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5 Highly Promising Terminal Emulators
The terminal emulator is a venerable but essential tool for computer users. The reason why Linux offers so much power is due to the command line. The Linux shell can do so much, and this power can be accessed on the desktop by using a terminal emulator. There are so many available for Linux that the choice is bewildering.

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SwiFTP is an open-source FTP server that allows you to connect to your phone over wifi or cellular/3g to upload and download files. Any FTP client can be used.


  • acdk_sql_odbc
    implements the ODBC driver interface for ADBC (acdk_sql, similar to JDBC)
  • BookDB
    written in PERL/TK. The database does full searches for, Title, Author, Publisher, ISBN, Catalog Number. In addition it has full edit and delete capabilities
  • cbl2pg
    cbl2pg is a library to connect Cobol programs to PostgreSQL databases.
  • cdb
    a fast, reliable, lightweight package for creating and reading constant databases
  • cdbxx
    cdbxx is a small STL style C++ library for TinyCDB implementation of Constant Database. It provides iterators, data adapters and high level interfaces for databases.
  • Courier Authentication Library
    The Courier Authentication Library is an API toolkit for implementing password validation and account metadata lookups. Authentication can be configured using either the traditional system password file lookups, or using MySQL, PostgreSQL, LDAP, or DB/GDBM databases.
  • DAME
    Database Access Made Easy: a set of tools and libraries to remove the dredgery of manually writing database access code. DAME is developed in C++ on Linux(TM) using Antlr parser generator
  • dbstep
    a lightweight C++ library for database abstraction and object/relational mapping. It is targeted at C++ developers who need to access databases, and consists of a set of interface classes and some drivers for common data sources. Currently available drivers are for mysql, postgresql, sqlite databases
  • dcache
    a database library implementing a first-in-first-out cache. The database (or `cache') size limits are configured at creation time, and as soon as they are reached the oldest records are automatically removed
  • dyndb
    a database library allowing for multiple reading and one writing process at any time
  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth is a fast and easier to use Python library for generating dummy data, which are very useful when you need to bootstrap the database in the testing phase of your software.
  • FIBPlus
    (commercial) FIBPlus is a fast, flexible and high-performance component library for Borland's Delphi 3-7, C++ Builder 3-6, and Kylix 3, intended for work with Borland InterBase and Firebird using the direct Interbase API.
  • FireFoot
    provides an easy way for C language programmers to connect to Firebird database servers (and provably Interbase). It uses the Firebird/Interbase API
  • FlexiRecord
    FlexiRecord is a ruby library for object oriented access to databases. Each table is represented by a class, each row of that table is represented by an object of that class. This library is especially aimed to properly support database transactions.
  • FreeTDS
    re-implementation of Sybase's dblib library for Linux. It is available under the LGPL
  • gdbm
    a set of database routines that use extensible hashing. It works similar to the standard UNIX dbm routines.
  • Gentle.NET
    to facilitate automatic, RDBMS independent persistency (data access) for your business objects and custom queries. It is implemented using custom attributes and reflection in C#. Beginners should be able to use the framework immediatedly
  • GeoTypes
    GeoTypes is a Python library that implements both the OpenGIS/PostGIS and standard PostgreSQL geometry types. It integrates with the psycopg Python/PostgreSQL interface. It provides implementations of all of the OpenGIS/PostGIS classes, except (x,y,m) and (x,y,z,m). It currently supports the EWKB, HEXEWKB, WKB, and WKT formats.
    a complete suite of libraries/applications that allow an easy access to a wide range of database systems by making use of the capabilities provided by CORBA for communication between separated modules. The CORBA implementation used by GNOME-DB is ORBit, the GNOME Project's ORB
  • GNUstep Database Library
    The GNUstep Database Library 2 (GDL2) is a set of libraries to map Objective-C objects to rows of relational database management systems (RDBMS). It aims to be compatible with Enterprise Objects Framework (EOF) as released with WebObjects 4.5 from Apple Inc.
  • GQL
    a C++ library for communicating with SQL databases in a generic way
  • guile-dbi
    a database generic interface. The main lib provide a way to use dbds (data base drivers) which are linked at run-time
  • Haccess
    a cross platform library for reading Microsoft access ( MDB / jet) databases, for data export and recovery.
  • HaskellDB
    a combinator library for expressing queries and other operations on relational databases in a type safe and declarative way. All the queries and operations are completely expressed within Haskell, no embedded (SQL) commands are needed
  • hiberlite
    hiberlite provides C++ object-relational mapping for SQLite 3. Its design and API are inspired by the Boost.Serialization, which means there is almost no API to learn.
