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Success! Beelink S1 Running Linux Courtesy of the Open Source Community
From limited testing, the Beelink S1 functions as an excellent, inexpensive Linux-based mini PC. The quad-core Celeron processor is more than capable of handling most desktop tasks. The Intel GD Graphics 500 video performs competently.

(Read more)
Scrollout F1
Scrollout F1 is an easy to use, highly configurable email firewall (gateway) for multiple domains and servers. Read more


  • AA-lib
    a portable ascii art GFX library
  • AdaOpenGL
    an Ada-binding to OpenGL that aims at providing the latest OpenGL features in a collection of Ada packages
  • Animal
    an IMAging Library written in C. It reads/writes images in over 80 formats, and is intended to provide the maximum functionality by making usage of other existing image processing libraries
  • antioch
    antioch is a highly-customizable, scalable game server for creating virtual worlds.
  • Apprentice
    an OpenInventor 2.x pure C++ emulation library for reading, modifying and displaying '.iv' and '.wrl' files
  • ATOFont
    ATOFont is a small library used to draw very simple and fast user definable 2D raster fonts. When VSOFont feels too ugly, try out ATOFont.
  • Automatic Drawing Generation
    Automatic Drawing Generation is GObject-based library that provides a non-interactive Cairo canvas specifically designed for generating technical drawings.
  • BazAR
    Bazar is a computer vision library based on feature points detection and matching. In particular, it is able to quickly detect and register known planar objects in images.
  • BitMagic C++ library
    a C++ library designed and developed to implement efficient platform independent bitsets
  • Blend2D
    Blend2D is a next generation 2D vector graphics engine written in C++. It features a built-in JIT compiler that generates high performance 2D pipelines at runtime, which are much faster than static pipelines used in today's 2D engines
  • Bokeh
    Bokeh is a Python library for interactive visualizations, plots and dashboards in web browsers. It provides unique rendering recipes and capabilities for large and streaming data sets.
  • Cairo
    Cairo is a vector graphics library with cross-device output support. Currently supported output targets include the X Window System, in-memory image buffers, and PostScript. An OpenGL backend is in progress, and PDF file output is planned.
  • cal3d
    cal3d is a skeletal based 3d character animation library written in C++ in a platform-/graphic API-independent way.
  • CGAL
    a collaborative effort to develop a robust, easy to use, and efficient C++ software library of geometric data structures and algorithms
  • ChartPak
    The goal of this project is to provide an easy-to-use library for dynamically generating statistical and financial charts for the Web. It will include a variety of common chart types (pie charts, bar charts, etc.), and may eventually provide support for more specialized types of graphics.
  • ClibPDF
    ClibPDF is a library of ANSI C functions, distributed as source code, for creating PDF (Acrobat) files directly via C language programs without relying on any Adobe Acrobat tools and related products. It is free for private, non-profit use, but a commercial license is required for for-profit applications.
  • CMVision
    CMVision is a real-time color classification and segmentation library which can track up to 32 colors at approximately 4,000,000 pixels/sec on a 200MHz machine.
  • Coin
    Coin is a multiplatform, open source C++ class library / toolkit for 3D model retainment, OpenGL rendering, and manipulation. The API is based on the Open Inventor API.
  • CoinXtension
    The CoinXtension library is a small extension to the easy-to-use "Coin 3D" graphics framework. It offers some additional operators for the existing data types in Coin 3D, but more importantly it extends the linear algebra capabilities of the original framework by adding the new SbXtMatrix3d data typ. This offers such useful routines as eigenvalues and QR-decomposition. It also provides a SbXtQuaternion class for quaternion representation.
  • Common Lisp Jpeg Library
    common Lisp JPEG Library implements JPEG lossy image compression/decompression routines in ANSI Common Lisp
  • Developer's Image Library
    Developer's Image Library (DevIL) is a cross-platform image library utilizing a simple syntax to load, save, convert, manipulate, filter, and display a variety of images with ease. It is highly portable and has been ported to several platforms, including the Pocket PC.
  • DevIL
    Developer's Image Library is a cross-platform image library utilizing a simple syntax to load, save, convert, manipulate, filter, and display a variety of images with ease.
