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Running Kodi on the Asus Tinker Board
This walk-through explains how to install FTMC, a fork of Kodi, on the Tinker Board under Android. FTMC is notable for providing hardware acceleration and supporting more features on Rockchip mainstream chips, including the RK3288 System on Chip found on the Tinker Board. Thereís quite a few steps to get FTMC up and running here, but itís worth it!

(Read more)
HTC Hero
The HTC Hero is a mobile phone manufactured by the HTC Corporation. It is their third and most successful Android powered phone (the predecessors being HTC Magic and HTC Dream). Read more


  • aftpd
    Anonymous FTP Daemon (aftpd) is designed to make the work of anonymous ftp-archives more efficient, but does not provide facilities of typical ftp - login available only with permissions of an anonymous user.
  • Allegro FTPd
    Allegro FTPd is an FTP server for Linux/Solaris written in Allegro Common Lisp. Because it is written in Common Lisp, one class of security issues, related to buffer overflows, has been eliminated.
  • BetaFTPD
    a GPLed, single-threaded FTP daemon. Although it lacks some functions (in particular uploading and shadow passwords), the current version is extremely small and has pretty much functionality
  • bftpd
    an FTP server for Linux that runs only in inetd mode
  • Bsdftpd-ssl
    Bsdftpd-ssl is an RFC2228 "FTP Security Extensions"-compliant FTP server. It is based on FreeBSD ftpd, so it seems to be a stable and secure solution for authorized user access.
  • Dumb As Fudge FTP Daemon
    a simple FTP daemon that runs on a basic Perl 5 installation without special modules (currently only PERL 5.6)
  • ftpcluster
    integrates a number of individual FTP servers into a single large server. You can think of it as a network disk array with FTP as the access protocol
  • ftpd-BSD
    a GNU/Linux port of the FTP server from OpenBSD
  • glFtpD
    glFtpD is a free FTP daemon.
  • GProFTPD
    GProFTPD is a GNOME Frontend for Proftpd standalone with FTPwho, show FTPusers, useradd, userdel and an editor for proftpd.conf.
  • jftpgw
    a very small ftp proxy
  • KcmPureFTPd
    KcmPureFTPd is a KDE KControl module for configuring pure-ftpd FTP server. The goal is to allow medium users to configure their server securely and conveniently, without the burden of knowing tons of command line switches.
  • MetaFTPD
    MetaFTPD is an FTP server with a number of unusual features like 'MODE Z' compress ed file transfers, chrooting, file locking, firewall scripts, XMD5 and XSHA1 commands, etc, etc.
  • mod_ratio for ProFTPD
    a File/Byte Ratio module for ProFTPD. Feature packed and SQL support for storing user credits using mod_sql
  • moftpd
    moftpd is a powerful yet easy to use ftp daemon with good support for virtual hosts, IPv6, encryption, fine grained permissions and internationalisation.
  • mtftpd
    an ftp server with a main objective to obtain a full featured ftp server with the best performance
  • MuddleFtpd
    Muddleftpd is a secure, lightweight and flexible FTP server originally written by Beau Kuiper. The server was designed to allow a vast number of configurations; from closely integrating with the system and using PAM to running as a non-root user with per-directory configurations.
  • MySecureShell
    MySecureShell is a secure FTP server that uses SSH. It is easy to install and manage.
  • ncftpd_admin
    ncftpd_admin is an easy to use frontend to ncftpd password program. It is writen in tcl/tk.
  • Net::FTPServer
    a full-featured, secure, extensible, and configurable FTP server written in Perl
  • neteK
    neteK is a user-friendly personal FTP and WebDAV server. The program stays in the system tray without using too many system resources. Creating a share is as simple as clicking on a create button, selecting the shared folder and clicking OK.
  • oftpd
    designed to be as secure as an anonymous FTP server can possibly be. It runs as non-root for most of the time, and uses the Unix chroot() command to hide most of the systems directories from external users - they cannot change into them even if the server is totally compromised! It contains its own directory change code, so that it can run efficiently as a threaded server, and its own directory listing code
  • pftpd
    Pftpd is an implementation of an anonymous FTP daemon written from scratch. It uses multithreading (where available) in order to be lightweight, but still have high performance.
  • ProFTPD
    ProFTPD grew out of the desire to have a secure and configurable FTP server, and out of a significant admiration of the Apache web server. ProFTPD is not a hack based on any other server, it's an independent source tree from the ground up. A number of well known and high traffic sites use ProFTPD.
  • proftpd-ldap
    a patch to ProFTPD that enables ProFTPD to do password lookups from an LDAP database
  • Pure-FTPd
    a fast, production-quality, standard-conformant FTP server, based upon Troll-FTPd. Unlike other popular FTP servers, it has no known security flaw, it is really trivial to set up and it is especially designed for modern Linux kernels
  • PurePostPro
    The PurePostPro suite uses Perl and a MySQL database to handle uploads.
  • pyftpd
    pyftpd is an advanced ftp server written in python.
  • SmbFTPD
    SmbFTPD is a FTP daemon modified from the FTP daemon of FreeBSD 5.4. Besides keep original FreeBSD ftpd features, it enhances the user permission control, integrate configuration files, and more useful features. SmbFTPD also support SSL/TLS encryption. The SSL/TLS functions are ported from BSDftpd-ssl project.
  • stupid-ftpd
    a ftp server, which provides a normal ftp-daemon functionality and a command-line mode. It has got a /etc/passwd independent user database which allows many variations of permissions
  • TFTP Server
    TFTP Server is a multi-threaded TFTP server, which means any number of clients can connect simultaneously. It supports tsize, blksize, and interval options, supports PXE boot, and can be run standalone or as a daemon.
  • tftp-hpa
    an enhanced version of the BSD TFTP client and server. It possesses a number of bugfixes and enhancements over the original
  • tnftpd
    tnftpd is a port of the NetBSD FTP server to other systems. It offers many enhancements over the traditional BSD ftpd, including per-class configuration directives via ftpd.conf(5), RFC 2389 and draft-ietf-ftpext-mlst-11 support, IPv6, transfer rate throttling, and more.
  • Troll-FTPd
    Troll-FTPd is an FTP daemon that does not execute any external program and never switches uid's.
  • twoftpd
    there are two parts to the server -- an authenticating front end, which contains no file or data transfer code, and one of two back ends, which contain all the data transfer code
  • uftpd
    uftpd is a micro FTP daemon with no configuration file.
  • utftpd
    utftpd is a tftpd replacement. Its features include a fine grained access control, giving you the possibility to assign the right to access a file or directory for every single client.
  • vsftpd
    a GPL licensed FTP server for UNIX systems, including Linux
  • wu-ftpd
    wu-ftpd is a replacement ftp daemon for Unix systems developed at Washington University.
  • WvTftp
    an advanced TFTP server. It employs "negative latency", which sends data ahead of time to speed up the transaction
  • wzdftpd
    a ftp server designed to be modular, work under linux/win32/freebsd/openbsd, and to be entirely configurable online using SITE commands

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