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 · First Peek at XBian on the Raspberry Pi 2
 · First Look at OSMC RC on the Raspberry Pi 2
 · First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
 · Ubuntu MATE 15.04 for Raspberry Pi 2
 · MIPS Creator CI20 v Raspberry Pi 2
 · Raspberry Pi 2: Raspbian (ARMv6) v Linaro (ARMv7)
 · Raspberry Pi 2 review
 · Chess in a Few Bytes
 · Learn the Art of Computer Programming With These Great Free Beginner Books
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First Peek at XBian on the Raspberry Pi 2
There are so many things to like about XBian; in particular snapshots and rolling releases. It's also the best out-of-the box configured Raspberry Pi 2 Kodi distribution.

(Read more)
Bluefish is a powerful editor for experienced web designers and programmers. Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages, but it focuses on editing dynamic and interactive websites. It has MDI support, multiple encodings support, and a customizable syntax highlighting based on Perl. Read more


  • adgali
    A library designed to develop games. It uses the SDL library and provides 2D graphical functions, sound streaming and events functions, video streaming, AI engines, and map generator.
  • Allegro
    a library of functions for use in computer games, written for the djgpp compiler in a mixture of C and assembly language. Linux port soon
  • Animadead
    Animadead is a skeletal animation library in C++. Includes exporter for Maya, file formats for animations, meshes, and skeleton information. Provides code for loading all formats, processing and playing animations in OpenGL as well as some useful functions for games.
  • bitmask
    The Bitmask library provides C functions for 2D pixel-perfect collision detection. In addition to just collision detection the library can also calculate a point of intersection and the number of overlapping pixels in an efficient way.
    a small Python library that implements two new classes: playing_card and card_deck
  • ClanLib
    a platform independent interface to write games and tries to be a service-minded game sdk
  • D-Collide
    D-Collide is a collision detection library with support for both rigid and deformable objects. It is written in C++ and is platform independent.
  • Doom3 MD5 Model Parsing Library
    This c-library parses ID's Doom3 MD5 model files (both md5mesh and md5anim) and offers functionality for easy access to the model data.
  • EAAL
    EAAL (EVE API Access Layer) is a library to interface with the API of EVE Online. EAAL should be able to handle additions to that API without much change.
  • Easy Game Library
    a library of C++ classes designed to make game programming easier. Now it consists only of easy_sprite library which consists of classes for using sprites. It should compile on different platforms because it uses SDL library as backend
  • Generic Game-Tree Library
    GGTL is a library designed to make it easier to program games in C. It provides an AI that is able to play most 2 player strategic games. Nim, Tic-Tac-Toe, Reversi (aka Othello), Connect-4 and Chess are all examples of games that can all be implemented using GGTL.
  • Graphics3D
    a free, Open Source C++ library for game developers, researchers, and students. It is a base of robust and high performance code common to most 3D projects.
  • GRPLib
    GRPLib is a game library directly supporting Blizzard's GRP format (8-bit sprites) used in StarCraft and Diablo II games. It is very fast and can display realistic terrain, units and effects.
  • Guichan
    a small, efficient C++ GUI library designed for games. It comes with a standard set of widgets and can use several different objects for displaying graphics and grabbing user input
  • libAfterImage
    an image import, storage, manipulation, and output library for X. It features support for antialiased, TrueTypei, and X text, a 128-bit internal graphics engine, in-memory RLE image compression, high quality image scaling/flipping/blending
  • libasset
    a library for managing game assets such as sprites, textures, sounds, MIDI files, etc
  • libcrtxy
    The CRT X-Y Library (libcrtxy) allows you to write vector-based video games (like Asteroids, Lunar Lander, and Battlezone from the 1970s and 80s). The end-user (and/or packager of your software) determines how lines are rendered, depending on the capabilities of their system.
  • libdoomwad
    libdoomwad is a library written in C++ to automate many tasks associated with using Doom .wad files.
  • libdoor
    libdoor is a BBS door game programming library for Linux-based BBS's written in C. It is a fairly thin library.
  • libjoy
    libjoy is a fully documented development library to access joysticks under Linux that features an easy interface. It also contains a very powerful console tool for scripting. You can access joysticks with 5 tiny lines of code.
  • libksd
    an Open Source project lincensed under the LGPL, which aims to create a cross-platform game framework (written in C++) that would allow you write your game once and compile it for multiple operating systems and environments
  • libMAGE
    A C++ library that provides basis for constructing distributed autonomic systems (running on grids and clusters), that are able to adapt to processor and memory load and node failures.
  • libmng-py
    libmng-py is a Python wrapper around the libmng C library. It currently supports the most important parts of the library, and supports displaying and usage with the most popular toolkits (such as pygame and wxPython).
  • libpuzzle
    The Puzzle library is designed to quickly find visually similar images (GIF, PNG, JPG), even if they have been resized, recompressed, recolored, or slightly modified. The library is lightweight yet very fast, configurable, and easy to use, and was designed with security in mind.
