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6 Excellent Open Source Google Drive Clients
Google Drive is a very popular cloud storage service. Files can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. Keeping your files in Google Drive means that you can access them from just about anywhere on all your devices.

(Read more)
NoMachine NX
NoMachine NX is a remote desktop system based on the X11 protocol. It provides a suite of libraries and X11 proxying agents implementing efficient compression and optimized transport of X11, HTTP, SMB, and arbitrary protocols. Read more


  • Perdition Mail Retrieval Proxy
    a POP3 and IMAP4 proxy server. It is able to handle both SSL and non-SSL connections and redirect users to a real-server based on a database lookup
  • PET
    a HTTP proxy cache (like squid does), SSL proxy, FTP proxy (alpha version). PET supports extended ICP services (algorithms), Cache Digests which are both compatible with s
  • Philtron
    a filtering HTTP proxy, meaning it rewrites the HTML of the web pages that pass through it in order to remove dangerous or annoying javascript-s, popups and improve the anonymity of the user
  • PHPProxy
    an HTTP proxy written in PHP. It allows you to convert your PHP hosting provider's Web servers into your personal proxy servers
  • Polipo
    an extremely lightweight caching web proxy. Unlike most proxies, Polipo has full support for caching partial objects, persistent connections and HTTP/1.1 pipelining
  • portagent
    portagent is a POSIX transparent proxy routing daemon that allows multiple arbitrary services to run on a single arbitrary port. The main intention of portagent is for situations that need more services open to the world than the system's open ports allow.
  • Privoxy
    Privoxy is a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy, filtering web page content, managing cookies, controlling access, and removing ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious Internet junk. Read more
  • Pro-Active Webfilter
    an open-source filtering HTTP proxy based on the Brazil Framework provided as a Open-Source Project by Sun
  • prometeo
    a modular, extensible proxy. It supports HTTP, FTP (with SSL support), and SSL modules. Modules can be added or removed at runtime and everything can be configured through a Web interface
  • ProxIRC
    a proxy which enables the simultanious use of irc and instant messaging services (MSN, right now) all by only using your favorite irc client
  • Proxsi
    Proxsi is a small proxy server that gathers XMLSysInfo output over the network on behalf of HTTP clients. Its general purpose is to provide proxying, and translation to HTTP.
  • ProxyTrack
    ProxyTrack, is a standalone project aimed to help web archivists to easily build caches based on websites downloaded by httrack. It can also be used by system administrators to create "simulated" online connections in offline environments (without any Internet connection), for example using Linux Kernel TCP transparent proxy features.
  • rproxy
    adds backwards-compatible extensions to HTTP that come into operation when two parties to a web request understand the `hsync' encoding
  • rsh.proxy
    rsh.proxy is an application level gateway for the rsh, rlogin and rexec protocol, an rexec client program in included.
  • RTSP Caching Proxy
    a modified version of the RTSP proxy v2.0 by RealNetworks. The goal of the project is to add a caching system to the existing proxy
  • Safesquid
    (commercial) Safesquid is a content filtering internet proxy. SafeSquid chains with Squid via request forwarding / ICP / ICAP / CARP, to deliver content filtering / substitution. Advanced Profiles manager to set user / group / network based Internet access policies. A free version is also available.
  • Serproxy
    a multi-threaded proxy program for redirecting network socket connections to/from serial links, in cases where the remote end of the serial link doesn't have a TCP/IP stack (eg an embedded or microcontroller system)
  • Shrew Proxy/Filter
    Shrew Proxy/Filter is a tiny proxy built on WEBrick's HTTPProxyServer, extended for both URL and content filtering.
  • Siproxd
    an proxy/masquerading daemon for the SIP protocol. It allows SIP clients (like kphone, linphone) to work behind an IP masquerading firewall or router
