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 · MintBox Mini gives Linux users a pocket-sized PC
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 · Getting a Time Without NTP
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Chess in a Few Bytes
Linux has a good range of extremely strong chess engines such as Stockfish, Critter, Togo II, Crafty, GNU Chess, and Komodo. The chess engines featured in this article offer no match to a good chess engine, but they show how much can be achieved with a minuscule codebase.

(Read more)
XSane is a graphical scanning frontend for SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy). It uses the SANE-library to talk to scanners. XSane is designed for acquiring images with scanners (there are other devices like cameras and videodevices supported by SANE, but XSane is not designed for that purpose). You can scan to file, do a photocopy, create a fax and start XSane from the GIMP as gimp plugin. Read more


  • Bonobo-Media
    Bonobo-Media is a set of Bonobo interfaces and a GTK+/libbonobo-based implementation for the the control of generic multimedia playback. It currently supports audio and video streams. Support for tuners is also planned.
  • cddb2md
    cddb2md is a tool for automatically setting the titles of tracks on a NetMD capable MiniDisc recorder.
  • Chango
    Chango is a system for cacheing MP3 files from multidisc cdrom drives. Since you can't actually mount different discs in the same physical device simultaneously, this software will cache the files you need off to a predetermined cache, so that all of the needed files will be available simultaneously.
  • Creative Nomad JukeBox KIO::Slave
    Creative Nomad JukeBox KIO::Slave is a KDE ioslave for the Creative Nomad JukeBox MP3 player. The NJB appears as a filesystem from within Konqueror allowing mp3s to be copied to and from the NJB as usual.
  • DivX Calculator
    This tool is a Bitrate Calculator for Divx 4.x & 5.x .You can save Dr. Divx Profile for 1.0 , 1.0.1 and 1.0.2.
  • dvdprobe
    dvdprobe is a Python module for scanning a DVD for disc info. Requires tcprobe, part of transcode.
  • ebook2cw
    ebook2cw is a command line program that converts a plain text file (like an eBook) to Morse code (CW) MP3 files. Morse parameters like speed and tone frequency, and MP3 parameters such as bit rate, sample rate, and quality can be changed by command line switches. It automatically splits and numbers the output files by chapters.
  • FFTscope for AlsaPlayer
    FFTscope is a visualization plugin for the AlsaPlayer. Its main purpose is to demonstrate how to write a vis plugin for the AlsaPlayer visualization API.
  • gdiva
    gdiva is a tool to easily upload files to a DIVA mp3 player or similar.
  • gkrellxmms2
    gkrellxmms2 is a plugin for GKrellM2, written in C, to control the XMMS2 audio player. It supports basic controls such as play, pause, skip etc. and it has an integrated playlist editor with a media library search and browser.
  • Gnomadic
    Gnomadic is a graphical application primarily to transfer mp3s from a computer to the Creative Nomad II/c device. It will allow these mp3s to be re-encoded using LAME to the desired bitrate.
  • ifpgui
    ifpgui is a Linux GUI for the iRiver iFP flash portable player. It is similar to the iRiver Manager for Windows. It supports upload, download, delete, rename, device status (battery status, etc.), tuner, and playlist uploads. It uses a pure QT programming interface. There is support for the iFP-100, iFP-300, iFP-500, iFP-700, iFP-800, iFP-900, and possibly the N10 series.
  • IntraLAN
    IntraLAN is based mainly on perl & mysql using SSI, and was developed to make running [BONG] LanParties Easier, by bringing togethor the main aspects of organisation to one central place.
  • KHdRecord
    KHdRecord lets you record audio data directly to the hard disk .
  • Ladspa
    Ladspa is a relatively new simple audio plugin architecture. This standard is open, and aims to enable linux audio applications to share audio plugins.
  • lxmms2
    lxmms2 is a tiny XMMS2 client to control XMMS2 with a LIRC compatible remote control.
  • MooseWrap
    MooseWrap is a graphical tool for creating wraps, and extracting MPEG audio files wrapped, in the DJWrap format. It can also unwrap AlbumWrap (ALBW) and MP3Wrap.
