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Fun to Play Open Source Real-Time Strategy Games Fight for Glory
RTS games have a large fan base since their inception. This game genre requires cunning, creativity, and the ability to devise innovative strategies to usurp your opponents. Some of the best known proprietary RTS series are Warcraft, Starcraft, Command & Conquer, and Age of Empires.

(Read more)
SharePrice lets investors research, monitor and trade stocks. Buy and sell on the London Stock Exchange market whilst on the move via your Android device.


  • GKrellMLaunch
    a plugin which allows one-click access to frequently used applications from GKrellM
  • gmrun
    a simple program which provides a "run program" window, featuring a bash-like TAB completion. It uses GTK+ interface. Also, supports CTRL-R / CTRL-S / "!" for searching through history. Running commands in a terminal with CTRL-Enter. URL handlers
  • gnoclip
    gnoclip is a very symple workspace switcher for the GNOME environment.
  • GNU Applet
    GNU Applet is an applet that can launch gnu emacs when clicked and open an file on GNU Emacs by draging-and-dropping an icon from gnome desktop. In other word, GNU Applet is a GUI version of gnuclient.
  • GNU Light Desktop
    a small, simple, yet user-friendly desktop. It is WM independent and provides only a panel, used for launching applications from popup menus
  • GTK Theme Switch
    a small and fast command line utility to switch GTK themes on the fly
  • Gtk-Launch
    Gtk-Launch is a small program consisting of just an entry box and a button, which will execute the given command.
  • gvidm
    GVidChanger-minimal (gvidm) is a gtk app to quickly and easily change video resolutions in X. Running it will pop up a list of available modes, upon choosing a mode or cancelling, it exits.
  • GWorkspace
    a proposal for the GNUstep Workspace Manager
  • Handy Extension Handler
    associates file extensions/types with user defined programs/shell scripts and handles/opens them accordingly
  • Hardware Monitor applet
    Hardware Monitor applet is an applet for the Gnome panel which tries to be a beautiful all-round solution to hardware monitoring. It also tries to be user-friendly and generally nice and sensible, integrating pleasantly with the rest of your Gnome desktop.
  • IceWM Control Panel
    IceWM Control Panel is a full-featured, Gtk-based Control Panel for IceWM. It features such tools as Ice Sound Manager (for managing IceWM sound events), IcePref2, a wallpaper manager, and many other tools bundled into a familiar Windoze-like interface.
  • kbox
    lets you use blackbox styles natively within kwin, the kde2 window manager
  • KDE BlogLines ticker
    KDE BlogLines ticker is a small application that sits in the KDE system tray and patiently checks a BlogLines account for updates in specified periods, notifying the user of new entries as they appear. Features bells and whistles.
  • KDE URL Link Launcher
    KDE URL Link Launcher allows you to launch URL link files that are found on Microsoft Windows operating systems.
  • KDE Web Applet
    a small KDE applet for embedding web pages. It comes with a script to make your own webpages that are compatible with the applet
  • kde2wm
    translates the KDE-style links into links in wmconfig-style, used by WindowMaker and many others
  • KDocker
    will help you dock any application in the system tray. This means you can dock openoffice, xmms, firefox, thunderbolt, anything! Just point and click. Works for all NET WM compliany window managers - that includes KDE, GNOME, XFce and many more
  • kedge
    kedge is a small utility app to do edge-sensitive virtual-desktop switching with your mouse in KDE 2.x and 3.x.
  • KFoldingApplet
    a KDE 2.0 kicker applet to control your FoldingAtHome client
  • KGoodStuff
    a KDE application that provides a button-bar like FvwmButtons or tkGoodStuff
  • KLyDE
    The aim of the K Lightweight Desktop Environment (KLyDE) is to provide a lightweight KDE desktop.
  • KMagnifier
    a small utility for Linux to magnify a part of the screen. It is very useful for people with visual disabilities and for those working in the fields of image analysis, web development etc
  • kpanel2
    kpanel2 is a modified version of the Corel Kpanel intended to work with the standard KDElibs and KDEcore.
  • Kredentials
