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6 Excellent Console Linux File Managers
Console based applications are light on system resources (very useful on low specified machines), can be faster and more efficient than their graphical counterparts, they do not stop working when X is restarted, and are perfect for scripting purposes.

(Read more)
Catfish is a handy file searching tool for linux and unix. Basically it is a frontend for different search engines (daemons) which provides a unified interface. The interface is intentionally lightweight and simple, using only GTK+ 2. You can configure it to your needs by using several command line options. Read more


  • Downloader for X
    Downloader for X is a Linux/Unix userfriendly program with nice X interface to download files from the Internet. It suppotrs both FTP and HTTP protocols, supports resuming (of course if server side supports it) and makes downloading files from internet easy. Downloader for X is an analogue for Linux/Unix of such famous applications for Windows as ReGet, Go!Zilla and GetRight. It has support for both FTP and HTTP protocols as well as HTTP and FTP proxy servers. SOCKS5 support is also included! Authentication on the proxy servers is supported too. Read more hot
  • FreeRapid Downloader
    FreeRapid Downloader is an easy to use open source downloader that supports downloading from Rapidshare, Youtube, Facebook, Picasa and other file-sharing services. Its engine is based on a list of plugins that make it possible to download from specific websites. Read more hot
  • KGet
    KGet is a download manager similar to GetRight or Go!zilla. Read more hot
  • ProZilla
    ProZilla is a download accelerator for Linux which gives you a 200% to 300% improvement in your file downloading speeds. hot
  • uGet
    uGet (previously Urlgfe) is a download manager. It allows you to classify URLs before downloading them, and allows you to import URLs from HTML files. Every category has an independent configuration that can be inherited by each download in that category. Read more hot
  • Aget
    Aget is an acronym for two Turkish words: "Acele Getir" (English: Fast Get). It is a multi-threaded download accelerator which supports HTTP downloads and can be run from the console.
  • Aria2
    aria2 has a segmented downloading engine in its core. It can download one file from multiple URLs or multiple connections from one URL. This results in very high speed downloading, very much faster than ordinary browsers.
  • Axel
    Axel tries to accelerate downloads by using multiple connections (possibly to multiple servers) for one download. Because of its size, it might be very useful on bootdisks or other small systems as a wget replacement.
  • axelq
    axelq is a queue manager for the download accelerator axel. axelq basically reads some URLs, caches them and runs axel to download them.
  • Curl
    Curl is a tiny program for getting files from FTP, HTTP and GOPHER servers, with URL syntax support. Read more
  • Download Machine
    Download Machine is a simple non-graphical, non-interactive tool for batch file downloads with resume support.
  • DownThemAll!
    DownThemAll! (or just dTa) is a powerful yet easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox extension that adds new advanced download capabilities to your browser. Read more
  • Dwnl
    Dwnl is a fast, small and user-friendly download manager for the console. It allows you to manage multiple downloads. You will find it useful if you are using a modem connection.
  • Emphetamine
    Emphetamine is a GNOME-based download manager. Using the GNOME VFS libraries, it can download over any protocol supported by the existing moniker plug-ins available.
  • Enqueue
    Enqueue is a downloader which downloads files, one at a time from a queue. Files which are downloaded that are HTML are parsed for links, images, and frame references as well as HTTP redirection directives.
  • FatRat
    FatRat is an open source download manager for Linux written in C++ and built on top of the Trolltech Qt 4 library. It is rich in features and is continuously extended.
  • gCurl
    gCurl is a X11/Gtk+-2.0-frontend to libCurl. gCurl is an easy-to-use download-manager based on this library for transfering files via several common protocols. You can start multiple downloads and manage them in one window.
  • GetFast
    GetFast is a file download accelerator. It is multi-threaded and allows the downloading of Web pages and their sub-links.
  • gsfdm
    gsfdm is an internet downloader written in and for Gnome. It provides some new functionalities including plug-in support (HTML, FTP, ASF for now...), versative interface, session managing, able to end connection, Corba support, and automatic url content parsing.
  • GTransferManager
    GTransferManager allows the user to retrieve multiple files from the web. These files can be retrieved in multiple parts and each part retrieved on a separate session that the user is connected to the Internet.
  • Gwget
    Gwget is a front-end written for Gnome for the wget program. Wget is a powerful console program to retrive pages and files from internet. Read more
  • icecream
    icecream is a non-interactive stream download utility. It connects to icecast and shoutcast servers and redirects all fetched content to an stdin-capable player or to media files on your disk. With an option turned on, it can save the stream into different files, each representing the played track. It is also possible to tee the input to both disk and stdout.
  • KDown
    KDown is a download manager and accelerator for one or more files via common network protocols. You can download files through several connections and several files at one time. Downloads can be enqueued, stopped and resumed.
    KMAGO stands for MAnager for Get Operations. It's a download manager with a nice GUI interface. It features drag and drop operations with applications (konqueror, Netscape, ...) and between KMago widgets.
  • Maniac Downloader
    Maniac Downloader is a download accelerator with the main key improvement that after a segment has finished downloading, it splits one of the remaining segments into two and start a new download.
  • mulk
    mulk is a multi-connection command line tool to download Internet sites. It is similar to wget and cURL, but manages up to 50 parallel links.
  • Prozgui
    Prozgui is a fast download accelerator. This software is a collaboration between prozilla and prozgui.
  • Rexx/CURL
    Rexx/CURL is an external function package providing an interface to the cURL package. cURL is a general purpose package that allows access to any URL-addressable resource. With Rexx/CURL you can access resources such as web pages, ftp sites, and telnet sessions under control of your Rexx program. Rexx/CURL is built on top of libcurl.
  • SGet
    SGet's aim is to write a program to download files over the net by segments, wich makes the download more efficient in most cases.
  • Sirofront
    Sirofront is a GTK+ frontend for, a Perl program to recursively download webpages and their content.
  • Steadyflow
    Steadyflow is a GTK+ based download manager that aims for minimalism, ease of use, and a clean, malleable codebase. It should be easy to control, whether from the GUI, command line, or D-Bus.

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