  • DIPlib
    DIPlib is a platform independent scientific image processing library written in C. It consists of a large number of functions for processing and analysing multi-dimensional image data. The library provides functions for performing transforms, filter operations, object generation, local structure analysis, object measurements and statistical analysis of images.
    DISLIN is a graphics library for displaying data as curves, bar graphs, pie charts, 3D-colour plots, surfaces, contours and maps.
  • Draco
    Draco is a library for compressing and decompressing 3D geometric meshes and point clouds. It is intended to improve the storage and transmission of 3D graphics.
  • DT Flickr
    DT Flickr is an automagically built Flickr API library for Python that uses JSON.
  • EasyBMP
    EasyBMP is a simple, cross-platform, open source (BSD) C++ library designed for easily reading, writing, and modifying Windows bitmap (BMP) image files. EasyBMP is intended to be cross-platform on both little-endian (e.g., x86, x86-64) and big-endian (e.g., IBM PowerPC, Sun Sparc) architectures.
  • Enesim
    Enesim is a flexible, extensible graphics framework.
  • Evas
    a canvas library, designed to work with the X Window System. It is designed to be able to take advantage of any graphics hardware or CPU processing power you may have, or to adjust for the lack of it
  • ExactImage
    ExactImage is a fast C++ image processing library. Unlike ImageMagick, it allows operation in several color spaces and bit depths natively, resulting in much lower memory and computational requirements. Some optimized algorithms operate in 1/20 of the time ImageMagick requires, and displaying large images can be as fast as 1/10 of the time the "display" program takes.
  • ExifTool
    ExifTool is a platform-independent Perl library plus a command line application for reading, writing, and editing meta-information in image, audio, and video files. It supports many different types of metadata including EXIF, GPS, IPTC, XMP, JFIF, GeoTIFF, ICC Profile, Photoshop IRB, FlashPix, AFCP, and ID3, as well as the maker notes of many digital cameras. Read more
  • Eyefi ImageModifier
    The Eyefi ImageModifier library is a high-level programming interface for describing and caching a series of image transformations which are applied to source images, typically for display on web pages.
  • ezxdisp
    ezxdisp is a simple graphics library that works on the X11 and Win32 platforms. The library has a small set of functions for drawing simple 2D/3D graphics.
  • FreeImage
    FreeImage is an Open Source library project for developers who would like to support popular graphics image formats like PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF and others as needed by today's multimedia applications. FreeImage is easy to use, fast, multithreading safe, compatible with all 32-bit versions of Windows, and cross-platform (works both with Linux and Mac OS X).
  • FxEngine
    FxEngine is a 3d graphics library that uses the glide API.
  • g2
    g2 is an easy to use, portable and powerful 2D graphics library. It provides a comprehensive set of functions for simultaneous generation of graphical output on different types of devices.
  • gd
    a graphics library for fast GIF creation
  • GDChart
    Fast, easy C lib for creating charts, graphs as GIF (web / CGI use) Bar, Line, Area, HiLoClose, Pie, Combo, 3D
  • GEF
    the goal of the GEF project is to build a graph editing library that can be used to construct many, high-quality graph editing applications
  • GEGL
    GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) is a data flow based image processing framework, providing floating point processing and non-destructive image processing capabilities to GNU Image Manipulation Program and other projects (imgflo, GNOME Photos, gcut, iconographer, ?)
  • GEGL
    GEGL (Generic Graphics Library) is a graph based image processing library written in C using gobject from glib for object orientation. GEGL is suitable for projects ranging from small one-off projects to interactive applications.
  • GeoTIFF
    represents an effort by over 160 different remote sensing, GIS, cartographic, and surveying related companies and organizations to establish a TIFF based interchange format for georeferenced raster imagery
  • gfxpoly
    gfxpoly is a library for doing geometric polygon operations (like polygon intersection, union, hidden surface removal, stroke to outline conversion, wind rule conversion etc)
  • GFXprim
    GFXprim is an open-source modular 2D bitmap graphics library with emphasis on speed and correctness. The goal of the library is to provide simple but powerful API for applications that needs to work with bitmap graphics.
  • giflib
    giflib is a library for rendering and generating GIF image files.
  • GLC_lib
    GLC_lib is a C++ class library that enables the quick creation of an OpenGL application based on QT4.
