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 · 9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
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 · Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection – Games for the Brain
 · Captain Holetooth – Explorative 2D Platform Game for Kids
 · Taisei – A Classy, Frenetic Shoot’em Up Game in the Style of The Touhou Project
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 · Minilens – Fun Open Source Puzzle Platform Game
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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

(Read more)
Tupi (a fork of KToon) is a 2D Animation Toolkit designed by animators (Toonka Films) for animators, focused to the Cartoon Industry. Read more


  • AlmusVCU
    AlmusVCU is an open-source software which makes a computer equipped with a multi-channel sound card into a real-time versatile convolver unit. The main area of use is as a surround sound processor in multi-channel high fidelity systems such as: Ambiophonics, Ambisonics, Auralisation/binaural/Ambisonics hybrid systems, and ITU 5.1 or other discrete multi-channel arrangements.
  • BruteFIR
    BruteFIR is a software convolution engine, a program for applying long FIR filters to multi-channel digital audio, either offline or in realtime. Its basic operation is specified through a configuration file, and filters, attenuation and delay can be changed in runtime through a simple command line interface. The FIR filter algorithm used is an optimised frequency domain algorithm, partly implemented in hand-coded assembler, thus throughput is extremely high. In realtime, a standard computer can typically run more than 10 channels with more than 60000 filter taps each.
  • cuetools
    cuetools is a set of utilities for working with cue files and toc files. cueconvert reads a cuefile or a tocfile, and outputs a cuefile or a tocfile, cuebreakpoints reads a cuefile or a tocfile, and outputs track break points in a format useable by shnsplit, cuerename renames files based on a template string
  • Dalle
    Dalle is a set of libraries and programs to work with files edited for various applications.
  • declick
    declick is a dynamic digital declicker for audio sample files. The main purpose of declick is the removal of digital clicks in the input material. It is intended for the automatic removal of clicks produced by scratched CDs or poorly working CD grabbers, for example when using an IDE CD-ROM. It is not designed to remove analogue clicks as from scratched LPs.
  • Digital Room Correction
    DRC is a program used to generate correction filters for acoustic compensation of HiFi and audio systems in general, including listening room compensation. DRC generates just the FIR correction filters, which can be used with a real time or offline convolver to provide real time or offline correction. DRC doesn't provide convolution features, and provides only some simplified, although really accurate, measuring tools.
  • Divine Intervention
    Divine Intervention contains an accurate BPM Counter and a player which can nudge, change the tempo and shift the song by measures.
    DLADSPA enables you to perform real-time distributed audio processing.
  • Ecasound
    Ecasound is a software package designed for multitrack audio processing. It can be used for simple tasks like audio playback, recording and format conversions, as well as for multitrack effect processing, mixing, recording and signal recycling. Ecasound supports a wide range of audio inputs, outputs and effect algorithms. Effects and audio objects can be combined in various ways, and their parameters can be controlled by operator objects like oscillators and MIDI-CCs. A versatile console mode user-interface is included in the package. Read more
  • Ecasound Mastering Interface
    Ecasound Mastering Interface is a Python front end to ecasound. It looks a lot like Rackmount effect and can be used to create an Ecasound Chain Setup while playing with parameters in real time.
  • Enscribe
    Enscribe creates digital audio watermark images. The rasterlines of an image are converted into frequency components via an inverse fast fourier transform. The watermarks sound like soft noise, but when viewed in a frequency-versus-time display, the image is clearly visible.
  • ExEf
    ExEf is a powerful and flexible Real Time effect engine. is designed to work with guitars, microphones and other instruments. It can run both in X Window System and command line.
  • Freecycle
    Freecycle is a beat slicer, providing amplitude domain and frequency domain beat matching / zero crossing algorithms. It exports sliced audio chunks and generates a MIDI file which can be used to play the sliced loop. Freecycle also exports AKAI S5000/S6000/Z4/Z8 .AKP file to be used with your favorite sampler.
  • Funkyou
    Funkyou is a multithreaded disco DJ party mixing solution. It has an integrated jingle-player, prelisten, cueing, pitching, scratching, crossfader funkyou...
  • GAS
    GAS is a front end for ecasound. Written in gtk and using ecasounds excellent eci api it provides an easy to use graphical interface for multi track audio work. It is under going active development and the hope is that it will provide a flexible environment for audio production on linux.
