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Fun to Play Open Source Real-Time Strategy Games Fight for Glory
RTS games have a large fan base since their inception. This game genre requires cunning, creativity, and the ability to devise innovative strategies to usurp your opponents. Some of the best known proprietary RTS series are Warcraft, Starcraft, Command & Conquer, and Age of Empires.

(Read more)
SharePrice lets investors research, monitor and trade stocks. Buy and sell on the London Stock Exchange market whilst on the move via your Android device.


  • PyNcurses
    PyNcurses is an ncurses binding for Python that also includes bindings for libpanel, libmenu, and libform. It includes both low-level SWIG-generated interfaces to each library and a high level interface for each library writtten in Python.
  • pyodbc
    pyodbc allows you to access ODBC databases. It implements the Python Database API Specification v2.0.
  • PyODE
    PyODE is a set of open-source Python bindings for The Open Dynamics Engine, an open-source physics engine. PyODE also includes an XODE parser.
  • pyogg
    pyogg is an object-oriented Python binding for the ogg library.
  • PyORBit
    PyORBit is a project to create Python bindings for ORBit, a fast, lightweight CORBA ORB used by the GNOME Desktop.
  • PyOSD
    PyOSD is a Python module for displaying text on your X display, much like the "On Screen Displays" used on TVs and some monitors.
  • PyPedal
    PyPedal provides tools for the manipulation of pedigrees, simple visualization of pedigrees, and the calculation of measures of genetic diversity from pedigrees.
  • PyPolyhedron
    PyPolyhedron is a Python interface to a C-library cddlib.
  • pypvm
    pypvm is a Python module which allows interaction with the Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) package. PVM allows a collection of computers connected by a network to serve as a single parallel computer.
  • PyQGLViewer
    PyQGLViewer is a set of Python bindings for the libQGLViewer C++ library, which extends the Qt framework with widgets and tools that ease the creation of OpenGL 3D viewers.
  • PyQStat
    PyQStat is a fairly basic Python wrapper around QStat, an application designed to report server status for a wide variety of realtime game servers. PyQStat invokes QStat via os.popen and parses its XML output mode.
  • PyQt
    PyQt is a set of Python bindings for the Qt toolkit. The bindings are implemented as a single Python module qt.
  • PyQt3Support
    PyQt3Support is an extension to PyQt4 that adds bindings to Qt's Qt3Support library for usage from the Python language.
  • PyRandR
    PyRandR is a python wrapper around the X11 Resize and Rotate functions.
  • Pyrite
    Pyrite is an extension package for the Python programming language which allows access to Palm Computing platform devices (such as the popular Pilot, PalmPilot and PalmIII connected organizers) and their data. Using the pilot-link library, Pyrite provides a high-level, object-oriented, extensible interface to handheld-related data, both on the local system and on the device. Pyrite is Open Source software; you may use it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License, version 2.
  • PySablot
    PySablot provides a simple API for in-memory XSLT transformations or file-2-file transformation.
  • PySBIG
    PySBIG can read SBIG CCD files and give you a Numeric array for the data and a dictionary for the headers.
  • PySCTP
    PySCTP adds Python support for the new SCTP transport protocol. It aims to be portable to any platform that implements kernel-level SCTP, e.g. Linux, Solaris, AIX and FreeBSD. The final objective is to be included in standard Python.
  • PySDL
    PySDL is a Python module that provides access to the SDL library's functionality.
  • pystatgrab
    pystatgrab is a set of Python bindings for the libstatgrab library. It installs as a module and provides a set of function calls with identical names to the libstatgrab functions. The returned data types also map logically on to the structures returned by libstatgrab.
  • PySTDF
    PySTDF is a Python module which makes it easy to work with STDF (Teradyne's Standard Test Data Format). STDF is a commonly-used file format in semiconductor tests. Automated test equipment (ATE) from such vendors as Teradyne, Verigy, LTX, Credence, and others supports this format. PySTDF provides event-based stream parsing of STDF version 4, indexers that help structure the data into a more useful tabular form, and the ability to generate missing summary records or new types of derivative records. The parser architecture is very flexible and can easily be extended to support STDF version 3 and custom record types.
  • PySWIP
    PySWIP is a GPL'd Python/SWI-Prolog bridge that enables you to query in prolog using SWI-Prolog in your Python programs. PySWIP includes both an SWI-Prolog foreign language interface and a utility class that makes it easy querying SWI-Python. Since it uses SWI-Prolog as a shared library and ctypes to access it, PySWIP doesn't require compilation to be installed.
  • pyswisseph
    pyswisseph is a Python extension to AstroDienst's Swiss Ephemeris C library (also known as swisseph). This extension implements very accurate astronomical calculations for astrological purposes.
  • PySymbolic
    PySymbolic provides a tool for doing elementary symbolic calculations in Python.
  • Python bsddb3