  • MP3 Diags
    MP3 Diags finds problems in MP3 files and helps the user fix many of them. It looks at both the audio part (VBR info, quality, normalization) and the tags containing track information (ID3).
  • mp3infoconsole
    mp3info shows the details of an MP3 file (such as sample-rate, duration, and number of streams) as well as the file's meta-data (artist, title, etc.).
  • MP3nema
    MP3nema is a tool aimed at analyzing and capturing data that is hidden between frames in an MP3 file or stream, otherwise noted as "out of band" data. This utility also supports adding data between frames and capturing streaming audio.
  • mp3plot
    mp3plot prints out a plot of the bitrate distribution of an MP3 file.
  • mpegrec
    mpegrec provides Direct-to-Disk mp3 and wav audio capture from your sound card.
  • mps
    mps is a terminal based MP3 search, playback and download.
  • pick-set
    pick-set finds random subsets of a given list of files, constrained by a given target size and a percentage of allowable underun.
  • PyGogear
    PyGogear is a tool for using the Philips GoGear MP3 players under Linux. The GoGear Philips HDD0xx series of MP3 players can be mounted with the usb-storage module, but merely copying MP3 files onto it is not enough, since the player needs to read information about the tracks from a Sqlite database file, usually named MyDb.
  • QMBTagger
    QMBTagger is a Qt based MusicBrainz tagger for mp3, ogg, and flac files.
  • qtnjb
    qtnjb transfers mp3 files from your harddrive to your nomad jukebox. It depends on libnjb and id3lib. It is licensed under the GPL General Public License.
  • RaveMpGui
    RaveMpGui is a raveMp portable mp3 player utility.
  • RBrainz
    RBrainz is a Ruby client library to query the MusicBrainz database using the MusicBrainz XML Web service. It follows the design of the MusicBrainz client library reference implementation, and supports the MusicBrainz XML Metadata Schema Version 1.2.
  • rep-XMMS
    rep-XMMS provides access to the XMMS remote control interface from within the rep interpreter. In addition a modules is provided to give access to the XMMS commands from within the sawfish window manager.
  • Rio600 KDE IO Slave
    Rio600 KDE IO Slave allows you to access a RIO 600. It is just a shell around rioutil from rioutil.
  • SharpMusique
    SharpMusique is an easy to use iTunes Music Store client. It supports previewing of songs, signing up for an account, buying songs and albums, redownloading of songs bought with SharpMusique, and redemption of Pepsi caps and gift certificates.
  • SmartPlay
    SmartPlay is a random file selector MP3 utility.
  • SMDP
    The goal of the SMDP is to standardize the way that mp3 applications store file information in databases. We believe that by providing a standard database schema, along with a strong API, we can greatly reduce the organizationalproblems currently associated with storing a large number of mp3 files.
    SMPEG is based on UC Berkeley's mpeg_play software only MPEG and decoder and SPLAY.
  • smrt
    smrt is a python-based command line tool designed to ease the process of constantly renaming and tagging MP3 and OGG files, licensed under the GPL v2.
  • streamlister
    streamlister is a program that clones the functionality of the tv stations listing in Winamp.
  • streamtuner
    streamtuner is a SHOUTcast browser. It will connect to the SHOUTcast web server and retrieve the list of available audio streams.
  • TCDial
    TCDial uses your computer's soundcard to generate DTMF tones. It features a point-and-click keypad interface, or you can use the keyboard to dial. The Windows95 keys dial * and #, respectively.
    WMDIMP is a digital music player applet. It's small and simple GUI is just 64 x 64 pixel wide, designed to fit into your WindowMaker's dock or AfterStep's wharf, or other window manager's equivalent.
  • wmusic
    wmusic is a windowmaker dockapp that remote controls xmms.
  • xmmsctrl
    xmmsctrl is a small utility to control xmms from the command line. Its goal is to be used coupled with sh to test xmms state and perform an appropriate action, e.g. if playing then pause else play.

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