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5 Highly Promising Terminal Emulators
The terminal emulator is a venerable but essential tool for computer users. The reason why Linux offers so much power is due to the command line. The Linux shell can do so much, and this power can be accessed on the desktop by using a terminal emulator. There are so many available for Linux that the choice is bewildering.

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SwiFTP is an open-source FTP server that allows you to connect to your phone over wifi or cellular/3g to upload and download files. Any FTP client can be used.


  • bzip2
    bzip2 is a freely available, patent free (see below), high-quality data compressor. It typically compresses files to within 10% to 15% of the best available techniques (the PPM family of statistical compressors), whilst being around twice as fast at compression and six times faster at decompression. Read more hot
  • gzip
    gzip is a compression utility designed to be a replacement for 'compress'. Its main advantages over compress are much better compression and freedom from patented algorithms. The GNU Project uses it as the standard compression program for its system. Read more hot
  • RAR
    (commercial) RAR is a popular general purpose archiving and compression program. hot
  • 7-Zip
    7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio. It operates with the 7z archive format, and can read and write several other archive formats. Read more
  • AdvanceCOMP
    AdvanceCOMP is a collection of recompression utilities for your .ZIP archives, .PNG snapshots, .MNG video clips and .GZ files. Read more
  • amigadepacker
    Amigadepacker uncompresses various compression formats used on AmigaOS. The supported formats are PowerPacker, XPK SQSH, MMCMP, and StoneCracker 4.04. It can also decrypt PowerPacker encrypted data files.
  • BitComp
    BitComp is an implementation of Psuedo-Huffman in PHP, and LZ encapsulation.
  • Brotli
    Brotli is a generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm that compresses data using a combination of a modern variant of the LZ77 algorithm, Huffman coding and 2nd order context modeling, with a compression ratio comparable to the best currently available general-purpose compression methods.
  • bzip2smp
    This program parallelizes the BZIP2 compression process to achieve a near-linear performance increase on SMP machines. On a two-processor Xeon machine, the speedup is around 180%. The tool's main purpose is to aid performing heavy-duty server backups.
  • Clzip
    Clzip is a lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm, with very safe integrity checking and a user interface similar to that of gzip or bzip2.
  • compressible
    compressible is a command line utility to test whether compressing a given file with bzip2 is likely to result in space savings greater than a given threshold.
  • Compror
    Compror is an experimental data compression method. It can be twice as powerful as bzip2.
  • DACT
    DACT attempts to create very effcient compressed files by attempting to use many different algorithms on each block until it finds the best for every block in the file.
  • exepak
    exepak is an executable compressor for Linux ELF that uses the UCL compression library.
  • Fivebit
    Fivebit is a Python 3 compression library for short text strings. It compresses short strings of text into five bit encoding, which yields a 37.5% reduction for lowercase ASCII.
  • Gcompressor
    Gcompressor is a GUI interface for GNOME that can decompress and compress files, and create self-extracting archives with an aXa extension.
  • GRZip
    grzip is a high-performance file compressor based on Burrows-Wheeler Transform, Schindler Transform, Move-To-Front, and Weighted Frequency Counting. It uses the Block-Sorting Lossless Data Compression Algorithm, which has received considerable attention in recent years for both its simplicity and effectiveness. This implementation has a compression rate of 2.234 bps on the Calgary Corpus (14 files) without preprocessing filters. This is essentially an adaptation/extension of GRZipII by Ilya Grebnov.
  • HFFzip
    HFFzip is a file compressor for Linux and FreeBSD based upon Huffman coding. The Huffman algorithm uses a binary tree, and has complexity O(N*N) for compression and O(NlogN) for decompression.
  • HuffmanView
    HuffmanView is a small application to visualize the Huffman tree algorithm. It may be usefull for educational purposes.
  • Info-Zip
    Info-Zip provides free, portable, high-quality versions of the Zip and UnZip compressor-archiver utilities that are compatible with the DOS-based PKZIP by PKWARE, Inc.
  • kunzip
    kunzip is a small library for parsing and extracting zip files. Kunzip does not rely on any other libraries.