    Python bsddb3 is a Python module that provides a nearly complete wrapping of the Oracle/Sleepycat C API for the database environment, database, cursor, sequence, and transaction objects, and each of these is exposed as a Python type in the bsddb3.db module.
  • Python chess module
    Python chess module does not how to play chess, but does understand the rules enough that it can watch moves and verify that they are correct.
  • Python config module
    Python config module allows a hierarchical configuration scheme with support for mappings and sequences, cross-references between one part of the configuration and another, the ability to flexibly access real Python objects without full-blown eval(), an include facility, simple expression evaluation, and the ability to change, save, cascade, and merge configurations.
  • Python FAM
    Python FAM is a wrapper module around libfam from the FAM project. It allows Python programs to monitor files and directories.
  • Python lambda calculus module
    Python lambda calculus module allows simple experimentation with the lambda calculus. It understands the different types of lambda expressions, can extract lists of variables (both free and bound) and subterms, and can simplify complicated by expression by means of application.
  • Python XHTML
    Python XHTML is a simple Python module for the generation of valid XHTML.
  • Python XmlTools
    Python XmlTools is a set of high level tools to help using XML in Python. It relies heavily on the PyXml project and on 4Suite to access XML resources. Right now it features two pyGTK widgets: XmlTree and XmlEditor, which can respectively display and edit an XML document in a graphical fashion.
  • python-bitstring
    The bitstring module helps to make the creation and analysis of binary data in Python as painless as possible.
  • python-bz2
    python-bz2 provides a comprehensive interface for the bz2 compression library. It implements a complete file interface, one shot (de)compression functions, and types for sequential (de)compression.
  • python-chrono
    python-chrono is a Python module for simple and convenient date/time handling, including parsing, arithmetic, comparison, formatting, and calendar functionality.
  • python-colormath
    python-colormath is a Python module which abstracts common color math operations.
  • python-crack
    python-crack brings to Python programs the capability of evaluating password strength.
  • python-dime
    python-dime provides a way to parse and generate DIME messages. Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME) is a binary message format that can be used to encapsulate multiple payloads into a single message.
  • python-gammu
    python-gammu is a set of Python bindings for Gammu, the GSM mobile manager for various cellular phones. It can work with any phone that Gammu supports, including many models by Nokia, Siemens, and Alcatel.
  • python-gastables
    python-gastables includes python modules for compressible gas flow calculations. It includes python modules for Isentropic Relations, Normal Shock Relations, Oblique Shock Relations, Fanno Flow, Isothermal Flow, Rayleigh Flow and Prandtl Meyer Functions.
  • python-money
    python-money provides carefully designed basic Python primitives for working with money and currencies. The primary objectives of this module is to aid in the development of financial applications by increasing testability and reusability, reducing code duplication and reducing the risk of defects occurring in the code. The module defines two basic Python classes: a Currency class and a Money class. It also pre-defines all the world's currencies, according to the ISO 4217 standard.
  • python-shbuf
    python-shbuf is a Python module encapsulating libshbuf. it provides an easy-to-use object-oriented API for libshbuf.
  • python-stdnum
    python-stdnum is a Python module to parse, validate, and reformat standard numbers and codes in different formats.
  • python-xmltv
    python-xmltv is a Python module that provides access to XMLTV data. XMLTV is an XML format for storing TV listings.
  • Pythonutils
    Pythonutils is a helpful collection of utility modules for common Python programming tasks. It includes ConfigObj, a powerful config file reader and writer, validate, a validation and type conversion system, listquote, for string to list conversion, StandOut, a simple logging and output control object, pathutils, for working with paths and files, cgiutils, with CGI helpers, urlpath, with functions for handling URLs, and odict, the Ordered Dictionary Class. All modules are fully documented.
  • PyWeather
    PyWeather is a python package that contains equations and functions useful to meteorologists. Included in this package are modules that can convert temperatures to/from different scales, as well as conversions for pressure and wind speed.
  • PyX10
    PyX10 is a set of Python modules for the XAL X10 Automation Library. These modules should provide an easy way for Python programmers to add home automation tasks to their applications.
  • pyxattr
    pyxattr is a Python module for accessing filesystem Extended Attributes. pyxattr has been designed and tested on Linux, kernel v 2.4, with XFS filesystems; ext2/ext3 should work also.
  • Pyxine
    Pyxine is a set of Python bindings and an object-oriented wrapper for xine.

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