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 · Google Cloud Dataflow Java SDK (Alpha)
 · How to Block Referrer Spam Bots
 · Free software GNU/Linux laptop in development
 · First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
 · Canonical’s Stripped-Down “Snappy” Ubuntu Comes To Google’s Compute Engine
 · KDE Ships KDE Applications 14.12.0
 · Why is the Number of Linux Distros Declining?
 · The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!
 · Getting Started With KODI(XBMC)
 · PikeOS provides Safety and Security for Energy-Sensible Communication Platform from X-ES


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Google Cloud Dataflow Java SDK (Alpha)
Google Cloud Dataflow provides a simple, powerful programming model for building both batch and streaming parallel data processing pipelines.

(Read more)
Bonita Open Solution
Bonita Open Solution is an intuitive and powerful Business Process Management (BPM) solution to create process-based applications for simple-to-complex projects. Read more


  • acpid
    a completely flexible, totally extensible daemon for delivering ACPI events. It listens on a file (/proc/acpi/event) and when an event occurs, executes programs to handle the event
  • actkbd
    actkbd is a simple daemon that binds actions to keyboard events. It recognises key combinations and can handle press, repeat and release events. Currently it only supports the linux-2.6 evdev interface, but the platform-specific code is well-contained, so that support for additional platforms can be added with no or minimal changes to the rest of the code.
  • am-utils
    the "next generation" of the popular BSD Automounter
  • AND
    auto nice daemon: activates itself in certain intervals and renices jobs according to their priority and CPU usage. Jobs owned by root are left alone. Jobs are never increased in their priority
  • arbtt
    The Automatic Rule-Based Time Tracker (arbtt) is a desktop daemon that runs in the background and, every minute, records what windows are open on your desktop, what their titles are, which one is active.
  • Askemos
    an application server for collaborative
  • Autobuse
    a perl daemon that generates reports from log files
  • Autofs NG
    A Linux automounter that is intended to be completely interoperable with autofs implementations on other Unix platforms. As such, it supports some features that the current Linux automounters do not. This includes direct mounts, /net (--hosts access), lazy mounting and unmounting of hierarchical multimounts, and browsing. Autofsng also supports the usual indirect map support available elsewhere. Maps are supported from flat files, executable maps, NIS maps, NIS+ maps, LDAP maps, and hesiod (DNS) filsys namespace.
  • Autothrottle
    Autothrottle throttles your CPU according to the system load.
  • Avacl
    allows you to control various aspects of email scanners such as AMaViS and Inflex with a finer degree of control
  • backupd
    a small client/server backup solution for environments with different operating systems. It follows strictly the KISS principle, is easy to set up and to administe
  • bdremote-ng
    bdremote-ng is a daemon that takes input from a PS3 Bluetooth remote and converts it into something that can be given to LIRC.
  • Binc IMAP
    Binc IMAP is a GPL licensed IMAP4rev1 server, written in C++. It strives to be stable, fast, flexible, and RFC compliant.
  • BIRD
    an attempt to create a routing daemon running on UNIX-like systems
  • Browser-history
    Browser-history is a client-side X daemon maintaining a browser-independent global history of all the web sites you visited.
  • Bubblegum
    Bubblegum is a daemon which watches a files access, modification and inode change times. It supports logging, running a command (with expansions), interval adjustment and more.
  • CamPop
    a daemon that watches /proc/bus/usb/devices file to detect when the camera is plugged, and a small gui built upon gphoto2, which is launched when a camera is found
  • cfgd
    a daemon to maintain configuration files. It is designed to provide a single interface to configurations to all sides which are involved
  • chartsd
    chartsd is a daemon that generates flow chart diagrams from any log file with a specific format. It can be used to generate diagrams from statistics of the temperatures of the CPU, main board, hard drives, or whatever.
  • collectd
    collectd is a small daemon which collects system information every 10 seconds and writes the results in an RRD-file.
  • CPQ Array Daemon
    keeps on monitoring your controller and checks for abnormal conditions
  • cpufreq daemon
    a small daemon to adjust cpu speed and voltage for kernels using any of the cpufreq drivers available
  • cpufrequency
    a daemon to switch the CPU frequency depending on CPU use. This utility was tested on Pentium 4 and Centrino CPUs with kernel 2.6.0-test2 and above
