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 · First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
 · Canonical’s Stripped-Down “Snappy” Ubuntu Comes To Google’s Compute Engine
 · KDE Ships KDE Applications 14.12.0
 · Why is the Number of Linux Distros Declining?
 · The new minuscule Linutop XS is announced!
 · Getting Started With KODI(XBMC)
 · PikeOS provides Safety and Security for Energy-Sensible Communication Platform from X-ES
 · SMPlayer with support for MPV is now available
 · USB Armory: Open Source USB Stick Computer
 · Magical Open Source Music Workstations


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First hands-on with the Creator CI20 microcomputer
When we introduced Creator CI20 two weeks ago in London, we had several demonstrations on display showing the full capabilities of the board in terms of performance and power consumption.

(Read more)
rxvt is a colour vt102 terminal emulator intended as an xterm(1) replacement for users who do not require features such as Tektronix 4014 emulation and toolkit-style configurability. As a result, rxvt uses much less swap space.


  • GParted
    Gnome Partition Editor uses libparted to detect and manipulate devices and partitiontables while several (optional) filesystemtools provide support for filesystems not included in libparted. Read more hot
  • GRUB
    GRand Unified Bootloader - an attempt to produce a bootloader for IBM PC-compatible machines that has both the capability to be friendly to beginning or otherwise non-technically interested users and the flexibility to help experts in diverse environments hot
  • aeuio
    aeuio (Another Early Userspace Init Option) is a simple, easily customizable framework to produce the user's choice of an initrd or initramfs package.
  • automodule
    a small program to enumerate all the PCI and USB devices in a system, check if the device is supported by the kernel and automatically load necessary modules for this devices. Must be used in small embedded systems with less disk space
  • BG-Tiny Linux Bootdisk
    BG-Tiny Linux Bootdisk is a Linux bootdisk that does not use a ramdisk, so it will run on computers with very little RAM. It is basically a somewhat extended fork of Tiny Linux Bootdisk. It is based on Linux 2.4 series, uClibc, and BusyBox. It includes dosfsprogs, e2fsprogs, gpart, lilo, and ms-sys. Supported filesystems are ext2, ext3, iso9660, tmpfs, and vfat.
  • BICK
    Bootable ISO Construction Kit builds a bootable ISO image from a system file tree for Linux. Enough sample files are included to get started making a rescue CD.
  • blivet-gui
    blivet-gui is a new graphical tool for storage management. It uses blivet library (hence the very original name) and currently supports basic operations with disk partitions and LVMs.
  • BMConf
    BMConf configures the Smart Boot Manager from a Linux console.
  • Bootprofile
    Bootprofile allows setup of various boot profiles based on different networking environments.
  • BootRip
    a script designed to take the hassle out of network installs of Redhat 7.0
  • BootRoot
    BootRoot creates a boot disk with lilo, a kernel and an initrd image. The initrd script mounts another root disk with a compressed (gzip or bzip2) filesystem.
  • BpBatch
    BpBatch is a versatile remote-boot processor. BpBatch is a PXE secondary bootstrap. It takes control at an early stage of the boot process.
  • Burg-manager
    Burg-manager is an intuitive interface that simplify installation and configuration of burg bootloader. Burg-manager allows to install many beautiful themes from a big gallery.
  • CMDInfo
    allows you to use settings from the boot commandline or from /etc/lilo.conf using append="..." in batch scripts
  • Daemond
    a daemon control daemon. It can be used as a faster and more flexible replacement for init, or by itself. It has the ability to track complex dependencies, and allows package management systems to easily add and maintain them.
  • Darik's Boot and Nuke
    DBAN is a self-contained boot floppy that securely wipes the hard disks of most computers. DBAN will automatically and completely delete the contents of any hard disk that it can detect, which makes it an appropriate utility for bulk or emergency data destruction. Read more
  • DiskDrake
    The purpose of the DiskDrake project is to simplify hard disk partitioning. DiskDrake is graphical, simple and powerful, and licensed under the GPL (GNU General Public License). Two skill levels are available (newbie, expert). It's written entirely in Perl and Perl/Gtk.
  • diskegrator
    The diskegrator is a utility for integrating directory disk images and a bootloader into a bootable image.
  • Dracut
    Dracut is an event driven initramfs infrastructure.
  • efibootmgr
    efibootmgr displays and allows the user to edit the Intel Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI) boot manager menu.
  • Etherboot
    Etherboot is a software package for creating ROM images that can download code over an Ethernet network to be executed on an x86 computer. Many network adapters have a socket where a ROM chip can be installed. Etherboot is code that can be put in such a ROM. Etherboot is normally used for for booting PCs diskless.
  • ext2resize
