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5 Highly Promising Terminal Emulators
The terminal emulator is a venerable but essential tool for computer users. The reason why Linux offers so much power is due to the command line. The Linux shell can do so much, and this power can be accessed on the desktop by using a terminal emulator. There are so many available for Linux that the choice is bewildering.

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SwiFTP is an open-source FTP server that allows you to connect to your phone over wifi or cellular/3g to upload and download files. Any FTP client can be used.


  • Lightspark
    Lightspark is an open source Flash player which supports the AVM2 virtual machine and the newest versions of SWF files.
  • Lumiere
    Lumiere is a GNOME frontend to libxine from the xine project. It has the looks of XMMS or Winamp and integrates seemlessly with the Gnome Desktop. It uses most of the Gnome technologies available (Intercommunication, configuration registry, session management...).
  • media-box
    media-box is for playing media files and viewing pictures. The program is being developed for a dedicated linux box.
  • MIM
    MIM allows viewing of MPEG-I streams multicasted according to RFC1889, RFC1890, RFC2250. These are video streams broadcasted at 30 fps over the mbone. Audio is typically in the form of mpeg layer 2 or 3.
  • Minitube
    Minitube is a native YouTube client. With it you can watch YouTube videos in a new way: you type a keyword, and Minitube gives you an endless video stream. Minitube does not require the Flash Player. Read more
  • mmp
    mmp is a simple but effective graphical frontend for mplayer or mpg123. It offers no support for playlists, but ships with an integrated directory browser.
  • Moovida
    Moovida (formerly Elisa) is a project to create a media center solution for GNU/Linux and Unix operating systems. Moovida runs on top of the GStreamer multimedia framework. In addition to personal video recorder functionality (PVR) and Music Jukebox support, Elisa also interoperates with devices following the DLNA standard, like Intel's ViiV systems. Read more
  • Mozilla Media Player
    Mozilla Media Player is an attempt at creating an audio and video player much like Real Networks Real Player using mozilla components. The hope is that one day mozmp will support a bevy of audio formats, and a gaggle of video formats.
  • MpegTV Player
    MpegTV Player is a powerful real-time MPEG Video player with audio/sync.
  • mplay
    mplay is a console based frontend for MPlayer written in Perl. MPlayer plays most audio and video formats.
  • MplayerXP
    MplayerXP is a branch of the well known mplayer which is based on new (thread based) core. The new core provides better CPU utilization and excellently improves performance of video decoding.
  • mpv
    mpv is a fork of mplayer2 and MPlayer. It shares some features with the former projects while introducing many more.
  • My Media System
    My Media System is an application that manages, displays and plays media content such as videos, music, pictures, and more. MMS runs perfectly on anything from a Set-Top-Box connected to your TV-Set, to your specially tailored multimedia PC and HD display.
  • oKle
    oKle is a KDE frontend to the Ogle DVD player.
  • oxine
    oxine is a lightweight GUI for the famous xine engine which uses the on screen display functionality of xine to display its user interface elements like buttons, lists sliders and so on.
  • Parole
    Parole is a modern simple media player based on the GStreamer framework and written to fit well in the Xfce desktop.
  • playvideo
    playvideo is a program that plays video files (avi, qt, mpeg) on svgalib.
  • Pygme
    Pygme is an MPlayer frontend written in Python/PyGTK. It has been written with audio and video songs in mind (as opposed to movies). It has a searchable media library, which can be used to enqueue songs in a playlist. It also has support for processing ID3 tag information.
  • PyMei
    PyMei is a Python media center application. It's designed to run as a full screen application on an HTPC, navigated by a keyboard or an LIRC input device. It plays videos or shows other types of media using external programs like mplayer. With its plugin support and themeability, it's aiming to be a very extensible and customizable media interface.
  • QMPlay2
    QMPlay2 is a QT-based media player.
  • QuickASCII
    QuickASCII is a console-based movie player and picture viewer powered by Quicktime.
  • QuickVideo Player
    QuickVideo Player is a complete, end-to-end video streaming solution for Linux workstations.
  • QVCDGear
    QVCDGear is a graphical frontend for the console version of vcdgear. It is built on Linux, but will probably compile and run on other unices as well. Version 3 of the QT toolkit is required. QVCDGear is licensed under the GPL.
  • ROSA Media Player
    ROSA Media Player (ROMP) is a new media player for the ROSA/Mandriva. Technically it is based on MPLayer and SMPlayer code, but considerably differs from the SMPlayer (yes, ROMP is fork of the SMPlayer).
  • Sinek
    Sinek is a GTK+ video/audio player, capable of supporting all formats libxine supports. At the moment, this includes; Audio MPEG 1, 2, and 3, Vorbis (.ogg), Video MPEG 1 and 2, MPEG 4 (aka OpenDivX), MS MPEG 4 (aka DivX) and motion jpeg. One of the main differences between Sinek and other popular multimedia players is that it doesn't use skins; instead, it has a standard GTK+ interface.
  • SMPlayer
    SMplayer is a new front-end for mplayer. It intends to be a much more complete front-end than the existing ones, for instance options to manage filters. SMplayer is multi-platform as it is being developed with the Qt toolkit. It works both in windows and linux, and it could be compile in other OS. Read more
  • Snappy
    Snappy is an open source media player that gathers the power and flexibility of gstreamer inside the comfort of a minimalistic clutter interface.
  • Sofa Media Center
    Sofa is a media center aimed at easy usage, minimal configuration, and total integration with the GNOME desktop environment and existing multimedia applications.
  • TCVP
    TCVP is a video and music player, transcoder and streaming server for Unix-like operating systems. It is primarily targeted at Linux, mainly because of lacking standards for audio and video output.
  • Tickle Tunes
    Tickle Tunes is a themeable front end to mplayer for playing songs, playlists, and videos.
  • ToxTox
    ToxTox is a media browser / WebTV platform. You can watch your favorite (Internet) movies and control them with a remote, or use ToxTox as a platform to develop TV applications and interactive services. It is based on Mozilla XulRunner and VLC. It uses open standards like Ogg Vorbis, OPML, RSS, SVG, HTML, etc.
  • trplayer
    The Text-Mode RealMedia Player (TRPlayer) is a RealMedia player for Unix which has a command-line interface. It can play RealAudio, RealVideo, MP3, and all other media types supported by RealPlayer under Unix. TRPlayer was designed especially for blind Unix users, who don't yet have access to the graphical user interface.
  • UMPlayer
    UMPlayer is the multimedia player that fills all your needs. With dozens of advanced features and built-in codecs it can handle any media format, and can play Audio CDs, DVDs, (S)VCDs, TV / Radio cards, YouTube? and SHOUTcast streams and even incomplete or damaged media files.
  • VideoKiosk
    VideoKiosk is designed for providing public access to a collection of video recordings in a museum or similar situation, using MPlayer to play the videos.
  • Xfmedia
    Xfmedia is a simple, easy-to-use media player based on the xine engine. The GTK+ GUI focuses on playing and managing audio files, but, being based on xine, supports video as well.
  • XMovie
    XMovie is a movie player for Quicktime movies with stereo sound. XMovie plays MJPA, PNG, JPEG, YUV 4:2:2, YUV 4:2:0, packed RGB movies with PCM, ulaw, and IMA4 sound.

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