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Romp Home with these 21 Peerless ASCII Games
The purpose of this article is to identify our favourite ASCII based games. There are no fancy graphics here, just great gameplay coupled with the urge of always having just one more play.

(Read more)
dm-crypt is a transparent disk encryption subsystem in the Linux 2.6 kernel that provides a generic way to create virtual layers of block devices that can do different things on top of real block devices like striping, concatenation, mirroring, snapshotting, and more. Read more


  • Flightdeck-UI
    Flightdeck-UI is an Open Source product that utilizes the ideas in aircraft controls and instruments design for creating general purpose user interfaces
  • FlyWay
    a route planner for pilots. Flyway allows the user to find and enter U.S. waypoints (airports, navaids, and fixes), then it calculates courses, wind corrections, and travel times
  • fmscore
    a Perl program which uses Mail::Freshmeat and a configuration file supplied by the user to rank the entries in a newsletter by interest. It also has the nice side effect of removing the advertising from the top of the newsletter
  • fnkdat
    provides an interface for determining common directory names in Win32 and UNIX applications
  • Folding@Home Grapher
    stores a history of team standing statistics, which you update periodically (using fahgr). Each update is saved in your local data file. Fahgr's primary ability (as of this writing) is to create time/score graphs from the data file for teams of your choosing
  • fookb
    fookb is a Xkb state indicator. It can display an icon corresponding to current locked Xkb group. It also can switch Xkb groups.
  • FreeDiag
    Freediag is a suite of vehicle diagnostic protocols and an OBD II (mostly) compliant ScanTool, currently for Linux platforms. Multiple graphical user interfaces for scantool are under development - but right now, you have to use a command-line interface to scantool.
  • FreeIPMI
    GNU FreeIPMI is a suite of packages for controlling hardware that provides an interface compliant with the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) specification.
  • Frepple
    Frepple stands for "FreE Production Planning Library". It is a toolkit for modeling and solving production planning problems. It is targeted at discrete manufacturing industries.
  • freshupdate
    a shell script that, when used with xtail or equivelent, will send all the headlines to your root window
  • fs10
    a control program for the interface FS10PC
  • FSHeal
    designed to help administrators and users to see statistics about the filesystem and "clean" redundant files
  • FSMDesigner
    FSMDesigner is a Finite State Machine (FSM) design tool with integrated Hardware Description Language (HDL) generation. It uses the Simple-Moore FSM model, guaranteeing efficient fast complex control circuits. It features graphical design of FSMs, support for automatic default transitions, validation of FSMs, a well-defined XML file format, generation of RTL HDL output for both Verilog and VHDL, full scriptability in Python, a modern GUI with undo and redo, simulation mode support, and table based data manipulation.
  • FSMGenerator
    a turn-key solution for FSM (Finite State Machine) generation and integration within user`s software
  • Fusil
    Fusil project is a fuzzing program. Currently, it's specific to Linux command line programs, but the code is designed to be used with any project type (remote process, fake HTTP server, fuzz network socket, etc.). It is based on a multi-agent system instead of a monolithic architecture.
  • FusionInventory Agent
    FusionInventory Agent is an agent for OCS Inventory and GLPI. It's designed to be open and easy to extend.
  • FW1-Loggrabber
    a simple LEA (Log Export API) Client for Checkpoint Firewall-1. It was developed in order to be able to access Firewall-1 Logfiles from command line from any host in the network
  • GAFFitter
    Genetic Algorithm File Fitter (gaffitter) is a command-line software written in C++ that extracts --via Genetic Algorithm-- subsets of an input list of files/directories that best fit the given volume size (target), such as CD, DVD and others.
  • Galette
    Galette offers a tool to manage members and contributions for societies such as LUGs.
  • Gaspell
    a Gnome frontend to Aspell (an Open Source spell checker)
  • Gcolor2
    a simple color selector that was originally based on gcolor, ported to use GTK2, and now has a completely new UI
  • GConjugue
    GConjugue is a graphical user interface for conjugue, a program that conjugates Portuguese verbs as spoken in Brazil.
  • Geek Code Generator
    Geek Code Generator generates a geek code block for you by simply choosing which codes suit you from the screen.
  • Gengen
    Gengen is a tool that, starting from a parameterized text (template), generates a text generator that can substitute parameters with values
  • Gestures Engine
    allows you to record sample strokes, and compare a new one to them
  • Get-NonFree-NonUS
    Get-NonFree-NonUS allows you to automatically download non-free and/or non-US packages from a Debian GNU/Linux server and generate an unofficial CDROM image. You can freely choose release, arch, and server. Proxies are supported.