  • GLCL
    OpenGL Class Library: intented to be a set of C++ classes, available through static and dynamic libraries, that will allow the developer to create OpenGL applications using C++ quickly
  • glDesigner
    a gtk2-GUI to work with OpenGL-Objects. A part of this project is glInterpret which implements an interpreter for OpenGL. This project was started to be an interactive Tutorial for OpenGL
  • GLE
    GLE Tubing and Extrusion Library: a graphics application programming interface (API). The library consists of a number of "C" language subroutines for drawing tubing and extrusions
  • GLobs
    GLobs allows you to load and easily manipulate 3D objects using OpenGL and C++. The object and polygon classes are designed such that dealing with 3D objects of all kinds is smooth and simple whilst remaining powerful and intuitive. Released under the GPL.
  • Glt
    a library of C++ classes and routines for programming interactive 3D graphics with OpenGL. The aim of Glt is to augment the OpenGL API with convenient mechanisms for manipulating the OpenGL state machine. Glt makes OpenGL programming concise and tidy in C++
  • gltt
    a library that allows you to read and draw TrueType fonts in any OpenGL application
  • GLUI
    a GLUT-based C++ user interface library which provides controls such as buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, and spinners to OpenGL applications
  • GLUT
    the OpenGL Utility Toolkit, a window system independent toolkit for writing OpenGL programs
  • gluX
    gluX is a cross-platform easy-to-use OpenGL extension loader. It offers a very simple mechanism for loading and using OpenGL extensions. It allows your code to compile under Windows and Linux even if your video card doesn't support the OpenGL extensions used by your program.
  • GOBLIN Graph Library
    GOBLIN is a C++ class library focussed on graph optimization and network programming problems. It deals with all of the standard graph optimization problems discussed by textbooks and in courses on combinatorial optimization.
  • GRX
    a 2D graphics library originaly written by Csaba Biegl for DJ Delorie's DOS port of the GCC compiler
  • GTK ADI Library
    GTK ADI Library is a library containing GTK ADI widget. ADI stands from Advanced Document Interface. ADI is just another MDI (Multiple Document Interface) implementation. It contains a common MDI interface widget and several MDI representations - views.
  • Gtk Up
    a user interface library for C++, based on GTK+
  • GTS
    GNU Triangulated Surface Library. It is an Open Source Free Software Library intended to provide a set of useful functions to deal with 3D surfaces meshed with interconnected triangles
  • Hermes
    an optimized pixel format conversion library
  • Ilib
    Ilib is a library (and some tools and examples) written in C that can read, create, manipulate and save images. It is capable of using X11 BDF fonts for drawing text. (X11 BDF fonts are part of the UNIX-based X11 Windows System, original developed at MIT in the early 1990s.)
  • Imlib2
    a graphic library for file loading, saving, rendering, and manipulation
  • ImLib3D
    C++ library for 3D (volumetric) image processing. It contains (or will contain) most basic image processing algorithms, and some more sophisticated ones
  • IPA
    Image Processing Algorithms: a library of image processing operators and functions. IPA is based on the Prima toolkit, which in turn is a perl-based graphic library
  • JpGraph
    JpGraph is a fully OO graph library which makes it easy to both draw a "quick and dirty" graph with a minimum of code and quite complex graphs which requires a very fine grain of control.
  • KGL
    KGL is a wrapper library for tracing OpenGL calls.
  • Khayyam
    Khayyam is a program for composing 3D scenes. It can import character and scene models from most Illusion game formats, including animation, MD5, BSP, and (a subset of) Collada.
  • Lasem
    Lasem is a library for SVG and MathML rendering, implementing a DOM like API. It's based on GObject, and uses Pango and Cairo for the graphic output.
