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Fun to Play Open Source Real-Time Strategy Games Fight for Glory
RTS games have a large fan base since their inception. This game genre requires cunning, creativity, and the ability to devise innovative strategies to usurp your opponents. Some of the best known proprietary RTS series are Warcraft, Starcraft, Command & Conquer, and Age of Empires.

(Read more)
Debian GNU/Linux
Debian is a free operating system (OS) for your computer. Debian GNU/Linux provides more than a pure OS: it comes with more than 18,000 packages, precompiled software bundled up in a nice format for easy installation on your machine. Debian will run on almost all personal computers, including most older models. Each new release of Debian generally supports a larger number of computer architectures. Debian is produced by almost a thousand active developers spread around the world who volunteer in their spare time. Read more


  • KWanda
    KWanda is a fish applet for the KDE panel (kicker).
  • Linux Logo
    Linux Logo is a text-based logo and sysstem information program for Linux.
  • linuxlogo
    linuxlogo displays the Linux logo in an X Window System window. It can also display images read from most popular image file formats such as JPEG, GIF, PNM, TGA, RLE, BMP, PNG, TIFF, and so forth.
  • lolcat
    lolcat paints your emulator output in rainbows.
  • ma2ze
    ma2ze is a 3D maze written in the matlab language. It is completely useless and abuses a very useful, though commercial, computer algebra system.
  • nautilus-wallpaper
    nautilus-wallpaper is a Nautilus extension that adds the ability to set your desktop wallpaper from the context menu.
  • Oboinus
    Oboinus is an X11 background previewer and setter.
  • PDF Cube
    PDFCube renders PDF presentations with special 3D effects (the omnipresent rotating cube and 5 predefined zoom animations). It adds eye-candy to your PDF presentations, even Latex, Beamer and Prosper ones.
  • Pencilpond
    Pencilpond displays a tiling of the hyperbolic plane in the Poincare disk representation which can be navigated by moving the mouse. The tiles are regular-ngons whose vertices are ideal points, i.e. every pair of adjacent edges is asymptotically parallel.
  • PyroTechnics
    PyroTechnics is a freely distributable OpenGL-based firework simulator.
  • ScopeShapes
    ScopeShapes is a program which uses the computer's stereo sound out to drive the X- and Y- inputs of an oscilloscope in order to produce 3D and 2D vector shapes, kinda a bit like certain early video games such as Asteroids, Star Wars, and of course, the Vectrex.
  • SDL_timeless
    SDL_timeless is a linux/SDL port of Tran's timeless demo written in 1994. The demo is like a screen saver, there is stuff warping around onscreen and colors are changing and sprites are doing stuff.
  • Shellpic
    Shellpic uses escape codes to display images in a terminal or irc-client.
  • Sherman's aquarium
    Sherman's aquarium is a wm (window maker) applet and gnome applet too, that gives you an aquarium with some randomly selected fishes that lives there.
  • Snowpath formation simulation
    Snowpath formation simulation models the process of snow path formation. The evolving condition of the snow is displayed graphically.
  • speyes
    speyes is a totally useless xeyes Window Maker dock app clone.
  • splax
    splax is an utility to create and control splash screens. splax can be controlled by sending commands through a named pipe, giving the controlling script a way to dynamically update the splash screen.
  • SSHMenu
    SSHMenu is a GNOME panel applet that makes starting up a new terminal window with an SSH connection to a remote host just a click away. A preferences dialog allows you to add and organise hosts. Window positions and sizes can be set along with a profile for controlling text and background colours as well as font details. It also includes a version without GNOME dependencies that can be run as a small standalone window or swallowed into the panel of another window manager.
  • SunflowerApplet
    SunflowerApplet changes the shadow on the windows managed by compiz when the decorator plugin is enabled and with beryl when emerald is used as the decorator.
  • SuperKaramba
