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6 Excellent Open Source Google Drive Clients
Google Drive is a very popular cloud storage service. Files can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. Keeping your files in Google Drive means that you can access them from just about anywhere on all your devices.

(Read more)
The Player Project
The Player Project creates Free Software that enables research in robot and sensor systems. The Player robot server is a widely used robot control interface in the world. Its simulation backends, Stage and Gazebo, are also very widely used. Read more


    a suite of application programs for the analysis, display, and diagnosis of meteorological data. Integrated data decoders allow ingestion of data sets available from the Unidata IDD data streams. Text-based and graphical user interfaces (GUIs) provide comprehensive data access
  • Generic Mapping Tools
    Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) is a free, public-domain collection of about 60 UNIX tools that allow users to manipulate (x,y) and (x,y,z) data sets (including filtering, trend fitting, gridding, projecting, etc.) and produce Encapsulated PostScript File (EPS) illustrations ranging from simple x-y plots through contour maps to artificially illuminated surfaces and 3-D perspective views in black and white, gray tone, hachure patterns, and 24-bit color. GMT supports 25 common map projections plus linear, log, and power scaling, and comes with support data such as coastlines, rivers, and political boundaries. Read more
  • GeoQO
    GeoQO is a waypoint, geocaching, and waymarking database. It is extremely fast and offers a wide variety of utilities for manipulating waypoints. Though designed for geocaching and waymarking, it should be usable for any waypoint management. It is highly extensible; writing new import, export, search, display, and other plugins is easy to do.
  • GEOS
    a C++ port of the Java Topology Suite (JTS). As such, it aims to contain the complete functionality of JTS in C++. This includes all the OpenGIS "Simple Features for SQL" spatial predicate functions and spatial operators, as well as specific JTS topology functions such as IsValid()
  • GeoTIFF Viewer
    GeoTIFF Viewer is a simple viewer for GeoTIFF files, which are georeferenced raster images, typically used for maps.
  • GeoZoneDB
    GeoZoneDB is an open source project to load geozone data into sql files, ready to download if you don't want to lose time.
  • Global Paths Matching
    Global Paths Matching is an implementation of the global paths graph matching algorithm proposed by Maue and Sanders in "Engineering Algorithms for Approximate Weighted Matching" (WEA'07).
  • GNomEx
    GNomEx (Genomic LIMS and Data Repository) is an open-source genomics LIMS and analysis project center for organizing, annotating, tracking, and distributing raw genomic data and associated downstream analysis. Read more
    analyses IGC flight data from GNSS flight data recorders used by glider pilots
  • GrADS
    The Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS) is an interactive desktop tool that is used for easy access, manipulation, and visualization of earth science data. The format of the data may be either binary, GRIB, NetCDF, or HDF-SDS (Scientific Data Sets). Read more
    Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (GRASS) is a Geographic Information System (GIS) used for geospatial data management and analysis, image processing, graphics/maps production, spatial modeling, and visualization. Read more
  • Grenouille
    Grenouille is an online service for weather data. All data can be obtained in JSON and displayed on a map. The Web application is based on Flask and uses PostgreSQL. It can be deployed on Heroku.
  • GSEGYView
    GSEGYView is a viewer for seismic data in SEG-Y format, its modifications, and many other related formats aimed to store either petroleum exploration data or seismology data. GSEGYView features graphics hardware acceleration via OpenGL for seismic data rendering, wiggle, variable area and variable density seismic traces representation, two-level sorting of seismic traces by arbitratry keys in trace headers, multiple windows for multiple files with separate display parameters, easy seismic section navigation and zoom with mouse wheel support, and more.
  • GTO
    GTO is a file format and set of utilities developed by Tweak for the storage of geometric data. It boasts a small file size and versatility that make it ideal for animation, modeling, particle dynamics, and 3D paint. GTO is released under the LGPL, and is our main method of data transfer with other studios using our software.
  • Gwyddion
    a modular programme for SPM data analysis. Primarily it is supposed to be used for analysis of height fields obtained by means of scanning probe microscopy techniques (AFM, MFM, STM, NSOM), but generally it can be used for any other height field analysis or image analysis
  • h5utils
    a set of utilities for visualization and conversion of scientific data in the free, portable HDF5 format
  • HantekDSO
    HantekDSO is USB oscilloscope software for Hantek/Voltcraft/Darkwire/Protek/Acetech/etc. DSO-2090/2150/2250/5200A/etc. oscilloscopes.
  • Harmgen
    used to derive harmonic constants (needed by XTide to predict tides) from raw water level observations.
  • Harminv
    a free program (and accompanying library) to solve the problem of harmonic inversion ? given a discrete-time, finite-length signal that consists of a sum of finitely-many sinusoids (possibly exponentially decaying) in a given bandwidth, it determines the frequencies, decay constants, amplitudes, and phases of those sinusoids
  • hdate
    a system tray application that display the moon phases and the Hijri dates. It is a fully open-source software under the terms of the GNU General Public License
  • HDF
    The HDF project involves the development and support of software and file formats for scientific data management. The HDF software includes I/O libraries and tools for analyzing, visualizing, and converting scientific data.
  • hiercat
    hiercat is an automatic text classifier which uses the hierarchical structure of class labels to improve classification performance.
  • Ikaros Simulation Framework
    The goal of this project is to develop an open infrastructure for system level modeling of the brain including databases of experimental data, computational models and functional brain data.
  • is an application that allows georeferencing of an image. Georeferencing an image is the act of adding some properties to the image in order to manipulate it later in a cartography enabled application.