  • hk_classes
    a set of C++ libraries which allow the rapid development of database applications with all features a modern database application should have like forms and reports
  • idx-xmnesia
    an Erlang library providing the needed functionality to store XML data into a mnesia database
  • Itzam
    Itzam is a deliberately portable, low-level C library that can (and will) be wrapped in C++, Java, Python, and Fortran 95. The Itzam core library creates and manipulates files containing variable-length, random access records. Information is referenced by a user-defined key value; indexes may be combined with or separate from data.
  • libdbi
    libdbi implements a database-independent abstraction layer in C, similar to the DBI/DBD layer in Perl. Writing one generic set of code, programmers can leverage the power of multiple databases and multiple simultaneous database connections by using this framework.
  • libdbi-drivers
    The libdbi-drivers project hosts the database-specific drivers for libdbi, a database abstraction library written in C. Currently, drivers are available for Firebird/Interbase, FreeTDS (MS-SQL and Sybase client), mSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQLite/SQLite3.
  • libdrizzle
    libdrizzle is the client and protocol library for the Drizzle project.
  • libinterbase++
    libinterbase++ is a just thin C++ layer on top of the original Interbase C API written by Borland; of course, it is also compatible with its opensource equivalent, Firebird.
  • liblookdb
    a C++ library that provides an interface to several common Database Management Systems (DBMS). It enables the programmer to write application code that can be built and run unchanged on a variety of platforms and against several DBMS
  • libodbc++
    Libodbc++ is a c++ class library for accessing SQL databases. It is designed with standards in mind, so it provides a subset of the well-known JDBC 2.0(tm) and runs on top of ODBC. It is distributed under the LGPL.
  • libpackman
    libpackman provides a single API for opening multiple package formats and package databases.
  • libpqxx
    libpqxx is the C++ front-end or driver (in the sense of "language binding") for PostgreSQL. It can help you write a program that uses PostgreSQL as a database on just about any platform.
  • libpreludedb
    The PreludeDB Library provides an abstraction layer upon the type and format of the database used to store IDMEF alerts. It allows developers to use the Prelude IDMEF database easily and efficiently without worrying about SQL, and to access the database independently of the type/format of the database.
  • LibSDB
    provides a way to support multiple database management systems in an application with negligeable overhead, in terms of code as well as system resources
  • libsql++
    A C++ library that wraps ODBC calls into an object oriented interface which resembles a subset of Java's JDBC.
  • Libsqlfs
    Libsqlfs is a library, used in conjunction with the popular open source SQLite database software. Libsqlfs allows applications to put an entire read/write file system into a relational database as a single file in the host file system.
  • libsqlora8
    a simple C-library to access Oracle via the OCI interface
  • LiquiBase
    LiquiBase is a DBMS-independent library for tracking, managing, and applying database changes. It is built on a simple premise: all database changes (structure and data) are stored in an XML-based descriptive manner and checked into source control. LiquiBase aims to provide a solution that supports merging of changes from multiple developers, works well with code branches, supports a database refactoring IDE/plugin, and more.
  • LiteSQL
    LiteSQL is a C++ library that integrates C++ objects tightly to relational database and thus provides an object persistence layer. LiteSQL supports SQLite3, PostgreSQL and MySQL as backends. LiteSQL creates tables, indexes and sequences to database and upgrades schema when needed.
  • mar
    a library that manages archives using a simple binary file format designed to store meta and user data side by side. A mar file may be useful in situations where a full-scale database is unsuitable
  • MDB Tools
    a planned set of libraries and utilities to facilitate exporting data from MS Access databases (mdb files) into a multiuser database such as Oracle, Sybase, DB2, Informix, MySQL, Postgresql, or similar.
  • Metastorage
    a persistence layer generator application based on the persistence module of the MetaL compiler engine. It is capable of generating the necessary software components to implement a persistence layer API from a description in a format based on XML named Component Persistence Markup Language
  • miniDB
    created to have a small fast isam/btree library for record based access. There is no sql interface available or planned
  • MySQL Global User Variables UDF
    MySQL Global User Variables UDF is a shared library that adds simple user functions to MySQL in order to keep persistent shared variables in memory.
  • NNDB
    NNDB is a C++ library that provides in-memory data storage and retrieval using syntax that is intended to feel natural for C++/STL
    NSS MySQL is a NSS library for MySQL. It features full groups, passwd and shadow support.
    a NSS library for MySQL. It features groups, passwd, shadow support
  • OCI wrappers
    OCI is a set of C++ wrappers for Oracle Call Interface (OCI) that forms a thin abstraction layer over plain OCI calls. The code attempts to use the "Resource Acquisition Is Initialization" idiom and the "K.I.S.S." principle.