    SuperKaramba is a tool that allows you to easily create interactive eye-candy on your KDE desktop.
  • SyncWall
    SyncWall is quite a basic wallpaper changer with a special feature, it is the ability to synchronize wallpaper change between several workstations with a basic (and unsecured) client/server protocol.
  • telak
    telak is a small tool to draw local or remote pictures on your root window. This is very useful if you want to have webcam, graphs or something like this drawn above your wallpaper.
  • Thinksaber
    Thinksaber is a reimplementation of MacSaber using the HDAPS sensors on modern IBM Thinkpads to detect motion and to turn those motions into Star Wars lightsaber sound effects.
  • TkLife
    TkLife is a simple drawing tool. Also, TkLife is a generator of complex patterns simulating birth, life and death of cells. Finally, TkLife can be used to visualize multiple sequence alignments.
  • tuhtah
    tuhtah is a GTK+/GNOME program that keeps cruising around your desktop and changes the direction when it hits a border of the screen! It is meant for pure enjoyment and fun.
  • Vladstudio Kompanion
    Vladstudio Kompanion is a KDE port and enhancement of the Windows-based Companion, a utility that allows you to monitor, download, and install wallpaper from
  • Wallpaper Action
    Wallpaper Action is a program capable of changing your desktop wallpaper from time to time.
  • WallpaperZapper
    WallpaperZapper is a random wallpaper selector for GNOME. It allows you to change periodically your background, randomly picking the new one from GNOME backgrounds lists.
  • Wallpapoz
    This tool enables your Gnome desktop to have different wallpapers for different workspaces or virtual desktops. It offers quick orientation cues where you are.
  • Wally
    Wally is a QT4 wallpaper changer using multiple sources like files, folders, Flickr community, and Yahoo!
  • wbs
    wbs is a client that downloads and creates a background list for use with Xfce, icewm, and Windowmaker.
  • wmblob
    wmblob shows some blobs moving around. It does nothing useful, it's just a toy.
  • WMEyes
    WMEyes is a silly little dockapp, along the lines of XEyes.
  • WMGlobe
    The whole Earth spinning on your desktop... as a dockable app.
  • wmluabutton
    wmluabutton is a general purpose dockapp which is scriptable with lua. It can load and display xpm images at runtime, detect mouse clicks on the images, and can check and update the state regularly. It is intended as a dockapp for X window managers such as Window Maker, AfterStep, BlackBox, and Enlightenment.
  • wmsystray
    wmsystray provides a system tray for your X11 environment. wmsystray can be (and currently works best as) a Window Maker dock app.
  • xcowsay
    xcowsay is a graphical configurable talking cow. It's a GTK+ version of the classic cowsay Perl script. It displays a cute pop-up cow on your desktop with a speech bubble and some customizable text.
  • XCruiser
    XCruiser, formerly known as XCruise, is a filesystem visualization utility. It constructs a virtually 3-D formed universe from a directory tree and allows you to "cruise" within a visualized filesystem.
  • XCurs
    XCurs is a program for editing XCursor formatted XFree86 mouse cursors.
  • xdaf
    xdaf is a small tool to provide a visual feedback of the local disks activity by changing the default X11 mouse pointer to an animated wheel.
  • xdesktopwaves
    xdesktopwaves is a cellular automata setting the background of your X Windows desktop under water. Windows and mouse are like ships on the sea. Each movement of these ends up in moving water waves. You can even have rain and/or storm stirring up the water.
  • XELand
    XELand generates night landscapes as stereo pairs for cross-eye views.
  • XLife
    XLife is a laboratory for experimenting with cellular automata.
  • Xlockmore
    Xlockmore is an enhanced version of xlock that requires no gui interface for build, just vanilla X.
  • XPenguins
    XPenguins makes cute little penguins fall from the top of your screen and walk on the top of your windows.
  • xplanetFX
    Create high quality renderings of mother earth with realistic clouding and lightning effects as your desktop wallpaper with realtime capabilities.

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