  • crocodiles
    allows user accounting by time or/and traffic. There is a master daemon, a slave daemon for dial-up servers and a cgi-client.
  • cwdaemon
    a small daemon which uses the pc parallel port and a simple transistor switch to output morse code to a transmitter from a text message sent to it via the udp internet protocol
  • Cyrus SML ACAP
    a remote store for preferences, addressbooks, bookmarks, and other data useful to be accessible for mobile users and across applications
  • cyrus-imapd-configfiles
    a patch for cyrus IMAPd to allow imapd, pop3d, etc. to support -c conffile options, allowing several domains to be run off central controller
  • daemontools
    a collection of tools for managing UNIX services
  • devfsd
    devfsd provides configurable management of device nodes using the Linux Device Filesystem.
  • dhcpxd
    dhcpxd is a freeware DHCP client.
  • dialitd
    a deamon to enable remote control of a dialup internet gateway
  • dkimap
    a fast, easy-to-install IMAP4 daemon for UNIX and Win32 platform
  • DNRD
    DNRD is a proxy name server. To clients on your home network, it looks just like a name server. In reality, it forwards every DNS query to the "real" DNS server, and forwards responses back to the client.
  • Ebola
    a AntiVirus scanning daemon system which offers to improve considerably the performance of scanning systems such as AMaViS, Inflex and other such programs which require ondemand scanning from various AV engines
  • evmapd
    evmapd is a daemon for the remapping of input events on Linux. It can be used to remap keys, buttons, and axis, or to perform some more complex translations between different event types, such as remapping the POV switches of a joystick to sets of buttons. In addition it incorporates an auto-calibration algorithm which may be useful for some joystick owners.
  • fcron
    a periodical command scheduler which aims at replacing Vixie Cron, so it implements most of its functionalities
  • finetd
    finetd is an Internet superserver. It can listen for connections on any number of TCP/UDP ports or Unix path names, as defined by a configuration file. When a connection is made to one of these ports, finetd launches an application to handle the request. finetd supports IPv4, IPv6, and UNIX domain sockets. Stream, datagram (dgram), and seqpacket socket types are supported.
  • Firewall Log Daemon
    provides two programs, chaindaemon and tabledaemon, that you can choose between, depending on your firewall type (ipchains or iptables-netfilter)
  • flashpolicyd
    flashpolicyd is a multi-threaded daemon for serving up XML needed by Adobe Flash 9 and later when making direct socket connections. The code is stable and has been used in production for over a year without problems.
  • FreeS/WAN
    an implementation of IPSEC & IKE for Linux. PSEC is Internet Protocol SECurity. It uses strong cryptography to provide both authentication and encryption services. Authentication ensures that packets are from the right sender and have not been altered in transit. Encryption prevents unauthorised reading of packet contents
  • gbeep
    gbeep is a daemon for Jason F. McBrayer fancy beeper package.
  • Geomyidae
    Geomyidae is a generic daemon for the Gopher protocol written in C. It supports dynamic content, logging, privilege separation, and automated file/directory indexing.
  • Gizmo Daemon
    Gizmo Daemon is a powerful and flexible program for controlling your computer based on events from input devices. It has built in support for all Linux input devices. It lets you control applications, launch programs, change system volume, and monitor system events based on any combination of events from input devices. Gizmo Daemon also has special support for the Griffin PowerMate USB Dial, allowing certain events to be visualized on the PowerMate's LED (such as XMMS/BMP sound output, CPU usage, and more).
  • gld
    a standalone greylisting server for Postfix. It listens on a TCP port and use MySQL for storing data
  • GLD-NG
    GLD-NG is a greylisting daemon for Postfix. It uses PostgreSQL and has support for IPv6.
  • Gluon
    Gluon is a simple decision-tree daemon, written in Perl, that executes external programs (scripts) to determine the path-flow within the decision-tree. It essentially operates as a basic IF-THEN-ELSE expert system that can be used to monitor and take action.
  • GNotify
    GNotify is a little daemon written in C using GTK. It provides (like the KDE KNotify-system) a notification-service for Gnome/XFce/FVWM/Fluxbox/Enlightenment and other Desktop-Environments/WindowManagers.
  • grmd
    a daemon program on UNIX-like systems which provide general management feature for every resources

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