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That Was The Week That Was (TWTWTW)
This is the first edition of TWTWTW, a weekly blog promoting interesting developments in the open source world. TWTWTW seeks to whet your curiosity. The name pays homage to the satirical British TV comedy programme aired in the early 1960s. Except satire isnít the the raison díetre for this blog.

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ERP5 is a full featured high end software solution used for mission critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / Customer Relation Management (CRM) / Material Requirements Planning (MRP) / Supply Chain Management (SCM) / Product Design Management (PDM) applications by industrial organisations and government agencies. Read more


  • Spike Asset Manager
    Spike Asset Manager (SAM) is an open-source cross-platform framework for probing a system for components and reporting them. It includes a driver file that probes for components commonly found in a LAMPJ stack (Apache, MySQL, PHP, Tomcat, etc). SAM can find multiple versions that are installed, query the rpm database and indicate whether components are running. Driver files may be edited to search for different components.
  • SPIN Distributed Software Verification Tool
    an award winning (ACM) software tool that can be used for the formal verification of distributed software systems. The tool was developed at Bell Labs in the original Unix group of the Computing Sciences Research Center
  • spin_auth
    spin_auth is an authentication wrapper. It can be used by other mod_spin applications to authenticate users specified in a traditional Apache manner, but without actually employing dangerously breakable basic authentication. It also enables non-encrypted applications to temporarily switch to SSL/TLS for authentication only.
  • spiprog
    a programmer for SPI (Serial Peripheral Interconnect) compatible EEPROMs used in many modern small electronic devices such as cellular phones
  • Splunk
    (commercial) Splunk is search software that lets you easily navigate all data recorded by your IT systems. From one place you can make sense of IT data?log and configuration files from any device or application, message queues and the enterprise service bus, JMX notifications, SNMP traps and records stored in database tables?regardless of their format or source.
  • Spokeculator Evo3
    a GPL'd tool helping bicycle mechanics / wheelbuilders to calculate lengths of spokes. It includes a database for rims and hubs
  • Spring UI
    Spring UI provides a set of plugins for the Eclipse platform (v2.1.x or 3.0 M7) to ease working with Bean Factory configuration files of the Spring Framework.
  • sprinkle
    a hydraulic flow calculator for fire sprinkler systems. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) requires hydraulic calculations to be performed for most sprinkler systems, including NFPA 13R residential fire sprinkler systems
  • Sprog
    Sprog is a GUI tool for building pipelines to process data. A user can assemble a 'machine' from 'gears' using drag-and-drop; select a data source; and run the machine to produce output. Sprog is written in Perl and uses the GTK2 toolkit.
  • StamPL
    a Perl replacement for the stamp program. StamPL adds a small text signature in webcam shots
  • statsd-go
    statsd-go is a reimplementation of statsd in Go (forked from gographite) with Ganglia submission support.
  • step-shell
    step-shell is a minimalistic shell script debugging tool that allows a script to be run line by line, step by step. The original name was step, but it was been renamed to be more explicit.
  • Stoq
    Stoq is a software project aimed at creating a complete suite of applications for retail business management.
  • Storyboard
    Storyboard is a very simple 3D editor where you can create points and connect these with triangles.
  • strip-dump
    a command line tool for printing Strip account information written in Perl
  • Stripe Snoop
    Stripe Snoop is a suite of research tools that captures, modifies, validates, generates, analyzes, and shares data from magstripe cards. The data is captured through different hardware interfaces (or stdin), the contents decoded into the correct character set, and then a CDDB-like database attempts to figure out what the contents mean.
  • Sunshine GTK
    Sunshine GTK is modelled after interface-prion-flat and Windows XP, and provides pleasing and modern visuals.
  • Suprangen
    Suprangen (Sydney University Pseudo RAndom Number GENerators) is a library of pseudorandom number generators for the purpose of Monte Carlo simulation and similar applications. It includes uniform and normal double precision generators with 32 or 52 random bits, Fortran 90 interfaces, and interfaces to GSL.
  • SwissDB
    a stand-alone set of programs (does not require a database server) for organizing files
  • Synaesthesia
    Synaesthesia represents music graphically in real time as coruscating field of fog and glowing lines. It is intended as a visual accompanyment to music. Synaesthesia's display combines information about the frequency, location and diffuseness of sound. The display is sufficiently detailed to let you distinguish several individual instruments, singers, or special effects on screen by their location, shape and color, and sufficiently fast to distinguish individual drum beats and notes.
