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 · Shuffle the Decks with These Ace Open Source Card Games
 · Have a Blast with Fun to Play Open Source Arcade Style Games
 · Asus Tinker Board TinkerOS_Debian V2.0.1 (Beta version)
 · Asus Tinker Board TinkerOS Android Anything Special?
 · Fun to Play Open Source Turn-Based Strategy Games
 · Fun to Play Open Source Real-Time Strategy Games Fight for Glory
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Improve Your Mental Mettle with These Open Source Puzzle Games
Puzzle video games are a type of game that focuses on puzzle solving. A puzzle is a problem or set of problems a player has to solve within the confines of the game.

(Read more)
Warmux (previously known as Wormux) is a game where funny animals fight on a 2D map with funny weapons. Using dynamite, grenades, baseball bat and others bazookas, exterminate your opponent in a 2D toon style scenery and a funny environment. Read more


  • Device::WS2500PC
    allows you to access the interface of the WS2500PC device, produced by the german company ELV. This device receives and stores data sent by various sensors (temperature, pressure, rain, etc.). With the help of this package you can easily access the buffer via the serial interface and read all available data
  • DHWPageViewer
    The DHWPageViewer is a desktop application that allows users to view the content recorded by their DigiMemo device. The DigiMemo is a stand-alone device that captures and stores pen input. The device is remarkable in that it uses normal paper. The device uses a special pen and tablet to record the strokes, and creates a data file.
  • DigiTemp
    DigiTemp is a simple to use program for reading values from 1-wire devices. Its main use is for reading temperature sensors, but it also reads counters, and understands the 1-wire hubs with devices on different branches of the network.
  • DIMVisual
    DIMVisual stands for Data Integrated Model for Visualization. It is also an implementation to integrate information from different sources such as MPI traces and Ganglia metrics. The integrated information can be analysed in the visualization tool Paje.
  • Distributed Process Management System
    attempts to build a Distributed Process Management System. It can serve as an educational tool or a simulation-and-evaluation platform for various process scheduling and resource allocation algorithms
  • Distributed Scene Graph
    Distributed Scene Graph (DSG) is a technology developed by Intel Corporation which allows a virtual world scene to be simulated by decentralized and heterogeneous hardware.
  • Distributed URL Classification Tool
    a distributed tool for sharing and classification of URL's and small files. It features an embedded MySQL database for data storage, and a small web server for presentation and handling
  • Divmod Epsilon
    Epsilon is a small utility package. Its dependencies make it inappropriate for inclusion in Twisted, but it performs functions that are generic enough to be used in projects that don't want to share the large footprint of Divmod's other projects. Currently, it includes a powerful date/time formatting and import/export class for exchanging date and time information between all Python's various ways to interpret objects as times or time deltas. It also includes some tools for managing concurrent asynchronous processes within Twisted.
  • Divmod Vertex
    Divmod Vertex is an implementation of Q2Q, a protocol for opening authenticated connections, even through NAT. It allows a user to reliably demonstrate their identity (for distributed authentication) and receive real-time data directly from other users, and provides a mechanism for a user to decide whether they want to expose their IP address to a third party before accepting a peer-to-peer connection.
  • djmount
    djmount is a UPnP AV client. It mounts as a Linux filesystem the media content of compatible UPnP AV devices. Djmount discovers automatically all UPnP AV Media Servers on the network, and make the content available in a directory tree.
  • dlkern
    downloads the current stable/beta/prepatch Linux kernel and its signature, and verifies the signature via
  • DM CryptFS
    DM CryptFS provides helper tools for setting up swap partitions and filesystems using the device mapper crypt target of the Linux kernel 2.6.4 and later.
  • Doli
    a portable system to index and search documentation. The system consists of an indexer, and a Tcl-based Web server which provides the search interface
  • DOMjudge
    DOMjudge is an automated judgement system to run programming contests. It provides a mechanism to submit problem solutions and interfaces for teams, the jury, and the general public. It is lightweight, and depends on standard software to do its task. It has a Web interface for portability and simplicity. It is scalable, so distributed judging is easy. There is a modular system for plugging in languages and compilers. It features rejudging, clarifications, and detailed submission/judging info.
  • dprofpp_grapher
    dprofpp_grapher generates a graphic representation of Perl profile data.
  • DREAM Tool
    Distributed Real-time Embedded Analysis Method (DREAM) is a tool and method for optimizing multiple QoS properties of distributed real-time embedded (DRE) systems which focuses on the practical application of formal verification and timing analysis to real-time middleware.
  • Driverse
    Driverse is a program which should provide a secure environment to test various kinds of competition programs. It supports normal files or sockets for input and output.
  • dsflasher
    dsflasher is a utility to flash Dallas (Maxim) DS89C450 microcontrollers using a ROM loader.