  • Lib3ds
    a free alternative to Autodesk's 3DS File Toolkit for handling 3DS files It's main goal is to simplify the creation of 3DS import and export filters
  • liba52
    a free library for decoding ATSC A/52 streams
  • libart
    for high-performance 2D graphics. It is currently being used as the antialiased rendering engine for the Gnome Canvas. It is also the rendering engine for Gill, the Gnome Illustration app
  • libBitvector
    implements arbitrary-sized vectors of zero and one flags (bit vectors or bit strings) that can be operated on with AND, OR, XOR, NOT, LSHIFT, and RSHIFT operators
  • libbsb
    a C library for the reading and writing of BSB format image files. Typically used for nautical charts, BSB image files use the .KAP extension and store cartographic information in addition to a run-length encoded raster image. libbsb is capable of recovering truncated or otherwise corrupted .kap files
  • libcaca
    outputs text instead of pixels, so that it can work on older video cards or text terminals. It is not unlike the famous AAlib library. libcaca needs a terminal to work
  • libdvdcss
    a simple library designed for accessing DVDs like a block device without having to bother about the decryption
  • LibDWG
    LibDWG is a library to directly read DWG files, a popular drawing format used in the CAD world.
  • libexif
    allows you to parse an EXIF file and read the data from those tags
  • libfake437
    Libfake437 is a cross-platform library for rendering code page 437 'graphics' (think 'ANSI art', ZZT, Dwarf Fortress, or Kingdom of Kroz). The library is written in C and uses SDL for drawing. The public interface is documented and should be reasonably intuitive.
  • libfbm
    libfbm is a C++ library for fast and accurate simulation of multi-dimensional (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, etc.) Gaussian stationary processes, fractional Brownian motion and noise with power-law power spectrum.
  • libfbx
    a library of extensions to the linux framebuffer system. It provides a number of drawing primitives, and very basic text drawin
  • libFloyd
    libFloyd is a 3D scene graph library wrapper over OpenGL.
  • libg3d
    Libg3d is a glib-based library for loading and manipulating 3D objects. It supports a wide range of file formats for 3D objects and textures. Its plugin interface makes it easily expandable. The code has been split off from the g3dviewer project, which now depends on this library.
  • libgfxtrans
    intended to provide a library for realtime graphic transitions: usefull to make some kwul transitions between static screens of a slideshow, program a mp3-driven video-mixer
  • libGLI
    libGLI is a multiplatform library for creating 3D user interfaces, based on OpenGL. With the help of this library, programmers can add in their own graphic. application elements for the user interface and connect interface objects to their own programs with callbacks. In other words, GLI sits between the user and an OpenGL application.
  • libGLOOP
    uses OpenGL to render implicit surfaces defined by "meta-particles", and is useful for modelling liquids, volumetric rendering, and other related fields
  • Libgls
    Libgls allows stereoscopic rendering with OpenGL, without requiring hardware support for quad-buffered.
  • libGMUVision
    a set of C++ bindings for libdc1394 and Qt widgets designed and developed by the Artifical Intelligence Lab at George Mason University and now available under the GNU LGPL
  • libgphoto
    the core library designed to allow access to digital camera by external programs
  • libjlm
    a library to create and manipulate jlm files (compressed portable lightspace maps). Portable lightspace maps (PLMs)are an appropriate image file type for high-dynamic range images
  • libjpeg
    libjpeg is a library for handling the JPEG (JFIF) image format.
  • libjpeg-turbo
    libjpeg-turbo is a high-speed version of libjpeg for x86 and x86-64 processors. It uses SIMD instructions (MMX, SSE, SSE2) to accelerate baseline JPEG compression and decompression.
  • libkohn_gif
    libkohn_gif is a small library for compressing and decompressing GIF images. It includes the ability to do GIF89a transparencies and comes with a small example program that does fast in-memory image cropping.
  • libL3D
    a 3D library for developing OpenGL applications under Linux. The library has a main display loop, and call-back functions similar to those in GLUT. It has a graphical console for output of information. The goal of this project is a library which is small and hopefully scalable
  • libmilo
    libMILO ("MILO") is a free minimal image loading library written in C. The library is capable of loading TGA and DDS files. It provides also a general purpose API for loading images as OpenGL textures.
  • libmng
    the reference library for MNG, the animation extension to the popular PNG format. It provides powerful animation features combined with PNG's robustness and patent freedom
  • libmplot
    libmplot is for drawing graphics primitives such as lines and text into a bitmap.
  • libmsvg
    libmsvg is a work in progress for making a minimal and generic library for read and write SVG files.
  • libpcg
    libpcg is a small library for procedural content generation, containing some useful algorithms that can be used to generate textures, and demos using these algorithms. Processor-specific optimization is provided by liboil.
