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 · First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
 · Ubuntu MATE 15.04 for Raspberry Pi 2
 · MIPS Creator CI20 v Raspberry Pi 2
 · Raspberry Pi 2: Raspbian (ARMv6) v Linaro (ARMv7)
 · Raspberry Pi 2 review
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First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
OpenELEC uses very little system resources for processor or memory. There's no need to use any special customization tips to get good performance with the RPi2. There's also no need to overclock the machine, reduce the resolution of videos, or use a different skin (although I really like the Amber skin).

(Read more)
Mandriva Linux
Mandriva Linux, formerly known as Mandrake Linux, is a friendly Linux Operating System which specializes in ease-of-use for both servers and the home/office. It is freely available in many languages throughout the world. The Mandriva Linux PowerPack contains more than 2300 high-quality applications including a complete Office Suite of programs, plus installation support, for a cost of approximately 10 times less than the equivalent Microsoft Windows + MS Office cost, which comes without any technical support. Read more


  • MTasker
    a two-file C++ library designed to support very simple cooperative multitasking to facilitate writing code that would ordinarily require a statemachine
  • NConfig
    designed to mimic and extend the Windows Registry system
  • Next Generation POSIX Threading
    a derivative of the excellent package GNU Pth. The goal of this project is to attempt to solve the problems associated with the use of the pthreads library on Linux
  • oRTP
    oRTP is a Real Time Protocol stack library under LGPL. Implement the RFC1889 (RTP) with a easy to use API with high and low level access and includes support for multiples profiles, AV profile (RFC1890) being the one by default.
  • oSIP
    oSIP is an free implementation of SIP: the Session Initiation Protocol. oSIP aims to provide the "multimedia/telephony/telecom" developers an easy and porwerful interface to control IP phones and multimedia applications.
  • parapin
    a Parallel Port Pin Programming Library for Linux
  • Protothreads
    extremely lightweight, stackless threads designed for severly memory constrained systems such as deeply embedded systems or sensor network nodes. Protothreads provides linear code execution for event-driven systems implemented in C
  • Quarks Distributed Shared Memory System
    a library developed by the University of Utah and the Computer Systems Labratory which allows multiple computers on a network to run programs designed for shared memory multiprocessors
  • Remote Python Call
    RPyC, or Remote Python Call, is a library for transparent, symmetrical, distributed computing for python. It is good for distributed testing (running centralized tests on many machines/platforms), distribution of workload with centralized control, and remote administration.
  • Shmap
    a simple hashmap library. The difference is, that it uses only shared memory to store its values
  • sigsafe
    a C library for safely, reliably, and promptly handling signals delivered to specific threads without significant overhead. This is a common and challenging problem, and sigsafe can help
  • spprocpool
    spprocpool is a Unix/Linux process worker pool library. It can been used in a multi-threading environment.
  • spThread
    spThread is a simple thread management control library, designed to provide a cross platform-consistent api for thread use.
  • ssthreads
    implements the pthreads priority avoidance protocols. It also allows the use of any thread function from a signal handler.
  • State Threads
    a small application library which provides a foundation for writing fast and highly scalable Internet applications (such as web servers, proxy servers, mail transfer agents, and so on) on UNIX-like platforms
  • TPIE
    a software environment (written in C++) that facilitates the implementation of external memory algorithms. The goal of theoretical work in the area of external memory algorithms (also called I/O algorithms or out-of-core algorithms) has been to develop algorithms that minimize the Input/Output communication (or just I/O) performed when solving problems on very large data sets
  • uClibc
    a C library for embedded Linux systems. It is much smaller then the GNU C Library, but nearly all applications supported by glibc also work perfectly with uClibc
  • Vmaps
    to access memory provided by mmap() as an array in Python

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