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5 Highly Promising Terminal Emulators
The terminal emulator is a venerable but essential tool for computer users. The reason why Linux offers so much power is due to the command line. The Linux shell can do so much, and this power can be accessed on the desktop by using a terminal emulator. There are so many available for Linux that the choice is bewildering.

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SwiFTP is an open-source FTP server that allows you to connect to your phone over wifi or cellular/3g to upload and download files. Any FTP client can be used.


  • DirectVNC
    DirectVNC is a client implementing the remote framebuffer protocol (rfb) which is used by VNC servers.
  • Enhanced TightVNC Viewer
    The Enhanced TightVNC Viewer package is a project to add some patches to the long neglected Unix TightVNC Viewer. It also adds a GUI for Windows and Unix that automatically starts up a STUNNEL SSL tunnel for SSL connections to x11vnc (or any other VNC Server also running an SSL tunnel, such as STUNNEL, at their end), and then launches the TightVNC Viewer. The program can also be used set up SSH tunnelled connections instead.
  • ggivnc
    The ggivnc application is a VNC client that uses GGI for input and output. It supports many encodings (ZRLE, Hextile, Zlib, ZlibHex, RRE, CopyRect, LastRect, CoRRE, and the required Raw encoding).
  • Gtk VNC Viewer
    GTK VNC Viewer is a script that provides a GUI for connecting to VNC servers. It remembers the credentials of known servers, so connecting to a VNC server is just one double-click away. Servers are shown in an icon view.
  • iTivity
    (commercial) iTivity is a self-hosted software solution for Real Time Resolution of support and administration needs. iTivity gives IT professionals secure, compliant remote access to UNIX, Linux, and Microsoft Windows severs, desktops, and other devices all from a single, centralized server. iTivity integrates with your business processes to improve productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • KDE Desktop Sharing
    KDE Desktop Sharing is a KDE service that allows you to share your desktop using the RFB protocol, better known as VNC. KDE Desktop Sharing is part of KDE since version 3.1. It is located in the kdenetwork package.
  • Keystone
    Keystone is a tool for KDE that allows you to remotely access the desktops of machines using the cross-platform VNC system. Keystone can access machines running a variety of operating systems (including most UNIX systems and Windows 95/98/NT/2000) providing they are running a VNC server. Note that Keystone is only a client program, you will need to download a server separately in order to use it.
  • kvncviewer
    VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. VNC allows you to access your X11, Windows 3.1/95/NT Desktop from anywhere in the world. The K VNC Viewer provides shameless integration into the K Desktop Environment. It combines ease of use and a beautiful GUI which is typical for KDE applications.
  • LibVNCServer
    LibVNCServer is ripped out of Xvnc to provide an easy API to write one's own vnc server.
  • RealVNC
    RealVNC was founded and staffed by the original AT&T team who created VNC. Read more
  • Remmina
    Remmina (formerly known as Grdc) is a remote desktop connection client that can view and control a desktop session running on another system. It can connect to a VNC platform (using libvncserver0) as well as to windows terminal servers (with rdesktop). Read more
  • rfbplaymacro
    rfbplaymacro is a simple tool for controlling VNC sessions.
  • rfbproxy
    rfbproxy is a simple tool for recording VNC sessions.
  • TightVNC
    TightVNC is an enhanced version of VNC which includes a lot of new features, improvements, optimizations and bugfixes over the original VNC version. Read more
  • tkvnc
    TkVNC is a VNC viewer written in pure Tcl/Tk. It does not yet support authentication, so it can only connect to an unsecured VNC server.
  • uVNC
    uVNC is a very small VNC server that can be run even on tiny 8-bit microcontrollers commonly found in small embedded devices. With uVNC, such devices can have a networked display without the need for any graphics hardware or a computer screen.
  • Vinagre
    Vinagre is a VNC client for the GNOME Desktop. It allows the user to view multiple machines simultaneously, can discover VNC servers on the network via Avahi, and can keep track of recently used and favorite connections. Read more
  • VNC Reflector
    VNC Reflector is a specialized VNC server which acts as a proxy sitting between real VNC server (a host) and a number of VNC clients. It was designed to work efficiently with large number of clients.
  • vnc2swf
    vnc2swf is a recording tool for VNC, a protocol to manipulate remote window systems via network, developed by AT&T Laboratories Cambridge. It records VNC sessions and generates a Macromedia Flash movie file (SWF). It can be used as an X11 recorder or a Windows desktop recorder.
  • VncSelector
    VncSelector allows a user to manage his/her list of currently active VNC server sessions. This can be useful in a thin client situation (run from .Xsession, for example).
  • vncssld
    vncssld is a VNC SSL repeater for Unix. You can use it to access your user's desktop using VNC SSL.
  • VNCTracker
    VNCTracker is a tool to keep track of mostly dynamic hosts on various dial-up accounts. Rather than call each user whenever you need a current IP address for connecting with VNC, you visit the Web page generated by VNCTracker which shows the updated IP address for that host. You can then build .vnc files for easily starting VNC with the settings to connect to the host.
  • x11vnc
    x11vnc lets you remotely view and interact with real X displays (i.e. a display corresponding to a physical monitor, keyboard, and mouse) with any VNC viewer. In this way it plays the role for Unix/X11 that WinVNC plays for Windows.
  • x2vnc
    x2vnc is an implementation of the VNC RFB protocol designed to control a machine running a VNC server in a dual-monitor situation.

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