  • synDirectory
    synDirectory is used to retrieve and sort the current work directory list of of files. It opens the current directory and retrieves the list of files and sub-directories into separate arrays. Since it may be listing the directory where this package was installed, the package files are excluded from the listing. The arrays with the files and directories may be sorted by name, file size, file type, or last modified date. The package comes with a configuration file to help the user customize the output further. It is also possible to skin the output via CSS.
  • SysAid
    (commercial) SysAid is a system that provides IT departments with asset management, and automatic scanning of an organization's network with details on each machine, including its hardware, software, history, and more. It also provides help desk service management where end users use forms to submit service requests such as error reports and calls for assistance.
  • SysReport
    SysReport creates an XML report on a system, including hardware information and packages installed via conary. The report will maintain everything you need to recreate the system and can be used to create a diff from the previous day to notify the administrator of changes to the system.
  • System Data Recorder
    The System Data Recorder has a collection part, or the part that handles recording the data from each system, and a reporting side where it permanently stores and generates simple reports and graphs. For some configurations, it can use only the recording part without the reporting side at all. The data recorder consists of many simple utilities developed in Korn and Perl that extract different telemetry from the Solaris kernel statistic module. Some recorders gather their data from various processes directly using OS or third party utilities. There are 5 recorders that should be installed and deployed in any system, and optional recorders needed only in certain cases: CMT and JVM.
  • T-Uppaal
    a testing tool for black-box conformance testing of embedded and real-time systems. Given a formal timed automata model of the system under test (SUT) and its assumed operating environment, T-Uppaal automatically generates and executes timed test sequences. T-Uppaal is an online testing tool which means that it continuously executes test events on the SUT as they are being generated, and events from the SUT is checked against the model. The observed behavior is required to be timed trace included in the specification
  • TableRex
    TableRex is an Elixir app which generates text-based tables for display.
  • tagji
    tagji implements a "fake but working" tagging file system. Users can organize and retrieve documents based on the tags attached to them. No changes to the operating system or applications are necessary.
  • Take a Break
    Take a Break is a small application to force users (gently) to take periodical breaks, to prevent spending too much time in one session.
  • teamGit
    TeamGit is a git GUI for small teams.
  • Tecnoupman
    a manager/monitor for the Tecnoware Adv. UPS.
  • TeleAuth Client Tools
    The TeleAuth Client Tools are a set of Unix tools for the TeleAuth two-factor/two-channel authentication system. This includes a commandline client and a set of PAM modules. It also enables out-of-the-box two-factor authentication on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows machines. These tools can be used to integrate Web sites, VPNs, and other network services with TeleAuth. They are primarily written for the free Public TeleAuth Server.
  • Temper-Tools
    Temper-Tools is software that reads the temperature from a TEMPer USB thermometer.
  • Termineter
    Termineter is a framework written in python to provide a platform for the security testing of smart meters. It implements the C12.18 and C12.19 protocols for communication.
  • Tero's C++ Scripting
    Tero's C++ Scripting lets you write your C++ program in a text file that can be executed directly as "./".
  • Test Master
    Test Master allows a user to put questions into a text file and have the computer ask the user the questions. The computer will tell the user whether they got the question correct or not.
  • TextTest
    TextTest is a tool for automatic text-based functional testing. This means running a batch-mode executable in lots of different ways from the command line, and using the text output produced as a means of controlling the behavior of that application.
  • The Sound of Sorting
    The Sound of Sorting is a demo program containing many integer sorting algorithms. The algorithms are visualized in real time and augmented with sound effects, which are based on the values being compared.
  • Think3d
    a "brainstorming" program, providing the ability to create visually appealing 3D hierarchical charts of a user's ideas in a simple and intuitive manner
  • Thinux
    Thinux is a thin client system that resides on a Red Hat Linux server. When a thin client requests to boot on LAN, the server will upload the thin client linux system to the thin client. Ideal for lightweight devices such as Point-of-Sales terminals, embedded devices, etc.
  • TileGTK
    TileGTK is a theme for the tile toolkit, which uses the GTK+/GNOME style engine to draw widgets. Thus, Tk applications that use the tile widget set look the same as GNOME applications under GNU/Linux.
  • Time Based Text
    Time Based Text allows the user to include more information in written text by saving the time delta between keystrokes and offering a way to reproduce it exactly how it has been written. It offers a protocol and reference implementation that is easily embeddable in applications using text-based human communication. The idea behind it is that email systems as well poetry and literature may benefit from a time-based approach to text.