  • lbrate
    lbrate extracts/decompresses files from the CP/M LBR format. (It can also list and test such archives.) It does this in an `unzip'-like manner, mostly hiding the details of individually compressed and renamed files, and transparently deals with the required decompression/renaming.
  • Lbzip2
    Lbzip2 is a Pthreads-based parallel bzip2/bunzip2 filter, passable to GNU tar with the --use-compress-program option. Read more
  • LHa
    LHa is a console-based utility that uncompresses and compresses .lha files.
  • Lhasa
    Lhasa is a Free Software replacement for the Unix LHA tool, for decompressing .lzh (LHA/LHarc) and .lzs (LArc) archives.
  • LinRAR
    LinRAR is a QT front end to the command line rar program from rarlabs. The main aim is to create a program similar to WinRAR.
  • Lrzip
    Long Range Zip (Lrzip) is a compression program that can achieve very high compression ratios and speed when used with large files. It uses the combined compression algorithms of zpaq and lzma for maximum compression, lzo for maximum speed, and the long range redundancy reduction of rzip. Read more
  • Lunzip
    Lunzip is a decompressor for lzip files. It is written in C and its small size makes it well suited for embedded devices or software installers that need to decompress files but do not need compression capabilities.
    LZHAM is a general purpose lossless data compression library that borrows many ideas from LZMA, but purposely makes several key tradeoffs that favor decompression speed over compression ratio.
  • Lzip
    Lzip is a lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm, with very safe integrity checking and a user interface almost identical to the one of bzip2. Lzip is only a data compressor, not an archiver. It has no facilities for multiple files, encryption, or archive-splitting, but, in the Unix tradition, relies instead on separate external utilities such as GNU Tar for these tasks.
  • Lziprecover
    Lziprecover is a data recovery tool and decompressor for files in the lzip compressed data format (.lz) able to repair slightly damaged files, recover badly damaged files from two or more copies, extract undamaged members from multi-member files, decompress files, test integrity of files, and extract a range of bytes from a file.
  • lzop
    lzop is a file compressor which is very similar to gzip. lzop uses the LZO data compression library for compression services, and its main advantages over gzip are much higher compression and decompression speed (at the cost of some compression ratio).
  • minihuff
    minihuff is a data compression library that enables the creation of a static frequency table to be stored at both ends of a connection. This allows effective compression even for very small pieces of data that maintain similar entropy characteristics.
  • creates zip files from files stored on the web server. It can also calculate the final output size before creating a zip file. It uses no intermediate storage. is designed to create custom zip files for web sites that let users select multiple files to download at the same time.
  • mscompress
    The mscompress package contains two programs: msexpand, which decompress files compressed by the Microsoft compress.exe utility (e.g. Win 3.x installation files) and mscompress, which compresses files using the LZ77 compression algorithm. Output files can be decompressed using Microsoft expand.exe or msexpand.
  • open-vcdiff
    open-vcdiff contains an encoder and decoder for the format described in RFC 3284: "The VCDIFF Generic Differencing and Compression Data Format." Given a source file and target file, the encoder produces a compact delta file expressing the differences between the two. The decoder reconstructs the target file from the source and delta files.
  • p7zip
    p7zip is a port of 7za.exe for Unix. 7za.exe is the command line version of 7-zip, is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.
  • Parallel BZIP2
    Parallel BZIP2 is a parallel implementation of the bzip2 block-sorting file compressor that uses pthreads and achieves near-linear speedup on SMP machines. The output of this version is fully compatible with bzip2 v1.0.2.
  • Parallel MPI BZIP2
    MPIBZIP2 is a parallel implementation of the bzip2 block-sorting file compressor that uses MPI and achieves significant speedup on cluster machines. The output of this version is fully compatible with bzip2 1.0.2 or newer (i.e. anything compressed with MPIBZIP2 can be decompressed with bzip2).
  • Pcompress
    Pcompress is a utility to do compression and decompression in parallel by splitting input data into chunks. It has a modular structure and includes support for multiple algorithms like LZMA, Bzip2, PPMD, etc., with CRC64 chunk checksums. SSE optimizations for the bundled LZMA are included. It also implements chunk-level Content-Aware Deduplication and Delta Compression features based on a Semi-Rabin Fingerprinting scheme.
