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6 Excellent Open Source Google Drive Clients
Google Drive is a very popular cloud storage service. Files can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. Keeping your files in Google Drive means that you can access them from just about anywhere on all your devices.

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RADIANCE is a highly accurate ray-tracing software system for UNIX computers that is licensed at no cost to users for non-commercial use; commercial use licenses including distribution rights are available for a fee. Radiance was developed with primary support from the U.S. Department Of Energy and additional support from the Swiss Federal Government. It is copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California. Radiance is a suite of programs for the analysis and visualization of lighting in design. Input files specify the scene geometry, materials, luminaires,time, date and sky conditions (for daylight calculations). Calculated values include spectral radiance (ie. luminance + color), irradiance (illuminance + color) and glare indices. Simulation results may be displayed as color images, numerical values and contour plots. Read more


  • NSCL Data Acquisition System
    NSCL Data Acquisition System is a general purpose nuclear physics data acquisition system in use at several university labs and, of course, the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michigan State University.
    Object Oriented MicroMagnetic Framework
  • openEMS
    openEMS is an electromagnetic field solver using the FDTD method. It employs a fully 3D Cartesian and cylindrical coordinate graded mesh.
  • OpenFOAM
    The OpenFOAM (Open Field Operation and Manipulation) CFD Toolbox can simulate anything from complex fluid flows involving chemical reactions, turbulence and heat transfer, to solid dynamics, electromagnetics and the pricing of financial options. Read more
  • Optical Ray Tracer
    OpticalRayTracer is a utility that analyzes systems of lenses. It uses optical principles and a virtual optical bench to predict the behavior of many kinds of ordinary and exotic lens types. OpticalRayTracer includes an advanced, easy-to-use interface that allows the user to rearrange the optical configuration by simply dragging lenses around using the mouse.
  • PAW
    PAW is conceived as an instrument to assist physicists in the analysis and presentation of their data. It provides interactive graphical presentation and statistical or mathematical analysis, working on objects familiar to physicists like histograms, event files (Ntuples), vectors, etc. Read more
  • PFlow
    PFlow is a graphical program developed to assist teaching the concepts of potential flow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Department of Ocean Engineering.
  • Potto GDC
    GDC is a utility to calculate compressible flow (Gas Dynamics Calculator). It provides calculations for isentropic, isothermal nozzle, isothermal, Fanno, Rayleigh flow etc. It also provide calculations for shock and oblique shock by direct calculations.
  • Pulsar
    Pulsar is for the generation and simulation of advanced RF pulses used nowadays in magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Regress Pro
    Regress Pro is scientific / industrial software that can be used to study experimental data coming from spectroscopic ellipsometers or reflectometers. The program has been developed mainly looking to the application of thin film measurement in semiconductor industry.
  • Rocket Propulsion Analysis
    (commercial) Rocket Propulsion Analysis (RPA) is a multi-platform rocket engine analysis tool for rocketry professionals, scientists, students and amateurs.
  • San Le's Free Computational Fluid Dynamics
    SLFCFD stands for San Le's Free Computational Fluid Dynamics. It is a package of scientific software and graphical user interfaces for use in computational fluid dynamics. It is written in ANSI C by San Le and distributed under the terms of the GNU license.
  • SatTrack
    (commercial) SatTrack is a real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program.
  • Slopefit
    Slopefit is a fast, easily scriptable, command line program to calculate slope parameters of particle momentum spectra.
    SODIUM places the required number of sodium ions around a system of electric charges, e.g., the atoms of a biological macromolecule (protein, DNA, protein/DNA complex).
  • Sparta
    Sparta stands for Simulation of Physics on A Real Time Architecture. The goal of the project is to develop specialized hardware in order to greatly accelerate physical modeling.
  • SpecTcl
    SpecTcl is a Tcl/Tk based histogrammer suitable for analysis of nuclear physics data. SpecTcl is relatively easy to learn, and is based on top of a very open C++ histogramming class framework. SpecTcl has been developed under NSF grant PHY-9528844.
  • Step
    Step is an interactive physics simulator. With Step you can not only learn but feel how physics works. You place some bodies on the scene, add some forces such as gravity or springs, then click "Simulate" and Step shows you how your scene will evolve according to the laws of physics. Read more
  • Thermo-Calc Classic
    (commercial) Thermo-Calc Classic is a powerful software for thermodynamic calculations in multicomponent systems. It is widely used for calculations of: Phase diagrams, Thermochemical data such as enthalpies, heat capacity, and activities, Solidification simulations with the Scheil-Gulliver model, Pourbaix diagrams, and more.
  • ThSim
    ThSim is a simulator for thermal conduction in solid material. Uses SPICE for calculations and wxWindows for providing Windows and Linux GUI.
  • Transcalc
    Transcalc is an analysis and synthesis tool for calculating the electrical and physical properties of different kinds of RF and microwave transmission lines. Transcalc was somewhat inspired by the functionality of Agilent Technologies' commercial program linecalc. Transcalc aspires to be more functional in the long run and well-documented with appropriate references to formulas that are used.
    A geostatistical uncertainty analysis package applied to groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling
  • vp7wkp
    vp7wkp is a GTK application which simulates a laboratory experiment with radioactive nuclei.
  • VSim
    (commercial) VSim is a flexible, multiplatform, Particle-in-Cell (PIC) simulation tool for running computationally intensive plasma, electromagnetic and electrostatic problems. VSim enables you to switch easily between 1, 2, or 3 dimensions then watch your model run lightning fast using algorithms designed for the exacting demands. of high performance computing systems, whether on your laptop or supercomputing cluster.
    Viscous Upwind ALgorithm for Complex Flow ANalysis: a turbulent, non-equilibrium, finite-rate chemical kinetics, Navier-Stokes flow solver for structured, cell-centered, multi-block grids
  • Wat2ions
    Wat2ions is complementary to DelPhi, the renowned solver of the Poisson-Boltzmann equation. The electrostatic potential map, pre-computed by DelPhi, is used to replace a certain number of water molecules of the bath, surrounding a solvated macromolecule, with ions.
  • wgms3d
    wgms3d is a full-vectorial electromagnetic waveguide mode solver. It computes the modes of dielectric waveguides at a specified wavelength using a second-order finite-difference method.
    WIAS-TeSCA (Two- and three-dimensional semiconductor analysis package) is a program system for the numerical simulation of charge transfer processes in semiconductor structures, especially also in semiconductor lasers. It is based on the drift-diffusion model and considers a multitude of additional physical effects, like optical radiation, temperature influences and the kinetics of deep (trapped) impurities.
  • xloops-GiNaC
    xloops-GiNaC is a partial re-implementation of the original XLOOPS program based on the GiNaC C++ library for symbolic computation.

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