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 · 9 First Steps with Ubuntu 15.04
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 · 100 Essential Free Apps
 · What are good command line HTTP clients?
 · First Peek at XBian on the Raspberry Pi 2
 · First Look at OSMC RC on the Raspberry Pi 2
 · First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
 · Ubuntu MATE 15.04 for Raspberry Pi 2
 · MIPS Creator CI20 v Raspberry Pi 2
 · Raspberry Pi 2: Raspbian (ARMv6) v Linaro (ARMv7)


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9 First Steps with Ubuntu 15.04
One of the first things to do with a new release of Ubuntu is to check for updates. Typically, I won't upgrade to the latest release immediately, so there's always quite a few updates since the release. There's a handy Software Updater tool which makes the updating process painless.

(Read more)
WeatherBug is an application for the Android platform which provides users with up-to-date weather alerts, forecasts, radar, and current conditions.


  • Boot-Up Manager
    Boot-Up Manager is a Perl-Gtk2 application to handle runlevels configuration of any debian derivative system. With this program the user will easily start and stop boot-up scripts, without the necessity to handle thru complex links and permissions. Read more
  • BootUtils
    BootUtils is a collection of utilities to facilitate booting of modern Kernel 2.6 based systems. BootUtils is designed for initramfs, although volunteers to add support for initrd are welcome.
  • cinit
    cinit is a fast executing, small, and simple init with support for profiles. It is aware of dependencies and executes processes in parallel.
  • dmassage
    dmassage parses the dmesg of your OpenBSD system.
  • Epoch Init System
    Epoch is an init system (analogous to systemd or upstart). It is intended as a lightweight solution for lightweight distributions that don't want a huge mess just to boot up.
  • fbgetty
    fbgetty is an extended getty program. It support extended tag set, escape codes. It refresh the display when the virtual terminal is activated.
  • fgetty
    fgetty is a mingetty stripped of the printfs which can be linked against dietlibc, yielding a 5k binary with a much smaller memory footprint.
  • finit
    finit is an extremely fast /sbin/init replacement with focus on small embedded GNU/Linux systems. It is based on Claudio Matsuoka's original finit with I/O, service and hook plugin extensions.
  • Finito
    Finito is a trivial replacement for rcS, which allows serial/parallel execution of init scripts. This allows paralell running of init tasks, while ensuring some tasks may follow others.
  • francine
    a themeable console login program for Linux and Unix
  • frc
    frc is a C replacement for the script /etc/init.d/rc. Like the conventional rc script, frc handles the startup of services when init enters different runlevels. However, frc also implements some extra features.
  • gogetty
    gogetty is a very lightweight getty for recent linuxen and possibly other modern unices. It demonstrates the worst of both C (badly designed system library) and UNIX (ioctls, /etc/passwd).
  • loginx
    loginx combines the functionality of getty, login, and xinit in one simple executable.
  • minit
    minit is a a small yet feature-complete init. It can start and restart services, pipe stdout to a dedicated log process, start services in sync mode and more.
  • msulogin
    msulogin is the single-user mode login program used to force the console user to login under a root account before a shell is started.
  • myinit
    myinit is a simple "init" program with parallel execution and dependencies via reference counting (by way of "start" and "stop" commands).
  • Network Console on Acid
    Network Console on Acid connects a pseudo terminal to the console's virtual terminals (/dev/tty0...n) that are normally only accessible to someone with local keyboard access.
  • pam_login
    removed all non PAM stuff and added a lot of nice features from the shadow login program. This means, pam_login will read and honour /etc/login.defs
  • Qingy Is Not Getty
    a replacement of getty. Written in C, it uses DirectFB to provide a fast, nice GUI without the overhead of the X Windows System. It allows the user to log in and start the session of his choice
  • rch
    a rc-script handler as a binary program
  • rEFIt
    rEFIt is a boot menu and maintenance toolkit for EFI-based machines like the Intel Macs. It provides easy access to the EFI environment and serves as a hook for pre-boot applications. Beyond that, the project aims to become a common platform for extensions to the built-in boot capabilities, like legacy BIOS booting on Apple's legacy-free Intel computers.
  • rungetty
    rungetty is a minimal virtual console getty based on mingetty.
  • runit
    a daemontools alike replacement for sysvinit and other init schemes. runit runs on Debian GNU/Linux, OpenBSD 2.9, FreeBSD 4.4
  • SCPM
    SCPM is a tool to manage different configuration profiles of a Linux system. It has support for switching profiles at runtime as well as booting into a profile.
  • simpleinit
    simpleinit is a replacement for the SysVinit package that comes with new-boot-0.2 which is a set of high quality boot scripts that demonstrate an elegant and easy to administrate runlevel-based setup that does not have any of the drawbacks of classic SysVinit setups.
  • Slackware Modules Manager
    Slackmod is a tool written in gtk2-perl finalized to kernel modules management. Purposely created for Slackware, it replaces functionalities of rc.modules through an easy interface usable from all users. Slackmod contains some automated functions that allow the user to neglect all configuration's aspects.
  • SLiM
    SLiM is a simple login manager for X11. It features customizable options, themes, and support for PNG and XFT. It does not depend on a particuar toolkit or desktop environment.
  • sysmaster
    a Slackware (7.0) system startup replacement for /etc/rc.d shellscripts written entirely in C
  • TinyLogin
    a suite of tiny Unix utilities for handling logging into, being authenticated by, changing one's password for, and otherwise maintaining users and groups on an embedded system. It also provides shadow password support to enhance system security
  • twsinit
    an init replacement. Mostly just a proof of concept thing at the moment but its quite capable of getting a system up and running
  • upstart
    Upstart is an event-based replacement for the /sbin/init daemon which handles starting of tasks and services during boot, stopping them during shutdown and supervising them while the system is running.
  • Virtual Console init
    Virtual Console init is an /sbin/init clone for virtual consoles. It is very easy to set up and use because it has no configuration files. It is very small and has builtin getty, login, klogd, and slogd. It is suitable for embedded systems and home Linux boxes.
  • XDM-External Greet
    a patch to XDM that allows it to use an external program to prompt the user for their username and password

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