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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
Kega Fusion
Kega Fusion is an impressive multi-console emulator created by Steve Snake. The emulator supports most of the Sega consoles, including the GameGear, Genesis (Mega Drive), Master System, Sega 32X, Sega CD, Sega Pico, SG-1000, SG-3000 and SF-7000. Read more


  • Fontmatrix
    Fontmatrix is a font manager built with the kind of features and abilities graphic designers, layout pros, and others have felt necessary, but modernized with some new touches. Read more hot
  • bblaunch
    bblaunch is an application launcher that lets you set certain blackbox related attributes on the launched program.
  • Birdfont
    Birdfont is a free, open source font editor that lets you create outline vector graphics and export ttf, eot & svg fonts.
  • Choosefont
    Choosefont is a simple but extremely efficient tool for quickly finding the required font in a large amount of fonts. It was created due to the lack of decent font selection widgets in many application. Apart from finding a font, Choosefont can also creat css, html and other code for the selected font, this code is automatically copied to the X clipboard.
  • ClearlyU
    ClearlyU is a set of BDF (bitmap) 12 point, 100 dpi fonts that provides glyphs that can be used for Unicode text.
  • cm-super
    cm-super contains Type 1 fonts converted from METAFONT fonts and covers entire EC/TC, ECC and LH fonts (Computer Modern font families). All European and Cyrillic writings are covered.
  • Culmus Hebrew fonts
    Culmus Hebrew fonts is a collection of scalable (Type 1) Hebrew fonts for POSIX.
    a set of PCF fonts in several Cyrillic (koi8, windows-1251, etc.) and two Latin encodings (both with a Euro sign)
  • Cyrprint
    Cyrprint converts postscript files generated by netscape (original pages must be in koi8 encoding). It can be used as a pass-through filter. It adds cyrillic fonts to the beginning of the file and substitutes font names in the original PS document.
  • DejaVu fonts
    a font family based on the Bitstream Vera Fonts. Its purpose is to provide a wider range of characters while maintaining the original look and feel. The family is available as both TrueType fonts and Opie/Qtopia fonts
  • efont-unicode-bdf
    a comprehensive collection of Unicode BDF fonts. It consists of 12, 14, 16 and 24 pixels fonts
  • fnteditfs
    fnteditfs is a small, simple font editor, designed for editing FreeBSD's syscons and linux fonts (but may also work for other OSes). It's written in C, using the ncurses library for its display library.
  • fntsample
    fntsample is a program for making font samples that show Unicode coverage of the font. The samples are similar in appearance to Unicode charts. Samples can be saved as PDF or PostScript files.
  • Font Industry
    Font Industry converts a scanned in grid sheet containing a lot of glyphs into a bitmap font. The glyphs will be automatically indexed with unicode.
  • font2svg
    can convert any font GhostScript is capable of rendering into an SVG-font. This includes all PostScript fonts, GhostScript's own format and almost all TrueType fonts. You may want to hand-edit the generated font to add font-style information
  • FontED
    a WYSIWYG console font editor for Linux. plus some console font utilities, and converters. NCurses based, and using the /dev/vcs0 device for some raw character output. It is full featured
  • FontForge
    FontForge (formerly PfaEdit) allows you to edit outline and bitmap fonts. You can create new ones or modify old ones. It is also a font format converter and can convert among PostScript (ASCII & binary Type 1, some Type 3s, some Type 0s), TrueType, and OpenType (Type2), CID-keyed, SVG, CFF and multiple-master fonts. Read more
  • fontilus
    a set of extensions for Nautilus to help manage fonts on your system
  • Fontlinge
    Fontlinge searches for font files, sorts them into folders by name and look and with human readable names, stores gathered font information in a database, generates previews and posters, finds and removes duplicates.
  • FontPack
    a utility for packing and rendering fonts to texture for use in OpenGL. Also includes a library to load and use the fonts in your game/app
  • FONTpage
    FONTpage is a Python font viewing/image-generating utility. It displays system fonts and allows you to change the font size and color, background color, font face, bold, and italics.
  • fonts-tweak-tool
    fonts-tweak-tool is a tool for customizing fonts per language on desktops using fontconfig.
  • fontutils
    includes the programs bpltobzr, bzrto, charspace, fontconvert, gsrenderfont, imageto, imgrotate, limn, and xbfe. These create fonts for use with Ghostscript or TeX (starting with a scanned type image and converting the bitmaps to outlines), convert between font formats, etc.
  • Fonty Python
    FontyPython is a GUI tool to manage ttf fonts on GNU/Linux system. It is written in Python and WxWidgets.You can collect any fonts together (even ones not in your system font folders) into 'pogs' and then install and remove the pogs as you need them. In this way you can control what fonts are in your user font folder - thus avoiding long lists of fonts in the font chooser dialogues of your application. Read more
  • fonty-rg
    fonty-rg is a set of fonts for the Linux console.
  • Free Bangla Fonts
    a volunteer run project dedicated for creating Free, high quality, completely Unicode compliant Open Type Bangla fonts
  • gbdfed
    gbdfed lets you interactively create new bitmap font files or modify existing ones. It allows editing multiple fonts and multiple glyphs, it allows cut and paste operations between fonts and glyphs and editing font properties. The editor works natively with BDF fonts.
  • gdkxft
    Gdkxft transparently adds anti-aliased font support to gtk+-1.2.