  • libpicinfo
    libpicinfo is a C++ library for reading auxiliary information from images. it currently supports TIFF, JPEG and Canon RAW files (CR2).
  • libplot
    a library for drawing graphics primitives such as lines and text into a bitmap.
  • libpng
    the official PNG reference library. It supports almost all PNG features, is extensible, and has been extensively tested for over five years
  • libprngwrap
    libprngwrap is a preload-library (so that it doesn't require any changes to the software it alters) which replaces the libc rand() random() and *rand48() calls by code that gets data from /dev/urandom. This might be a little bit more secure.
  • libptp
    a Picture Transfer Protocol support library. It is used for downloading images from PTP camera
  • libptp2
    A library used to communicate with PTP devices like still imaging cameras or MP3 players (KODAK mc3). You can download files or tweak camera properties using ptpcam program boundled with libptp2.
  • libqemf
    libqemf is an EMF renderer for Qt.
  • libQGLViewer
    an open source C++ library which enables you to quickly start the development of a new 3D application. It is designed for 3D developers, who can very easily display and move around a 3D scene by simply providing the orders that define their 3D geometry. The viewer is designed to be as general as possible and is not designed for a specific 3D application
  • LibRaw
    LibRaw is a library for reading RAW files obtained from digital photo cameras (CRW/CR2, NEF, RAF, DNG, and others).
  • LibRaw-demosaic-pack-GPL2
    LibRaw-demosaic-pack-GPL2 is a set of additional demosaic and noise reduction algorithms for LibRaw.
  • libRSVG
    librsvg is a component used within software applications to enable support for SVG-format scalable graphics. In contrast to raster formats, scalable vector graphics provide users and artists a way to create, view, and provide imagery that is not limited to the pixel or dot density that an output device is capable of.
  • libsvm
    a simplification of both SMO by Platt and SVMLight by Joachims
  • libtiff
    libtiff provides support for the Tag Image File Format (TIFF), a widely used format for storing image data. The library, along with associated tool programs, should handle most of your needs for reading and writing TIFF images on 32- and 64-bit machines. This software can also be used on older 16-bit systems though it may require some effort and you may need to leave out some of the compression support.
  • libv3d
    used by third party applications to read and write .v3d model files
  • libVISCA
    libVISCA is a library for controlling a VISCA compliant camera through the RS232 port of your PC. VISCA, on its side, is a protocol developed by Sony so that a lot of machine vision cameras from Sony are compliant with VISCA.
  • libwmf
    libwmf is a library to convert Microsoft's WMF file format to something useful, currently bindings exist to convert them to onscreen X graphics and to the gif format.
  • libXbgi
    libXbgi is a compatibility library that aids in porting old programs written for Turbo/Borland C to X11, on Linux and other Unix-like systems.
  • libxmi
    a C/C++ function library for rasterizing 2-D vector graphics. It can draw 2-D graphical primitives, including wide polygonal lines and circular and elliptical arcs, into a user-supplied matrix of pixels. Sophisticated line styles, such as multicolored dashing patterns, can be specified. There is also support for filling and texturing polygons
  • LiquidFun
    LiquidFun is a 2D rigid-body and fluid simulation C++ library for games based upon Box2D. It provides support for procedural animation of physical bodies to make objects move and interact in realistic ways.
  • Lire
    The LIRE (Lucene Image REtrieval) library a simple way to create a Lucene index of image features for content based image retrieval (CBIR). The used features are taken from the MPEG-7 Standard: ScalableColor, ColorLayout and EdgeHistogram. Furthermore methods for searching the index are provided.
  • livarot
    a collection of C++ classes (added a C version of the polygon stuff) dealing with paths, and polygons: filling, stroking, rasterizing, boolean operations, insets, offsets, anti-aliasing. Also classes to compute voronoi diagrams of sets of points
  • Mahotas
    Mahotas is an image processing library for Python. It includes a couple of algorithms implemented in C++ for speed while operating in numpy arrays.
  • MaterialX
    MaterialX is an open standard for transfer of rich material and look-development content between applications and renderers. Originated at Lucasfilm in 2012, MaterialX has been used by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) in feature films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens and real-time experiences such as Trials on Tatooine, and it remains the central material format for new ILM productions.
