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Fun to Play Open Source Real-Time Strategy Games Fight for Glory
RTS games have a large fan base since their inception. This game genre requires cunning, creativity, and the ability to devise innovative strategies to usurp your opponents. Some of the best known proprietary RTS series are Warcraft, Starcraft, Command & Conquer, and Age of Empires.

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a self contained application bundle of the GNU Image Manipulation Program for OS X


  • libmng
    the reference library for MNG, the animation extension to the popular PNG format. It provides powerful animation features combined with PNG's robustness and patent freedom
  • libmplot
    libmplot is for drawing graphics primitives such as lines and text into a bitmap.
  • libmsvg
    libmsvg is a work in progress for making a minimal and generic library for read and write SVG files.
  • libpcg
    libpcg is a small library for procedural content generation, containing some useful algorithms that can be used to generate textures, and demos using these algorithms. Processor-specific optimization is provided by liboil.
  • libpicinfo
    libpicinfo is a C++ library for reading auxiliary information from images. it currently supports TIFF, JPEG and Canon RAW files (CR2).
  • libplot
    a library for drawing graphics primitives such as lines and text into a bitmap.
  • libpng
    the official PNG reference library. It supports almost all PNG features, is extensible, and has been extensively tested for over five years
  • libprngwrap
    libprngwrap is a preload-library (so that it doesn't require any changes to the software it alters) which replaces the libc rand() random() and *rand48() calls by code that gets data from /dev/urandom. This might be a little bit more secure.
  • libptp
    a Picture Transfer Protocol support library. It is used for downloading images from PTP camera
  • libptp2
    A library used to communicate with PTP devices like still imaging cameras or MP3 players (KODAK mc3). You can download files or tweak camera properties using ptpcam program boundled with libptp2.
  • libQGLViewer
    an open source C++ library which enables you to quickly start the development of a new 3D application. It is designed for 3D developers, who can very easily display and move around a 3D scene by simply providing the orders that define their 3D geometry. The viewer is designed to be as general as possible and is not designed for a specific 3D application
  • LibRaw
    LibRaw is a library for reading RAW files obtained from digital photo cameras (CRW/CR2, NEF, RAF, DNG, and others).
  • LibRaw-demosaic-pack-GPL2
    LibRaw-demosaic-pack-GPL2 is a set of additional demosaic and noise reduction algorithms for LibRaw.
  • libRSVG
    librsvg is a component used within software applications to enable support for SVG-format scalable graphics. In contrast to raster formats, scalable vector graphics provide users and artists a way to create, view, and provide imagery that is not limited to the pixel or dot density that an output device is capable of.
  • libsvm
    a simplification of both SMO by Platt and SVMLight by Joachims
  • libtiff
    libtiff provides support for the Tag Image File Format (TIFF), a widely used format for storing image data. The library, along with associated tool programs, should handle most of your needs for reading and writing TIFF images on 32- and 64-bit machines. This software can also be used on older 16-bit systems though it may require some effort and you may need to leave out some of the compression support.
  • libv3d
    used by third party applications to read and write .v3d model files
  • libVISCA
    libVISCA is a library for controlling a VISCA compliant camera through the RS232 port of your PC. VISCA, on its side, is a protocol developed by Sony so that a lot of machine vision cameras from Sony are compliant with VISCA.
  • libwmf
    libwmf is a library to convert Microsoft's WMF file format to something useful, currently bindings exist to convert them to onscreen X graphics and to the gif format.
  • libXbgi
    libXbgi is a compatibility library that aids in porting old programs written for Turbo/Borland C to X11, on Linux and other Unix-like systems.
  • libxmi
    a C/C++ function library for rasterizing 2-D vector graphics. It can draw 2-D graphical primitives, including wide polygonal lines and circular and elliptical arcs, into a user-supplied matrix of pixels. Sophisticated line styles, such as multicolored dashing patterns, can be specified. There is also support for filling and texturing polygons
  • LiquidFun
    LiquidFun is a 2D rigid-body and fluid simulation C++ library for games based upon Box2D. It provides support for procedural animation of physical bodies to make objects move and interact in realistic ways.
  • Lire
    The LIRE (Lucene Image REtrieval) library a simple way to create a Lucene index of image features for content based image retrieval (CBIR). The used features are taken from the MPEG-7 Standard: ScalableColor, ColorLayout and EdgeHistogram. Furthermore methods for searching the index are provided.
  • livarot
    a collection of C++ classes (added a C version of the polygon stuff) dealing with paths, and polygons: filling, stroking, rasterizing, boolean operations, insets, offsets, anti-aliasing. Also classes to compute voronoi diagrams of sets of points