  • Gentium fonts
    Gentium is a typeface family designed to enable the diverse ethnic groups around the world who use the Latin script to produce readable, high-quality publications. It supports a wide range of Latin-based alphabets and includes glyphs that correspond to all the Latin ranges of Unicode.
  • GFE
    a graphical font editor based on the GIMP Toolkit. It is easy to use and will eventually support many font types. Currently it supports only BDF font files, that can be converted to many other formats easily
  • gfontview
    a small font viewer for PostScript and TrueType fonts. It allows you to display any character or string in a particular font as well as all glyphs present in it
  • Gglyph
    Gglyph is a GUI tool for managing a collection of fonts. Gglyph can preview and display information about Type 1 fonts without them being registered with X. It provides a graphical interface for installing fonts under X, with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Glyphtracer
    Glyphtracer takes a picture of several letters. It detects individual letters and allows the user to tag them to Unicode code points.
  • Gnome Font Sampler
    Gnome Font Sampler is a tool that allows you to quickly view sample text rendered in all of your installed fonts, making it easy to choose the right one for the job.
  • GnuMICR
    GnuMICR is a Postscript Type 1 Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) font. It can be used for the numbers and symbols at the bottom of bank drafts, to encode routing and account number information.
  • gucharmap
    a unicode/iso10646 character map and font viewer. It uses gtk+ 2.0 (or later). As a result, it supports anti-aliased, scalable truetype fonts in X, using Xft. It also works in windows
  • jmk-x11-fonts
    these are character-cell fonts for use with the X Window System, created by Jim Knoble
  • KFontinst
    KFontinst is a GUI Font Installer that will let you use TrueType & Type1 fonts seamlessly within X/KDE/Qt, GhostScript, StarOffice, and AbiWord.
  • Liquid Font Family
    The Liquid Font Family is a collection of small bitmap fonts focusing on readability and Unicode support.
  • mftrace
    mftrace is a small Python program that lets you trace a PK font into a PFA or PFB font (PostScript Type1). This package is inspired by textrace.
  • NAFE
    Not Another Font Editor:a tool to convert Linux console font files into ASCII text files that are human-readable/editable
  • otf2bdf
    otf2bdf is a command line utility that uses the FreeType 2 font rendering library to generate BDF bitmap fonts from OpenType outline fonts at different sizes and resolutions.
  • PSF Tools
    The PSF Tools are a set of utilities for manipulation of console fonts in PSF (PC Screen Font) format. It can be used to convert to and from other font formats. Fonts supported include: FAW, Windows Ffont (FNT, FON), Spectrum +3, MDA, Hercules WriteOn, Plain text etc.
  • TeXtrace
    TeXtrace is a collection of scripts for UNIX that convert any TeX font into a Type1 .pfb outline font immediately suitable for use with dvips, pdftex, acroread (and any many other programs).
  • The Small Fonts Package
    5x9 and 5x10 are two X11 fonts intended for use with xterm or other programs requiring readable small fonts.
  • ttf2pt1
    converts TTF fonts (.ttf) into PostScript Type 1 fonts and metrics (.pfa, .pfb, .afm)
  • TTFSampler
    TTFSampler takes a list of TrueType fonts on the commandline and generates a sample sheet in PDF format. The sample sheet contains several lines of text with each line demonstrating the appearance of a different font.
  • ttmkfdir
    creates valid and complete fonts.dir files from TrueType fonts. It is very useful when you plan to use a TrueType enabled font server that is based on the X11R6 sample implementation
  • TTX and FontTools
    TTX is a tool to convert OpenType and TrueType fonts to and from XML. FontTools is a Python library for manipulating fonts. It supports TrueType, OpenType, AFM, (to an extent) Type 1, and some Mac-specific formats.
  • TYM Project
    TYM (Typo Manager) is software for managing fonts in formats like .OTF (OpenType), .TTF (TrueType), and .PFA/.PFB (Typo1). It allows you to add or "link" fonts, activate or deactivate them, and delete them. It also handles the "group font" function and stores several fonts inside one file.
  • TypeCatcher
    TypeCatcher allows you to search, browse, and download Google webfonts for off-line use. You can preview fonts with adjustable size and text.
  • ucs-fonts
    contains versions of all the "-misc-fixed-*" and Adobe X Window System bitmap fonts which have been extended to the largest possible Unicode subset that is sensible for these font sizes
  • Webcore Fonts for Linux
    Webcore Fonts for Linux is a very easy to use, plug-and-play set of RPM packages with standard Microsoft fonts like Verdana, Tahoma, and others. These packages are free only for users that have a Microsoft Windows license.
  • wxFontView
    wxFontView is a simple font viewing utility. It uses wxPython to display system fonts and allows the user to change the font size, color, background color, font face, and the displayed text.
  • x-fontperf
    x-fontperf is a small utility to measure font rendering/loading time in an x11 environment. Originally intended to see if there is any notable performance difference between a separate font server and local font rendering.
  • xcyr-fonts
    xcyr-fonts is an extension of KOI8-R for old Russian orthography, Belorussian, Macedonian, Serbian and Ukrainian.
  • xfsft
    a set of patches to make X11 support truetype fonts
  • Xutf8
    a set of function that allow X11 programs to draw UTF-8 strings using mutiple fonts. Non spacing character are supported

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