  • Tiny ERP
    Tiny ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management software. It is developed to meet changing needs. The main functional features are: CRM and SRM, analytic and financial accounting, double-entry stock management, sales and purchases management, tasks automation, a help desk, marketing campaigns, and vertical modules for very specific businesses. Technical features include a distributed server, flexible workflows, an object database, a dynamic GUI, customizable reports, and a SOAP and XML-RPC interface.
  • Tk-Yupana
    Tk-Yupana is a simple program written in Tcl/Tk, that emulates the operations of the ancient Incaic abacus, drawn at page 360 of Primer Nueva Coronica y Buen Gobierno by Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala.
  • tkblog
    a cross-platform standalone blogging application written in Tcl/Tk
  • TkScore
    TkScore is a program that the volunteer show reporters for each region use to compile the show reports.
  • TkScroll
    TkScroll is a text viewer that scrolls automatically at a specified rate.
  • TM++
    TM++ is an embedded, portable, persistent Topic Maps engine. It is designed to work according to the ISO standards for TMDM 1.0 and XTM 1.0/2.0.
  • Toprammer
    Toprammer is software for the TOP2049 universal programmer.
  • tpkg
    tpkg is a cross-platform tool for packaging and deploying applications. It is designed to work alongside your operating system's packaging tool.
  • Transolution
    Transolution is a Computer Aided Translation (CAT) suite supporting the XLIFF standard. It provides the open source community with features and concepts that have been used by commercial offerings for years to improve translation efficiency and quality. The suite is modular to make it flexible and provides a XLIFF Editor, translation memory engine and filters to convert different formats to and from XLIFF. The use of XLIFF means that almost any content can be localized as long as there is a filter for it (XML, SGML, PO, RTF,StarOffice/OpenOffice).
  • transtoba2
    transtoba2 facilitates the transliteration or transcription of a word or text from the Roman script into the Toba Batak script. Transliterating from the Roman into the Batak script is not an easy undertaking, as the Batak script has a number of peculiarities that complicates the process of transliteration.
  • Treebolic
    Treebolic is a suite of programs (an engine, a generator, a browser, and example Web services) whose purpose is to give a hyperbolic rendering of a hierarchy of data. A tree is rendered with nodes and edges but display space is subject to a particular curvature: more space is allocated to the focus node while the parent and children, still in the immediate visual context, appear slightly smaller. The grandparents and grandchildren are still visible but smaller still. Distant nodes gradually disappear towards the disk's border, as though the whole hierarchy were seen through a fish eye lens.
  • Triceps
    Triceps is an innovative embeddable Complex Event Processing (CEP) system. It can be thought of as an in-memory database driven by triggers, or a data-flow machine working on a stream of events, or a spreadsheet on steroids.
  • Tripoli
    Tripoli is a Python implementation of a "triple space": that is, a triple store with tuple space semantics. It supports the synchronization of concurrent processes via a shared data structure.
  • TrouSerS
    A Trusted Computing Group Software Stack (TCG TSS) implementation. TrouSerS complies with the TCG Software Stack Specification Version 1.1.
  • TrustKey
    a project to make secure PDA software that links to your PC. The first implementation of the code is written in yabasic under FreeBSD
  • tub
    a user-mode hack to support large dynamic arrays (up to 2.8GB or so) yet still use shared libraries and dynamic linking under Linux on x86
  • tumult
    software and drivers to run linux on the F@milynet hardware
  • TuxDiner
    (commercial) TuxDiner is a modern point of sale table management application for cafe's, diners, and restaurants, that is supported on Linux and/or Windows.
  • Twisted Storage
    Twisted Storage is a software platform to manage the placement, protection, and processing of large quantities of fixed reference data in a massively scalable, extensible grid architecture.
  • uma::bson
    uma::bson is a DOM-style C++ API for reading/writing BSON data.
  • UrJTAG
    UrJTAG aims to create an enhanced, modern tool for communicating over JTAG with flash chips, CPUs, and many more. It takes on the well proven openwince jtag tools code. Future plans include conversion of the code base into a library that can be used with other applications. A flexible remote communication protocol that can be used over almost any type of serial link (including TCP/IP) is currently being defined.
  • usb-robot
    a set of software tools for communicating with generic USB devices from userspace using libusb. It can be used to send commands to the device directly from the console (usb-robot-slave), or as a backend to some rapidly prototyped driver in a language like perl or Python
  • USCVprogs
    a project developing a collection of utilities for automated retrieval and processing of United States election returns and other data pertaining to U.S. elections
  • ussp-push
    ussp-push is a BlueTooth OBEX object pusher for Linux, using the BlueZ BlueTooth stack. It allows sending files to any device listening for OBEX connections.