  • Smart Cache
    Smart Cache is a full featured proxy cache server. It can be also used as replacement for your browser's internal diskcache.
  • SoulCatcher
    a Squid redirector that was designed with schools in mind. It filters out domains that schools do not want their students to see
  • Spey
    a smart SMTP proxy that provides an easy way to add greylisting to your mail setup. This can dramatically reduce the amount of spam you get, which is generally considered to be a Good Thing
  • SpyBye
    SpyBye is a tool to help web masters determine if their web pages are hosting browser exploits that can infect visiting users with malware. It functions as an HTTP proxy server and intercepts all browser requests. SpyBye uses a few simple rules to determine if embedded links on your web page are harmlesss, unknown or maybe even dangerous.
  • sslsmurf
    a piece of software that acts as an HTTP proxy. Requests and responses are captured and written to stdout. Sslsmurf also converts HTTP requests to HTTPS and is thereby capable of capturing the clear text traffic of SSL sites
  • Surrogate
    Surrogate is an HTTP proxy functioning in both forward and reverse proxy modes. It is written in Erlang OTP and uses stream filters for inspecting and modifying data as it passes through the proxy.
  • SWeTE Server
    SWeTE Server is an HTTP reverse proxy with built-in translation capability. It allows you to convert any website into multiple languages.
  • SwiftSurf
    an HTTP proxy that can spy, filter, and modify the HTTP requests that your browser sends, as well as the answers it receives
  • Symbion SSL Proxy
    The Symbion SSL Proxy listens on a TCP port, accepts SSL connections, and forwards them to an other (local or remote) TCP port, or UNIX domain socket.
  • tcpgate
    a tcp gateway/proxy. It listens on a port, when connection is made, opens another connection to the target host on the target port and forwards the packets unmodified
  • tcpproxy
    tcpproxy is a proxy (or tunnel or redirector) for TCP/IP protocols.
  • Tiger Envelopes
    a personal mail proxy server with automatic encryption. Tiger uses SMTP and POP3 to work with almost any mail client, CORBA and crypto plugins to work with almost any type of cryptography, and Java to run on almost any operating system
  • twhttpd
    twhttpd is a secure HTTP proxy. twhttpd is developed in a scenes to help the protection web servers (and web browser clients) by checking the HTTP protocol header data.
  • UDP Bridge
    a transparent proxy for UDP traffic, designed to use the transparent proxy support of the Linux 2.2.x series kernels. It provides two-way proxying of UDP packets, to avoid the port number mangling that occurs with Linux IP masquerading
  • UDP IPTV to RTSP proxy
    UDP IPTV to RTSP proxy is a lightweight GNU/Linux daemon which, being installed on a LAN router, provides on-demand access to UDP multicast streams via RTSP and unicast RTP protocols.
  • UProxy
    UProxy is a proxy for UDP protocols. It is inspired by Vincent Amoroso's program udpproxy.
  • Varnish
    Varnish is a high-performance HTTP accelerator designed for sites with large amounts of non-personalized dynamic content, such as online newspapers.
  • WebCleaner
    WebCleaner is a filtering HTTP proxy inspired by JunkBuster, FilterProxy and WebWasher. You can encode, decode and modify each part of an HTTP request. Read more
  • Whitetrash
    Whitetrash is a squid plugin that provides a user-friendly and sysadmin-friendly domain whitelisting service for HTTP and SSL.
  • YAZ Proxy
    The YAZ Proxy is highly configurable and can be used in a number of different applications, ranging from debugging SRW/SRU/Z39.50-based applications and protecting overworked servers to improving the performance of stateless WWW/Z39.50 gateways.
  • yxorp
    yxorp is a reverse proxy for the HTTP protocol. The main focus for YXORP is checking the validity of the traffic, i.e. what would be called 'application level firewalling' or 'secure reverse proxy' in commercial products. It can check, validate, and change just about anything about a HTTP request or response, can load balance, and all other normal reversed proxy functions. YXORP aims to conform to RFC 2616, RFC 2518, RFC 2109 and other applicable standards.

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