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 · 9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
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 · Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection – Games for the Brain
 · Captain Holetooth – Explorative 2D Platform Game for Kids
 · Taisei – A Classy, Frenetic Shoot’em Up Game in the Style of The Touhou Project
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 · Minilens – Fun Open Source Puzzle Platform Game
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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

(Read more)
Ubuntu UK Podcast
The Ubuntu Podcast covers all the latest news and issues facing Ubuntu Linux users and Free Software lovers in general. The show aims to appeal to a Linux beginner as well as the oldest coder. Read more


  • Filezilla
    FileZilla is a multi-platform FTP and SFTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface. Read more Killer App hot
  • IglooFTP
    IglooFTP is a new graphical and user friendly FTP client. Its main goals are to be easy to use and intuitive when used by novice, but powerful and fully configurable in the hand of experienced users. IglooFTP makes full use of the GTK+ library and is distributed under the GNU GPL. hot
  • LFTP
    LFTP is sophisticated ftp/http client, file transfer program supporting a number of network protocols. Like BASH, it has job control and uses readline library for input. It has bookmarks, built-in mirror, can transfer several files in parallel. It was designed with reliability in mind. LFTP is free software, distributed under GNU GPL license. Read more hot
  • NcFTP
    The purpose of ncftp is to provide a powerful and flexible interface to the Internet standard File Transfer Protocol. It is intended to replace the stock ftp program that comes with the system. Although the program appears to be rather spartan, you'll find that ncftp has a wealth of valuable performance and usage features. The program was designed with an emphasis on usability, and it does as much as it can for you automatically so you can do what you expect to do with a file transfer program, which is transfer files between two interconnected systems. Some of the cooler features include progress meters, filename completion, command-line editing, background processing, auto-resume downloads, bookmarking, cached directory listings, host redialing, working with firewalls and proxies, downloading entire directory trees, etc. Read more hot
  • Auto FTP
    Auto FTP is an FTP client daemon that watches a shared folder and transfers anything put into that folder to a remote FTP site. It also features recursive transfers of all subdirectories.
  • AutoDL2
    AutoDL 2 is a scalable transport independant automated file transfer system. It is suitable for uploading files from a staging server to every server on a production server farm, offloading log files from firewalls to a centralized location, and consolidating files before writing periodic backups to offline storage. Currently only SFTP is supported, though the plugin architecture should allow many more transports to be supported as needed.
  • bareFTP
    bareFTP is a file transfer client supporting the FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). It is written in C#, targeting the Mono framework and the GNOME desktop environment.
  • Batchput
    Batchput transfers files from a local directory, matching the regex you specify, to an FTP server. Written in Python, the program is focused on doing this safely and efficiently, using per-directory locking and a single ftp session.
  • cadaver
    cadaver is a command-line WebDAV client for Unix. It supports file upload, download, on-screen display, namespace operations (move/copy), collection creation and deletion, and locking operations.
  • cftp
    Comfortable FTP is a full screen termcap ftp client. It supports both with active and passive data connections, IPv4 and IPv6, and SFTP (a file transfer protocol using SSH for authorization and connection encryption).
  • cmdftp
    cmdftp is a command line FTP client for Unix systems that features shell-like functions, passive mode, local and remote transparent modes, broken connection resumption, multiple and recursive file transfers, auto-login, and more.
  • Cs-ObexFtp
    Cs-ObexFtp is a nice GUI to transfer files between two devices with the OBEX protocol.
  • DeadFTP
    DeadFTP is an FTP client for GNOME. DeadFTP provides all basic functionality of an FTP client as well as a transfer queue and a hostmanager.
    DPS-FTP is an FTP client that has basic FTP features: browsing local and remote directories, a transfer queue that allows downloading and uploading multiple files to multiple sites in multiple directories in any order and caching of directory listings. The interface is based on that of Bulletproof FTP.
  • drsync
    drsync is a wrapper for rsync. It does track if you add or remove files in your repository, and add it or remove it in the remote place.