  • VBinDiff
    VBinDiff (Visual Binary Diff) displays files in hexadecimal and ASCII (or EBCDIC). It can also display two files at once and highlight the differences between them. Unlike diff, it works well with large files (up to 4 GB).
  • vcd2txt
    vcd2txt converts VCD files (Value Change Dump), usually produced by simulators, into a plain text table of values.
  • Verbum
    Verbum is a program to punch human-readable text on paper tape, for use as a leader before a program. It was written for the PDP-1 Restoration Project. The 64-character subset of ASCII printable characters (codes 20 through 5F hexadecimal) are available as a 5x7 font.
  • VetTux
    has been developed and perfected to suit typical veterinary practices. Its easy, and fast to use, does not assume you or your reception staff are computer literate or require fancy certifications. In short VetTux shows how computers can be used to enhance business
  • VIDeo Interface for *niX
    VIDIX is VIDeo Interface for *niX. VIDIX is a portable interface which was designed and introduced as interface to userspace drivers to provide DGA everywhere where it's possible.
  • vindect
    vindect examines the current buffer and determines the indent style in use. Then sets vim tabstop/shiftwidth/etc to work correctly with that style, and creates a syntax match to highlight any indentation in the file that does not match the selected style.
  • Virtual Data Center
    VDC provides a a complete open-source, digital library system for the management, dissemination, exchange, and citation of virtual collections of quantitative data The VDC functionality provides everything necessary to maintain and disseminate an individual collection of research studies: including facilities for the storage, archiving, cataloging, translation, and dissemination of each collection.
  • VirtuaLaw
    a free, open source legal case management system. VirtuaLaw provides information tracking, schedule and deadline management, messaging and task management, document scanning and storage, document creation, contact/player management, phone call logging, and case accounting/billing
  • Visual Interactive Datapipe
    an interactive visual datapipe for all *nix systems, which allows socket communications to be redirected over pipes. It features an ncurses interface that allows the creation of multiple datapipes, each supporting multiple connections
  • vitrivr
    Vitrivr is an open source engine that lets you search for videos with a sketch. The vitrivr stack consists of three components: ADAM (the database), Cineast (the retrieval engine) and the front-end which is browser-based. The following describes the steps needed to set up all components of the stack and populate it with some exemplary data.
  • vov
    vov (Vov's Obsessive Von-neumann) is a tool that emulates the behavior of a von Neumann machine. It is basically an interpreter that reads files in the form of memory assignments and executes the encoded instructions. The vov's instructions allow you to perform simple arithmetic data manipulation. It is a very useful tool to see if your programs work and how.
  • vsdump
    vsdump is a set of tools that are useful for reverse engineering the VSD/VSS file format used by Visio.
  • Wakodi
    Wakodi is an Open Source Project for a Property Management System. Written with Rails Wakodi allows to control all the processes required to manage life cycle of acquired property including Acquisition, Control, Accountability, Maintenance, and more.
    for converting Commodore 64 tapes to PC and back. It is designed not to require any custom-built cables: transfers between PC and tape are done by means of a tape player/recorder connected to the PC's soundcard by a plain audio cable
  • WebSecure4Linux
    an unofficial, open-source Linux client for Zero-Knowledge Systems' Freedom(r) WebSecure service
  • wftk
    a relatively complete initial implementation of a workflow engine. It is implemented as a library to allow workflow functionality to be embedded in arbitrary applications. Data and activities are represented internally as XML structures, and all interfaces to external systems are organized into adapters to allow fairly easy interaction with any pre-existing software environment
  • What's Wrong With My NLP?
    What's Wrong With My NLP? is visualizer and graphical diff for natural language processing problems
  • Wirble
    Wirble is a set of enhancements for Irb (the interactive Ruby interpreter). Wirble enables colorized results, tab-completion, history, a built-in Irb ri command, and more.
  • Wordtip
    Wordtip aims to provide text classification services to desktop and mobile applications over D-Bus.
  • WOSH
    WOSH (Wide Open Smart Home) is a message-oriented middleware for controlling and automating a smart home. It comes with working services and devices. WOSH is an open multi-platform C++ framework.
  • wsx2lop
    a free wsx to lopster server.list tool. It does the work fast and simply, and it's fully configurable. It runs in console with a standard GNU synopsis. It works well on all wsx file versions
  • X-Unikey
    X-Unikey is Unikey ported to Linux and FreeBSD. X-Unikey lets you type Vietnamese in X Window environment. It has been tested with many popular programs, such as OpenOffice, emacs, vim, QT applications, GTK applications.
  • xabt
    Alva braille terminal driver for Linux/UNIX.