  • MegaWave2
    MegaWave2 is a free Unix software environment which helps writing algorithms on image processing.
  • Mesa
    a 3-D graphics library with an API which is very similar to that of OpenGL.* To the extent that Mesa utilizes the OpenGL command syntax or state machine, it is being used with authorization from Silicon Graphics, Inc(SGI).
  • MGRX
    MGRX is a 2D graphics library derived from GRX.
  • Minimal OpenGL Utility Library
    Minimal OpenGL Utility Library (MOGUL) is a library similar to GLUT, only with fewer features. It lets you write window-system-independent OpenGL programs with even fewer lines of code than GLUT. It currently supports X11 and Win32.
  • Mowitz
    to create a library of widgets for X applications to use. The widgets have been snarfed from various sources and are all open source
  • Notty
    Notty is a declarative terminal library for OCaml structured around a notion of composable images. It tries to abstract away the basic terminal programming model, and provide one that is simpler and more expressive.
    supplies an interface between the fonts on your system and an OpenGL or Mesa application. It uses the excellent FreeType library to read font faces from their files and renders text strings as OpenGL primitives
  • Open CASCADE
    reusable C++ object libraries for producing all types of domain-specific graphic modeling applications
  • OpenCSG
    a library that does image-based CSG rendering using OpenGL. OpenCSG is written in C++ and supports most modern graphics hardware using Microsoft Windows or the Linux operating systemhisticated stenciling and z- buffer operations.
  • OpenEV
    OpenEV is a library and reference application for viewing and analysing raster and vector geospatial data.
  • OpenGUI
    OpenGUI is a very fast multi-platform 32-bit graphics library for MS-DOS (DPMI client), QNX and Linux. It can be used to create graphics applications and games for these Operating Systems.
  • OpenIL
    Open Image Library: designed to load, manipulate, convert, save, and display images in a variety of formats
  • openModeller
    a spatial distribution modelling library, providing a uniform method for modelling distribution patterns using a variety of modelling algorithms. openModeller can be used via programatic interfaces, including SOAP and SWIG-python, as well as via a user friendly desktop grapical user interface and a GIS plugin
  • OpenSubdiv
    OpenSubdiv is a set of open source libraries that implement high performance subdivision surface (subdiv) evaluation on massively parallel CPU and GPU architectures. This code path is optimized for drawing deforming surfaces with static topology at interactive framerates.
  • ORFEO Toolbox
    Orfeo Toolbox (OTB) is a high resolution remote sensing image processing library. It contains a set of algorithmic components which allow the user to capitalize on methodological know how, and therefore use an incremental approach to profit from the results of methodological research. OTB is made of a set of basic elements (a C++ class API) and utilities (independent programs built upon the base API).
  • PaintLib
    a small but useful graphic c++ library. It's designed to help developers in graphic programming under Qt , by providing cool functions like gradients, antialias on graphics primitives and text, alpha channel support
  • Panda
    Panda is a GPL'ed PDF generation library.
  • Papyrus
    Papyrus is a 2d C++ scenegraph library that utilizes the cairo library to perform drawing operations. In this respect, it is similar to the Gnome::Canvas library. The initial implementation focuses on function over form, and as a result it should not be considered an optimized run-time library (but it does run 'reasonably' well).
    a Fortran- or C-callable, device-independent graphics package for making simple scientific graphs. It is intended for making graphical images of publication quality with minimum effort on the part of the user
  • PHPGraphs
    a set of graphing classes for php. These classes are used to generate png images of a variety of graph types. The basic graph types include LineGraph, BarGraph, and TimeSeriesGraph
  • Picasso
    Picasso is a high quality vector graphic rendering library based on AGG. It supports path, matrix , gradient, pattern, image and TrueType font.
  • Pixman
    Pixman is a pixel-manipulation library for X and Cairo.
  • Plush
    Plush is a portable renderer that can render 3D images in real time.
  • PonG
    PonG is a library for creating configuration dialogs. It uses an XML file which describes the configuration dialog and the gconf keys that should be used.
  • poppler
    Poppler is a PDF rendering library derived from xpdf. It has been enhanced to utilize modern libraries such as freetype and cairo for better rendering. It also provides basic command line utilities.