  • fget
    fget is a minimal http/ftp download tool for boot disks. fget supports downloading a single URL (the first argument on the command line) from an FTP or HTTP server. The URL may contain username and password (like in fget supports IPv4 and IPv6 (the IPv6 URL format for IP numbers is http://[::1]:80/file.tar.gz) transport. fget is meant for boot and rescue disks, so small size is the most important feature.
  • Fletch
    Fletch is a non-interactive FTP/HTTP client-agent designed to perform in bandwidth-deficient environments. It maintains a queue of jobs that are executed when a connection is available. Job states are maintained and a job is retried till it completes or dies of a permanent error. Fletch carefully minimizes network usage by resuming incomplete downloads wherever possible.
  • Free Open FTP Face
    Free Open FTP Face is a lightweight graphical (GTK+) FTP client. Its emphasis is on simplicity and convenience. It is easy to use, has a built-in text viewer, image viewer, and one-click gzip (de)compression. Read more
  • FSP Client
    FSP Client is FTP-like interface for File Service Protocol. It look exactly like classic FTP does, but uses different transfer protocol.
  • ftpcopy
    ftpcopy is a simple FTP client written to copy files or directories (recursively) from a FTP server. It's main purpose is to mirror FTP sites which support the EPLF directory listing format.
  • FtpCube
    FtpCube is a graphical ftp client written in Python using the wxPython graphical toolkit, and is based on LeechFTP by Jan Debis. FtpCube aims to provide a high quality GUI, as well as a rich feature set, and surpasses LeechFTP in functionality.
  • ftphs
    ftphs is an FTP client and server library for Haskell. ftphs is easy to use, fully supports text and binary transfers, can optionally support lazy operations, and is standards-compliant. The ftphs server can serve up either real or virtual filesystem trees.
  • ftpq
    ftpq is an FTP upload queue manager for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems. If you live behind a dial-up link to the Internet, and regularly upload files (e.g. for web sites), ftpq allows you to queue the uploads whilst off-line for processing on next connection to the network.
  • gFTP
    gFTP is a free multithreaded ftp client for *NIX based machines running X11R6 or later. It supports the FTP, FTPS (control connection only), HTTP, HTTPS, SSH and FSP protocols. It also supports UNIX, EPLF, Novell, MacOS, VMS, MVS and NT (DOS) style directory listings. Read more
  • Guiftp
    Guiftp is a simple FTP client using the GTK+ toolkit. Guiftp can connect to a remote host, download and upload files and directories. It supports interrupted transfer.
  • hsftp
    hsftp is an ftp emulator that provides the look-and-feel of an ftp session, but uses ssh to transport commands and data.
  • junkie
    junkie is a GTK2 FTP client for the X Windows system. It has features such as queueing files, downloading/uploading of whole directories, caching of directories, drag and drop, a site manager, preferences (and a configure library), and an event-based FTP library.
  • Kasablanca
    Kasablanca is a graphical FTP client. Included features are support for both command and data encryption (via auth TLS, not SFTP), a bookmark manager, and a queueing system.
  • KBear
    KBear is a graphical ftp client for KDE with ability to connect to multiple hosts simultanously.
  • KFTPGrabber
    KFTPGrabber is a graphical FTP client for KDE, which includes TLS support, FXP transfers, OTP passwords, ZeroConf support, and more. Read more
  • kio-ftps
    kio-ftps is an FTPS KIO slave for KDE. It implements secure FTP sessions based on RFC 4217 and built upon the FTP KIO-slave sources. It should work with most server implementations. It issues an "AUTH TLS" command after connecting and refuses to continue when it's not supported. Prior to every data channel I/O command ("STOR", "RETR", etc.) it tries to secure the data channel via "PBSZ" and "PROT" commands. If that fails, it will transfer data unencrypted.
  • kpftp
    kpftp is a frontend for the TCP-based features of pftp's client.
  • KSendFile
    KSendfile is a native SAFT client.
  • kuftp
    KuFtp is a graphical FTP client for the K Desktop Environment. It implements many features required for usable FTP interaction. One of the most notable features is the use of tabs to represent sessions. This is like the feature in Konqueror or Firefox which allows you to have multiple simultaneous FTP sessions in separate tabs. Other features include a bookmark manager, history recording, and a queue manager.