  • Xaint
    a text data format. It has similarities to the XML and INI formats. This project includes a library written in C, documentation, and examples
  • Xastir
    Xastir is an APRS[tm] like program for X windows and Linux (Amateur Station Tracking and Information Reporting).
  • XBanner
    XBanner is a program designed to beautify your XDM login screen. It can draw text and render some effect on it, and it can fill the background with a nice pattern of colors. XBanner can also put an image on the screen for you, as well as do some mininal animation.
  • xCHM
    xCHM is a .chm viewer for UNIX (Linux, *BSD, Solaris). xCHM can show the contents tree if one is available, print the displayed page, change fonts faces and size, work with bookmarks, do the usual history stunts (forward, back, home), provide a searchable index and seach for text in the whole book.
  • xdg-app
    xdg-app is a system for building, distributing and running sandboxed desktop applications on Linux.
  • xDMS
    xDMS is a tool for decompressing Amiga DMS files. DMS files contain disk images that are these days mainly useful for Amiga emulation.
  • xetoxe2
    xetoxe2 is a tiny tool to convert the old XEphem xe catalogues to xe2. It is written in freepascal and distributed under GPL
  • Xfbook
    Xfbook allows you to create virtual database filesystems and organize your files in a more high level and abstract way without losing the low-level hierarchical directory structure. You can create your own bookmark books with local files or files located across the SMB network by simple drag and drop from Xffm or Xfsamba.
  • xIUA
    xIUA is a starter package to help users develop application code to interface with ICU (International Components for Unicode).
  • Xnee
    a suite of programs that can record, replay and distribute user actions under the X11 environment. Think of it as a robot that can imitate the job you just did. Xnee can be used to
  • xoris
    xoris grabs the RGB color value of any pixel on the screen and dumps the color's name to stdout. The output can be printed either as hex (#b0958e), as a triple of decimal RGB values (229 229 229), or as an abstract name (gray90).
  • XPA Messaging System
    The XPA messaging system provides seamless communication between many kinds of Unix programs, including X programs and Tcl/Tk programs. It also provides an easy way for users to communicate with these XPA-enabled programs by executing XPA client commands in the shell or by utilizing such commands in scripts.
  • xrate
    a simple program written in C which calculates the realtime transfer rates of a running pipe. This might be useful for checking if your system is fast enough to record a CD on-the-fly
  • XSearch
    a protocol called the Search Parameter Sharing Protocol (XSearch) has been developed for the X Window System to allow programs to share the parameters associated with searching text
  • XtraScreenHacks
    XtraScreenHacks is a collection of display modes that are based on and intended to be run with the XScreensaver distribution. The software requires Xlib and OpenGL.
  • XtremWeb
    a research project belonging to light weight GRID systems. Its a Free, Open Source and non-profit software platform to explore scientific issues and applications of Global Computing and Peer to Peer distributed systems
  • Xwrits
    reminds you to take wrist breaks, which will hopefully help you prevent repetitive stress injury. It pops up an X window when you should rest; you click on that window, then take a break
  • Y2K Matrix
    a suite of utilities for testing a Linux/UNIX server for date and time issues after the year 1999. It was developed for a client's HP-UX 10.20 and 11.0 32 and 64 bit servers. It contains a suite of utilities to test a UNIX machine's date functions, including whether it is a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system
  • YaaC system
    Yet Another Advanced Cati system: written in Tcl/Tk to manage and realize computer assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) and telemarketing
  • Yeast
    Yeast is a tool to manage resources like java jar files, or any other type of file. Manage means that files are downloaded from different locations and are stored in a local repository.
  • Yet Another MetaData Injector for FLV
    yamdi stands for Yet Another MetaData Injector and is a metadata injector for FLV files. It adds the onMetaData event to your FLV files. It uses little memory, is fast, and can handle big files (over 1 GB).
  • yodl
    Yodl is a package implementing a pre-document language and tools to process it. The idea of Yodl is that you write up a document in a pre-language, then use the tools (e.g. yodl2html) to convert it to some final document language. Current converters are for HTML, man, LaTeX, a poor-man's text converter and an experimental XML converter.
  • YPLib
    YPLib is a set of perl scripts which let you set up your own library.
  • Zipdy
    for calculating the distance between two zip codes and finding all the records in a RDBMS with a zip code with x miles of another zip code
  • zmeter
    a serial interface for the RadioShack 22-812 digital multimeter. It listens to the specified serial port and prints the meter reading on standard output (stdout). zmeter operates by opening a pseudo terminal (pty) and linking it to the actual serial port

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