    GNU ext2resize is a package which allows resizing ext2 and ext3 filesystems (both shrinking and growing). The ext2resize tool is for resizing unmounted filesystems, and ext2online is for growing a mounted filesystem (it needs a kernel patch to work, however).
  • Extended-IPL
    Extended-IPL is an OS boot selector. It can select which OS in a hard disk is booted.
  • FIPS
    FIPS is a program for non-destructive splitting of harddisk partitions.
  • GAG
    a graphical boot manager, like LILO or OS/2's Boot Manager. It operates in graphic mode (13h), and doesn't need his own partition
  • gBootRoot
    gBootRoot is a tool written in Perl/Gtk+ used for the creation of a two-disk Linux system.
  • Gpart
    a tool which tries to guess the primary partition table of a PC-type hard disk in case the primary partition table in sector 0 is damaged, incorrect or deleted. The guessed table can be written to a file or device
  • gPXE
    gPXE is a network bootloader. It provides a direct replacement for proprietary PXE ROMs, with many extra features such as DNS, HTTP, iSCSI, and more.
  • GriME
    Grime is a Gtk+ based front-end for configuring the appearence of GRUB's boot menu. Grime allows you to modify the menu colors, import and select a splash image, or hide the menu. It is meant to be used in conjunction with other tools that edit the GRUB menu contents, such as GNOME System Tools or Debian's update-grub, not an all-in-one configuration utility such as grubconf.
  • Grub Customizer
    Grub Customizer is a graphical interface to configure the grub2/burg settings with focus on the individual list order - without losing the dynamical behavior of grub. Read more
  • grub-choose-default
    grub-choose-default is a simple but handy GUI to set the grub default for the next boot. It works under Linux and Windows.
  • grubconfig
    grubconfig helps you install the GRUB bootloader on your system.
  • grubinstall
    grubinstall is a simple program with clear documentation to take the mystery out of the GRUB boot loader. It installs GRUB in an especially simple, robust, hard-to-screw-up form: in a dedicated contiguous boot area at the beginning of the boot disk. This is in contrast to the tools in the GRUB package, which get filesystems involved.
  • gujin
    will boot your PC and analyse your filesystems. It will display a graphical menu for you to select which (mostly Linux) system to boot. Intended to replace LILO and Loadlin, written in C with GCC, fully real mode
  • jinit
    jinit is based on an extended version of Richard Gooch's need scheme for inits. It has complete service start and stop (rollback) support with dependency tracking. If you stop the network service for example, all network daemon services will also be stopped.
  • kexec-loader
    kexec-loader is a Linux-based bootloader that aims to fit on a floppy and have a grub-like interface and configuration system. It loads kernels using the kexec system calls.
  • KLilo
    KLilo is a LILO configuration tool for KDE.
  • Lilo-colors
    a patch which allows lilo to display a fancy color bootmessage on any VGA card
  • LILOload
    searches all primary partitions of all harddisks available, according to the PC BIOS, for LILO. If LILO is found, it loads and starts it. It only looks in partitions of the type 0x05, 0x0f, 0x83, and 0x85. Type 0x83 means "Linux native", the other types are used for extended partitions
  • mbootpack
    a tool that takes a multiboot kernel and modules (e.g. a Xen VMM, linux kernel and initrd), and packages them up as a single file that looks like a bzImage linux kernel
  • Miniboot
    a minimalistic bootloader for embedded systems. It scans the flash for an image to start if the checksum is correct
  • mkinitramfs
    mkinitramfs is intended to create the ultimate initramfs image. It's designed to boot from any media (SATA, PATA, SCSI, USB, CD-ROM, etc.) without any changes being made to your disk. However, it is very simple (about 400 lines of code).
  • mksysdisp
    a small but fast Converter/Generator for the bootmessages used by syslinux
  • ms-sys
    ms-sys is for writing Microsoft compatible boot records. The program does the same as Microsoft "fdisk /mbr" to a hard disk or "sys d:" to a floppy or FAT32 partition except that it does not copy any system files, only the boot record is written.
  • Netboot
    Netboot allows to remote boot a computer over an IP network without access to a hard disk or a diskette. It is therefore ideally suited for diskless or thin clients using an x86 processor.
  • Nilo
    Nilo is the Network Interface Loader. NILO will boot Linux, FreeBSD, Windows 95/98/NT4 and support the Intel PXE standard, and is suitable for burning into ROM.
  • NotNet Profiler
    lets you specify a linux kernel boot parameter and loads the chosen network scheme (+ related services). When logging in, it changes the browser's proxy configuration according to the current network scheme
  • nuni
    nuni is a boot loader for a Linux system that uses the ext2 file system and IDE drives. nuni handles various ext2 block sizes, and handles both small and large kernels.
  • openflash
    openflash is an Open source utility to (re)program flash BIOS chips.
  • parted
    a program to create, destroy, resize or copy partitions. FAT16/32 support is working, but not well tested. ext2 support is untested. This is still unstable software, and may destroy your data

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