  • kzilla
    kzilla a simple a FTP Search ( client (KDE).
  • lmftp
    (Le Méchant FTP) written in Objective Caml. It implements queues, recursive download, and multiple connect attempts. It should virtually work on any system where there is a part of the Unix module of Ocaml which is implemented.
  • lurkftp
    lurkftp monitors changes in ftp sites.
  • mudFTP
    mudFTP is a protocol used for transfer of text files between a MUD server and a mudFTP client program. The text files can be notes, programs, room descriptions, etc.
  • mxFtp
    mxFtp uses X11R6/Motif2.0. It is designed as an X/Motif window-based interface to FTP.
  • myftpidx
    myftpidx is a tool for recursively indexing any file available inside an FTP server or one of its folders. It has options for verbose output, full or relative URLs, fields to visualize, and HTML output.
  • NFTP
    (commercial) NFTP is a powerful interactive textmode ftp client.
  • nvemFTP
    nvemFTP is a Qt-based FTP client geared to be compatible with many protocols, with minimal dependencies. It currently supports queueing from multiple servers, recursive gets/sends, and multiple connections.
  • paraget
    paraget is a parallel ftp-fetching program. paraget is designed to not only do basic n -equal-piece partitioning of a file and sending requests out to n servers for data, but to also be dynamic during the downloading process.
  • PFTP
    Preferred For Transfers is a portable FTP client, with many useful features, such as FXP, SSL and TLS support. PFTP is aimed at being a set of two libraries and a diversity of user interfaces, for maximal portability.
  • QuFTP
    QuFTP is a command line ftp client for Linux. It supports the selection of multiple files for upload and download, which are transfered with one command.
  • rsnapshot
    rsnapshot makes it easy to make periodic snapshots of local machines, and remote machines over ssh. The code makes extensive use of hard links whenever possible, to greatly reduce the disk space required. Read more
  • rsync
    rsync is an open source utility that provides fast incremental file transfer. rsync is freely available under the GNU General Public License. Read more
  • SafeTP
    SafeTP is a transparent FTP Security Software that does not send passwords clear, like traditional ftp clients/servers.
  • SFT
    SFT allows you to transfer files from computer to computer through the Internet.
  • SFTPPlus
    (commercial) SFTPPlus offers secure file transfer to meet corporate and regulatory requirements - offering additional functionality to SFTP.
  • stftp
    stftp ("simple" terminal FTP) is a small FTP client for the Unix console. It uses the curses library to present the remote directory as a navigable list, affording more ease of use than many other interactive clients.
  • TFTP
    TFTP is an implementation of a TFTP server and client developed on Linux. Qt was used for the UI of the TFTP client.
  • TLSWrap
    TLSWrap is a TLS/SSL FTP wrapper/proxy for UNIX and Windows, allowing you to use your favourite FTP client with any TLS/SSL-enabled FTP server.
  • Toro FTP Client
    Toro FTP Client is an opensource cross-platform FTP, SFTP, FPTS client. It's written in C++ and has a wxWidgets GUI.
  • VTun
    Virtual Tunnel provides the method for creating Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks and allows to shape, compress, encrypt traffic in that tunnels.
  • vvftp
    vvftp is a simple ftp client application written in C++. It is console based and can run on linux/solaris as of now. The design is simple and extensible. Adding a GUI should not be too much work.
  • Waiho
    Waiho is a simple FTP client for GNUstep, designed to be easy to use.
  • wxSFTP
    This project aims to develop a simple, easy to use and portable SFTP client. With simple we mean that the program will have only the main features needed. The structure consists of a two panel window, one for the local filesystem and another for the remote filesystem.
  • Xrmftp
    Xrmftp is a GPL'd FTP client for the X Window System.
  • yafc
    yafc is an interactive interface to the FTP protocol. Features include directory cache, remote filename completion, aliases, colored ls, recursive get/put/ls/rm, nohup mode transfers, tagging (queueing), and more. It also has support for Kerberos4 authentication. Read more

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