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Grasp PL/SQL/pgSQL Programming with Free Books
Structured Query Language (SQL) is a specialized programming language originally developed by IBM in the early 1970s. The language is designed specifically for accessing and manipulating data held in a relational database management system (RDBMS).

(Read more)
Pingus is a free Lemmings clone. The complete project is available and licensed under the GPL. Pingus uses ClanLib as its GFX/Sound library, so it will be playable in both X and Console (640x480). Its a puzzle game developed in 1991 by DMA Design. The player takes command in the game of a bunch of small animals and has to guide them around in levels. Since the animals walk on their own, the player can only influence them by giving them commands, like build a bridge, dig a hole or redirect all animals in the other direction. Read more


  • FriBidi
    a free Implementation of the Unicode BiDi algorithm
  • ftdi_eeprom
    a library (using libusb) to talk to FTDI's FT232BM and FT245BM type chips including the popular bitbang mode
  • Fuzzy sets for Ada
    Fuzzy sets for Ada is a library providing implementations of confidence factors with the operations not, and, or, xor, +, and *, classical fuzzy sets with the set-theoretic operations and the operations of the possibility theory, intuitionistic fuzzy sets with the operations on them, fuzzy logic based on the intuitionistic fuzzy sets and the possibility theory; fuzzy numbers, both integer and floating-point with conventional arithmetical operations, and linguistic variables and sets of linguistic variables with operations on them. String-oriented I/O is supported.
  • Gano
    This project provides Guile bindings for libraries that do text processing.
  • GD-Sharp
    a .NET wrapper for the GD Library, developed with mono for Linux and Windows. It is written in C# and it uses GD 2.x
  • GenePool
    GenePool is a small representation-agnostic framework for writing evolutionary algorithms in OCaml.
  • General Package/Module Interface
    General Package/Module Interface is a lightweight library to help modularizing applications. It also supports more script languages trough an unified interface.
  • gettext
    a set of tools that provides a framework to help other GNU packages produce multi-lingual messages.These tools include a set of conventions about how programs should be written to support message catalogs, a directory and file naming organization for the message catalogs themselves, a runtime library supporting the retrieval of translated messages, and a few stand-alone programs to massage in various ways the sets of translatable strings, or already translated strings
  • gjrand
    gjrand is for pseudo-random numbers. It includes random number generator testing code and is intended for simulation, games, and "Monte-Carlo" algorithms. It produces pseudo-random numbers of the types: uniform integers, uniform reals, normally distributed reals, binomial, Poisson, integer permutation, chi-squared distribution, and spherical distribution.
  • Glibc
    (ftp only) this package containns the most important sets of shared libraries, the standard C library and the standard math library
  • glibc-audit
    glibc-audit is a modified version of glibc for application developers who check their code with an automatic memory access checker such as Purify, Insure++, or valgrind.
  • gltk
    gltk is a C++ Widget library built on GLUT.
    a GTK+ front end for the mcal library
  • gNewt
    a GTK+ based newt-compatible library
  • GNUstepWeb
    GNUstepWeb is a library which was designed to be compatible with WebObjects 4.x (developed by NeXT (now Apple) Inc.). This library is a logic extension of the GNUstep project.
  • GtkAda contributions
    The library is a contribution to GtkAda, an Ada bindings to GTK+ toolkit. It deals with the following issues: tasking support; custom models for tree view widget; custom cell renderers for tree view widget; multi-columned derived model; an extension derived model (to add columns to an existing model); an abstract caching model for directory-like data; tree view and list view widgets for navigational browsing of abstract caching models; file system navigation widgets with wildcard filtering; resource styles; capturing the resources of a widget; embeddable images; some missing sub-programs and bugfixes; a measurement unit selection widget and dialogs; an improved hue-luminance-saturation color model; simplified image buttons and buttons customizable by style properties; controlled Ada types for GTK+ strong and weak references; and a simplified means to create lists of strings.
  • GTL
    GTL, the Graph Template Library GTL can be seen as an extension of the Standard Template Library STL to graphs and fundamental graph algorithms.
  • GvGen
    GvGen is a Python class to generate dot files to use with graphviz. You simply create your nodes, connect them together, set your parents, and apply graphviz properties, styles, default styles, etc. to produce a graphviz dot file for input with dot or neato.
  • Gwenhywfar
    a multi-purpose library that provides useful functions such as configuration file handling, a full featured message generation and parsing engine, and an operating system abstraction layer
  • Gzstream
    Gzstream is a small C++ library, basically just a wrapper, that provides the functionality of the zlib C-library in a C++ iostream. It is freely available under the LGPL license.
  • Hachoir
