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 · 9 First Steps with Ubuntu 15.04
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9 First Steps with Ubuntu 15.04
One of the first things to do with a new release of Ubuntu is to check for updates. Typically, I won't upgrade to the latest release immediately, so there's always quite a few updates since the release. There's a handy Software Updater tool which makes the updating process painless.

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WeatherBug is an application for the Android platform which provides users with up-to-date weather alerts, forecasts, radar, and current conditions.


  • Adaptive Song Selection patch
    Adaptive Song Selection patch makes XMMS track the way you listen to music and adapt its randomize function after that.
  • autorip/autotag
    autorip and autotag are a pair of shell-scripts which automate the ripping and encoding of CDs to MP3.
  • beam-back
    beam-back is a simple Python script to save streaming mp3's so you can use them on your portable mp3 player.
    Ben Hates Reading Poorly Formatted Filenames: a Perl script that will help you to rename your mp3 files so that they are more readable
  • Burn!
    Burn! is a perl script that quickly and easily burns standard m3u playlists to CD-R.
  • cdmp3
    cdmp3 uses cdparanoia to extract single tracks or even a whole CD and converts them on-the-fly into MP3.
  • is a Python program that names MP3 files by parsing a CDDB or freedb .inf file, usually retrieved with cdda2wav -L. The name can include any or all of: artist name, track title, album name, track number, etc. Many aspects are configurable via command line options. is a great addition to any CD ripping/encoding pipeline.
  • dekagen
    A bourne shell script that automates the ripping, encoding and naming of music data that comes from CD and will be saved in an MP3 or an Ogg-Vorbis file.
  • DJSync
    DJSync is a command line perl script to sync MP3s from your Dell DJ to your filesystem (and vice-versa).
  • dvd2mp3
    dvd2mp3 is a Perl script that converts audio tracks on a DVD into id3-tagged MP3 files. It was written for Linux, though it could probably be used on other Unixes with little trouble. It requires Mplayer, LAME, lsdvd, MP3::Tag, and Term::ReadLine. It is intended to be an easy way to convert convert concert DVDs (as well as other DVDs that have interesting audio tracks) into MP3s.
  • getppmp3
    getppmp3 is a script that searches for and downloads MP3s from
  • m3udo
    m3udo is a batch processing utility that allows you to apply a command to each line of a text file in the M3U format. It is similar to the xargs command, except that it supports of number of niceties useful for batch processing.
  • MP3 renamer
    MP3 renamer 2006 is a shell script that allows the renaming of MP3 files in a directory according to their ID3 (v1 or v2) tags. It uses the "id2v2" program and is command line based.
  • MP3 Server Box
    MP3 Server Box is a perl script that acts as a network interface to the rxaudio or a patched version of mpg123 player. You can control the player via simple network socket commands from anywhere on the network. It also features support for a MySQL table containing song information such as title, artist name, album name, etc.
  • is a small perl script to help in mp3 checking/organizing.
  • Mp3CatgBuilder
    Mp3CatgBuilder can be used to create Web pages for audio files like MP3 and WAV. The created Web pages include ID3 tags, pictures, lyrics, and playlists. The design can be customized by using CSS.
  • mp3cddb
    mp3cddb is a console MP3 renaming program. It can can use FreeDB for automatic or manual information retrieval, ID3 tags, or manual inputing of data.
  • MP3do
    MP3do is an "all in one" bash script useful to decode many audio files types (i.e. OGG/Vorbis, MP3, WAV, AU...) and burn it on a audio CD.
  • Play What I Mean
    pwim (Play What I Mean) plays media files on a local machine based on a given set of terms found within the filenames. The intention is to make finding and playing media files a quick and easy task.
  • RipEnc
    RipEnc is a Bourne shell script that supports cdda2wav, tosha, and dagrab, bladeenc, 8hz-mp3, l3enc, xingmp3enc, lame, and mp3enc for mp3 and oggenc for the Ogg format.
  • SmarTagger
    SmarTagger is a perl script that read a text file with the album info and use it to write the MP3 tags and rename the files according to a format string.
  • smartid3
    smartid3 is a perl script which organizes your mp3 files for you.
  • strec
    strec is a wrapper for dsproxy, LAME, and Real Player 8. It allows you to record streams as MP3.
  • XMMS Remote
    XMMS Remote is a two part software package that can be used to remotly control the xmms media player.
  • YaRET
    YaRET is a perl script that automates the ripping, encoding, and tagging of CD's. This script uses Audio::CD perl module for CDDB lockups (requires libcdaudio), cdparanoia or cdda2wav for ripping, lame or bladeenc to encode the wav file and MPEG::MP3Info perl module for tagging.

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