  • LibTMCG
    LibTMCG is a general purpose C++ library for creating secure electronic card games. The most remarkable feature is the absence of a trusted third party (TTP), i.e. neither a central game server nor trusted hardware components are necessary. With the present library there is no need for an independent referee, because the applied protocols provide a basic level of confidentiality and fairness by itself. Consequently, the library is well-suited for peer-to-peer (P2P) environments where no TTP is available.
  • libtour
    a generic tournament software written in C++. It expects rules, teams and schedule defined in the Scheme programming language. A simple CLI application is provided as a reference client implementation
  • libxblf
    libxblf is a library to provide a REST client to Duncan Mackenzie's XBox Live REST server. The library will be able to detect the presence of a person online, in addition to fetching other gamertag information.
  • OGRE
    Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine: a class library written in C++ designed to make it easier and more intuitive for developers to produce games and demos utilising 3D hardware
    a small collision detection library. It is similar to popular packages such as SOLID or RAPID, but more memory-friendly, and often faster
  • Panda3D
    Panda3D is a 3D engine: a library of subroutines for 3D rendering and game development. The library is C++ with a set of Python bindings. Game development with Panda3D usually consists of writing a Python program that controls the the Panda3D library. Panda3D was developed by Disney for their massively multiplayer online game, Toontown.
  • PhysicsFS
    a library to provide abstract access to various archives. It is intended for use in video games, and the design was somewhat inspired by Quake 3's file subsystem
  • PLIB
    a portable, LGPL game development library
  • poker-engine
    poker-eval is a C library to evaluate poker hands. The result of the evalution for a given hand is a number. The general idea is that if the evalution of your hand is lower than the evaluation of the hand of your opponent, you lose.
  • PyPair
    PyPair is a python library for pairing rounds of a swiss tournament.
  • python3ds
    a small set of routines for reading of archives 3ds, support for animations, textures and collision detect, compatible with pyopengl and pygame
  • Pyui
    a user interface library written entirely in the high-level language python that uses the pygame framework. It is targeted primarily as a user interface for games but could be applicable to other types of multimedia applications
  • qdgdf
    Quick and Dirty Game Development Framework: a set of libraries designed to allow fast development of games under a variety of systems
  • Rubygame
    Rubygame is a combination extension and library for the Ruby language, with the goal of making it easy and fun to create games in Ruby. Rubygame has SDL as a backend, and is styled after the very nice pygame library for the Python language.
  • SDLHan
    a minimalistic library set for provide Korean display environment to game developers. This project currently use only bitmap fonts only
  • SimGear
    SimGear is a set of open-source libraries designed to be used as building blocks for quickly assembling 3d simulations, games, and visualization applications.
  • Simple DirectMedia Layer
    Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer. It is used by MPEG playback software, emulators, and many popular games, including the award winning Linux port of "Civilization: Call To Power."
  • Simple Wiimote Library for Linux
    Libwiimote is a simple C library for communicating with the Nintendo Wii Remote on a Linux system. Even though the API strives to be minimal, it provides complete control over most features of the wiimote and nunchuk controllers.
  • Sprite32
    a compact, portable, extensible C++ library for developing 2D, sprite-based games and other diversions in an object-oriented manner
  • Sutekh
    Sutekh is a card collection manager for the game called "Vampire: the Eternal Struggle" (VtES). Card information is stored in an SQL database backend. Current functionality includes parsing information from the official VtES card list and ruling HTML files, exporting of decks to HTML and ARDB XML files, flexible filtering of lists of cards, backing up and restoring of the card database, configurable selection of which card information is displayed, and basic deck analysis.
  • TerraGear
    TerraGear is a collection of open-source tools and rendering libraries which can transform publically available GIS data in 3d representations (i.e. 3d models or 3d maps) of the earth for use in real time rendering projects.
  • TinyLIB
    a game development library that hides platform specifics from all client code. TinyLIB includes subsets of GLUT, OpenGL, OpenAL, and the C library
  • Torque Network Library
    a robust, secure, easy to use cross-platform C++ networking API designed for high performance simulations and games. The network architecture in TNL has powered some of the best internet multiplayer action games to date
  • Utopia3D
    a C++ based API for 3D visualization or game projects
  • Zoidcom
    a high-level, UDP based networking library intended for use in games and provides the application programmer with means to replicate objects across systems and synchronize their states over a network connection or within a single process in a highly bandwidth efficient, easy and flexible manner

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