  • ocicpplib
    a very simple library to communicate with Oracle RDBMS through OCI written in C++
    OCILIB is an open source C library to access Oracle databases. It encapsulates OCI (Oracle Call Interface), a low-level programming interface provided by Oracle that is a powerful but complex API. OCILIB is built on top of OCI, hiding its complexity and providing a simpler, more readable, and more reusable API.
  • odbcpp
    odbcpp is an ODBC C++ library wrapper. The ODBC library itself is a low level C library that has many functions, all of which could return errors.
  • OpenDBX
    OpenDBX is an extremely lightweight but extensible C library for accessing databases with a single API. It provides a clean and simple interface across all supported databases that leads to an elegant code design automatically.
  • pg_collkey
    pg_collkey is a wrapper to use the collation functions of the ICU library with a PostgreSQL database server. Using this wrapper, you can specify the desired locale for sorting UTF-8 strings directly in the SQL query, rather than setting it during database installation. Default Unicode collation (DUCET) is supported. You can select whether punctuation should be a primary collation attribute or not. The level of comparison can be limited (in order to ignore accents, for example). Numeric sequences of strings can be recognized, so that 'test2' sorts before 'test10'.
  • pgasync
    a Twisted-based PostgreSQL client library which fully conforms to the DB API 2.0 specification. It's designed to run quickly and scale well. It provides connection pooling and persistence, database types, and safe conversions
  • PureDB
    a portable and tiny set of libraries for creating and reading constant databases. It manages data files that contains text or binary key/data pairs of arbitrary sizes
  • pxlib
    a simply and still small C library to read and write Paradox DB files. It supports all versions starting from 3.0. It currently has a very limited set of functions like to open a DB file, read its header and read every single record. It can also extract blob data and write it to a file
  • QDBM
    a library of routines for managing database. The database is a simple data file containing records, each is a pair of a key and a value. Every key and value is serial bytes with variable length. Both binary data and character string can be used as a key and a value
  • RDBM
    a freeware reliable database library
  • SpatiaLite
    SpatiaLite is a library for geographic information systems (GIS) that implements the core OpenGIS specification. It provides SQLite with basic support for spatial data is intended for lightweight GIS projects.
  • SQLoco
    SQLoco is a C++ wrapper for SQL libraries. The goal is to have a simple, uniform interface for accessing any SQL library on any platform that supports standard C++.
  • StactiveRecord
    StactiveRecord is a C++ library designed to make simple database use simple. It was inspired by Ruby on Rails' Active Record, however, no similar look, feel, or performance is guaranteed. It uses an object-relational mapping pattern to represent records as objects. It also provides persistent (basic) object relationships (one to many, many to many, one to one).
  • tntdb
    Tntdb is a c++-class-library for easy database-access. It creates a thin database independent layer, which loads drivers when needed. Currently postgresql and mysql is supported.
  • Tokyo Cabinet
    Tokyo Cabinet is a library of routines for managing a database. It is the successor of QDBM. Tokyo Cabinet runs very fast. For example, the time required to store 1 million records is 1.5 seconds for a hash database and 2.2 seconds for a B+ tree database.
  • TransactionKit
    TransactionKit is a C library that provides key/value based hash tables and was designed to fill the gap between simple, lightweight key/value type primitives, and the more advanced features available in heavyweight databases.
  • UPPAAL DBM Library
    DBMs [dill89, rokicki93, lpw:fct95, bengtsson02] are efficient data structures to represent clock constraints in timed automata [ad90]. They are used in UPPAAL [lpy97, by04, bdl04] as the core data structure to represent time. The library features all the common operations such as up (delay, or future), down (past), general updates, different extrapolation functions, etc.. on DBMs and federations. The library also supports subtractions. The API is in C and C++. The C++ part uses active clocks and hides (to some extent) memory management.
  • VSQLite++
    VSQLite++ is a portable SQLite wrapper library for C++.
  • Wave Database Interface
    provides a consistent, fast, and reliable database C interface. At the moment the only database supported is Sybase/CT-Lib
  • xdb
    a modification (i.e. bugfix and enhancement) of the xbase1.8.1 library
  • Zild Database Library
    The Zild C Database Library implements a small, fast, and easy to use database API with thread-safe connection pooling. The library can connect transparently to multiple database systems.

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