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 · 9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
 · A Beginner’s Introduction to Linux
 · Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection – Games for the Brain
 · Captain Holetooth – Explorative 2D Platform Game for Kids
 · Taisei – A Classy, Frenetic Shoot’em Up Game in the Style of The Touhou Project
 · YouTube Channel
 · Minilens – Fun Open Source Puzzle Platform Game
 · Wizznic! – Highly Addictive Open Source Puzzle Game
 · Success! Beelink S1 Running Linux – Courtesy of the Open Source Community
 · Beelink S1 Mini PC and Linux – Comedy Gold


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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

(Read more)
Go For It!
Go For It! is a simple and stylish productivity app, featuring a to-do list, merged with a timer that keeps your focus on the current task.


  • Rainlendar
    (commercial) Rainlendar is a feature rich calendar application that is easy to use and does not take much space on your desktop. A free lite version is also available. Read more hot
  • bcal
    bcal (Byte CALculator) is a command-line utility for storage conversions and calculations.
  • Bob's Calculator
    Bob's Calculator is a small command line calculator similar to GNU bc. It does standard math in base 2/8/10/16, binary and/or/xor/not, and binary shift left / right.
  • Boolean Calculator
    Boolean Calculator is a simple utility for technical informatics on university. You can enter a formular like "a and b and (not c)" and it shows you a table where you can see on which boolean combination of a, b and c the term is true.
  • calc
    calc is an arbitrary precision arithmetic system that uses a C-like language. It's useful as a calculator, an algorithm prototype, and as a mathematical research tool.
  • is a download-and-use terminal calculator. It is handy, easily extendable, and tape-like. It comes with most of the usual and some financial and physical functions.
  • Calcoo
    Calcoo is a scientific calculator designed to provide maximum usability with bitmapped button labels and display digits to improve readability, both RPN (reverse Polish notation) and "standard" modes and tick marks to separate thousands.
  • Calctool
    Calctool is the graphical calculator application that was in the OpenWindows Deskset of the Solaris 8 operating system. Sun Microsystems Inc. have kindly given permission to release it. It incorporates a multiple precision arithmetic packages. There are two versions of this application available; one that uses the OpenWindows XView graphical toolkit (calctool), and one that uses the GNOME Gtk2 graphical toolkit (gcalctool).
  • CCalc
    CCalc is a small, fast and portable library for parsing mathematical formulas. The parsing engine provides many built-in functions, supports user-defined variables, user-defined functions (callbacks) and more. Also CCalc is a command-line calculator that uses this library.
  • clac
    clac (Command Line Advanced Calculator) evaluates mathematical expressions input via command line arguments or from stdin and writes the results to stdout.
  • Clarence
    Clarence is a small Gtk gui based programmer's calculator.
  • Concalc
    Concalc is a calculator for the Linux console. It is just the parser-algorithm of extcalc packed into a simple console program.
  • e
    e is a command line expression evaluator. It was designed to be as small as possible, and quick to use.
  • edanator
    edanator is an intuitive graphical binary and hex calculator. Each nibble is displayed in hex and binary. Clicking on the button (hex nibble or binary bit) changes the value. Bit and nibble shifting is supported via dedicated buttons. It supports variable widths per word (up to 64- bits), three words (each on a different row), and mathematical operations between words.
  • elca
    elca (Extended Line CAlculator) evaluates mathematical expressions (more precisely Perl expressions). What makes it different from all other line calculators is that expressions are evaluted immediately as you type them.
  • Fung-Calc
    Fung-Calc is a free, open source advanced, yet easy to use, graphing calculator for Linux using Qt. It plots several types of 2D and 3D graphs. It combines the use of advanced mathematical features and ease of use all in one package.
  • Gafix
    Gafix is a GTK+ program for communication between casio calculators and computer.
  • galculator
    galculator is a scientific calculator. Intended to support different bases (DEC/HEX/OCT/BIN) and angles (DEG/RAD/GRAD) soon, it already features a wide range of mathematical (basic arithmetic operations, trigonometric functions, etc) and other useful functions at the moment. Read more
  • GD-Calc
    GD-Calc is a financial, statistics, scientific and programmers calculator for Unix and Linux. The GUI was written with glade and uses the Gnome/Gtk+ toolkit. gdcalc has both Algebraic notation (ie. conventional, TI or Casio style) and Reverse Polish Notation (RPN or Hewlett-Packard style).
  • gdcalc
    gdcalc is a financial, statistics, scientific and programmers calculator.
  • Genius
    Genius is an arbitrary precision integer and multiple precision floating point calculator. It includes its own programming language similiar in some aspects to C, bc or Pascal. Read more
  • Gnome Calculator 2
    Gnome Calculator 2 provides all necessary functions that a mechanical calculator supports, and a simple and familiar user interface.
  • gpfcalc
    gpfcalc is a GTK+ front-end for pfcalc, a pipe friction calculator using the Darcy-Weisbach equation.
  • GraphCalc
    GraphCalc is an all-in-one solution to everything from everyday arithmetic to statistical analysis, from betas to Booleans, from cubes to calculus, from decimals to derivatives. GraphCalc combines all the features of a professional mathematics package with the simplicity of an easy to learn windows interface.
  • GraphMonkey
    GraphMonkey is a GTK#-based graphic calculator. It uses a simple interface to draw curves. This software is written in C# with GTK#.The goal is to obtain a very simple and fast graphic calculator for mono.
  • GRPN
    GRPN is a RPN calculator for the X Window system built using the GIMP Toolkit.
