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Romp Home with these 21 Peerless ASCII Games
The purpose of this article is to identify our favourite ASCII based games. There are no fancy graphics here, just great gameplay coupled with the urge of always having just one more play.

(Read more)
dm-crypt is a transparent disk encryption subsystem in the Linux 2.6 kernel that provides a generic way to create virtual layers of block devices that can do different things on top of real block devices like striping, concatenation, mirroring, snapshotting, and more. Read more


  • Gnome Flow
    Gnome Flow is a program written to calculate and visualize simple steady state fluid flows. It uses the relaxation method, and can calculate flows past symmetric objects. Steady state means, that it calculates the flow at a given time, and that the physical parameters are constant in time.
  • GPX Viewer
    GPX Viewer is a simple program to visualize a GPX file. It uses libchamplain and cairo for the plot. It can show multiple GPX files, show waypoints and multiple tracks per GPX file, highlight a selected track, show a speed vs. time graph, and show distance, duration, average, moving average, max speed, moving time, and GPS points.
  • Grace
    Grace is a WYSIWYG 2D plotting tool for X Window System and OSF Motif which is a descendant of ACE/gr, also known as Xmgr.
  • GraceTMPL
    GraceTMPL is a set of C++ classes which allow data to be saved as Grace files, optionally using a template. It is specifically designed to automate massive data plotting tasks with Grace.
  • GraphThing
    GraphThing is a tool that allows you to create, manipulate and study graphs. Note that these "graphs" are mathematical objects .
  • Gri
    Gri is an extensible plotting language for producing scientific graphs, such as x-y plots, contour plots, and image plots.
  • GTKWave
    GTKWave is VCD/EVCD/LXT/Synopsis .out format electronic waveform viewer built using the GTK+ toolkit.
  • GXSM
    GXSM is a powerful graphical interface for any kind of 2D data aquisitation method, especially desined for SPM and SPA-LEED, which are used in surface science. It includes methods for 2D data (of various types: byte, short, long, double) viewing and manipulation.
  • HDFLook
    HDFLook is a comprehensive application for viewing NCSA HDF v.4.x and HDFEOS 2.x science datasets.
  • Histo-Scope
    Histo-Scope is a tool to select and display histograms, n-tuples, and scalar values from a program as data is being created or analyzed.
    IFRIT is a powerful tool that can be used to visualize 3-dimensional data sets. IFRIT is written in C++ and is based on two state-of-the-art toolkits: the Visualization ToolKit (VTK) and a GUI toolkit QT. VTK is a public domain software, and QT has an open source version for Unix machines.
  • ImageVis3D
    ImageVis3D is a volume rendering program developed by the NIH/NCRR Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing (CIBC). The main design goals of ImageVis3D are: simplicity, scalability, and interactivity.
  • IVuPy
    IVuPy (I-View-Py) aims to be a solid basis for large Qt based Python programs geared to 3D visualization and data analysis of huge data sets. Python is extended by IVuPy with more than 600 classes of two of the Coin3D C++ class libraries: Coin and SoQt.
  • K3DSurf
    K3DSurf is a program to visualize and manipulate multidimensional surfaces by using mathematical equations. It's also a "Modeler" for POV-Ray in the area of parametric surfaces. Read more
  • KAlgebra
    KAlgebra is a fully featured calculator that lets you plot different types of 2D and 3D functions and to calculate easy (and not so easy) calculations, such as addition, trigonometric functions or derivatives.
  • kmplot
    kmplot is a basic mathematical function plotter for the KDE Desktop that supports functions with parameters and functions in polar coordinates.
  • Knot
    Knot is a 3D Celtic Knot generation and rendering application for exploring different types of randomly generated knots.
  • kpl
    kpl is a KDE program for two-dimensional graphical presentation of data sets and functions (plotter).
  • Kst
    Kst is a fast real-time large-dataset viewing and plotting tool with built-in data analysis functionality. It contains many powerful built-in features and is expandable with plugins and extensions.
    KUPLOT is an universal potting program for 2D and 3D data sets on X11 and TEK4014 screens. The program is controlled by a command language with an integrated FORTRAN style interpreter to give maximum flexibility.
  • LDM
    The Unidata Local Data Manager (LDM) is a collection of cooperating programs that select, capture, manage, and distribute arbitrary data products. The system is designed for event-driven data distribution, and is currently used in the Unidata Internet Data Distribution (IDD) project. The LDM system includes network client and server programs and their shared protocols. An important characteristic of the LDM is its support for flexible, site-specific configuration.
  • LinkWinds
    LinkWinds is a visual data exploration system resulting from a program of research into the application of computer graphics to rapidly and interactively accessing, displaying, exploring and analyzing large multivariate multidisciplinary data sets. LinkWinds applies a unique data-linking paradigm resulting in a system which functions much like a graphical spreadsheet. It is not only a powerful method for organizing large amounts of data for analysis, but provides a highly intuitive, easy-to-learn, easy-to-retain user interface on top of the traditional graphical user interface.
  • linSmith
    linSmith is a Smith charting program. Users can enter either discrete components or transmission lines, see the results on screen, and/or generate Postscript output.
  • MathMod
    MathMod is mathematical software for visualizing and animating parametric and implicit surfaces. It is an extension/rewrite of the K3DSurf project. It supports 3D/4D plotting and animation, a scripting language compatible with JSON, with a large set of scripted examples, and an OBJ output file of the 3D mesh.
  • MayaVi
    MayaVi is a free, cross platform, easy to use scientific data visualizer. It provides a GUI to ease the visualization process, is written in Python and uses the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) for the graphics.
  • McIDAS
    The Man computer Interactive Data Access System (McIDAS) is a large, research quality suite of applications used for decoding, analyzing, and displaying meteorological data for research and education
  • McIDAS-Lite
