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Grasp Perl with Open-Source Books
Programming is about solving problems and good communication. But before code is written, you need to know how to solve the problem. Breaking the problem into component parts assists in the process. And being able to model the problem so that its easy to implement and test also helps. Combine this with a solid understanding of the programming language itself a good programming book contributes to all aspects of problem solving. Perl has the virtue it can solve a problems in a few lines of code. Perl programmers solve problems and get things done.

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BaconReader is an intuitive, slick, feature-packed client for reddit, made specifically for Android users.


  • gprof
    a venerable C/C++ profiling from the GNU project. Provides flat profiles, call graphs and source code annotation. May require patching and various tweaking to profile multithreaded programs GPL
  • gProjectGenerator
    gProjectGenerator is a tool for developers who don't want to spend their time creating the source tree.
  • GUNit
    a C unit testing framework in the spirit of JUnit. The framework incorporates an easy-to-use GUI based on the GNOME libraries
  • htmlcxx
    a simple non-validating html and css1 parser for C++.
  • Imagix 4D
    (commercial) lets you to rapidly check or systematically study your software on any level -- from its high level architecture to the details of its build, class, and function dependencies
  • indent
    can be used to make code easier to read. It can also convert from one style of writing C to another.
  • Indent Finder
    a python script that reads a file and tells you what indentation is used inside the file. It is not tied to any particular language. It was tested successfully with C, C++, python and Java code
  • kowey-generic
    a set of templates for small programming projects in single languages. The goal is to provide a simple way to make highly portable and nicely distributable software that "just works". These templates allow you produce packages that the user simply downloads and runs with no mess, fuss
  • KScope
    KScope is a KDE front-end to Cscope. It provides a source-editing environment for large C projects, such as the Linux kernel.
  • liwc
    liwc is a tool suite which includes programs for converting C++ comments to C comments, removing C comments, printing string literals, and converting characters to trigraphs and trigraphs to characters.
  • LolUnit
    LolUnit is a lightweight (single header, no binary) C++ unit testing framework.
  • lunit
    lunit is a unit testing framework for lua, written in lua. It provides currently 26 assert functions, 8 type checking functions and a few misc functions for usage as an easy unit testing framework.
  • makeheaders
    a simple utility that will automatically generate all the .h'' files for large programming project based on information gleaned from the .c'' or .cpp'' source files. It operates by scanning the C and/or C++ source code, extracting appropriate macros, structure and subroutine declarations and writing this declarations, in the correct order, into the generated header files
  • Mascot
    Mascot is a style checker for Objective Caml sources. It checks for overloading of built-in elements, useless constructs, deeply nested constructs, 'open' statements, magic numbers, complex conditions, presence of comments, spelling, empty interfaces and the number of exported elements, coupling, Halstead, and McCabe metrics, matching of regular expressions, and spaces, tabulation, headers, and file/line lengths. It supports CheckStyle, CSV, HTML, JDepend, bare text, and XML outputs, and supports plugins for custom checks and outputs.
  • Mock Objects for C++
    a platform independent generic unit testing framework for C++. It's goal is to facilitate developing unit tests in the spirit of Mock Objects for Java and EasyMock
  • Neptuner
    Neptuner (Neptuner Codebase Management Suite) is used to analyze and maintain C/C++ codebases. You can browse through, comment on, review, and analyze complexity, symbol usage(data and functions) and other characteristics of your codebase.
  • Objresolv
    Objresolv inspects all symbols from a set of object files in order to detect if some local symbols are declared globals and/or if there is some dead code in the program. It uses nm or libbfd to parse symbols.
  • opag
    opag is a program to generate C code which parses command line options. It takes as input a description of the command line options you want your program to support. The output is a C function which finds these options in an array of strings (typically argv, the second parameter of the main function) and sets variables accordingly.
  • Open Office Software Development Kit
    an add-on for It provides the necessary tools and documentation for programming the APIs and creating your own extensions (UNO components) for
  • OProfile
    OProfile is a statistical profiler that is intended for use on production systems, for the profiling of the entire dynamic system, including the kernel, kernel modules, interrupt handlers, shared libraries, and user-space binaries. It makes use of the facilities provided by Intel P6 core processors such as the Pentium Pro to generate statistical execution profiles transparently. Read more
  • OSPC