  • GetHT
    GetHT downloads PDF and multimedia files from Hinduism Today, an "award winning, Macintosh-generated, full color quarterly news magazine articulating Indian spirituality for 135,000 readers around the world."
  • GFlashCards
    a learning tool for Mono and Gnome#. It lets you create questions that you can answer one by one (like with flashcards), helping you to learn things like vocabulary lists or lists of historical facts
  • glbmp
    glbmp is an extremely portable, simple, robust, and lightweight replacement for the auxDIBImageLoad and related device-independent bitmap (.bmp) image loader functions of glaux, but it goes far beyond just that. At the basic level, it's a flexible bitmap loader and decoder that can be used anywhere you need to get the color data of a .bmp file.
  • Gled
    an implementation of a hierarchic server-proxy-client-viewer model written in C++ and offering a mixture of object oriented framework and toolkit
  • glfer
    a program for reception and transmission of QRSS/DFCW signals. It is composed of two main parts: the spectrogram window, where you can see the spectrum of the received signal vs. time, the transmission functions, to emit cw characters at a slow but precisely controlled speed, using the QRSS (slow CW) or DFCW (Dual Frequency CW) modes
  • GlynnTucker.Cache
    The GlynnTucker.Cache assembly provides a data structure for caching slow data retrievals. For example, it can cache data retrieved from a database server over the network. Think of it as a Hashtable that can automatically expire its data after a set amount of time or a specified period of inactivity, on a per-object basis. It is written in C# and it should work with any .NET language.
  • GMap
    Gnome Map Application Program: A standalone map program allowing you to find directions and browse the US, uses US Census Data as the map source.
  • gmodconfig
    a Gnome application which allows (or will allow) Linux users to: configure kernel modules' parameters, in their native language, check for new versions of kernel modules, as well as download, build and install those & access kernel modules informations
  • Gnome Blosxom
    Gnome Bloxsom is a GUI based program to post entries to a Blosxom based weblog. The program requires Python version 2.2 or greater, PyGTK version 2.0 or greater, and Gnome-Python for Gnome 2.
  • Gnome OSD
    Gnome OSD is a new small project to create an OSD (On Screen Display) infrastructure, similar to XOSD. It includes a command-line client, and sample xchat and rhythmbox plugins.
  • GNOME Quran
    GNOME Quran is an application that displays sura and aya of the Holy Quran in multiple languages.
  • GNOME Yare Browser Engine
    a fully GNOME-based browser engine, out of Gecko. may include non-GNOME stuff well. on the basis of GTK+-2.x, GNOME modules like gnome-vfs, libxml2, libxslt, mono, bonobo, gnome-canvas, and many things invoked. dominigue and bono
  • gnome-courier
    a collection of programs for courier services. It includes programs for managing clients, managing coworkers, managing jobs (receiving, distributing, and editing), printing bills and overdue notices, and managing the payroll
  • gnome-ihop
    a simple GNOME druid to take a zip code and return maps to the nearest IHOP using the database.
  • GnomeRSVP
    Gnome Rapid Serial Visualization Project: provides Gnome compliance, font selection with Text, HTML, and PDF file support
  • GnomeTREK
    GnomeTREK is a graphical search tool for the Star Trek Encyclopedia CD-ROM(s). It allows you to search various versions released over the last few years. Images and videos are supported where external viewers are available.
  • Gnomolicious
    Gnomolicious is an GNOME applet that help you post links on the site simply by drag'n'dropping them.
  • GNU EPrints
    free software which creates online archives. The default configuration creates a research papers archive, but could be used for other purposes
  • GNU Teseq
    GNU Teseq is a tool for analyzing files that contain control characters and terminal control sequences. It is intended to be useful for diagnosing terminal emulators and programs that make heavy use of terminal features (such as those based on the Curses library). It is primarily targeted at individuals who possess a basic understanding of terminal control sequences, especially CSI sequences. However, by default Teseq will try to identify and describe the sequences that it encounters and the behavior they might produce in a terminal.
  • GNUSim8085
    a simulator and assembler for the Intel 8085 Microprocessor, in GNOME environment
  • GNUstep examples
    GNUstep examples is a collection of programs that are meant to show programmers how to use GNUstep. It includes a calculator, a currency converter, finger, fractal, puzzle, hostaddress, and ink (a simple editor).
  • Gobby
    Gobby is a free collaborative editor based on libobby, a library which provides synced document buffers. It supports multiple documents in one session and a multi-user chat. It runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other Unix-like platforms.
  • Golix
    a tool to read the memory of an OLITEC modem

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