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100 Essential Free Apps
We can all admire the vast number of open source apps and tools that are available on modern operating systems. They come in all shapes and sizes. Small console tools that can be easily integrated into large projects, feature-rich apps that offer everything bar the the kitchen sink, well designed tools, and eye catching candy. Open source software holds numerous compelling advantages over proprietary software.

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Warzone 2100
Warzone 2100 is a 3D realtime strategy on a future Earth. The Warzone 2100 GPL Project aims to continue the vision of Pumpkin studios started in 1999 with the game Warzone 2100, Which was closed source until Dec 6, 2004 when it was let out the doors for the first time under a GPL license. Read more


  • Addressbook
    Addressbook is a program to manage your addresses, phone numbers, e-mailaddresses and everything which is now written in your rolodex.
  • Addresses for GNUstep
    Addresses for GNUstep is a versatile address book application for managing contact information. It stores addresses, phone numbers, pictures, instant messaging information, email, homepages and whatever. Addresses is also a framework that allows access to the addresses database in a way that is sourcecode-compatible with Apple's AddressBook.framework. It also contains a view framework to facilitate the construction of applications that use the contact database.
  • BlackBook
    BlackBook was a simple address book written using the GTK+ toolkit.
  • CMan
    Contact Manager is a form of a rolodex. It has the ability to be configurable for various terminals, but is limited. The limit is, the field names themselves cannot be altered, this is changed in an up coming version.
  • Contacts
    Contacts is an evolution-data-server using address book, designed for use on hand-held devices (like the Nokia 770), but also quite useful on the desktop.
  • ERDaddresses
    ERDaddresses is a simple little address book program using text files. In addition to text data, contact photos can be viewed.
  • Gaby
    Gaby is a small personal databases manager for Linux using GTK+ and Gnome (if available) for its GUI. t was designed to provide straight-forward access to databases a 'normal' user would like (addresses, books, ...) while keeping the ability to easily create databases for other needs.
  • gaddr
    gaddr is a simple little GTK+ based address book.
  • gfa
    gfa is a small and fast address book written in C and GTK+2. It uses sqlite as backend for the addresses.
  • KickPIM
    KickPIM is a panel applet for quickly editing and accessing the KDE addressbook or sending emails to your contacts. It shows also a list of upcoming birthdays and waiting emails of multiple email-accounts.
  • KnokiiSync
    KnokiiSync is a KDE Address Book to Gnokii-compatible phones synchronization program. It can transfer all the entries as well as the entry types (home, work, mobile, URL, email, etc)
  • Kotitz
    Kotitz provides address management via KDE/Qt and Mysql Database, especially for german non profit organisations.
  • KProject
    KProject is a contact manager designed for freelancers and similar professionals to manage their contacts with clients, vendors, colleagues and other contacts.
  • Kvcard
    Kvcard is designed to be a replacement contact manager for kab.
  • Laddr
    Laddr is a Lesstif address book that holds addresses and any other information you want to know about a person. It also looks pretty, and is fairly small both in executable size and screen real estate size.
  • libral
    Libral is an address book engine. It allows you to create your address books and to add personal and company cards to them. Data managed in a personal card include personal data (name, surname, address, etc.), Web links, email addresses, irc uris, telephone numbers, job information (company where the contact works, manager, collaborator, etc.), and notes.
  • MZFriends
    MZFriends is a very simple database program. It was made to be an address book, but it can save what you want (e.g. the books in a library, the customers of your shop...). Very simple, easy, small and fast.
  • Netscape Address Book Recovery
    Netscape Address Book Recovery is a tool to take that corrupted Netscape Address Book and get your information out of it.
  • Open-Xchange
    The Open-Xchange Collaboration and Integration Server Environment allows you to store appointments, contacts, tasks, mails, bookmarks, documents, and many more elements and share them with other users. This environment can be accessed via any modern web browser and multiple fat clients like KDE Kontact, Apples iCAL, Konqueror, Mozilla Calendar, any many more, based on open standards and interfaces. Read more
  • PAddress
    PAddress is a simple address book application written in C++, using the Standard Template Library (STL), and the Gtk+ tool kit.
  • pi-address
    pi-address is an X11 based GUI frontend to the address database of a 3Com Palm Pilot. The program can also be used as a general address manager without a 3Com Palm Pilot.
  • pwman
    PWman is a text-based application based on the ui design of abook addressbook. PWman works on Linux, *BSD, Solaris and should also run on most other UNIXes(untested). It Needs libxml2 and ncurses.
  • QAddress
    QAddress is a small and lightweight address book written in C++. It uses Qt as graphical toolkit and SQLite as database backend.
  • Rolo
    Rolo keeps track of your contacts and display them to you with a text-based menu. Rolo strives to be a well-constructed tool for complimenting text-based email programs-such as mutt. It utilizes the vCard version 3.0 format for storing its contacts and it interfaces with the end-user through a NCurses front-end.
  • rubrica
    rubrica is an address book written using GTK+ and GNOME. It allows you to add personal data (name, surname, address, etc.), Web links, email addresses, telephone numbers, job information (company where contact works, company infos, contact's assigment, etc.) and notes. XML is used to store the data. It can import addressbooks from GnomeCard and export to HTML.
  • Telbook
    Telbook is a simple telephone book with which you can manage a list of persons and their home and mobile telephone numbers. Its purpose is not to provide you with a full-fletched address book but to be a simple yet convenient tool.
  • WingMan
    WingMan is/will be the interface to a MySQL powered addressbook for Linux. It is based on Window Maker's WINGs library.
  • XRolyPoly
    XRolyPoly is a rolodex program that supports all the basic fields: name, address, phone, email, and misc. notes.
  • yrolo
    Yrolo is a Rolodex (TM) like software for maintainting database of people's name, phone no, email etc.

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