  • glitch killer
    glitch killer is a Linux & Windows tool that will remove all audible glitches.
  • GnoWavCut
    GnoWavCut splits non-compressed 16bit PCM Wave file. You can specify the point to split with sounds playing.
  • mapaaudio
    mapaaudio is an 1f42 A52A audio stream mapper. The written A52A audio stream maps contain information such as stream frame rate, stream duration and number of frames, file position of audio stream frames, and so forth. The output conforms to the 1f42 H262 map file format (for which specifications are available at and can be used by programs (such as Mylene1f4 MPEG audio player) in performing fast and accurate random access.
  • mp3fs transcoding FUSE filesystem
    MP3FS is a read-only FUSE filesystem that transcodes FLAC audio files to MP3 on the fly when opened and read. It is useful to enable the use of your FLAC collection with software and/or hardware that only understands MP3s. It is also a novel alternative to traditional MP3 encoder applications. Just use your favorite file browser to select the files you want encoded, and copy them somewhere.
  • normalize
    normalize is a tool for adjusting the volume of wave files to a standard volume level. This is useful for things like creating mix CDs and mp3 databases, where different recording levels on different albums can cause the volume to vary greatly from song to song.
  • nwfiir
    nwfiir is a free suite of console programs to process high resolution digital audio.
  • OpenHacha
    OpenHacha is a "free as in freedom" implementation of the proprietary, Windows-only program Hacha. It is based on the libhacha2 library, a C# implementation of the Hacha program feature set developed by the Dalle project.
  • Pause
    Pause determines the location of silences in a audio file for use in fragmentation of large recordings, studies of pause duration, and the like. It generates both a nicely formatted table intended to be read by people and a simple tab-delimited file easily parsed by software.
  • Protux
    Protux is a complete Digital Media Production tool, or Digital Media Workstation, that runs on any GNU/Linux workstation. It offers a integrated environment for audio, video and midi production, thru a inovative interface where the productivity is focused. It works on float-point tranparent audio file handling with 32Bits-Only internal processing.
  • R128GAIN
    R128GAIN is an FFmpeg and SoX based EBU R128 compliant loudness scanner.
  • Sculptor
    Sculptor is a phase-vocoder-based package with real-time capabilites. You can use it to fiddle with soundfiles in the frequency domain, changing pitch and duration independently.
  • soundgrab
    soundgrab is designed to help you slice up a big long raw audio file (by default 44.1 kHz 2 channel signed sixteen bit little endian) and save your favorite sections to other files.
  • soundmosaic
    soundmosaic constructs an approximation of one sound out of small pieces of other sounds. The soundmosaic algorithm is: Split the target file up into equal-sized segments, or "tiles". For each tile in the target file, find the closest match in the source files, and replace the target tile with the tile from the source files.
  • splitmastream
    splitmastream reads an MPEG stream from stdin, writes a copy of it to a file named YYMMDD.HH-streamname.mp3 and then writes the stream to stdout. Think of it as a hourly-file-cutting 'tee' for MPEG audio. Files are switched on every hour at a frame boundary so that every file should be playable without noise at the beginning/end.
  • Tk Ecasound
    Tk Ecasound is a Tcl/Tk front end for Ecasound. With almost all of Ecasound features. It has only been tested on the i686 Linux platform. It looks more like a multitrack recorder/mixer.
  • Visecas
    Visecas is a graphical user interface for Ecasound, a software package written by Kai Vehmanen which is designed for multitrack audio processing. It starts Ecasound as a child process and communicates via a pipe using Ecasound's InterActive Mode (IAM) commands.
  • wavbreaker
    wavbreaker takes a wave file and break it up into multiple wave files. It makes a clean break at the correct position to burn the files to an audio cd without any dead air between the tracks.
  • wavcut
    wavcut is a small C program for cutting parts from WAV sound files.
  • Wavelength
    Wavelength will attempt to open a wave file, and upon determining that the header is somewhat in good order, overwrite the data length entry in the header with the actual data length found to be in the file.
  • wavsilence
    wavsilence takes a large WAV file with gaps of silence and create smaller WAV files, containing the data between the gaps. The original use was to split up the chapters of large audio book files.
  • WavSplit
    WavSplit splits large WAV files at given time positions. To find out split positions you can use any WAV player or editor with a time display.
  • WavTools
    WavTools is a set of WAV file processing programs for Unix.

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