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10 Top Tools for Novelists
The software featured in this article is designed to meet the specialised needs of a budding novelist. There's the finest open source distraction-free tools, software designed to create visual novels, and tools to help capture and visualise ideas.

(Read more)
jack is a low-latency audio server, written primarily for the GNU/Linux operating system. It can connect a number of different applications to an audio device, as well as allowing them to share audio between themselves. Read more


  • MXE
    MXE (M cross environment) is a Makefile that compiles a cross compiler and cross compiles many free libraries such as SDL and Qt.
  • Nmdepend
    Nmdepend is a lightweight "link-time" dependency analyzer for C++. It uses object files and libraries instead of source-code as input. It can help to manage "cross-directory" dependencies. Dependencies can be visualized in combination with Graphviz.
  • OMake
    a build system similar to GNU make but with many additional features, including support for large projects spanning multiple directories, support for commands that produce several targets at once, fast, accurate, and automated dependency analysis using MD5 digests, portability, and built-in functions that provide the most common features of programs like grep, sed, and awk
  • Organon
    Organon is a tool to manage development projects of any kind, acting as a meta-interface and control center for a developer's favorite development tools.
  • PackManUtil
    PackManUtil is a command line application for simplifying the build and management process for source packages. It was originally written for use with
  • Parabuild
    Parabuild is a quality automated build management server. It helps software teams and organizations of all sizes reduce risks of project failures and increase productivity.
  • pkg-config
    a system for managing library compile/link flags that works with automake and autoconf. It replaces the ubiquitous *-config scripts you may have seen with a single tool
  • pkgconfig
    pkg-config is a system for managing library compile/link flags that works with automake and autoconf. It replaces the ubiquitous *-config scripts you may have seen with a single tool.
  • pkgmake
    pkgmake automates some steps when making software releases. It creates a copy of the development tree, optionally cleans it up a bit (i.e. removes CVS/* and .svn/*), tars it, places the tarball in the SOURCES/ directory, creates the corresponding .spec file from a provided template (and the data specified in the configuration/on the command line), and runs rpmbuild and/or debbuild.
  • POSIX amake
    POSIX amake is a software build tool that adds automatic dependency analysis and target caching to GNU Make.
  • Premake
    Premake is a build configuration tool. Describe your C, C++, or C# software project using a simple, easy to read syntax and let Premake generate the project files for Visual Studio, GNU Make, Code::Blocks, CodeLite, SharpDevelop, or MonoDevelop.
  • Pretty make
    a very small python script that will colorize and organise your make output
  • Prime Mover
    Prime Mover is a small and flexible build tool intended to be used instead of make. It is intended to be deployed with the projects that use it, and does not requires installation to use. It is modular and can be extended using the Lua scripting language.
  • Project Builder
    Project-Builder is a tool that helps you build packages of your application (managed with a tar file or a configuration management system such as CVS or Subversion). It is able to generate a build package skeleton for your project. With simple configuration files, it can generate for up to 20 different tuples of distributions (name, version, architecture), including Fedora, Mandriva, OpenSuSE, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, and Slackware.
  • prototype
    a collection of generic Makefiles which are installed globally and Makefile templates that can be copied into project directories using a simplescript
  • PTXdist
    PTXdist is a collection of Makefiles under the GNU GPL which are used at Pengutronix for generating userlands. The configuration is done via a KConfig based frontend.
  • PVM Gmake
    a GNU make which uses PVM to build in parallel on several remote machines
  • QuickBuild
    (commercial) QuickBuild is a cross-platform build automation and management server which helps continuous integration or nightly builds. Besides the ability to automate your builds, QuickBuild puts extra emphasis on build management so that your QA/release builds can be generated and managed in a simple and efficient way. Configuration, monitoring, and access to build artifacts are all done through an intuitive web interface. Your development and testing team will have a central area to access the build information.
  • relman
    relman is a tool that takes your source code, runs the build, and distributes the packages. A configuration file allows you to define application-wide defaults in addition to information particular to individual projects such as the source directory, package name, and the like. Once set up, you just have to call relman with the name given to the project plus the version to release. It calls pkgmake to build .tar.gz, .deb, and .rpm files, and then distributes them using FTP and/or SCP all in one run.
  • remake
    remake is a patched version of GNU Make that adds improved error reporting, the ability to trace execution in a comprehensible way, and a debugger.
  • RPSL
    Rapid Prototyping Shared Library is a set of bash scripts and utility files that coordinate the GNU autotools and pkg-config for C/C++ build automation. The scripts and procedures define a system for building and linking that supports an individual or small group. A single command (rpslSyncBuild) scans for source, writes a and, and produces a conventional autotools tree ready for the usual "configure, make, make install" build steps.
  • Scconfig
    Scconfig is a single-layer, modular autotools replacement written in ANSI-C (C89).
  • SCons
    an Open Source software construction tool--that is, a build tool; an improved substitute for the classic Make utility
  • SCons Erlang
    Scons Erlang is an add on for SCons, a make/autotools replacement, to compile Erlang projects.
  • sdist
    builds a Makefile.PL for perl scripts, together with the necessary files to make a distribution
  • slkbuild
    slkbuild is a script inspired by makepkg from Arch that greatly simplifies the package building process in Slackware and derivatives.
  • SMake
    SMake is a powerful mechanism to generate standard Makefiles out of skeleton Makefiles which only provide the essential parts.
  • SMK
    automatically determines, which pieces of a program need to be recompiled and issues commands to recompile them, in other words, it's a build tool (or make tool), superseding make
  • Sol Manager
    Sol Manager is a tool to manage your source files and configuration settings. SolMgr organizes project information in compiler- and platform-independent descriptions and allows conversion to native build scripts, such as makefiles or MS Visual Studio solutions. GUI is provided to visually control project configurations, and to perform everyday project management tasks such as files addition/removal, dependency management etc.
  • tmake
    tmake is an easy-to-use tool to create and maintain makefiles and IDE project files for software projects.
  • tmk
    combines the functionality of a traditional make utility with the power of the Tcl scripting language
  • xmake
    similar to other make's out there, but is specifically designed to allow you to easily construct multiple complex dependencies without getting screwed by default rulesets
  • Yabu
    Yabu is a replacement for the make build tool with some extended features. Yabu's file format is similar, though not compatible with make.

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