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First Steps with OpenELEC on the Raspberry Pi 2
OpenELEC uses very little system resources for processor or memory. There's no need to use any special customization tips to get good performance with the RPi2. There's also no need to overclock the machine, reduce the resolution of videos, or use a different skin (although I really like the Amber skin).

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(commercial) Oracle Database 10g is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage enterprise information. It cuts costs of management while providing the highest possible quality of service. In addition to providing numerous quality and performance enhancements, Oracle Database 10g significantly reduces the costs of managing the IT environment, with a simplified install, greatly reduced configuration and management requirements, and automatic performance diagnosis and SQL tuning. These and other automated management capabilities help improve DBA and developer productivity and efficiency.


  • Apache::OWA
    Apache::OWA makes it possible to run scripts written using Oracle's PL/SQL Web Toolkit under Apache.
  • HTTP::TestEngine
    HTTP::TestEngine provides a recorder utility as a front-end for the HTTP::Monkeywrench module. HTTP::Monkeywrench allows you to configure a test script which will emulate the actions that a user might take in surfing a website.
  • mod-xslt2
    mod-xslt2 is a server side module able to apply stylesheets to xml data on the fly.
  • mod_arm
    mod_arm provides a simple, seamless, and application independent interface to ARM (Application Response Measurement). This allows system administrators to get an accurate idea of how long an application takes on a running server - for a single instance or as a step in a multi-tier transaction
  • mod_arm4
    mod_arm4 provides similar functionality to mod_arm but uses version 4 of the ARM standard. It was developed independently by Bill Stoddard of the Apache Software Foundation.
  • mod_babble
    mod_babble is a test module for the Apache Web server. It simply fills a buffer with the appropriate number of bytes in a given pattern string, and then emits it as the response body.
  • mod_caml
    mod_caml is a set of Objective CAML (OCaml) bindings for the Apache API. It allows you to run CGI scripts written in OCaml directly inside the Apache webserver.
  • mod_cgisock
    mod_cgisock is a module for the Apache web server which allows a method by which Apache can serve up a CGI script or program via a unix domain socket instead of loading the program into apache's memory space.
  • mod_corba
    mod_corba exposes the Apache "module" API via CORBA. With this, any object in any language on any system can be used as a plugin module for an Apache web server, without recompiling or restarting the server. Since the entire internal operation of the Apache web server is based on the module API, the possibilities are almost limitless.
  • mod_coredumper
    mod_coredumper uses the CoreDumper library from Google to fetch a GDB compatible core file from Apache, over HTTP.
  • mod_cplusplus
    mod_cplusplus cleans up the interface to Apache by wrapping common structures and functionality with objects and methods, and also allows you to implement any type of handler simply by subclassing, instead of hooking functions.
  • mod_cpp
    mod_cpp is a basis to begin writing Apache modules in C++.
  • mod_debug
    mod_debug provides an html-header with request-information.
  • mod_diagnostics
    mod_diagnostics is a debugging and diagnostic tool for application developers - particularly filter modules. It can be inserted anywhere in the Apache filter chain, and logs traffic (buckets and brigades) passing through. It is a purely passive watcher, and will never touch the traffic passing through.
  • mod_dsp
    DSP stands for Davor Server Pages, the Apache HTTP Server module, that provides PL/SQL Server Scripting and features an efficient authorization and authentication framework on the Oracle database tier.
  • mod_example_ipc
    mod_example_ipc provides sample code demonstrating shared memory and mutex usage in modules.
  • mod_format
    mod_format is a flex-based Apache module for formatting C, C++, and Java source code using HTML. Once installed into an Apache server, mod_format will format HTTP requests for source code using HTML
  • mod_gb
    mod_gb aims to provide an ASP/VBScript compatibility layer for your web-pages.
  • mod_highlight
    mod_highlight provdes syntax highlighting as an Apache 2.0 Filter Module. By Embeding the Colorer-Take5 library the module can process just about any programing language.
  • mod_lisp
    mod_lisp talk from Apache to lisp processes by sockets with a very straightforward protocol to handle a request. It now reuses the Apache to Lisp sockets for improved performance.
  • mod_loopback
    mod_loopback serves as a web client debugging tool and simply sends back plain text output of everything received conerning a request: the request line, headers, any content received from a POST or PUT, and if installed, any data passed from mod_watch.
  • mod_mono
    mod_mono is a module that interfaces Apache with Mono and allows running ASP.NET pages on Unix and Unix-like systems.
  • mod_pcgi2
    mod_pcgi2 is an Apache module for Zope/PCGI.
  • mod_perlservice
    mod_perlservice is a module for the Apache Web server that makes it possible to directly call Perl methods and subroutines over the Internet from a client-side application using a variety of languages including Perl, C, and Flash Action Script.
  • mod_plsql
    mod_plsql allows you to create Web Applications using Oracle stored procedures. It works similarly to Oracle Web Application Server PL/SQL cartridge.
  • mod_publisher
    mod_publisher is the universal markup processing module. It builds on WebŽing's experience with smart markup processing, in particular the SAX-based filters such as mod_accessibility, mod_proxy_html, mod_xmlns, and mod_annot. It supports both HTML and XML input, and works equally well in a server or in a proxy situation.
  • mod_spin
    mod_spin is an Apache 2.x module that provides: a simple template language with data replacement capabilities only, persistent application and session tracking, dynamic linking of applications into Apache as shared libraries, parameters, cookies and multipart/form data parsing and a simple API for (kind of) MVC controller functionality
  • mod_tcl
    mod_tcl includes a Tcl interpreter into an Apache web servers memory space, thus combining Tcl and Apache web server together. This allows Apache to run Tcl scripts natively without having to reload a Tcl interpreter every time the script is run.
  • mod_transform
    mod_transform is a filter module that allows Apache 2.0 to do dynamic XSL Transformations on either static XML documents, or XML documents generated from another Apache module or CGI program.
  • mod_validator
    mod_validator is an Apache module to validate markup. It now offers a choice of parsers: OpenSP or Xerces.
  • mod_websh
    mod_websh provides a Tcl extension for rapid web application development.
  • mod_wxjs
    mod_wxjs is an Apache module. Use this to create dynamic webpages with JavaScript, E4X, wxWidgets portable code, ...
  • mod_xml
    mod_xml is an XML applications development environment for Apache 2.0. The primary purpose is to provide a powerful, full-featured opensource platform for Webservices and XML applications.
  • mod_xslt
    mod_xslt is a simple Apache module to serve XML based content. Data is stored in XML files on the server. The user requests the XML file and the translation method via a url.
  • SpeedyCGI
    SpeedyCGI is a way to run perl scripts persistently, which can make them run much more quickly.
  • Wtcl
    Wtcl is a Tcl module for Apache. It provides an embedded, persistent Tcl interpreter and a set of commands for developing dynamic Tcl-based Web pages.
  • ZAP!
    ZAP! is an Apache module which allows you to build simple WWW interfaces to Z39.50 servers, requiring only a minimum of knowledge about the Z39.50 standard.

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