    Hachoir is a Python library which can display a stream of binary data on a field per field basis. A field is the most basic information: a number, a string of characters, a flag (yes/no), etc. Only supported formats can be opened, it's not a magic tool. It can be used to extract some informations (eg. metadatas), edit some fields of a file without original program, or convert a file from a format to another.
  • Hasard
    Hasard is a pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) library. It includes multiple engines (algorithms).
  • hfloat
    huge float - a library package (coming as C++ code) for calculations with floating point numbers of extreme precision. hfloat utilises the FFT multiplicationtechnique.
  • high-resolution-timer
    high-resolution-timer is a LGLP licensed, C library with Java and C++ wrappers to implement high resolution timers. The library exploits the system dependent clocks/timers and provides a timer like (start, stop, diff) interface for the same. The client code, need not be aware of the system specifics for using the library.
  • HLA Standard Library
    HLA Standard Library is the assembly-written library for Randall Hyde's HLA (High Level Assembly) language.
  • Hotpatch
    Hotpatch is a library that can be used to dynamically load a shared library (.so) file on Linux from one process into another already running process without affecting the execution of the target process.
  • htable
    htable is a lightweight implementation of hash tables in C, greatly inspired by the implementations of spray and red-black trees found in *BSD kernels.
  • hush
    the hush library and toolkit is an effort to merge the best of multiple worlds, to combine the flexibility of script languages with the efficiency androbustness of C++
  • icclib
    International Color Consortium (ICC) Format profile I/O library: provides access functions that allow reading, writing and color conversion using ICC V3.4 format color profiles
  • Icomlib
    Icomlib is a C++ API for application development for the Icom PCR-1000 Communications Receiver.
  • idioskopos
    idioskopos is a C++ library that attempts to simplify the addition of object reflection and introspection. The idioskopos library is based heavily on the approach taken in Gtkmm to wrap the gobject interface. However, it is a standalone library and depends only on libsigc++ and boost.
  • Imlib
    an advanced replacement library for libraries like libXpm that provides many more features with much greater flexability and speed
  • imread
    imread is a simple library which reads and saves images from disk to and from numpy arrays.
  • inetlib
    a library for writing irc bots and clients for linux, write in C. This library simplifies the tasks of writing irc applications. A small ircbot that uses all the features of the library is included with the source
  • interpcom
    a command interpreter library in C that can be used to build scientific applications. It is very easy to add new commands. The library contains an expression evaluator that can be used to parse the arguments of the commands. It is possible to define
  • Interval arithmetic for Ada
    The library provides an implementation of intervals for Ada. It includes arithmetic and relational operations.
  • isort
    isort is a Python utility / library to sort Python imports.
  • jallib
    The Jallib project holds a set of generic, PIC-independent jal libraries compatible with the jalv2 compiler. The aim of this project is to centralize all the libraries people are writing all over the world, and provide standards for writing jal code, helping people to share code.
  • JAMlib
    a JAM messagebase access library
  • Janrain OpenID
    Janrain OpenID is a set of Python packages that support use of the OpenID decentralized identity system in your applications.
  • Journaled Files LIBrary
    Journaled Files LIBrary allows you to perform atomic transactions on standard system files: it supplies functions to commit and rollback (back-out) changes. Journaled files are normal system files you can browse and parse with standard tools: journal (log) stores all transactional info.
  • jPOS
    a Java-based ISO-8583/ANSI X9.2 implementation. It can be used to implement protocol conversion, monitoring, POS applications, issuer/acquirer financial interchanges, etc.
  • Judy
    a C library that provides a state-of-the-art core technology that implements a sparse dynamic array. Judy arrays are declared simply with a null pointer
  • KAutoConfig
    KAutoConfig is several classes that enables a developer to easily create a configure dialog for their applications. It automatically syncs GUI widgets values with values in the configuration file. It does this by looking for keys and widgets that have the same name.
  • Kazlib
    Kazlib is a package of three reusable software modules that provide some frequently-needed functionality. There is a dictionary module based on red-black trees, a hashing module capable of managing hash tables that grow automatically, and a comprehensive module for managing linked lists.
  • KeyValue
    KeyValue is a cross-platform library for making C++ objects accessible through OpenOffice Calc, Excel, and other front-ends.
  • Kiss FFT
    A Fast Fourier Transform based up on the principle, "Keep It Simple, Stupid." Kiss FFT is a very small, reasonably efficient, mixed radix FFT library that can use either fixed or floating point data types.

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