  • Intocham
    Intocham takes an InsightII .car file as an input and, using the atom type information and atom-atom distances generates a full suite of topology, parameter and coordinate files for either Charmm, Amber or Moil.
  • iPDC
    iPDC is a Phasor Data Concentrator that collects data from PMUs and PDC/iPDC that are compliant with the IEEEC37.118 Synchrophasors standard.
  • JSBSim Flight Dynamics Model
    an open source flight dynamics model (FDM) that compiles and runs under many operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, IRIX, Cygwin (Unix on Windows), etc. The FDM is essentially the physics/math model that defines the movement of an aircraft under the forces and moments applied to it using the various control mechanisms and from the forces of nature. JSBSim has no native graphics
  • KeLP
    Kernel Lattice Parallelism is a framework for implementing portable scientific applications on distributed memory parallel computers
  • krot
    for the display and analysis of HRLIF spectra. Features calculation of spectra including centrifugal distortion, torsion-rotation interactions, axis reorientation
    LEKSBOT is an explanatory dictionary of botanic and biological terms. Curently it contains about 1500 terms but the number is growing up and will cover other sciences relative with biology (entomology, etc.).
  • LigBuilder
    a multiple-purposed program written for structure-based drug design procedure
  • LK
    LK is a free and Open Source(tm) implementation of the Lin-Kernighan heuristic for the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) and the minimum weight perfect matching problem.
  • Logic Reasoner
    Logic Reasoner is a theorem prover for first-order logic with equality. The main objective leading the development of Logic Reasoner has been the creation of a flexible architecture: in particular, the program has been designed as a generic infrastructure for theorem proving, which forms the basis for a collection of specific proving techniques. These techniques can be easily combined or replaced to create configurations with different properties.
  • Madagascar
    Madagascar (formerly known as RSF) is a software package for geophysical data processing and reproducible numerical experiments. Its mission is to provide a convenient and powerful environment and a convenient technology transfer tool for researchers working with digital image and data processing. The technology developed using the Madagascar project management system is transferred in the form of recorded processing histories, which become "computational recipes" to be verified, exchanged, and modified by users of the system.
  • MatDCD
    a Matlab package for DCD reading/writing
  • Merkaartor
    Merkaartor is an openstreetmap mapping program. Merkaartor focuses on providing a visually pleasing but performant editing environment for free geographical data.
  • Metro
    Metro is a tool designed to evaluate the difference between two triangular meshes. Metro adopts an approximated approach based on surface sampling and point-to-surface distance computation. The tool has been widely used in the surface simplification research community.
  • MeVisLab
    MeVisLab, the successor of the image processing environment ILAB4, represents a platform for image processing research and development with a focus on medical imaging. It allows fast integration and testing of new algorithms and the development of application prototypes that can be used in clinical environments. Beside general image processing algorithms and visualization tools, MeVisLab includes advanced medical imaging modules for segmentation, registration, volumetry, and quantitative morphological and functional analysis.
  • Mindy
    a very simple, serial molecular dynamics program derived from NAMD source code. It currently uses xplor parameter and structure files
  • MMap
    MMap is a GTK2 map viewer. It supports Blue Marble, Land Sat 7, Watchizu, SRTM. You can show a part of World Wind data with OpenGL 3D graphics.
  • Mokka
    Mokka (MOtion Kinematics and Kinetics Analyzer) is a software solution for analyzing biomechanical data. It reads and writes C3D files and many other file formats, and allows you to visualize marker trajectories in 2D and 3D, and force platforms, segments, joint angles, forces, moments, and analog signals like EMGs.
    a pre- and post processing program of molecular and electronic structure
  • Mole
    Mole (Mobile Organic Localization Engine) provides room-level geoposition estimates using existing WiFi infrastructure.
  • mozCellML
    mozCellML is a Mozilla based CellML tool. It can be used to edit boundary conditions, integrate models (using a Runge- Kutta method), and fit parameters to models (using Levenberg-Marquardt). It supports both CellML 1.0 and CellML 1.1 documents.
  • MSMS
    Michel Sanner's Molecular Surface: allows to compute very efficiently triangulations of Solvent Excluded Surfaces
  • Multipurpose Versatile Test Harness
    Multipurpose Versatile Test Harness (MVTH) is a rapid prototyping and testing platform designed for computer vision algorithms. It benefits from the speed and low-level control of the C language while allowing for iterative tweaking and visualization during a running session (similar to Matlab). The end result is a core infrastructure that supports plugins and allows the rapid testing of ideas and comparisons of incremental improvements with results generated during previous plugin reloads.
  • mumpot
    mumpot is an application for viewing, simple editing, and routing of OpenStreetMap data. It loads the tiles@home and mapnik tiles, can print the maps at some fixed scales, and has some tools for route planning. Without OSM vector data, lines can be drawn onto the map; with vector data, real shortest paths searches can be done. The route can also be calculated from the current position. OSM vector data can be loaded to do routing and editing tags. Some live editing is possible under good GPS conditions.
  • myBeasties
    myBeasties is a highly flexible evolutionary programming module. It is designed to be extendable and customisable for maximum use by the discerning Perl hacker. Phenotypes can be anything: simple binary strings, or whole classes of objects and methods.
  • Nano-Hive
    a modular simulator used for modeling the physical world at a nanometer scale. The intended purpose of the simulator is to act as a tool for the study, experimentation, and development of nanotech entities
  • is an implementation of Nagel-Schreckenberg vehicular traffic automaton.

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