    (commmercial) Open Systems Portability Checker: designed to help solve portability, compliance, maintainability and complexity problems
  • Perltidy
    a Perl script which indents and reformats Perl scripts to make them easier to read
  • pfff_visual
    pfff_visual is a fancy code visualizer using treemaps and source code thumbnails rendered through Cairo
  • pydsc
    pydsc is a spell checker for Python documentation strings. After importing the pydsc module, every imported module will be checked for spelling errors in documentation strings and comments.
  • Pygments
    Pygments is a fast syntax highlighter written in Python with a special focus on details. It can highlight source code in many supported languages: Python, Ruby, PHP, HTML, etc. It outputs arbitrarily-styled HTML or LaTeX, and comes with many built-in styles.
  • pyobfuscate
    pyobfuscate isa source code obfuscator: It makes Python source code hard to read for humans, while still being executable for the Python interpreter.
  • PySnippet
    PySnippet is a code snippet manager for any language. It features a user defined folder hierarchy, syntax highlighting, automatic clipboard copying, and an XML based data file.
  • Pythius
    a set of tools to assess the quality of Python code. This is commonly done by applying different code metrics
  • QCppUnit
    a framework to perform unit testing which uses Qt to display the result of the tests and contains an example that show how to test a Qt application, even on user behaviour
  • qprof
    a set of profiling utilities, currently targeting only linux. It includes a simple command line profiling tool
  • QSource-Highlight
    QSource-Highlight is a Qt4 front-end for GNU Source-Highlight. You can highlight your code on the fly, and have the highlighted output in all the formats supported by source-highlight (e.g. HTML, LaTeX, Texinfo, etc.).
  • QtUnit
    a unit testing framework for c++, originally based on CppUnit
  • RATS
    Rough Auditing Tool for Security is a security auditing utility for C, C++, Python, Perl and PHP code. RATS scans source code, finding potentially dangerous function calls.
  • riparty
    riparty is a code visualization tool that generates a video based on the commit history.
  • RSM
    (commercial) performs metrics and quality checks on C, C++ and Java source code and creates reports in HTML format
  • ScanDoc
    a Perl script which scans C++ source code for specially-formatted comments and produces attractive, organized, indexed documentation
  • Seascope
    Seascope is a multi-platform multi-language source code browsing tool. pyQt GUI front-end for idutils, cscope and gtags.
  • Simple C++ Unittest Framework
    a simple, robust, easy to use C++ unit testing framework. The output is being integrated with doxygen for automatic results reporting as well
  • SLOCCount
    a set of tools for counting physical Source Lines of Code (SLOC) in a large number of languages of a potentially large set of programs
  • Sonar
    Sonar enables you to collect, analyze, and report metrics on source code. Sonar not only offers consolidated reporting on and across projects throughout time, but a central place to manage code quality.
  • Source Navigator NG
    Source Navigator NG is based upon Red Hat's Source Navigator. Source Navigator is a source code analysis tool. With it, you can edit your source code, display relationships between classes and functions and members, and display call trees. Source Navigator NG tries to improve usability and performance.
  • Splint
    a tool for statically checking C programs for security vulnerabilities and coding mistakes. With minimal effort, Splint can be used as a better lint. If additional effort is invested adding annotations to programs, Splint can perform stronger checking than can be done by any standard lint
  • sql2class
    sql2class is a code generation tool, able to convert output from the mysql tool mysqldump to simple C++ classes.
  • StripCmt
    a simple little filter for stripping comments from C, C++, and Java source code. It can function as a FIFO filter or work as a normal commandline utility. It's written in ANSI C
  • Stunnix CXX-Obfus
    (commercial) an advanced tool for making C and C++ source code difficult to understand and adapt. It's useful for cases when source code of some project needs to be shipped without fear of intellectual property theft or illegal code reuse
  • Stunnix Perl-obfus
    Stunnix Perl-obfus is an obfuscator for the Perl source code. It converts the perl source files (.pl and .pm) into highly mangled and obfuscated form, making it extermely difficult to study, analyse, reuse and re-work for competitors or customers, while fully retaining functionality of the original source code.It's not a compiler to machine code - the obufscated form will still be the usual perl source code, thus it will work on all platforms the original source worked on.
  • syntran
    a code generator for Haskell data types, parsers, and pretty-printers, from a formal description of the abstract and concrete syntax they are intended to work with
  • Tag Manager
    TagManager is a library for creating, managing and querying tags in a variety of languages. It is similar to, and based on Exuberent CTags. Currently, TagManager is used in Anjuta.
  • Test soon
    "Test soon" is a testing framework trying to enable you to write tests quickly, organize them easily and still being flexible.

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