  • PSD.rb
    PSD.rb is a general purpose Photoshop file parser written in Ruby. It allows you to work with a Photoshop document in a manageable tree structure.
  • Pychart
    PyChart is a Python library for creating high quality Encapsulated Postscript, PDF, PNG, or SVG charts. It currently supports line plots, bar plots, range-fill plots, and pie charts. Because it is based on Python, you can make full use of Python's scripting power.
  • pyexif
    Python Exif Parser: aims at extracting EXIF information from Jpeg and Tiff files which include it
  • Python Imaging Library
    adds image processing capabilities to your Python interpreter. This library supports many file formats, and provides powerful image processing and graphics capabilities
  • python-aalib
    python-aalib is a set of bindings for AAlib, an ASCII art library.
  • pythonOCC
    pythonOCC aims to provide a full Python wrapper for the OpenCascade 3D modeling/visualization library classes. The first step is to focus on modeling and import/export classes (IGES, STEP, VRML) in order to provide a complete, powerful, and easy-to-use 3D modeler using Python scripts.
  • Q-Graph
    an add-on library to deal with combinatorial graphs, a data structure consisting of nodes and edges connecting the nodes. Graph theory and algorithms play a major role in countless applications such as network design and optimisation, traffic planning, routing, scheduling and visualization, and so graphs have become one of the cornerstones of applied discrete mathematics and computer science
  • QGLViewer
    provides a set of classes for camera control, as well as comfortable user interface that allows you to control your viewing parameters via mouse and buttons. QGLViewer is object oriented
  • Quesa
    a high level 3D graphics library, released as Open Source under the LGPL, which offers binary and source level compatibility with Apple's QuickDraw[tm] 3D API
  • Quicktime
    creates and reads any Quicktime movie that uses JPEG, RAW, or YUV2 compression
  • qwtplot3d
    a graphics extension to the Qt GUI application framework that provides a 3D plotting widget for scientific data and mathematical expressions
  • RAVL
    Recognition And Vision Library: a general C++ Library, with modules for Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and much more
  • RAY++
    RAY++ is a collection of C++ classes needed for ray tracing (shapes, surfaces, cameras etc.). The object-oriented design makes it easy to extend the package. RAY++ is distributed under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL).
  • rexx/tk
    allows access to the freely available Tk Graphical Toolkit from the Rexx language
  • SAgl
    Small Antialiased Graphics Library (SAgl) is a portable Small Antialiased graphics library written in C. It offers lines, circles and besier curves, as well as thick lines and fills. SAgl can be used on top of SDL or with X or any other graphics system.
  • ScanDraiD
    ScanDraiD is intended to provide a minimal, robust, flexible and platform-independent library called libscan3d written in C++ for an open source 3D scanner.
  • Scenic
    Scenic is a 2-dimensional scene based graphics library. It stores graphics in a tree-like structure (scene). Scenic also handles user input (mouse and keyboard).
  • SDL_bgi
    SDL_bgi is a graphics library based on SDL2. SDL_bgi is nearly fully compatible with BGI (graphics.h), the Borland Graphics Interface that was the de-facto standard in PC graphics back in DOS days.
  • SDL_gfx
    SDL_gfx evolved out of the SDL_gfxPrimitives code which provided basic drawing routines such as lines, circles or polygons and SDL_rotozoom which implemented a interpolating rotozoomer for SDL surfaces.
  • SDL_gui
    SDL_gui is a graphical user interface library for SDL.
  • SDL_Surface
    SDL_Surface is a Rotozoom/Zoom function for SDL.
  • SDL_ttf
    The SDL_ttf library is a wrapper around the Freetype library that allows you to use TrueType fonts to render text in SDL applications.
  • Seamstress and Arachne
    Seamstress is a portable library that implements Avidan and Shamir's seam carving technique for content-aware image resizing. Arachne is a program developed alongside the library to show it at its best. It allows realtime, fluid image resizing using this fascinating technique. Seam carving works by removing the "boring bits" from an image, so it can change the aspect ratio of many images without changing the shape of the objects inside.