    Kredentials is a KDE systray applet for keeping Kerberos and AFS authentication tokens current.
  • KSmoothDock
    a cool desktop panel (like KDE's kicker) for KDE 3.2 with smooth zooming (2 modes: normal & parabolic). Its aim is to provide a cool alternative/complement to kicker. As it is intended for KDE/Linux, its behaviour will be like that of kicker
  • KSplash ML
    offers a highly configurable splash screen for KDE desktops. Unlike the standard KDE Splash Screen (KSplash), this program offers multiple appearances, and now supports a highly customizable theming engine
  • kTheme
    a small program that will convert Windows themes to KDE themes
  • Kuartet Desktop
    The Kuartet Desktop project aims to create a visually appealing, easy to use desktop built upon KDE. It consists of a library written around Superkaramba that makes it easy to write desktop applets that are integrated within a centralized desktop theme, a set of very usable desktop applets, and graphical configuration tools. The main desktop applet is the Kuartet Manager, which provides quick access to documents, applications, bookmarks, etc.
  • KXDocker
    an innovative docker for KDE that is based on the engine from osXBar 1.0.23. It works as a task manager, a mount-point manager, and a launcher
  • KZoom
    KZoom is a KDE graphical applications which can be used to enlarge parts of your X Window desktop. It's a very handy tool and various zooming controls along with easy of use make it suitable both for professionals in webdesign.
    a small program for executing applications, based on WINGs library
  • Launcher
    an all-in-one file handling solution for use with any software that uses file type to file handler mappings
  • libfoXcontrol
    a library which allows you to write foXcontrol components
  • Logical Desktop
    a desktop environment where you work by specifying "verbs" and "objects" 1) with complete symmetry, without forcing an order, and 2) with automatic hiding of the things that don't make sense. Also features navigation based on recent usage
  • Lortug
    Lortug is a scriptable toolbar application. What this means is that you write scripts describing the layout and what you want the toolbars to do and Lortug creates the toolbars.
  • ltpanel
    ltpanel is a lightweight panel, looking similar to the gnome tasklist applet. It uses only xlib and has a very light memory footprint.
  • Lum!
    a modified version of Deskmate! set to display Lum when it's loaded
  • Luminance Panel
    a small panel application written in GTK 2.0. It provides a basic icon menu, a group of panel icons, a taskbar and a clock. The intent of the Luminance Panel is to create an easy to use, lightweight application
  • LXPanel
    LXPanel is a lightweight X11 desktop panel based on fbpanel.
  • LXQt
    LXQt is the Qt port and the upcoming version of LXDE, the Lightweight Desktop Environment. Read more
  • MailDooHicky
    MailDooHicky is a configurable Gtk-Perl toolbar that can display the current date/time, mail read/total, overall cpu usage and network interface statistics (cpu/net are linux only). It also has user definable buttons, a run window, simple calendar and a scratch-pad.
  • manix
    manix is a desktop environment which aims to provide a full MacOS 8/9 interface, including an implementation of the Carbon API.
  • MATE Desktop Environment
    MATE Desktop Environment is a non-intuitive and unattractive desktop for users, using traditional computing desktop metaphor.
  • MemoPanel
    MemoPanel is a tiny memo on the GNOME panel.
  • metisse
    metisse is an experimental X desktop with some OpenGL capacity. Metisse is constituted by a virtual X server called Xwnc, a special version of FVWM and an FVWM module FvwmAmetista.
    a Window Maker dock app for managing your mountable storage devices
  • mterm
    a dockable textfield which executes commands
  • Mutate
    Mutate is a simple launcher inspired by Alfred (OS X app) for Ubuntu. Be more productive with hotkeys, keywords and file actions at your fingertips.
  • neap
    neap is a pager that runs in the notification area or systray of your desktop's panel. It follows the specifications.

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6 of the Best Lean Linux Desktop Environments seeks to identify the best lean desktops for Linux, for users that have old or even ancient hardware.

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