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7 Best Command Line Navigation Tools
The cd command is a command-line OS shell command used to change the current working directory. A directory is a logical section of a file system used to hold files. Directories may also contain other directories. The cd command can be used to change into a subdirectory, move back into the parent directory, move all the way back to the root directory or move to any given directory.

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RealPlayer supports RealAudio, RealVideo 10, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and Theora, H263, AAC and more. Get ready for accelerated video, full screen playback, and a lot more to play. It comes with a Mozilla-compatible plug-in, and a elegant UI design which is based on GTK technology.


  • Scriptum
    Scriptum is an Integrated Development Environment designed especially to help programmers perform better tasks and develop enhanced programs.
    SENSE is a software DSM system, which boasts high performance and portabillity. DSM - Distributed Shared Memory - allows programmers to distribute a computing task on several computers, using the well-known abstractions of threads, shared memory and lock/barrier synchronization.
  • side4linux
    side4linux is a simple IDE intended for source code programming in C, G-code, and AVR/ARM Assembler, with an emphasis on developing manufacturing and embedded applications.
  • Smart Common Input Method platform
    Smart Common Input Method platform is a development platform that significantly reduces the difficulty of input method development. SCIM splits input method into three parts: FrontEnd, which handles user interface and communication with client applications, Server, which handles the key event to string conversion work, and BackEnd, which manages all of the Servers.
  • Soth
    Soth is a distributed processing environment running with inverse client server philosophy.
  • SourceHighlightIDE
    SourceHighlightIDE is an IDE for GNU Source-highlight. When given a source file, Source-highlight produces a document with syntax highlighting. In particular, SourceHighlightIDE is useful when you have to develop a new language definition file for Source-highlight. Source-highlight reads source language specifications dynamically, so it can be easily extended for handling new languages without recompiling the sources. SourceHighlightIDE is also useful when modifying or debugging an existing language definition file.
  • Spyder
    Spyder (previously known as Pydee) is an open-source Python development environment providing MATLAB-like features in a simple and light-weighted software. Read more
    SSIDE is a lightweight GTK+ based IDE for the C language intended primarily for the development of embedded applications.
  • Stani's Python Editor
    Stani's Python Editor (SPE) is a Python IDE with UML features, the PyChecker source code doctor, a debugger (WinPdb), GUI designers (wxGlade and the XRC editor), and Blender (3D graphics) support.
  • TIA
    Tiny IDE for Ada is a console IDE for GNAT. TIA features: automatic saving, background updating, automatic spelling correction, error hilighting, tight integration with gnat, keyword hilighting, support for keyboard macros and ncurses mouse support.
  • TinyIDE
    TinyIDE is an IDE for C++ projects that is intended for use with SCons. It uses QScintilla as the editor component, supports workspaces with multiple projects, handles Qt's moc/uic handling, generates SCons scripts, supports multiple profiles (for example, for debug and release builds), and more.
  • Titano
    Titano is an IDE built with Glade using GTK+. It uses GtkEditor as a main editing widget though you will be able to use your favorite editor as an editing component in Titano via Bonobo technology.
  • Ultimate++
    Ultimate++ is an attempt to develop an optimal desktop development platform for Win32 and Linux. By utilizing of new ideas in C++ development, Ultimate++ achieves significant reduction of code complexity for most applications when compared to other development platforms. It consits of a set of libraries and TheIDE, a development environment. TheIDE can also be used to develop non-Ultimate++ applications. A big advantage of TheIDE is BLITZ-build technology, which speeds up large C++ rebuilds by up to 4 times.
  • VDKBuilder
    VDKBuilder isa GPL'ed RAD tool based on VDK library. It provides the programmer with an integrated environment for designing GUI interfaces, editing sources, compiling, linking and debugging.
  • Virtual Terrain Project
    The VTP software includes end-user GUI applications and C++ libraries for creating interactive 3D visualizations of the real world. It reads nearly all forms of geospatial data.
  • Visual Prolog
    (commercial) Visual Prolog is a complete programming environment based on the Prolog programming language. It contains everything needed for building large-scale commercial applications: graphical development environment, compiler, linker and debugger. Visual Prolog is the successor of Turbo Prolog and PDC Prolog.
  • Wing IDE
    Wing IDE is a complete integrated development environment for the Python programming language. It is a powerful, customizable IDE for programmers who would like the convenience of a graphical development tool without sacrificing control of their build and development environment.
  • wxDesigner
    (commercial) wxDesigner is a visual development tool for the free cross-platform GUI library wxWidgets - supporting C++, Python, Perl, C# and XML.
  • XBasic
    XBasic is an integrated software development environment including an advanced compiler, edit/run/debug environment, and interactive GUI-Designer.
  • XBasic
    XBasic is a comprehensive program development environment that integrates a powerful editor, compiler, debugger, function libraries and GuiDesigner into a seamless working environment that encompasses the whole process of creating fast, efficient, reliable, portable 32-bit programs.
  • XmCode
    XmCode is a light, simple and fast programming environment, based on GNU development tools. It is a free software based on the Motif toolkit.
  • XotclIDE
    XotclIDE is an Integrated Development Environment for Xotcl. Xotcl is an object oriented extension for tcl.
  • xRope
    xRope is a GUI IDE for Python development. It uses Python, Tkinter, and Pmw. xRope's editor is 'rope'; xRope is to rope what xEmacs is to Emacs.

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