  • DUD
    DUD is a collection of scripts for managing wget downloads over a dial-up connection.
  • DwWorkflow
    DwWorkflow is a datawarehouse process workflow server and generator of datawarehouse mappings. It allows the user to define dependencies between tables or files and processes and it runs processes in parallel according to these metadata. It can run with or without an SQL database server. A process can be any program, not just a database statement.
  • DynChap
    provides an additional pseudo hardware token based authentication layer for virtual private networks
  • dzen
    dzen is a scriptable notification, messaging, and launching application. It provides user control through a flexible event/action mechanism.
  • Easystroke
    Easystroke is a gesture-recognition application for X11. Gestures or strokes are movements that you make with you mouse (or your pen, finger etc.) while holding down a specific mouse button. Read more
  • edival
    edival is a simple EDI file parser and validator. Current functionality is limited to ANSI X12 formatted data. The main target of development is for HIPAA insurance transactions (USA), but any X12 EDI transaction set should currently apply.
  • Eggdrop.conf creator
    a small X11 application for helping beginning eggdrop users generate .conf files
  • Einstein@GNOME
    Einstein@GNOME is a GNOME panel applet that lets you participate in the Einstein@Home neutron star search. It is a frontend for the boinc client.
  • EL Artificial Life
    an experiment in Artificial Life. It is a Perl program, designed to replicate and evolve. Its main goal is survival. It can learn from its children, and mutate
  • Electrocardiognosis
    an ambulatory 24h ECG monitor, that is a device about the size of a dictaphone which a patient carries with him for a day and which records an electrocardiogram, continuously, for this period
  • ELF kickers
    a collection of programs that are generally unrelated, except in that they all deal with the ELF file format
  • Emerge Activity
    Emerge Activity is a small utility that parses your emerge.log and creates a picture representing successful emerge on your gentoo box.
  • Employee Scheduler
    Employee Scheduler is designed to pick the most efficient schedule, given a matrix of number of employees per hour per weekday. It has a number of variables to work with, in order to tweak the output, such as number of full-time/part-time employees, which hours they can start at, what kinds of shifts the program picks, etc.
  • Empris
    a platform and database independent method for receiving job or volunteer applications online and subsequently evaluating, indexing, searching and managing them
  • Endpoint
    Endpoint turns a Linux machine with one or more firewire cards into an SBP-2 device. The advantage is that you can use any file or device the linux machine supports as storage, and that multiple clients can sit on separate buses so they can get the full bandwidth of the bus.
  • Entwine
    Entwine is a command-line client and library written in Python using rdflib to access
  • envstore
    envstore allows you to save environment variables into a seperate store, list them, and reload them into the shell again.
  • ERDexpert
    ERDexpert is a interface to an Erlang expert assertion engine. ERDialog is an application framework using Yaws.
  • Erlang Progress Bar
    Erlang Progress Bar is a port of Ruby's progress bar gem to erlang. It displays a text progress bar with the estimated time to completion for long running tasks.
  • erlswf
    erlswf provides erlang modules for SWF disassembly and analysis with particular emphasis on security issues. It features SWF decomposition, actionscript disassembly, and filtering for arbitrary conditions such as tag occurrences.
  • Etiquette
    an interaction protocols construction tool. Etiuqette allows to describe communication in high-level and textually condensed fashion. Built-in support for debugging and error-handling policies is provided. Etiquette is written in Common Lisp
  • ex11
    ex11 is an Erlang-X11 binding. This is the X11 protocol implemented solely in Erlang.
  • eXtended Allow
    XAD is a Linux-PAM module used for authentication. The great thing about this module is that is very easy to configure using a simple language.
    FDRDF is a tool that builds a catalogue of descriptions in an RDF representation of the specified files.
    FEHASHMAC is a collection of publicly known hash algorithms integrated into a command-line utility.
  • Filesystem in Userspace
    a simple interface for userspace programs to export a virtual filesystem to the Linux kernel. It also aims to provide a secure method for non privileged users to create and mount their own filesystem implementations
  • Fingerprint GUI
    Fingerprint GUI is a set of GUI tools for the use of fingerprint scanners. It enables the recording and checking of fingerprints of users and allows login and authentication of users by their fingerprint through its PAM module
  • firescope
    firescope is a port of Ben Herrenschmidt's firescope tool to i386/x86-64 Linux with many additional changes. It allows you to read kernel logs and other memory over FireWire.
  • FireTail
    FireTail is an open source UAV autopilot system for fixed wing remote controlled aircraft.
  • flagedit
    flagedit is a CLI USE flag editor for Gentoo Linux. It let you edit the use flags of /etc/make.conf, as well as the /etc/portage/package.use file.
  • Flashrom
    Flashrom is a utility for reading, writing, erasing, and verifying flash ROM chips. It's often used to flash BIOS/coreboot/firmware/EFI images.

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