  • shallows
    Shallows is a C++ library designed to make GPGPU programming easier and safer. It aims to reduce the time spent on writing and debugging OpenGL-related C/C++ code, so the developers of GPGPU applications can concentrate on implementing the algorithms instead. GPGPU applications are all about performance, so the overhead by using shallows is therefore kept low.
  • ShellyLib
    (shareware) a small library to create shapes of seashells and snails
  • shhcards
    shhcards provides pixmaps for card games, and functions for using the cards in X11 programs.
  • SkyVIDEO
    SkyVIDEO is a video-oriented portable library designed to help developpers from SkyTecH (and now, developpers world-wide) to write totally portable programs.
  • SPDataPickle
    SPDataPickle is a library use to serialize and deserialize C structures to and from XML or JSON.
  • svgalib
    a low-level graphics library that provides VGA and SVGA modes in a console
  • swfdec
    swfdec is for rendering Flash animations and games. It was originally designed as a basis library for creating Flash plugins for GStreamer, but it is a fully standalone library which only use the libart library for drawing. Swfdec is released under the LGPL.
  • SwiftShader
    SwiftShader is a high-performance CPU-based implementation of the OpenGL ES and Direct3D 9 graphics APIs. Its goal is to provide hardware independence for advanced 3D graphics.
  • t1lib
    t1lib is a library written in C which implements functions for generating bitmaps from Adobe Type 1 fonts.
  • TAGL
    Threedee Advanced Graphic Library is a library that provides a subset of SGI-GL functionalities. Its main purpose is to be portable and extensible.
  • TclMagick
    TclMagick is a Tcl extension that works with both the GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick image manipulation libraries.
  • tess
    a C++ library that helps automate final assembly of tedious graphic design tasks (e.g. from photoshop or gimp), such as conjuring piles of web page-specific navigation features
  • The Big Picture
    The Big Picture is a Python library for handling EXIF, IPTC, and other metadata in JPEG and TIFF files.
  • TileLib
    meant to be an easy to use graphics library geared towards people wanting to make tile based games
  • TinyGL
    a Small, Free and Fast Subset of OpenGL
  • TinyPTC/X11
    a framebuffer library for the X Window system. Its API is a small subset of OpenPTC's one
  • TOAD
    a modern C++ GUI library for the X Window System, released under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL). TOAD needs EGCS 1.1.1, GNU bintutils 2.9.1 and glibc 2 to compile successfully
  • Unrawel
    Unrawel is a library and simple command line frontend to experiment with different techniques for digital camera acquired RAW image interpolation and processing.
  • Voreen
    Voreen is a computer graphics library for interactive volume visualization. It provides several visualization techniques for volumetric data and makes use of programmable graphics hardware (shaders) to accelerate rendering. The accompanying applications allow for creating and testing new rendering techniques. Voreen is implemented with C++ and uses OpenGL/GLSL for rendering.
  • VPython
    a 3D graphics library for Python, designed to permit novice programmers to write scientific graphics programs
  • VSOFont
    VSOFont is a small library used to draw very simple and fast user definable 2D vector fonts.
  • WinGL
    WinGL is a small C++ library designed to help developing portable OpenGL windows-based or fullscreen applications.
    a layer over the grx graphics library which provides a simple GUI API with memorization of the objects displayed in the various windows, such that redraw and printing to a scalable PostScript representation are easy to do
  • wxSVG
    wxSVG is C++ library to for Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) files. It can create, manipulate and render them using the wxWidgets toolkit.
  • XFB
    a user-level library that works with the Linux kernel framebuffer driver to provide hardware-accelerated 2D drawing functionality for applications like games or multimedia presentation. It is a flexible API which provides direct access to graphics card framebuffer memory and automatically uses the accelerated graphics chipset features when available, and provides identical functionality implemented in CPU for drawing on dumb framebuffers and off-screen bitmaps
  • Xffm GUI library
    Xffm GUI is the basic GUI library used by some xffm applications, such as the xffm file manager. It was developed as a part of the xffm file manager, and has evolved into a separate package. It has a desk view, icon view, and tree view.
  • XMagick
    a library written in C, which allows integration of the ImageMagick library with any X application by providing functions which convert between the native X image format (XImage) and the native ImageMagick format (Image)
  • Ygl
    emulates SGI's GL routines under X11

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