    McIDAS-Lite is a free image viewer that provides a simple tool for working with image files that are in McIDAS area or MODIS HDF format. It can be used with data on the user's computer or remote data from public data sources.
  • McStas
    McStas is a general tool for simulating neutron scattering instruments and experiments. It is actively supported by Risų DTU, NBI KU, PSI and ILL. Read more
  • Mercury
    Mercury offers a comprehensive range of tools for structure visualisation and the exploration of crystal packing.
  • Mesh Viewer
    The Mesh Viewer is an easy to use lightweight application to display triangular meshes from a variety of file formats (see 3D formats). It uses the OpenGL API to render the models. The program was born under the need for quickly displaying reconstructed triangulated meshes.
  • MeshTV
    MeshTV is an interactive graphical analysis tool for visualizing and analyzing data on two- and three-dimensional (2D, 3D) meshes. It is a general purpose tool that handles many different mesh types, provides different ways of viewing the data, and is virtually hardware/vendor independent while still providing graphics at the speed of the native graphics hardware.
  • Mgraph
    Mgraph is a 2-dimensional easy to use graphic software allowing a fast visualization of scientific data presented in the form of ASCII files for the traditional curves, and in the form of binary files for data surfaces. The interface was developed under Motif and can be used either interactively, or using command files.
  • MMap+
    MMap+ is a GTK2 map viewer. It supports Blue Marble, Land Sat 7, Watchizu, SRTM. You can show a part of World Wind data with OpenGL 3D graphics.
  • ModelFree
    ModelFree is a program for optimizing "Lipari-Szabo model free" parameters to heteronuclear relaxation data.
  • Moldy
    Moldy is a general-purpose molecular dynamics simulation program. It is sufficiently flexible that it ought to be useful for a wide range of simulation calculations of atomic, ionic and molecular systems.
  • MolScript
    MolScript is a program for displaying molecular 3D structures, such as proteins, in both schematic and detailed representations.
  • MOMHVis
    MOMHVis is a program for displaying nondominated solution of MOMH problems in 3D space using OpenGL. Features include: pluginable architecture, implemented MOKP (Multiple Objective Knapsack Problem) and MOSCP (Multiple Objective Set Covering Problem) plugis, enumeration of implemented MO algorithms by plugin, and enumeration of implemented MO algorithms by plugin.
  • MuGeN
    MuGeN is a software package for the visual exploration of multiple annotated genome portions. It is capable of simultaneously displaying genome portions loaded from various sources both local and remote and mix these with analysis result plots. It can also be used to generate images of these displays in a wide range of formats (PNG, PostScript, IMAP, XFig).
  • NCAR Graphics
    (commercial) NCAR Graphics, a time-tested UNIX package, consists mainly of over two dozen Fortran/C utilities for drawing contours, maps, vectors, streamlines, weather maps, surfaces, histograms, X/Y plots, annotations, and more.
  • ncview
    ncview is software to get a quick and easy viewer for NetCDF files. With this application, you can view simple movies of the data, view along various dimensions, take a look at the actual data values, change color maps, invert the data and other simple visual operations. Read more
  • NetCDF
    NetCDF (network Common Data Form) is an interface for array-oriented data access and a library that provides an implementation of the interface. The netCDF library also defines a machine-independent format for representing scientific data. Together, the interface, library, and format support the creation, access, and sharing of scientific data.
  • Nodplot
    Nodplot is a scientific data plotting software for 3D structured meshes, developped to visualize 3D CFD.
  • NPlot
    NPlot is a tool for quickly plotting columnar data from text files. It is a simple re-packaging of the Histo-Scope n-tuple interface with a file reader.
  • octaviz
    Octaviz is a visualization system for Octave. It is a wrapper that makes all VTK classes accessible from within Octave using the same object-oriented syntax as in C++ or Python. Octaviz also provides high-level functions for 2D and 3D visualization. Using those functions, most common visualization tasks (3D surface plots, contour plots, meshes etc) can be accomplished without any knowledge about VTK.
  • OpenDX
    Open Visualization Data Explorer is a visualization framework that gives users the ability to apply advanced visualization and analysis techniques to their data. These techniques can be applied to help users gain new insights into data from applications in a wide variety of fields including science, engineering, medicine and business. Data Explorer provides a full set of tools for manipulating, transforming, processing, realizing, rendering and animating data and allow for visualization and analysis methods based on points, lines, areas, volumes, images or geometric primitives in any combination.
  • OpenScientist
    OpenScientist is an integration of open source products working together to do scientific visualization and data analysis ; in particular for high energy physics (HEP).
  • OpenViz
    (commercial) OpenViz is a sophisticated business visualization technology for integration into Decision Support Systems applications for Independent Software Vendors and IT organizations.
  • Orbdraw
    (commercial) Orbdraw is a visualization program for displaying molecular orbital and electron density data from Gaussian, Gamess, Jaguar, Hondo, Mopac or Ampac calculations. Orbdraw can display the molecular orbitals, electron densities or spin densities in 3D as either wire frames or solid surfaces and can map orbitals or charges onto the density surfaces.
  • ParaView
    ParaView is a scientific visualization application designed with the need to visualize large data sets in mind. The goals of the ParaView project are to develop an open source, multi-platform visualization application, support distributed computation models to process large data sets, create an open, flexible, and intuitive user interface, and develop an extensible architecture based on open standards. ParaView runs on distributed and shared memory parallel as well as single processor systems and has been succesfully tested on Windows, Linux, and various Unix workstations and clusters.
  • pdnmesh
    pdnmesh is an automatic mesh generator and solver for Finite Element problems. It will also do post-processing to generate contour plots and Postscript printouts. GUI support using GTK is available.

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