  • Gtapecalc
    Gtapecalc is a simple calculator with an output window that acts like the paper tape on a desktop calculator.
  • GtkTiLink
    GtkTiLink is a program which allows to a PC to communicate with a Texas Instruments calculator. It uses a link cable: either the parallel link, either the TI Graph Link.
  • HMSCalc-RPN
    HMSCalc-RPN is a Linux calculator that performs its operations in hours, minutes and seconds instead of integers or floating point numbers. The calculator uses Reverse Polish Notation instead of the more normal Infix (algebraic) notation, as this reduces input errors.
  • HPTalx
    HPTalx is a HP48/49 calculator to PC communication program for Linux. It's released under the GPL.
  • Kalculate
    Kalculate provides a user-friendly calculator for the average desktop user. Its focus is to develop features that make it friendly and usable instead of features that provide advanced mathematics.
  • KavCalc
    KavCalc is a simple calculator that works on any platform that supports Python and Pygame.
  • Math Magic Sci-Calculator
    Math Magic Sci-Calculator is a robust scientific calculator that consists of a backend that can be used on the console, and to build a GTK+ frontend to be used as part of the Math Magic project.
  • mozCalc
    mozCalc is a desktop calculator application. For now it only is a very simple one, doing only basic arithmetic operations. Yet it tries to use the power of XUL to implement an enhanced UI.
  • Nonpareil
    Nonpareil is a microassembler and simulator package for the calculators. It currently supports the HP Classic and Woodstock series. It is written in C and uses the GTK+ toolkit. Read more
  • NPI
    NPI is a simple calculator that supports Reverse Polish Notation, devised by Jan Lukasiewicz in the Twenties to allow evaluation of mathematical expressions without brackets. It supports completion and command history.
  • Orpie
    Orpie is a fullscreen RPN calculator for the console. Its operation is similar to that of modern HP calculators, but data entry has been optimized for efficiency on a PC keyboard. Features include extensive scientific calculator functionality, command completion, and a visible interactive stack.
  • pfcalc
    pfcalc is a portable command line tool used to calculate pipe friction and pressure drop through pipes using the Darcy-Weisbach equation.
  • PG Calculator
    PG Calculator is a scientific calculator which offers a customizable user interfacer and looks like a real calculator on the user's desktop. It works in RPN mode and recognizes real and complex numbers and allows vectors manipulations.
  • Qalculate!
    Qalculate! is a modern multi-purpose desktop calculator for GNU/Linux. It is small and simple to use but with much power and versatility underneath. Features include customizable functions, units, arbitrary precision, plotting, and a graphical interface (GTK+) that uses a one-line fault-tolerant expression entry. Read more
  • qpfcalc
    The qpfcalc application is a Qt frontend for pfcalc, a CLI pipe friction calculator.
  • R/C Calculator
    R/C Calculator is a calculator specifically for people who race radio controlled cars. It includes a basic calculator, a roll-out calculator, and a pinion gear finder for a specific roll-out. All of these are very helpful when racing on asphalt or carpet.
  • Rascal
    Advanced Scientific CALculator: a platform independent modular calculator. Based on modules for integer, doubles, strings, vectors and matrices it can be easily extended with existing C or C++ code
  • rCalc
    rCalc is a scientific calculator for the GNOME desktop environment. It aims to occupy the middle ground between simple `point-and-click' calculators and full featured mathematical packages, and hopefully take some of the best of both worlds.
  • reken
    reken is a command line calculator with the ability to define variables and functions and to run on a input file, or to use an input file for some default definitions.
  • rpc
    rpc is a fast full-screen console-based RPN calculator application that uses the ncurses library.
  • rpCalc
    rpCalc is a simple RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator for X. Read more
  • rpcCalc
    rpcCalc is a console version of the rpCalc RPN calculator. It is based on Python's curses module, so it starts quickly, has few dependencies, and runs in any console or terminal.
  • RPNCalc
    RPNCalc is a reverse polish notation scientific calculator.
  • TiLP
    TiLP is a TI calculators - PC communication program using a GTK interface.
  • tkalc
    tkalc is a pocket calculator for developers and IP network operators. Abritrary arithmetic or logical expressions can be entered very quickly in a text entry field.
  • Virtual TI
    Virtual TI emulates nearly the entire line of Texas Instruments graphing calculators, and offers features that speed up both debugging and testing of calculator programs. Windows version is quite stable but the Linux version is only in planning.
  • Wcalc
    Wcalc is a very capable calculator. It has standard functions (sin, asin, and sinh for example, in either radians or degrees), many pre-defined constants (pi, e, c, etc.), support for using variables, "active" variables, a command history, hex/octal/binary input and output, unit conversions, embedded comments, and an expandable expression entry field.
  • wcalc-applet
    wcalc-applet is a simple calculator applet for the GNOME2 panel using PyGTK.
  • wmcalc
    wmcalc is a small calculator meant for the WindowMaker dock or Afterstep Wharf. It is a simple calculator with basic functions and memory slots, and can launch any external application for more complex calculations.
  • X-Bc
    X-Bc is a graphical user interface to bc. It's big advantage: input and output stay visible at all time for correction and comparation. Supports base conversions, scientific constants, number theory functions and more.
  • xfer9860
    xfer9860 connects to a Casio fx-9860G graphing calculator and transfers files.
  • ycalc
    ycalc is an X-window calculator, with much more functions than the standard xcalc and is heavily influenced by TI-59.

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