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 · 9 First Steps with Ubuntu 15.04
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9 First Steps with Ubuntu 15.04
One of the first things to do with a new release of Ubuntu is to check for updates. Typically, I won't upgrade to the latest release immediately, so there's always quite a few updates since the release. There's a handy Software Updater tool which makes the updating process painless.

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RealPlayer allows you to play streaming audio and video over the Internet in real-time.


  • ACUA
    ACUA is a software package designed to facilitate the administration of user accounts and the enforcement of access restrictions on a Linux system.
  • addluser
    addluser is a command line tool which helps users create and delete users in the directory server.
  • AddUser-NG
    AddUser-NG is meant to be a replacement for adduser script. Most of all it's useful for system administrators, which create a lot of users' accounts with the same characteristics. It's written in perl with flexibility and modularity kept in mind.
  • adtool
    adtool is a Unix command line utility for Active Directory administration. Its features include user and group creation, deletion, modification, password setting and directory query and search capabilities.
  • Calife
    Calife is a small program that enable a system administrator to become root (or another user) on his/her machines by giving his/her own password. It is close to sudo, but smaller. You can also selectively restrict calife usage for some users to become only a given set of logins and not root.
  • EDSAdmin
    A graphical user, group, and computer account manager for LDAP and Kerberos servers. It doesn't try to be the end-all LDAP tool, but focuses on making user management quick and easy.
  • gUserMan
    gUserMan is a user/group manager (GTK+) that allows adding/editing/removing users and groups, as well as a new user template, password changing, and other misc nice-ities.
  • Hyperactive Directory Administrator
    a graphical tool for administering Users, Groups, Hosts and other objects in an LDAP directory. It differs from other tools available such as GQ in that it is not designed to be a general purpose directory editor and is only intended for use in an LDAP environment
  • Jailkit
    a set of utilities to limit user accounts to specific files using chroot() and or specific commands. Setting up a chroot shell, a shell limited to some specific command, or a daemon inside a chroot jail is a lot easier using these utilities
  • Kaluha
    Kaluha is a user, group and host administration application. It is designed to be a simple KDE GUI to manipulate unix user, group and host information on an LDAP server.
  • KSudo
    an application that provides an graphical user interface with which you can quickly and easily create a config file for sudo. KSudo supports you with wizards for creating aliases(groups) and for adding new permissions for users or usergroups
  • newuser
    newuser provides a easy-to-use, interactive front-end to the "useradd" program. Newuser makes adding new users to a Linux machine quick and easy. Can even setup a new user's personal webspace if Apache is installed.
  • pam_mktemp
    pam_mktemp is a PAM module which may be used with a PAM-aware login service to provide per-user private directories under /tmp as a part of PAM session or account management.
  • Quotatool
    a utility for setting linux filesystem quotas from the command line
  • Racs
    a simple bash script that stores and manages your accounts. All the accounts are stored in a PGP/GPG conventional encrypted file
  • TCB::AddUser
    a package for managing users and systems within the the Theoretical Biophysics Group at the University of Illinois. Its primary purpose is to facilitate password changing and new-user scripts with our local setup; these scripts are included, though not installed by default
  • TuxUsers
    TuxUsers is a user management KControl module and stand alone utility. It allows very easy user accounts management: user creation, deletion, and modification, changing the KDM start icon, predefined groups for new users to ease new user permissions, and thinkfinger fingerprint reader support to easily add fingerprint authentication to your system.
  • Virtual Mail Manager
    Virtual Mail Manager is a configurable command line tool for administrators/postmasters to manage domains, accounts and aliases, see Features for all features of vmm.

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