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 · Taisei – A Classy, Frenetic Shoot’em Up Game in the Style of The Touhou Project
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9 Excellent Open Source Configuration Management Applications
This software automates the configuration of machines to a particular state. Like any other tools, they are designed to solve specific problems in certain ways. The goal is to get a system from whatever state it is in, into the desired state. Configuration management software are the tools of choice for many system administrators and devops professionals.

(Read more)
jEdit is a powerful, easy to use, extensible text editor. Read more


    Squid is a high-performance open source proxy caching server and web cache daemon. It supports FTP, Internet Gopher, HTTPS, TLS, and SSL. It handles all requests in a single, non-blocking, I/O-driven process over IPv4 or IPv6. Read more hot
  • Webmin
    Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Using any browser that supports tables and forms (and Java for the File Manager module), you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and so on. Read more hot
  • Apache SQL analyser
    asql allows you to run SQL queries against log files formatted in the Apache common log file format. You may load multiple log files into a session, then run queries using a full SQL implementation, to find things such as the most common referers to your site, the greediest downloaders, and much more.
  • Apache Traffic Server
    Apache Traffic Server is a fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 compliant caching proxy server. Formerly a commercial product, Yahoo! donated it to the Apache Foundation, and is now an Apache TLP.
  • Apache VelocityTools
    Apache VelocityTools provides servlets and tools for rapid, clean, MVC Web development with Velocity, tools for using Velocity with the Jakarta Struts framework, and a set of generic tools to help with any Velocity project.
  • apalogretrieve
    Apalogretrieve is a stand-alone program that provides a SQL-like interface for Apache-Logfile-Queries. You can retrieve data from the logfile with SQL commands or use a wildcard match, just as you would with an SQL database.
  • asqredir
    asqredir is a small, basic and fast redirect program for the almighty squid webcache.
  • bombardier
    bombardier is a HTTP(S) benchmarking tool. It is written in Go programming language and uses fasthttp instead of Go's default http library, because of its lightning fast performance.
  • Follow 2
    Follow 2 is a Web usability analysis tool which instead of giving hit counts (like most Web log analysis tools), Follow tracks 'User Sessions'. a User Session is one complete path that a user takes through your site; Follow will reconstruct it from the logfiles. Then, you have your choice of how to view the data. You can view sessions directly, on a Page-by-Page basis to reveal how a particular page is used, or in a Summary to highlight outstanding pages.
  • hey
    hey is a tiny program that sends some load to a web application.
  • httpx
    Httpx takes over the front-line position of binding and listening on the public address and port of your virtual Web hosting server. In this role, it scans incoming requests looking for the HTTP/1.1 Host: request header entity. Once the Host: value is found for a given request, it is routed to a UNIX domain socket in the local file system located through a database lookup.
  • JitterBug
    JitterBug is a simple web based bug tracking system.
  • Kochizz
    Kochizz is a graphical tool for facilitating the configuration of the Apache Web server. Rather than to adopt an approach where the assistants completely mask the real structure of the configuration files, Kochizz constantly authorizes the manual control of the directives it handles. It features contextual assistance based on the Apache-Documentation project, syntax highlighting, a hierarchical view of the tree structure of the directives and the files included, local server management, and more.
  • ModiWrap
    a universal script wrapper for apache web servers (although it should work with other servers)
  • mp-form
    mp-form is a Perl script for sending magic packets with a web server.
  • ngrok
    ngrok allows you to expose a web server running on your local machine to the internet. Just tell ngrok what port your web server is listening on.
  • Pound
    a reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTPS front-end for Web server(s). Pound was developed to enable distributing the load among several Web-servers and to allow for a convenient SSL wrapper for those Web servers that do not offer it natively
  • RabbIT
    a proxy for HTTP, it is intended to be HTTP/1.0 compliant and hopefully support the latest HTTP/x.x in the future; intended to speed up surfing over slow links by removing unnessacary parts (like background images) while still showing the page mostly like it is
  • Sawmill
    a hierarchical log analysis tool for Linux
  • Surfboard
    Surfboard is a filtering HTTP 1.1 proxy. It features dynamic filter management through an interactive HTML console, IP tunneling, WindowMaker applets, and a suite of filters.
  • TkApache
    TkApache is a configuration tool for Apache (web server) written in Perl/Tk.
  • w3mir
    w3mir is an all purpose HTTP copying and mirroring tool.
  • Web-bench
    a very simple tool for benchmarking WWW or proxy servers. Uses fork() for simulating multiple clients and can use HTTP/0.9-HTTP/1.1 requests. This benchmark is not very realistic, but can test if your HTTPD can realy handle many clients at once
  • WebMagick
    WebMagick recurses through directory trees, building HTML pages, imagemap files, and client-side/server-side maps (or HTML tables) to allow the user to navigate through collections of thumbnail images (somewhat similar to xv's Visual Schnauzer) and select the image to view with a mouse click.
  • wshare
    wshare is a command line tool for sharing files using HTTP(the web). The goal of wshare is to be a command line HTTP server that doesn't require any previous configuration. wshare is targeted for temporarily sharing files between computers.
  • Wusage
    (commercial) Wusage is a Web server log analysis package that runs just as well on virtually every operating system. Wusage also can read logs generated by nearly every type of Web server, including Apache, Microsoft IIS, WebStar, and many others.
  • XLB
    XLB is an HTTP load balancer. It features connection management where requests are parsed and assigned to a persistent connection to the back-end server. This reduces back-end server load by causing fewer forks, less memory use, and lower CPU consumption. It can decode SSL requests, which is useful if you have an SSL accelerator board. Scripting allows requests to be routed to specific pools or headers modified based on the URL, filename, source IP, and other fields. A fast in-memory cache is included.

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