  • Pdlzip
    Pdlzip is a lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm, with very safe integrity checking and a user interface similar to the one of gzip or bzip2.
  • PKZIP for Linux
    PKZIP Version 2.51 for Linux is compression and .ZIP archiving utility software that enables you to view and extract from TAR, GZIP, UUencode, XXencode, MIME, and BinHex file formats; create UUencoded .ZIP files; and create PKWARE Self-eXtracting (PKSFX) Linux, Windows and DOS .ZIP archives using the registered version of PKZIP. PKWARE SelF-eXtracting (PKSFX) .ZIP archives do not require PKZIP to extract files from an archive. PKZIP for Linux retains and restores standard UNIX file permissions, user ID, group ID, file time of last access and file time of last modification information. The software is also able to compress files based on a specific file type. Optional key word encryption provides secure protection for sensitive data. Works well in a shell script and makes use of list files
  • Plzip
    Plzip is a parallel version of the lzip data compressor.
  • rzip
    rzip is a compression program, similar in functionality to gzip or bzip2, but able to take advantage long distance redundencies in files, which can sometimes allow rzip to produce much better compression ratios than other programs.
  • SCZ
    SCZ is a simple set of compression routines for compressing and decompressing arbitrary data. The initial set of routines implement new lossless compression algorithms. Restoration (decompression) is perfect. It is called SCZ, for simple compression format. SCZ is intended as a subroutine for incorporation within your own applications without legal or technical encumberances. It was developed because the standard compression routines, such as gzip, Zlib, etc., are fairly large, complex, and difficult to integrate-with, maintain, or understand.
  • Snappy
    Snappy is a compression/decompression library. It does not aim for maximum compression, or compatibility with any other compression library; instead, it aims for very high speeds and reasonable compression.
  • snappy-c
    snappy-c is a C port of the google snappy compressor. The compressor is very fast with reasonable compression ratio. It is mainly useful for projects that cannot integrate C++ code, but want snappy.
  • srzip
    srzip is a compression utility with control very similar to gzip or bzip2. Its target is not to compete with classic compressing and archiving programs, but to offer frame for testing and educating of various algorithms. Algorithms implemented in this version are: run-length encoding, static and adaptive Huffman encoding and Burrows-Wheeler transformation.
  • StuffIt
    (commercial) StuffIt has support for the most utilized formats on Unix/Linux (Tar/gzip) Windows (Zip and StuffIt/SIT), Macintosh (StuffIt/SIT), plus many more.
  • tarmill
    tarmill is a tar file compression/encryption program.
  • tzls and tzx
    tzls and tzx are commandline utilities for quickly unpacking or listing the contents of various types of common Unix archive files, which may be compressed in any of several ways.
  • unace
    unace is a utility to extract, view, and test the contents of an ACE archive.
  • unADF
    unADF is an unzip like for .ADF files. Powered by ADFlib.
  • UPX
    UPX is a free, portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several different executable formats. It achieves an excellent compression ratio and offers very fast decompression.
  • Xarchiver
    Xarchiver is a GTK+2 only frontend to 7z,zip,rar,tar,bzip2, gzip,arj, lha, rpm and deb. Xarchiver allows you to create, add, extract and delete files in the above formats. 7z, zip, rar, arj password protected archives, sfx and solid archives, archive comment are supported.
  • xmlppm
    xmlppm is a data compression program that compresses XML files from 5 to 30% better than any existing text or XML-specific compressors.
  • XZ Utils
    XZ Utils is open source general-purpose data compression software with high compression ratio. Read more
  • Zopfli
    Zopfli Compression Algorithm is a new zlib (gzip, deflate) compatible compressor. This compressor takes more time (~100x slower), but compresses around 5% better than zlib and better than any other zlib-compatible compressor we have found.
  • Zutils
    Zutils is a collection of utilities for dealing with any combination of compressed and non-compressed files transparently. The supported compressors are gzip, bzip2, lzip, and xz.

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