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What are good command line HTTP clients?
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts is a very famous quote from Aristotle, a Greek philosopher and scientist. This quote is particularly pertinent to Linux. In my view, one of Linux's biggest strengths is its synergy. The usefulness of Linux doesn't derive only from the huge raft of open source (command line) utilities. Instead, it's the synergy generated by using them together, sometimes in conjunction with larger applications.

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MAME4droid is a port of iMAME4all for the Android platform.


  • Gnumeric
    Gnumeric is intended to be a drop in replacement for proprietary spreadsheets. We are not attempting to clone existing applications. However, we offer a customizable feel that attempts to minimize the costs of transition. Gnumeric will import your existing Excel, 1-2-3, Applix, Sylk, XBase Quattro Pro, Dif, Plan Perfect, and Oleo files. Read more hot
  • NExS
    (commercial) Network Extensible Spreadsheet for UNIX and Linux: provides a rich and powerful graphical spreadsheet for Unix-style operating systems. Features include: Fast spreadsheet calculations, Microsoft Excel and Lotus 1-2-3 support, Real-time data exchange hot
  • SCIM
    SCIM is a spreadsheet program that is based on SC. new
  • Abacus
    Abacus is a small, light and easy to use spreadsheet. It features: Multiple spreadsheets, limited by the amount of memory you have available, a small set of built-in functions that include statistical, financial, and the usual math & trig functions, including a slick menu-like interface to make it easy to paste formulas, Autosave.
  • ABS
    ABS is a standalone spreadsheet designed to run on any UNIX platform. abs comes with the ABVisual macro language (compatible with Microsoft Visual Basic).
  • dismal
    dismal is a character mode spreadsheet package written in Emacs LISP that runs inside the Emacs editor. It includes tools for manipulating and aligning sequential behavioral data, like MacShapa. It is extensible, so that users can write their own commands and functions, for example, to allow a function cell to write to several nearby cells. It includes extensions to record users behaviors and timestamp the keyboard and mouse movements.
  • GNU Oleo
    GNU Oleo is a free spreadsheet application. It is being enhanced to feature i18n internationalization support, a Motif (LessTif) interface and autoconf/automake based compilation process.
  • KSiag
    KSiag is an X-based spreadsheet for Unix. It uses Scheme (a Lisp dialect) both for expressions and as an extension language, which makes it easy to create new functions.
  • macroCALC
    macroCALC is a powerful Lotus compatible character based spreadsheet that supports 1000 rows, 64 columns, 40 functions, 8 display formats, file linking, macro programming and user definable functions. It is fully integrated with [nt]roff, units, man, awk, perl and sh.
  • mtCellEdit
    mtCellEdit is a lightweight spreadsheet program. Its main goal is to provide facilities for simple day-to-day tasks using a minimal graphical user interface.
  • PlanMaker
    (commercial) PlanMaker is an Excel compatible spreadsheet application which features more than 320 calculation functions, and contains Excel-compatible charting and an Excel-compatible AutoShapes drawing layer. It launches quickly and has a small memory footprint.
  • slsc
    slsc is a text based spreadsheet based on SC.
  • Teapot
    Teapot is a spreadsheet program for UNIX, which uses modern concepts besides being portable and extensible, for instance three dimensional tables and iterative expressions.
  • XessLite
    XessLite is a shareware version of Xess.
  • xlcrack
    xlcrack recovers lost or forgotten passwords from XLS files such as those created by Microsoft Excel. Some newer XLS files are not suitable for password recovery using this software.
  • xlHtml
    An Excel viewer written in TCL/TK, which uses xlhtml as a backend. This program requires tkhtml. It uses this to display the HTML output of xlhtml.
  • XLSperl
    XLSperl lets you process and create Microsoft Excel (.xls) files from the commandline using the standard Perl "one-liner" command format. This makes it easy to grep data from Excel documents without needing to use a GUI application.
  • Xspread
    Xspread is an electronic spreadsheet which runs under X Windows. Features include: Function references, file encryption, absolute and relative cell references, and range names.
  • Xxl
    Xxl is a free graphical spreadsheet developed at the University of Nice for Unix platforms. Xxl is written in STk and is based on the tkTable widget. Xxl is designed to be simple, easy to use and user friendly. The aim of xxl is not to compete with commercial spreadsheets.

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