and create a buffer of the appropriate size needed to buffer the entire stream
  • FileRepair
    an application to compare files across a network and, if necessary, modify one so that it is identical with the second
    File Inventory for Loading, Transfer and Recovery: combines the features of a backup utility, an archiving/version-control utility and a document management utility to create an effective and simple-to-use personal document management system
  • FLOM
    FLOM is a simple lock manager that can be used to avoid shell tricks and safely execute different tasks that cannot run at the same time.
  • fourBar
    fourBar is a minimal application launching bar for POSIX systems. It uses a simple four-button interface to launch commonly used applications. Default applications are a terminal, a file browser, an editor, and a Web browser.
  • FoxTray
    FoxTray is a tray icon class for the FOX Toolkit. It displayes an icon in the system tray. FoxTray works under X11 and Windows.
  • Fragger
    Fragger is a graphical representation of files as they are located on a block device, using GTK+ 2.0. Fragger was written after using a command line file fragmentation reporting utility, filefrag (part of Theodore Tso's e2fsprogs collection), to analyze file fragmentation.
  • Free Disk Space Applet
    Free Disk Space Applet is a panel applet for the KDE Kicker to show how much free disk space is available on your mounted partitions.
  • freecolor
    a `free' replacement for Linux that displays free memory graphically
  • FreeDup
    Freedup walks through the file trees (directories) you specify. When it finds two identical files on the same device, it hard links them together. In this case, two or more files still exist in their respective directories, but only one copy of the data is stored on disk; both directory entries point to the same data blocks. If both files reside on different devices, then they are symlinked together unless there are relative paths given (and the -s option is unused).
  • ftpsync
    a tool that allows mirrors to be incrementally and recursively made from remote FTP servers. It examines time stamps and sizes, and is designed to operate in a manner similar to rsync
  • FunkyMD Suite
    aims to provide Linux users with usable tools to title MiniDiscs using a portable MiniDisc Recorder (Sony MZR-900, but it should run on other MiniDisc recorders too) and a self-made interface for the parallel port
  • fuseiso
    fuseiso is an open source FUSE module to mount ISO filesystem images. Read more
  • Garble
    a C++ program for transferring data to and from Garmin GPS receivers. It is based on a set of library routines that implement the the Garmin protocol specification
  • gcin
    gcin (Gtk Chinese INput application in X) is a Chinese input method server for Big5 Traditional Chinese character sets. It features a GTK user interface.
  • gclipboard
    gclipboard is a bonobo-based clipboard server. It defines the new standards (draft) for clipboard, such as flavors, IDL interface, APIs for developers.
  • gExtractWinIcons
    gExtractWinIcons extracts cursors, icons, and PNG images previews from MS Windows resource files (like .exe, .dll, .ocx, and .cpl).
  • gFR
    a basic Gtk reader for .doc files also in cyrillic

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