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Improve Your Mental Mettle with These Open Source Puzzle Games
Puzzle video games are a type of game that focuses on puzzle solving. A puzzle is a problem or set of problems a player has to solve within the confines of the game.

(Read more)
The Network Administrators' Guide
by Olaf Kirch: a complete Linux book detailing networking configuration and issues in great detail.


  • GPM
    GPM (General Purpose Mouse) is a mouse server for the console and xterm, with sample clients included (emacs, etc).
  • GUIS
    a graphical user interface program communication with a client application (using XML protocols). The application send widget building requests to Guis (so these requests are input for Guis) and handles widget events sent from Guis
    IC-RADIUS is a variant of Cistron RADIUS, but with a MySQL backend. It includes a web interface for user management, as well as a CGI for your users to check their usage.
  • ident2
    ident2 is an auth/identity server with wide UNIX support. Distributed under the GPL.
    a small, fast, and efficient POP3 server
  • IIPimage
    enables the remote viewing of very high resolution images. It consists of a client-server architecture that is designed to be usable even over a slow dialup connection
  • Injun
    a web based application server allowing easy integration of applications into the WWW environment
  • InterXim
    a X11 XIM server that use the Yudit kmaps files to translate ASCII character sequences to Unicode
  • Itaka
    Itaka is an on-demand screen capture server for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It is developed in Python, PyGTK, and the Twisted Framework. It prominently features a polished and easy-to-use interface, with a robust backend server.
  • Jabber
    an Instant Messaging System, similar to ICQ or AIM, but yet far different. It is open-source, absolutely free, simple, fast, extensible, modularized abdcross platform
  • JamNNTPd
    JamNNTPd is a NNTP server that can serve messages stored in a Fidonet JAM messagebase. By doing this, it allows local and remote users to access JAM messagebases. Posting is also supported.
  • JCast-X
    JCast-X is a media streaming server solution build on top of an extremly flexible component architecture.
  • Kadet Server
    a multi-purpose server written in C. It is highly extensible, well written, equipped with a great set of libraries including scripting, persistent database, object memory management
  • kpf
    kpf is a public fileserver for KDE. It is implemented as a basic web server - compatible with wget, links, Konqueror , Netscape Navigator, etc. It also features bandwidth capping, a real-time point-and click interface, persistent connections.
    Kernel TCP Virtual Server: implements application-level load balancing inside the Linux kernel, so called Layer-7 switching
  • Leafnode
    a USENET software package designed for small sites running any flavour of Unix, with a few tens of readers and only a slow link to the net
  • Linbox Directory Server
    LDS (Linbox Directory Server), along with the Linbox Management Console (LMC), is a system that allows developers, system administrators, and other software vendors to manage users, groups, and their associated policies in an LDAP server. Its highly ergonomic interface design makes it very easy to use, and delegation of administration enables medium size organization to adopt LDS.
  • Linux RADIUS Server
    (commercial) High Performance RADIUS Server for Carriers, ISPs and Enterprises.
  • Linux-VServer Project
    Linux-VServer provides virtualization for GNU/Linux systems. This is accomplished by kernel level isolation. It allows to run multiple virtual units at once. Those units are sufficiently isolated to guarantee the required security, but utilize available resources efficiently, as they run on the same kernel.
  • LIXA
    LIXA (LIbre XA) is a transaction manager implementing the distributed transaction processing "XA specification" and "TX (transaction demarcation) specification" according to the X/Open CAE Specification.
  • LysCVS
    LysCVS is a system that provides access to CVS in an easily administered way for both local and external users.
  • MagicMail Server
    (commercial) MagicMail Server is a Linux-based software solution providing administrators the power to maintain a secure and stabilized system, while supporting the latest technological advances.
  • Microbrew Message Center
    being developed to be an open-source GPL'd multi-domain mail server system akin to iPlanet Messaging Server and The design allows for an indefinite number of domains and users to be added to the system just by adding one machine as necessary
  • Mir
    Mir is a display server technology being developed by Canonical. It is a system-level component targeted as a replacement for the X window server system to unlock next-generation user experiences for devices ranging from Linux desktop to mobile devices powered by Ubuntu.
  • ML-View
    a project to deploy remote X desktops to thin clients and mobile users. We aim to coagulate Internet forces around it and build a real OpenSource alternative to Citrix WinFrame and SCO Tarantella
    MOCKS is a small, easy configurable, RFC1928 compliant SOCKS 5 server. MOCKS supports upstream proxy and IP-based client filtering rules.
  • Nano-X
    Nano-X is a tiny X server replacement for small systems such as palmtops, and PDAs.
  • NcFTPd
    a high-performance File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server for UNIX systems, designed especially for high-traffic sites and internet service providers
