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First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
OpenELEC uses very little system resources for processor or memory. There's no need to use any special customization tips to get good performance with the RPi2. There's also no need to overclock the machine, reduce the resolution of videos, or use a different skin (although I really like the Amber skin).

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(commercial) Oracle Database 10g is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage enterprise information. It cuts costs of management while providing the highest possible quality of service. In addition to providing numerous quality and performance enhancements, Oracle Database 10g significantly reduces the costs of managing the IT environment, with a simplified install, greatly reduced configuration and management requirements, and automatic performance diagnosis and SQL tuning. These and other automated management capabilities help improve DBA and developer productivity and efficiency.


  • Austin
    Astonishing Universal Search Tree Interface Novelty: has a clever object oriented architecture implemented in ANSI C which allows dictionary objects and their nodes to appear to change type at run time without changing their declared C type
  • AVL Array
    AVL Array is an STL-like container for C++ that fills the gap between vector (or deque) and list, providing both fast random access and fast insertion/removal, all O(log n).
  • CIDLib
    a commercial general purpose C++ class library system, which currently contains approximately 300 classes. CIDLib has no GUI services. It is oriented towards back end server development though it certainly can be used behind client side applications
  • ClassyTk
    ClassyTk is a dynamically loadable object system for Tcl.
  • CoreLinux++
    an initiative to normalize methods and conventions for OOA/OOD/C++ development for Linux, materialized in a set of Open Source C++ class libraries (libcorelinux++ and libcoreframework++) to support common patterns and exploit the C++ standards
  • CPPSocket
    a small Class library for C++ that supports a easy usage of socket-programming for networking-software. It provides a simple object-oriented interface to the classic C Library calls
  • dougnet
    a TCP/IP alternative API. Lets you write network enabled programs quickly and easily by wrapping the BSD socket interface which can be complex and cumbersome at times
  • Erwin Data Structures
    The Erwin library is a very efficient and robust data structure template library for C and C++. No templates are used; a Perl script generates C files.
  • GFC-Core
    an integrated set of C++ classes for developing GTK+ applications on UNIX-like systems such as Linux. The classes are designed to work nicely with the GNU tool chain and take advantage of the standard C++ features provided by the GNU compiler
  • GluCat
    a generic library of universal Clifford algebra templates
  • Ionflux Tools Class Library
    The Ionflux Tools Class Library is a lightweight multi-platform C++ framework designed for rapid development of applications in a client/server architecture. It features a set of classes that are essential for most projects, but on a higher level and thus not provided directly by the STL (C++ Standard Template Library) or system libraries.
  • Jakelib2
    a crossplatform C++ class library with a Java-like API. An automatic garbage collector is used to take care of unused objects
  • KaiView
    a free class library (application framework) for X
  • libDSP
    a C++ class library of common digital signal processing functions
  • libextractor
    libextractor is a simple library for keyword extraction. libExtractor does not support all formats but supports a simple plugging mechanism such that you can quickly add extractors for additional formats, even without recompiling libExtractor.
  • Libsigc++
    implements a full callback system for use in abstract interfaces and general programming. It is the most complete library of its kind with the ablity to connect an abstract callback to a class method, function, or function object
  • libSigC++ Extras
    consists of new features built on top of libSigC++ and features that formerly were in libSigC++ and were removed from it.
  • libUTL++
    libUTL++ is a C++ class library that includes a wide range of highly re-usable functionality and abstractions. It uses templates in some places, but generally favors an object-oriented design. The library covers functionality in areas such as containers, text processing, memory allocation, date/time manipulation, stream I/O, data compression, and others. It also includes abstractions to facilitate common tasks such as object copying, comparison, serialization, etc.
  • LinuxClassLibrary
    currently it is a library which is working in the background (non GUI). It is not yet complete. Current features are LString (powerfull string class), LDBSystem (database system like DBI), LEmit (event system using templates, LHash/LMap/LHeap/LSet (template collection classes), LIPC (IPC classes) and more.
  • MetaKit
    Portable C++ classes for persistent storage & transport of highly structured containers
  • mGSTEP
    mGSTEP is an implementation of the core elements in NeXT's (now Apple) OPENSTEP/Cocoa(tm) Objective-C class libraries. The principal design goal is the development of a modular application development framework suitable for use in embedded devices and server appliances running Linux, FreeBSD or OpenBSD. The GUI (AppKit) portion of the current release is X11 based.
  • MIME++
    (commercial) MIME++ is a C++ class library for parsing, creating, and modifying messages in MIME format.
  • More for C++
    a class library that provides some features that are usually common for object oriented programming languages like Java or Python, but not for C++
    Object Oriented MPI is an object oriented approach to the Message Passing Interface (MPI). OOMPI is a class library specification that encapsulates the functionality of MPI into a functional class hierarchy to provide a simple, flexible, and intuitive interface.
  • OPP
    OPP is a GPL C++ class library that has template classes.
  • PCRE++
    a C++ wrapper-class for the great library PCRE
  • Portable Windows Library
    Portable Windows Library is a moderately large class library that has its genesis many years ago as a method to product applications to run on both Microsoft Windows and Unix X-Windows systems.
  • Property Set Library
    The Property Set Library (PSL) is a template-based C++ container library providing value observation, event calling, thread-safety, garbage collection, serialization, object persistence, reflection, and other accompanying features.
  • PStreams
    allows you to run another program from your C++ application and to transfer data between the two programs similar to shell pipelines. In the simplest case, a PStreams class is like a C++ wrapper for the POSIX.2 functions popen and pclose, using C++ IOStreams instead of C's stdio library
  • PTypes
    PTypes is a class library for C++ which can be used as an alternative to STL and also as a convenient educational/research platform for complex multithreaded applications.
  • Pylon
    a compact foundation library for writing portable Eiffel software and libraries. It provides the classic data structures (lists, sets, tables) and a few missing bits and pieces which are useful in most applications but not present in Eiffel's standard kernel library
  • SparseLib++
    a C++ class library for efficient sparse matrix computations across various computational platforms
  • Standard Template Library
    a new C++ library that provides a set of easily composableC++ container classes and generic algorithms (template functions)
  • TOAD C++ GUI Library
    TOAD C++ GUI Library is a set of classes to create graphical user interfaces with the X Window System.
  • txObject ATK
    free package of platform independent C++ Class Libraries that helps decrease project development time and increase software reliability. txObject ATK provides both embedded and application level projects a five-layer framework. Each layer offers a unified set of tools that allows developers to focus their development efforts
  • vtkQGL
    vtkQGL contains two classes vtkQGLRenderWindow and vtkQGLRenderWindowInteractor which allow one to use VTK with the QGLWidget extension of Qt.
  • WPY
    a class library system based on the Microsoft Foundation Classes used for writing GUI code easily in Python
  • XTL
    a library of template classes and functions for reading/writing structured data to/from an external (platform independent) representation.
  • ZAF
    a commercial class library and visual development tool

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