  • Mahotas
    Mahotas is an image processing library for Python. It includes a couple of algorithms implemented in C++ for speed while operating in numpy arrays.
  • MegaWave2
    MegaWave2 is a free Unix software environment which helps writing algorithms on image processing.
  • Mesa
    a 3-D graphics library with an API which is very similar to that of OpenGL.* To the extent that Mesa utilizes the OpenGL command syntax or state machine, it is being used with authorization from Silicon Graphics, Inc(SGI).
  • MGRX
    MGRX is a 2D graphics library derived from GRX.
  • Minimal OpenGL Utility Library
    Minimal OpenGL Utility Library (MOGUL) is a library similar to GLUT, only with fewer features. It lets you write window-system-independent OpenGL programs with even fewer lines of code than GLUT. It currently supports X11 and Win32.
  • Mowitz
    to create a library of widgets for X applications to use. The widgets have been snarfed from various sources and are all open source
    supplies an interface between the fonts on your system and an OpenGL or Mesa application. It uses the excellent FreeType library to read font faces from their files and renders text strings as OpenGL primitives
  • Open CASCADE
    reusable C++ object libraries for producing all types of domain-specific graphic modeling applications
  • OpenCSG
    a library that does image-based CSG rendering using OpenGL. OpenCSG is written in C++ and supports most modern graphics hardware using Microsoft Windows or the Linux operating systemhisticated stenciling and z- buffer operations.
  • OpenEV
    OpenEV is a library and reference application for viewing and analysing raster and vector geospatial data.
  • OpenGUI
    OpenGUI is a very fast multi-platform 32-bit graphics library for MS-DOS (DPMI client), QNX and Linux. It can be used to create graphics applications and games for these Operating Systems.
  • OpenIL
    Open Image Library: designed to load, manipulate, convert, save, and display images in a variety of formats
  • openModeller
    a spatial distribution modelling library, providing a uniform method for modelling distribution patterns using a variety of modelling algorithms. openModeller can be used via programatic interfaces, including SOAP and SWIG-python, as well as via a user friendly desktop grapical user interface and a GIS plugin
  • ORFEO Toolbox
    Orfeo Toolbox (OTB) is a high resolution remote sensing image processing library. It contains a set of algorithmic components which allow the user to capitalize on methodological know how, and therefore use an incremental approach to profit from the results of methodological research. OTB is made of a set of basic elements (a C++ class API) and utilities (independent programs built upon the base API).
  • PaintLib
    a small but useful graphic c++ library. It's designed to help developers in graphic programming under Qt , by providing cool functions like gradients, antialias on graphics primitives and text, alpha channel support
  • Panda
    Panda is a GPL'ed PDF generation library.
  • Papyrus
    Papyrus is a 2d C++ scenegraph library that utilizes the cairo library to perform drawing operations. In this respect, it is similar to the Gnome::Canvas library. The initial implementation focuses on function over form, and as a result it should not be considered an optimized run-time library (but it does run 'reasonably' well).
    a Fortran- or C-callable, device-independent graphics package for making simple scientific graphs. It is intended for making graphical images of publication quality with minimum effort on the part of the user
  • PHPGraphs
    a set of graphing classes for php. These classes are used to generate png images of a variety of graph types. The basic graph types include LineGraph, BarGraph, and TimeSeriesGraph
  • Picasso
    Picasso is a high quality vector graphic rendering library based on AGG. It supports path, matrix , gradient, pattern, image and TrueType font.
  • Pixane
    Pixane is an image processing library for Tcl that allows the scripting of all kind of image transformations. It supports reading from and writing to a large set of file formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WBMP, etc) and provides anti-aliased text rendering and a set of built-in fonts. It doesn't requires Tk, so it can be used to easily generate images dynamically from CGI. Binaries are provided for many platforms as dynamic libraries with no external dependencies for easy deployment. It is also a core component of the eTcl distribution.
  • Pixman
    Pixman is a pixel-manipulation library for X and Cairo.
  • Plush
    Plush is a portable renderer that can render 3D images in real time.
  • PonG
    PonG is a library for creating configuration dialogs. It uses an XML file which describes the configuration dialog and the gconf keys that should be used.
  • poppler
    Poppler is a PDF rendering library derived from xpdf. It has been enhanced to utilize modern libraries such as freetype and cairo for better rendering. It also provides basic command line utilities.
  • PSD.rb
    PSD.rb is a general purpose Photoshop file parser written in Ruby. It allows you to work with a Photoshop document in a manageable tree structure.

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