  • NexusChat
    NexusChat is a single-threaded telnet chat server written in C. NexusChat, also known as nchat, has a long history. It first started out as a single line dial-up chat server for MS-DOS, which eventually lead to NexusChatLite which was faster and supported multiple lines.
  • nfs-ganesha
    NFS-GANESHA is a user-space NFSv2, NFSv3, and NFSv4 server. It runs on Linux, BSD variants, and POSIX-compliant Unixes.
  • Open Application Server
    an Application Server that is written in C++, has a multithreaded Request Delivery Architecture, can load request handlers as packaged in external shared libraries, supports resource control and offers helper library for applications such as http protocol handler
  • OpenConnect VPN server
    OpenConnect VPN server (or ocserv), is a server implementing the AnyConnect SSL VPN protocol and is compatible with the OpenConnect VPN client. Its purpose is to be a small, secure and configurable VPN server that depends on standard protocols like TLS 1.2, and Datagram TLS.
  • openDCd
    an OpenSource Direct Connect Server
  • OpenDJ
    OpenDJ is an open source Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAPv3) and Directory Service Markup Language (DSMLv2) compliant directory service written in Java. Its easy installation process, combined with the power of the Java platform makes OpenDJ a simple, fast directory to deploy and manage. OpenDJ directory server comes with plenty of tools and a full-featured LDAP SDK for Java. OpenDJ directory server also offers REST access to directory data over HTTP. Read more
  • OpenLDAP
    OpenLDAP is an open-source implementation of the LDAP protocol. It is a suite of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3) servers, clients, utilities, and development tools. Read more
  • OpenLink Virtuoso
    OpenLink Virtuoso is a server product that implements multiple industry standard protocols as part of a single cross platform product offering. Its broad protocol support enables it to offer Web, file, and database server functionality alongside native XML storage, universal data access middleware, and a Web services platform as part of a cohesive single server solution. Read more
  • OpenNap
    an open source Napster server
  • OpenRADIUS
    OpenRADIUS is a RADIUS server that links your network access devices to your user-, service profile-, and usage databases. OpenRADIUS has a powerful external module interface that uses pre-spawned subprocesses and pipes for communication, allowing you to implement modules in any language that supports Unix pipe I/O. Its behaviour is fully configurable, using a simple built-in language that gives you full control over the request and reply list. Read more
  • OpenSIPS
    OpenSIPS is a multi-functional, multi-purpose signaling SIP server - it can act as SIP Router/Switch, SIP Registrar, Application Server, Redirect Server, Load Balancer / Dispatcher, Back-to-Back User Agent, Presence Server, IM Server, Session Border Controller, SIP Front-End, NAT traversal Server, IP Gateway (SMS, XMPP) and others.
  • Peephole
    a GNU/linux server that periodically checks users' mailboxes harvesting only last emails, extracting user-defined regular espressions. Each user, once logged in, has to define his mail providers [mail server and login informations] and other settings [time delay, regular expressions, ...]. Peephole supports various mail protocol as pop3, pop3s and apop
  • Penrose
    Penrose is a virtual directory server. A Virtual Directory does not store any information itself, unlike other LDAP implementations. Requests received from LDAP client applications are processed by Penrose and passed on to the data source hosting the desired data. Penrose currently supports Active Directory, LDAP and JDBC back-end.
  • Posadis
    a DNS Server for both Win32 and POSIX platforms, such as Windows 95 and Linux
  • PowerDNS Nameserver
    PowerDNS Nameserver is a modern, advanced and high performance authoritative-only nameserver. It is written from scratch and conforms to all relevant DNS standards documents.
  • PyGS
    an asynchronous gopher(+, eventually) compliant server written in Python
  • Qpopper
    Qpopper is a server that supports POP3 protocol for downloading Internet e-mail from software clients. Qpopper does not include a message transfer agent or SMTP support and normally works with standard UNIX mail transfer agents such as sendmail or smail.
  • Radiator
    a highly configurable and flexible Radius server that supports authentication by a huge range of authentication methods such as Flat files, DBM files, Unix password files, SQL databases, remote Radius servers (proxying), external programs, NT User Manager, Active Directory etc
  • Radius
    Radius is a server for remote user authentication and accounting. Its primary use is for Internet Service Providers, though it may as well be used on any network that needs a centralized authentication and/or accounting service for its workstations. Read more
  • RadiusX
    (commercial) RADIUS/AAA solutions for Wireless, Roaming, VOIP and VPN. Includes integrated web mgmt and reporting.
  • Raw Print Server
    Raw Print Server is a "raw" print server that makes it possible for a computer to act as a "Socket API" or "AppSocket" print server.
  • rfc868server
    rfc868server is a time/date server for rfc868 clients such as rdate. Normally, this service is provided by other packages such as xinetd.

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